ESU IMMANUEL SANANDA: Be at peace for though you grow weary, I shall give you strength.

ESU IMMANUEL SANANDA: Be at peace for though you grow weary, I shall give you strength.

SANANDA: 2/28/91 and 3/17/91

SANANDA: 2/28/91 and 3/17/91


2/28/91 SANANDA
Greetings Thomas, I am Sananda in radiance and service unto God/The Father. Be at peace for though you grow weary, I shall give you strength. Our journey just begins, so let us shore up that in thine preparations the journey may be filled with joy and new discovery, and a glad and light heart. To be in service unto God and man during this time is the greatest of all honors and it is one that also is to be experienced in gratitude, humbleness, joy, and please, let us not forget laughter. For laughter heals the heart and mends the wounds, and changes the literal vibration within an organism. Together the journey will be made, together the jobs will be completed, and together you shall enter in my realms…the Father’s realms…the realms of light wherein all wounds will be healed and the fountain of life shall flow unto you, renewing and revitalizing the essence of light within. Give thanks.
Has it not been said that each shall struggle with self during this period? You are witness to it. Each judges, finds fault, casts forth the stones…none, seemingly, looking back unto self as the source of all confusion, misery and imbalance. When ones begin to look to self rather than the projections onto another, then one small step forward will have been made. Until that time it is like the hamster and the wheel…round and round and round it goes…getting nowhere.
Our ones must hold strong, for you are not given to know the effect of God’s Word on Satan’s plan. There has been much that has transpired in the Gulf of which you know nothing, and indeed, shall never know. Do you not think the pressures on Saddam were not beyond anything that has ever been placed upon a human…or certainly great, indeed? Was it not the better part of wisdom to go down in defeat than to unleash unbridled death and destruction? What makes you think that perhaps God has not spoken to Saddam? Are you not greatly pleased that there will be troops coming back to the home front where they are truly needed? God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform…mysterious only in that it remains unknown to you. It is not over, yet. If you are given reprieve where you may have a period of relative peace and stability on the home front…TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY TO REGAIN SOME MEASURE OF INDEPENDENCE UNDER YOUR CONSTITUTION. IF GOD GIVES YOU AN OPEN WINDOW THROUGH WHICH YOU MAY DO FURTHER WORK AND YOU DO IT NOT…IT SHALL BE ONLY YOURSELVES TO BLAME IN THE ENDING.
Give thanks that the destruction is coming to an end. KEEP YOUR EYES UPON THE EUPHRATES, BELOVED.
What we project to you are probabilities and possibilities. The probabilities are ever in a state of flux. Within God’s realms ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. This includes, beloved, evil ones changing their minds!
Let us close this, Thomas.
I Am Sananda

3/7/91 SANANDA
Peace. I Am Sananda, Thomas and I come in radiance and service unto God.
Last evening you heard your President speak to America in triumph. Wherein was this victory? There were no standing ovations in Heaven! Do you count the senseless slaughter of untold thousands of Kuwaiti citizens, women, children, elderly on a road…leaving to what they perceived to be safety…do you count this as a wondrous victory? God shakes His head in dismay and disgust at that which has taken place. For God hears the crys [cries] of the ones as they are torn to pieces, the agony of being ripped suddenly from their physical forms. The shock of the sudden transition. No, there were no standing ovations in heaven.
And now the ground work shall be carefully and skillfully laid for you to willingly surrender unto this New World Order plan. Why is it, do you suppose, that transportation and crime are next on his dubious agenda? You as citizens must rapidly come into your understanding that it is the Constitution that they wish to remove from their way…and it shall be done to perfection without so much as a shot unless you, YES YOU, awaken and take action to prevent it. Do I advocate REVOLUTION? The revolution, as always, begins with the individual mind. You have a wondrous document that, if followed, would restore balance to your nation and then the world would truly have an example which to follow. But as portions of this wondrous document are set aside and the dictator Bush does what he pleases under the auspices of Alliance…then you lose a part of yourselves with each action, each bill which is passed. And soon they shall ban guns…gradually at first. But guns shall be first on their agenda, for they may not physically control the masses if they are armed. And then they shall restrict freedom of movement. For if they control your movements, they may contain you in isolated regions…or should I, perhaps, more properly refer to them as New States…for this is their plan to redivide the United States of America into New region States…nine of them. Will you allow it? If you do not make your feelings known, who shall? Do you think that your individual STATE government is powerless? Nay…the hope lies with your individual state governments if they will merely see it and pass such measures as the 23rd Amendment presented in California to restore your CONSTITUTION…it is a wondrous model for the entire nation. Hear what I am saying for the hourglass is empty and on its side…will you take action before the glass is turned? Or shall the final countdown be one in which you continue to watch your freedoms escape from you…one at a time…until finally it matters not…just one more freedom gone…we’ll never miss it. Won’t you?
I Am Sananda
Resource: Phoenix Journal Express, March 1991, Volume 9, Number 10.
Nov. 20, 2010




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