Peace, Thomas, Sananda present in Radiance.

We are most busy aboard our craft these days for your world is in a tangled web of darkness brought forth by the Elite controllers who mean to bring your world and all in it under full and total control. It is all but done. Ah yes, God wins, beloved ones of faith, but do not put limits upon the manner in which the winning takes place. God’s Plan is Grand indeed, filled with Radiance for all who would walk the path of righteousness unto the very end–it is thine heart intent which is measured in these Kingdoms, beloved. Your world is a seething mass, close to total destruction–we are fulfilling the mission which was commissioned of us, to bring The WORD of Truth unto the four corners of the world so that man may make his choices about his own divinity–and it is so–The WORD of God has and is pouring forth to inform all who will listen of the way it is and the way it has been. Put not your Truth aside to turn unto the density that is physical–lift thineself up to the Radiance that surrounds thee this and every day–the Light is that which ye seek and therein ye shall find God.
Be about the business of tending matters which need tending for the hour does indeed grow most critical. How many of you who live in large metropolitan areas have more than 2 or 3 days food in your dwelling? And what if I were to tell thee that 2 or 3 months would be insufficient? Do you think it brings me joy to tell of these possibilities? Do you think that Hatonn enjoys telling of the evil plans in store for thee? Nay, we would much rather speak of the glorious things of that which is thine very spiritual essence of soul evolvement into Radiance–but we are commissioned to tell of the other, for it is how your world has arrived to where it is today–ye have not been given to know the plans, the secrecies, the laws which have been passed to implement Control of your very Being–we are duty bound to inform thee of service.
We come not to overthrow or do anything other than bring the TRUTH that ye may KNOW the true from the false–then we may speak of these spiritual matters for which ye long and which, in truth, is all that is of importance.
Seek not to withdraw thine involvement in this world, beloved ones–for God needs active participants–ye have come to be on that place at this time for a reason, and indeed each soul purpose is unique unto itself. Be of courageous spirit–measure thine deeds with the yardstick of wisdom, act not in haste but do act–participate creatively with each day which is gifted unto thee–In LIGHT, In Radiance and Truth–with God’s Direction, ye shall be given to KNOW what which is to be accomplished in a given day–ye have a day before thee. What will ye do with it? How will this day be any different than yesterday? Will today’s work make a difference in the evolution of a planet? Does it matter?
Ye are given the gift of life itself. Ye are fragments of the Lighted God/ATON, and ye can create–what will ye create and will it be worthy as a gift unto mankind and his posterity, or will thine creations be only for self which shall gather dust and crumble? Think on these things, beloved ones. Thine Father awaits thine decisions and thine actions. Be of good cheer and unwavering faith for I Am as near as thine Breath! Stay the course and hold mine hand in thine hour of tribulation and I shall see thee through–but I shall not, nor will God, Do it for thee–we show the way–YOU do the work.
I Am Sananda
I Come in Radiance and
Service unto God of Light/ATON.
Who might you be?
In whose service are you?
Are you sure?
Ask of LIGHT and the Door shall be opened,
First ye must ask!
God Awaits.
Resource: CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, November 16, 1993, Volume 3, Number 8.





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