May 25, 2010 Sananda: Please Add Your Light

May 25, 2010 Sananda: Please Add Your Light

Beloved Lightworkers,

There is much that I wish to share with you at this time. I have watched as our Scribe posted the page called “Join This Group” and felt great excitement and exhilaration as I watched it take form. This is in answer to a dream that we from the Higher Realms of Light have had for sometime, which is to bring our Lightworkers together in a great gathering of high focus that will serve the highest Light and purpose of the Creator’s Divine Plan for the Earth and all upon Her. I am so pleased that your attention is being brought to this high energy Group. This Group was formed last month and so it is still in the beginning stages with great benefits to one and all. Most importantly, it will in time, become a great and powerful tool to help the Earth and Humanity in their Ascension process.

The more of you Beloved Ones who join with this Group, the sooner the Great Work can begin to show results in the Ascension of the Planet Earth which in turn affects and effects all Planets in our Solar System and beyond. For you Beloved Humans, are the root race and as such, are poised to take on the remembrance of all that this entails, for in this remembrance will come great power, your personal power that can make positive changes to everyone and everything, including your Beloved Planet Earth. Hidden within each of you is a preset and predetermined code that is set to go off when conditions and timing are right. When this happens, many great and wondrous changes will start occurring, for each of you are in co-creation with our Prime Creator and have volunteered to be here now to give assistance in these changing times.

Each of you have been in training for many, many lifetimes for these coming days, months and years, and indeed, are still doing so as your physical vehicles are asleep during the night. You are each privy to the plans within the plans of the Divine Plan. In actual fact, it is you who make and adjust these plans, according to the current happenings upon Earth. We all meet regularly to discuss strategies and then implement them when the time is right. Many times, because of unforeseen circumstances, some of these plans have to be adjusted and new strategies have to be made. This has been an ongoing process for quite a long time and now we are finding this work bearing fruit. The creation of this Group is a most positive step forward for our Earth Team to begin to work together in a single and cohesive unit to assist the Earth during her coming Ascension.

If your Soul resonates to the words I bring you in this message, please join Bryan and the Accelerated Ascension Group. The more of our Beloved Earth Team members who come together to work with us (and I, Sananda, am at the helm, so to speak) the greater will be our profound impact in the times ahead of us, for together we can accomplish the miraculous. This is the beginning, Dear Ones, of the Great Work which we all came here to do. Each month we will focus our energies in bringing about the greatest good for the Earth and all upon Her from the perspective of the Higher Realms of Light. Always we work for the greatest and highest good of all. Each of you can be an important part of this process, for your Light is warmly welcomed and needed. I am looking forward to working with you, Dear Ones.

I AM Sananda


©2010 Marlene Swetlishoff

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and website is included.

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