Ten Messages from Sananda

Ten Messages from Sananda




2 thoughts on “Ten Messages from Sananda

  1. i have struggle so bad and i felt worry what god think of me, and i tried pray every time but it seems not working and in my mind that god turn away from me cos i never listen to my parents, hurt my brothers and sisters, turn gay, almost stab my own father, steal book from the library and police gave me second chance to not do again and i feel dirty and shame. i read through the bible like 6 times and worry that god will not take me new place at the end of world and so as my family cos they think end of the world not goin to happen in 21st century and i really scare of everything and worry about i won’t see my own famliy after god done everything. everytime i see my family and friends i act happy and nothing to worry but in me i worry everything around me and i live in melbourne, australia. can u help me, please

    1. Adam,

      You are loved by the universe….and that includes God. God wants you to know that He has always been, and always will be with you. God wants you to be more open to the truth of what is going on, so that you can be open to Him. Keep being honest with yourself, and keep in mind that you are a soul that exists for all eternity…God didn’t create you because he wanted to hate you…..God is all about love, so keep letting in the love, so that you can let in God. Dieter

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