SANANDA MESSAGES: 3-17-91 and 3-18-91

3/17/91 SANANDA

I am here Thomas, peace. Yes, I Am Sananda and I come in radiance. I come in Light…the Light which I AM…the Light of The Father, in whose service I AM. I do not mind identification for in the realms of God there is no reluctance nor hesitation to respond to such a query. Evil will always hedge, hesitate, be evasive and vague…or, or, or… . Ever be wary of identification bearing the title WE if there are no specific names of identification attached to the “we”.
It is good for the soul to get away and view the world around you…for the grass is green for the first time since long in your perceived memory…the sky was magnificent in its clarity on the yesterday. There are innumerable things about you to give thanks for. Ones who come in service unto God shall not be found wanting. There is no need to enter the imbalance of materialistic focus…for with service unto God the needs shall be tended. This does not mean that God shall tend them, but rather you shall be nudged most explicitly by God to tend that which needs tending…yea, unto the smallest details. It is always the attachment to the materialistic world that has tripped man up. Within God’s service there is no attachment to the worldly things, merely recognition of beauty and function. Each must be able to leave it all on a moment’s notice without so much as a second thought. Who among you would be able to do this?
When your houses are tended and in order…I do not mean particularly immaculate but rather supplied…then you may put aside thoughts of these things which pull at you in the conscious or subconscious mind. These things detract from full attention within the now and thereby diminish full possibilities within the productive expression of the now. There is much work that is to be done before you and each shall be given to know what must be done. There are no two jobs which are identical and to tend of your own job is the better part of wisdom. To always be concerned over what another is doing, where they are going, where they have been, did they do this or that to your specifications when, in fact, it has naught to do with you…these are trespasses of error and should be avoided most consciously within our group. These are the things that cause separation and alienation when it needn’t be thus. To deny looking at such things for self is violation of self. None among our group need look to another for the meaning of this message…it serves ALL.
There are many things taking place with our ones…it is literally not important for another to know what one is doing. Tend you [your] own job and your own business!
I herein wish to express my great appreciation to the tireless efforts of the volunteer “crew” who do the folding and the stuffing of the volumes of material that pour through America West…as fast as Hatonn can get Dharma’s fingers to work. Thank you, beloved, your efforts do not go unnoticed, for God is ever present in thine spaces and knows all thoughts, all deeds, and all INTENT. So, too, the crew who serve with me work tirelessly at their posts and they are most pleased when they witness the smooth functioning among the ground crew. Perhaps tireless is the incorrect word, for you of the ground crew do grow weary. But the weariness you ones are experiencing is at a soul level, for the density of that placement weighs heavily upon you. Give your burdens unto me, beloved, I can carry you. Offer your burdens unto God, for He shall lighten the load that you may see your way through the darkness and confusion and conflict. Keep thine light shields intact by constant petitioning for the impact is great and the danger real and present.
Give thanks for all that is about you. You are doing your jobs and the Word of God is going to the Four Corners of the Earth…as promised. Blessings and light unto you ones for though you seem to think that we know not the difficulty of your daily lives…I know…the Father knows. Be at peace for the journey is long…and for those who work in accordance with The Laws, the journey is in the first second of counting.
I Am Sananda
3/18/91 SANANDA
Good morning, Thomas, Sananda present in radiance and service unto God.
Man may not turn away to return unto ignorance once faced with the truth of it. The Laws are most explicit and clear. There shall be none who shall again return to walking the path of darkness for they shall carry with them the knowledge of TRUTH. Many will read The Laws and the description thereof and turn to the side thinking it just another document, just another doctrine. ‘Tis a pity. Do The Laws not make the most reasonable and logical sense? Remember, it is the return unto balance out of chaos that we bring, that The Father brings. Man may second-guess if he chooses, and many will, but it changes nothing. The gay and lesbian marchers that you witnessed on the news last evening may march and march, and march with all the banners in the realm and all it does is serve to pull more ones away from the lighted truth of God. And so it goes.
The old ways and patterns are difficult for man to set to the side, for they have become a part of his very being. It is just that man must be taught as the little child that there is a different way, a better way, and that better way shall return you…nay, bring you, to new and wondrous discovery. Pray unto God for light and guidance, then listen and follow the guidance we bring for it is for your greatest and highest good and you shall find peace and fulfillment therein.
Always man thinks that God shall do it for him. No, no, no! God will always work with you, not for you. It is man that must come into his sense of responsible behavior and thereby take constructive action that shall serve the whole. I speak not here of some communist concept; I speak of the lighted places of Divine Will…for when you act responsibly, according to The Laws of God…and you pray and ask for guidance…you become the literal hands and feet of God, bringing into manifestation the very Will of God. It is not a difficult concept; it is just that man tends to complicate everything to such an extent that it becomes as the tangled web. We come to untangle the strings that keep you bound.
Man shall read The Laws and the cry shall come forth…”Oh, no, this is not truth…in God’s world I MAY DO AS I PLEASE AND HAVE SEX WITH WHOM I PLEASE…GOD ALLOWS…THIS MUST BE A LIE.” Always God allows man his choices. In actual point of fact, most ones acting in such a fashion do not truly believe in God or the Hosts of Heaven. ‘Tis sad. But before their soul journey is complete they shall believe in God and they shall see the error of their choice, for the journey unto the lighted realms shall be long and painful indeed. So be it.
You are dearly loved. Can you not feel it?
Look about you and give thanks. Each who reads these words has much to be thankful for. Concern not over the ones that do not read, that will not hear. They shall come to see the concepts brought to the motion picture screens and their imagination shall be captured. They shall be transfixed and transformed. And they shall seek to know. So be it.
Always it is man who shuts God out, who pushes God away, who closes the door. I come at the doorway and except through me you shall not enter the Kingdom of God, for I AM THE WAY AND THE LIFE. HAS IT NOT BEEN SAID AND OFTEN SO? I GAVE THE EXAMPLE…I DID NOT DIE FOR YOUR SINS…I SHOWED THE WAY. RETURN UNTO LIVING ACCORDING TO THE LAWS OF GOD AND THEREIN YOU SHALL FIND SAFE PASSAGE INTO THE FATHER’S REALMS OF LIGHT WHEREIN I DWELL.
Many shall come to you inquiring of American West and they shall make jokes and laugh, and hang-up…concern yourself not over such matters. Man is desperate to know. Ones shall call back…for they shall be pulled to find out. Seeds are being planted in places you know not and they shall begin to germinate and grow, and therein the truth shall reach unto hidden places throughout the world. Be most kind to one another for the bombardment is great indeed.
I rest my hand upon you. Walk gently and speak carefully that your words carry truth and proper meaning to your thoughts. Many shall come…let us turn none to the side through careless comments…let us welcome ALL that they may come to know TRUTH.
Resource: Phoenix Journal Express, March 1991, Volume 10, Number 5 & 6.
Sent by Rocky Montana
October 9, 2010



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