Greetings and good evening, precious Druthea. I AM Sananda. I am also known as Esu, Je sus, Immanuel, Pale Prophet and many “other” labels. I come in service to Holy God of Light, Our Creator, and unto you, my brethren upon earth Shan.
I call this document “New Age” Nonsense for the simple reason that most of you ones who now read THE PHOENIX JOUR NALS have experienced some or much in teachings or doc trines which fall under the genré or category lumped together calling itself “New Age Move ment” and/or “Metaphysics”.
Firstly, let me correct the term since many of the professed doctrines by so-called great and in spired “New Age” teachers, both seen and unseen, have or will prove in time to be a mix ture of inspired truth and the deadly lies.
Do you know that many ones who run to and fro searching out this teacher or that doctrine which “sounds” good and “feels” good actually become quite apathetic? I will explain. For my first example of discussion let me rename “New Age Move ment” to “New Age Inertia”.
Why inertia? Although all ones do not fall into non-action iner tia, many have spent so much time “trying” to BE, that they have forgotten how to move, unless it is to seek drugs to get high, or a partner to express sexually with, or myriads of other “physical” ways to please the senses and not add to their Cosmic knowledge.
Did you know, precious ones, that Satanic worship, witchcraft and Freemasonry also fall un der the genré “New Age”? Just go to any so-called “New Age” Bookstore or even many of the general book stores who have a “New Age” section and see for yourselves. How do you nice “New Agers” feel about that? I will now expose some of the false doctrines which have con founded, confused and misled most of you.
Yes, everything is perfection WHEN you exist in the UNDI VIDED mind of God of Light. Until that time, precious ones, you will be made often painfully aware, through the divided, male-female conditioned, sexed paired experiences of your soul-fragment journey, of your im perfection in relationship to God. And to the last moment of your soul journey, you will be in the constant seeking of the knowledge which will bring you home to HIS undivided ONE NESS. The physical planes offer the most numerous opportunities to experience in imperfec tion and igno rance of divinity. By design it is so. And as your soul learns the differ ence be tween God balance within His laws and the ad versary’s unbalanced defiance of God’s laws, you move from ignorance into KNOWING. From KNOWING you become gradually free from the limitation of material desire because of your desire and achievement of KNOWING God and His ways WITHIN you.
This sort of statement is one of the most misleading because the most common interpreta tion is EVERYTHING, every behavior, action, and activity is okay. And at the same time these ones will tell you, “You must not JUDGE another.” Well, true. Remember the laws of God we wrote about in PHOENIX OP ERATOR-OWNER MANUAL? We bring balance to the state ment “You must not judge another,” by adding, “You MUST judge behavior and actions which do defy God’s laws.”
What’s the difference? You are never obligated to CONDONE behavior and actions against God’s laws of balance. For exam ple, can you stop someone from having an abortion? Not force fully. You can, however, explain to them why it is wrong to murder, knowing full well THEY will make and live with their own choice and you cannot choose or act for them.
Know that there are NO women, who contain God conscience, who do not know the sin against God and life they have com mitted after they have chosen abortion. Do they all change their behavior? No. But the remorse and the often accompanying self-punishment remains with them until they are able to see the error in personal responsibility and thus change the at titude and behavior which would compel them to murder an unborn babe.
These terms have been mostly popularized by one known as Ruth Montgomery, self-pro claimed “channel”, within her books, STRANGERS AMONG US and THRESHOLD TO TOMORROW. This term she uses to describe experiences of tremendous personality change, often through “near-death” ex perience. I will compare her use of the term with the term “born again” as used by some calling themselves Christians, al though these so-called Christians simply refer to the experience of being “born again” as a miraculous, nearly instant change of life character ized by recognition of Christ as their Savior and return to “Christian” values, doctrines and beliefs contained in various versions of the Bible.
She describes, according to her “spirit guides”, in her book THRESHOLD TO TOMORROW, the ex periences of over a dozen “New Age” teachers, healers, and workers of various sorts.
Please be aware that it is Montgomery (supposedly by direction of her “spirit guides”) who interprets the experiences of ones such as Jason (Ray) Winters, who heals himself of terminal can cer by developing an herbal tea concoction, as being a “walk-in” experience. She de scribes this occurrence called “walk-in” as the original “soul” energy desiring to leave the body and allow ing another energy from the “spirit” plane to “take over” the life. What is truly in teresting is that, according to Montgomery, the one “taking over” is always come to be in ser vice to human ity, although not a perfected being, either.
Now I ask you ones who have read THE PHOENIX JOUR NALS, especially about “robotoids” and “duplicates”, do you truly think God needs remove the original soul to bring about con­structive change, enlightenment, healing and other positive changes in attitude in His children? Why would GOD deny the one help when, especially in the case of Winters, HE asked God to help him? Would God need to discard the original soul and replace it with another? Why would GOD let a spirit bypass the normal process of life, birth, childhood growing and simply TAKE an “abandoned” adult body?
The answer, precious ones, is GOD does not work in this man ner. He needs no walk-ins to do or accomplish His work. He grants no special favors to spirit energies of light who come into physical manifestation TO LEARN and SERVE for instant avoidance of responsibility (walk-out) and avoidance of the pro cess of life from BIRTH (walk-in). I’m sorry to burst your bub ble, you ones who “believe” this nonsense.
Either GOD assists you by your desire and your contract to achieve awakening of purpose and ser vice to Him, even when you drastically change your perceptions and attitude, and you remain humble in ser vice, OR one has allowed possession of a dark or several dark energies to confuse and mislead many of God’s children.
EVIL cannot create a soul and only lower astral and other dark energies would want possession of another’s body, if invited or allowed. That is simply the way it is. Evil can and does “duplicate” physical human (and non-human) appearing bodies, robots without soul-energy, designed to do as Evil demands and programs, just as a computer is programmed.
For much more information on “robotoids, synthetics and dupli cates”, I will strongly suggest you ones who find this sort of technology “science fiction” and outrageous to go and read THE PHOENIX JOURNALS which contain released TRUTH about this process, designed and con trolled by the evil adversary. Commander Hatonn has outlaid in SEVERAL of the JOUR NALS information about the who, how, when, where and why of development of robotoids, synthetics and duplicates. I sug gest it is well worth your time to investigate with your God-given reason this truth for your world is run by evil through these projections and it behooves you to know how it has come to be and who your enemies are! So be it.
Let us close this document please. Thank you, Druthea, for your service, precious. Let God’s hand guide you to that which you seek within. For it is more wondrous than you are able to perceive at this time. Be at peace, precious one. You are far too hard on self at this time. I love you and treasure this time we’ve had to share.
I AM Sananda, One with God, in His service of Light, Knowl edge and Love. Thank you for your attention, my precious brethren. Walk gently with one another and the way will be made clear. Salu.
JANUARY 6, 1992 5:00 PM
Greetings precious Druthea. I AM Sananda. I come in service to Holy Divine God/Aton of Light and to you, my brethren on earth Shan.
I have heard your call, precious. I have requested you read the book (THRESHOLD TO TOMOR ROW) not to confuse, but to clarify. I am monitoring and you are using reason. I did not say that Ruth Montgomery is a “bad” person. I simply stated that God needs not nor uses not re placement souls for bodies. USE discernment, little one. Could God replace one soul for an other who wants to leave? Certainly. Is it as common or as Montgomery writes that MANY walk-in souls from higher vi brations will come to assist mankind through the earth shift, etc? No. I am sorry, chela, if this confuses you.
Is it wrong that so many ones in her book believe themselves to be Walk-ins? Not necessar ily. They believe what seems “right” to them until they learn differently. You must under­stand the common thread in all of these cases, which are beautifully pre sented. Some traumatic event occurs, in a marriage or other situation, which causes the one great emotional distress and de sire for release of life, such as contemplation of suicide, actual near death or coma from an “accident”, or even long incarcera tion of the body.
The ones speak of the moments of their “transition” (which they believe to be walk-out/walk-in occurrence) or inner change, as I refer to it, as a wonderful freeing experience. Each somehow miraculously KNOWS how to correct his/her “problems” and is transformed into one desiring to serve humanity in unconditional love, free from excessive materialism, hatred, resentment and other repressive desires.
Do I discount the experiences of these ones? Not at all. I sim ply do not support the conclu sions “believed” by these ones and Montgomery that the original was allowed escape from re sponsibility of his/her incarnation. And that somehow the “original” soul could not be come “inspired” and “uplifted” by God and thus awakened to purpose. Instead, the original is re placed with a “much more enlightened and humanitarian soul”? Come now chelas. Think about this!
Could Albert Einstein be a personal guide who transmitted and transmits information to ones such as Bjorn Ortenheim? Abso lutely! Is that your business? NO.
Ah so, the “born again” experience is wondrous for the ones who experience same. Does that mean, the original must leave? Of course not! We have told you that MANY enlightened, higher vibration beings have and are currently being incarnated upon this plane AS BABIES to grow into responsibility of mis sion and purpose in service. Remember, Commander Hatonn has told you numerous times this is the reason ABORTION is being encour aged so. To destroy God’s little ones before they have their chance.
Do you have to “believe” me over Ruth Montgomery? Not at all. I do suggest that those of you who believe yourselves to be “walked-in and out” to think upon my words. It is best to med itate upon the processes and ways of God and His Infinite Wis dom and KNOW you are you, the original in awakened form, if yours is truly one of service IN ACTION. Be not afraid to honor and have gratitude for God and YOUR personal guides. Do not dishonor self with thinking the “original” was too un evolved to have “transformed” in thinking so quickly and mirac ulously. With God as your “Guiding Light”, ALL is possible and reasonable.
Another point. You each have a contract WITH GOD if you come in His service. You are graced with a body of your co-creation for carrying out your mission. God does not NEED YOUR BODY, but you do to serve out your commission on earth!
Are there “other” energies just waiting to pounce in your body because you want no respon sibility and know not to protect yourself? Certainly. They are not in service to God! No “higher” energy, 1. NEEDS YOUR BODY, or 2. DESIRES TO COMMANDEER AN OTHER’S PHYSICAL BODY! (Remember the law of Non-interference? If not, read about it in PHOENIX OPERATOR OWNER MANUAL.) I trust I have brought clarity upon this sub ject. So be it.
For those of you who wonder why I seem to belabor this sub ject, it is because my scribe has sat today upset and confused because the stories “sound” so sincere. Perhaps they are, chela. It is only the conclusions which I take exception to and you de serve to understand why for if you do not, then I know that many others have been confused about this as well.
Thank you for seeking, Druthea. Remember the sincere call compels the answer and I do not leave you, distressed or other wise. Although you were afraid for the first time at what was written by mineself since you yourself have no experience in this area. It is reasonable for you to question, clear your space and again question and know it is I, Sananda, with you. I am NEVER offended by you being sure about identification of MY presence, precious. I expect you to KNOW whom communi cates with you and in whose service they come EVERY TIME!
Let us close this document. Please be at peace, my precious brothers, for it is the journey of your life which marks the char acter with honor or with disgrace. And honor is yours by de sign of inner desire and action. Know God within and BE His Honorable reflection. The choice is always yours.
I AM Sananda. I come in Light and Love in service to Divine Holy God/Aton. Thank you for your attention. Salu.




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