1/18/91 SANANDA

1/18/91 SANANDA

Good morning, Thomas, let us begin. Sananda present in Radiance on this dark day for your world. I come in service unto God and to those of mine who shall be the remnant when the madness ends. And end it shall at the closing of the cycle. It is the tunnel unto the ending that shall be most difficult and painful and bloody. Who will walk in my light to the end of this tunnel? How many will turn to whatever has given comfort in the past when all the world is upside down and inside out? What would you reach to? It shall be a long and painful journey for man has not listened in his ego-filled stupor. And now, as the bombs begin in earnest, will he stop to ask himself what has caused such madness or will he simply load another shell for destruction? Who among the fodder will again turn unto God, the only salvation and hope for man?
It shall be as a giant ping pong game viewed from the heavens…as the bombs bounce back and forth, to and fro…and in the wake of this game set up by Satan himself there shall be untold destruction and desperation. The shroud of death shall cling to the land.
Who wins in such a conflict? No one wins, everybody loses. Satan smiles…
Who will turn to the books of truth to learn what has befallen the land? How many will seek to find answers for all that has gone awry? How many will cling unto the false preachers and prophets only to be sucked into the vacuum of darkness?
When will man, in the midst of such destruction and death, put aside his petty opinions and differences and take his brother’s hand to build and defend? Who among you will pull together before the midnight hour to insure some small measure of survival with integrity? Who will be found worthy to stand in God’s Presence IN THE FLESH!? What excuses will you make unto God and unto self at that hour…should you make it that far?
The bell is tolling for thee, ‘o-man…it tolls for thee. Hold fast unto The Laws under God for they and they alone will offer you the direction and the balance and the literal salvation which you seek. Walk in harmony with The Laws even though the world around you flows red with blood of the innocent and the guilty…and you shall again stand in the presence of God and learn great truth. Turn unto the physical and the sentence is destruction of self and a journey home that shall be immeasurably long and painful in the counting.
God shall make His Presence known, as shall I, at the appointed hour. Do not limit nor underestimate that which is possible with God…for there ARE NO LIMITS TO THIS ENERGY. So, too, the destruction shall be played out to its completion for it has long been foretold and man has failed to hear or change behavior to turn the tide…therefore the consequences of such actions shall be experienced directly. THERE SHALL BE A REMNANT…THAT WAS THE PROMISE…THOUGH IT BE SMALL IN NUMBER, THERE SHALL BE THE ONES TO REBUILD FROM THE ASHES THAT WHICH HAS BEEN FOULED AND BLOODIED. WHO AMONG YOU WILL THAT BE? WHO WILL WALK WITH ME IN HONOR? WOULD YOU CHOOSE ANOTHER COURSE OR WOULD YOU CHOSE TO BUILD IN GLORY? All these things remain to be seen for man is ever left with the choices. The hour for deciding, however, is almost closed and beyond that point the die is cast. WHERE WILL YOU ONES FIND YOURSELVES? ARE YOUR DECISIONS OF SUCH INTEGRITY THAT YOU MAY GAZE UPON THE MAGNIFICENCE OF THE CREATOR EYE TO EYE OR WILL YOU GAZE UPON A LAKE OF FIRE? The old ways have spelled the destruction of man. Cling to the old and die with the old. The Laws offer the only way out. The old has betrayed you…won’t man try that one path that has not been walked, the path laid forth for balance???? RETURN UNTO GOD AND TO THE LAWS OF THE CREATION FOR THEREIN IS THAT WHICH YOU SEEK!
Ever measure the words which spew forth from thine lips for they are as living things and they shall bless thee or they shall smite thee. With each passing day each word shall carry greater impact and must be measured in earnest. Great is the power of the spoken word…use it most cautiously and with MY LIGHT and it shall bless thee.
Bring this to a close Thomas. Walk gently and be most kind to thy brethren for each among you carries a heavy load. Go in peace.
I Am Sananda


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