SANANDA: Don’t you see? The Transition of this planet is the most magnificent event in your universe and beyond.

SANANDA: Don’t you see? The Transition of this planet is the most magnificent event in your universe and beyond.


Esu ‘Jesus’ Sananda

Peace Thomas, Esu Present in Radiance. Yes, today is the eighth day of the eighth month—the birthing day of myself in that time long past now, lo those nearly two thousand years ago. It is but the mere blink of an eye in the realms where we dwell for you see, there is all of eternity in which to serve and create. It is glorious and we of these realms wonder whether man will awaken in time to the reality of Light and Creation.
Beloved ones, think not that we of the higher realms do not concern over your lessons and over your difficult journey. So, too, please keep in mind that they are your lessons and your journey! You ones in my service have returned for a purpose and the time to awaken to that purpose is almost past. It shall take great courage to continue this journey in service for the assaults shall come against you, but please remember that God in His Light shall Prevail and the adversary is, even now, in a mad scramble to compete for position in the fleeting physical world of power and greed. ’Tis truly sad, for even those of the adversary’s team are given opportunity at this time to return to goodness, yet mostly they see not the opportunity placed before them and so we must watch as they sort themselves from participation in the Greatest Story Ever Told.
Don’t you see? The Transition of this planet is the most magnificent event in your universe and beyond. All eyes, from all dimensions, are watching to see what will happen on this tiny orb of Shan. God has won; it is all but played out on this Stage of Creation. Always remember, chelas, store up your treasures in Heaven. Do not hide them where thieves enter to steal or where moths and dust doth corrupt. Choose carefully that which you focus your attention upon for that which a man focuses upon, there his heart is. Where is your heart these days, I may ask? Look to the greater good and the needs of another. Tend well thine preparations for I tell you in earnest, the journey shall be arduous in its abrupt and shocking changes, both to the planetary surface and to the very lives you lead. If no money or electricity were available this day, how would you make it? What would you do, exactly? If no gas were available in Winter, how would you stay warm? Think on these things for they are of no idle concern. These are matters of sheer survival and shall present themselves more suddenly than you think! Ones in the cities, I am sorry to say, shall mostly not know what has hit them. The Chicago deaths from the heat-wave is nothing compared to that which is to come, soon!
You of mine, I ask to stay in constant contact for the instructions shall be rapid and many, and I need alert workers. Thank you. Keep your focus clear and attentive, please, for the communications shall become most critical indeed. Concern yourself not over my birthday, for what is a birth day anyway? Look to thine Service and cling with all your strength unto the Light of God and The Creation for therein is literally eternal salvation.
I Am Sananda
:Phoenix Journal 150, chater 8



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