Personal Responsibility means taking action to balance the unbalance, to bring love where there is hatred, to bring harmony where there is chaos, to bring discipline where there is disorder and to bring peace where there is war. Each ONE of you will open your own door to the SPIRITUAL POWER OF LOVE WITHIN YOU WHEN you start taking Responsibility for ALL of your manifested reality, including your thoughts, words and deeds. Each ONE who harmonizes and balances within brings the LIGHT of Balance and Harmony to your “pool” of mass consciousness, so that it eventually will no longer be the “cesspool” of darkness and despair which it is now.
Ah well, our subject is The Creation and ITS relationship to God/Aton and to YOU. Please recognize, please remember, my precious ones, YOU each represent WITHIN YOU GOD/ATON’S MIND INTELLIGENCE for UNLIMITED SPIRITUAL CREATIVE POTENTIAL. THERE IS SO MUCH JOY TO BE A PART OF. LET GO of your ILLUSIONS of separation from THE ONE and attachment to the “physical” and “emotional” aspects of this LIMITED plane. BE responsible for what is YOUR JOB of clean-up before you, SPREAD THE WORD OF TRUTH written in The Journals about your Earthly circumstances and spread the JOY that GOD WINS in this final confrontation with evil. Will you JOIN GOD, MINESELF and MINE Brothers of LIGHT in this confrontation of evil? OR, will you remain ignorant and apathetic, and therefore, a PART OF THE EVIL ENERGY DESTRUCTIVE “WILL” upon this plane? In Love and Peace, I humbly request that YOU take MINE hand to the path of GOD and ONENESS…the ONLY logical choice is the choice of GOD’S WILL, and MAY GOD’S WILL BE DONE! So Be It.
I AM Sananda, One With God, in service to HIS HOLY PRESENCE, ATON and THE CREATION. Peace be with you. Salu.

Resource: Phoenix Journal Express, April 1991, Volume 11, #11.



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