SANANDA ESU IMMANUEL: Remember this clue: evil cannot survive where there is LOVE, unconditional and absolute God LOVE

10/23/92 SANANDA
Greetings, precious Druthea. I AM Sananda. I come in the service of Our Holy Father, God of LIGHT and LIFE. I AM known by many labels as I walked that place (Earth) some 2000 years past as Esu Immanuel.
Many of you know Me by the label “Jesus Christ”. It is fine. If you call MY energy in your heart, I will hear it, regardless of what you call Me. My label of spiritual attainment in your language is Sananda, which means “One With and within God.” Those who bring their hearts to walk the Christ/God path of balance will soon recognize Me as Sananda.
We, and I speak of the Hosts and Brothers of Light who offer you ones of earth Shan insight into your errors of perception, observe many of you ones who become aware of our presence. At first you run to and fro, reading this or that “expert” on meditation and God awareness, in order to HEAR His guidance within. You ones often put more energy into the production and preparations than into the stillness and quiet PATIENT waiting.
I would venture to say that for many of you who diligently TRY to HEAR your inner teacher, that if you simply mastered PATIENCE, you would accomplish your goal more readily and there would be no “trying”, only doing.
I have asked this scribe to spend much time in aloneness that we may work with her to fine-tune her thinking and perceptions that she grow confident and comfortable with our increasing presence in her life. It is very humorous to observe her expectation of our presence and adjustments. She is waiting to catch us “in the act” for her own “confirmation” and yet while she sat quietly and waited to catch us, we had well completed our task! Oh well, she feels differently, yet it is so subtle, she thinks in her own mind. THIS is how God will work with you precious ones! He is subtle and gentle. He is the whisper of your conscience.
And while you ones worry over thinking you do not hear, often you will find that when WE must have your attention, YOU HEAR! Perhaps it will be in a dream or the “thought occurs” to you and you are simply “compelled” to act upon it. Yes, I AM confirming that many of you who put a conscious effort into working WITH God and His plan, are actually doing so quite beautifully. You simply have not yet fully recognized it as receiving and hearing from God’s Hosts. You may call it “intuition” or a “hunch” and let me say that as long as you have CLEARED your space in the name of Holy Christ/God of Light and the hunch remains, you had better pay attention! Your very life may depend upon it!
Why do we spend this time with you ones, helping you to hear GOD who has always been there? It is you ones who in the receiving of His Light and Guidance will then offer it forth to your more ignorant and confused brethren. As YOUR knowledge and awareness of God’s presence–His guiding light within you–becomes more fine-tuned, you become empowered by His Light and the darkness which you walk towards is illuminated, or it retreats further in refusal to accept His Light. You must learn not to compare or judge the outcome of your work in human perception. Often, for you, the lesson is jumping in when you are terrified of the response. Soon the terror leaves you, does it not? And while God’s adversary will continue to be a source of irritation and inconvenience, you will continue your work, in spite of the adversary’s games of confusion.
This is why, when we are allowed to do so, we (the Hosts) build you of God’s hands and feet WITHIN that you may recognize that the adversary only has power over you which YOU allow. As you become a formidable light unto God Source, the adversary will pay particular attention to you with the goal of thwarting your work. This is just the way it is. And if you simply deny evil exists and refuse to think about it, you are no longer a threat to evil and nor are you an effective warrior for God of Light.
How can you predict where evil will attack YOU? What do you fear? If you can honestly assess your own fears and their cause, you will find your own weak spots. This is where the adversary will work to tear you down. Do you see? Evil thrives on chaos and confusion, and fear. Every thought and behavior which defies God’s Laws are the evil one’s playground of manipulation.
Once you honestly assess your weak points, then you can call God and We of His Hosts to work with you to release your fears and clear your confusion. YOU MUST ASK! For we cannot intrude, nor can we work with you ones without your permission. Remember this clue: evil cannot survive where there is LOVE, unconditional and absolute God LOVE. If you will find ways to GIVE LOVE to others and to that planet, and to God and to the adversary, my goodness, precious ones, you won’t have time to be afraid and confused. YOU push God out, remember? HE never leaves you for you are a fragment of Him, a creation of His Mind.
Focus on God and God will focus on you. It is that simple. Spend time away from “busyness”, in nature if possible, and focus on God and His plan, and HOW you can participate in fulfilling your highest purpose within His plan. You will be shown. The call compels the answer. And remember, it is best not to have expectations and preconceptions of what your answers “should” be. Keep you space clear of evil intentionally, ask for God to show you how to sustain only in His service and with heart intent communicate, “Not my will, Father, let Thine will be done.”
God must have messengers to shine His Light through. Are you one of His messengers? If so, then listen to His whispers in your conscience. Be alert to His call. Become ONE in His presence and KNOW He will show you how to overcome evil which will attempt to thwart you. You are being tested in your spiritual fortitude. Accept that you will feel inadequate and weak at times and call for assistance and strength. We are waiting to serve you for in this way do we give our Father’s love.
Let us close this document. Thank you, Dru, for hearing clearly. We do not let you tarry along, precious; that is our commitment with you and God. Thank you for attending this document. May your hearing within bring you closer to God within.
I AM Sananda, One with God of Light in His Service. Go in peace and love, and bring the message to the people. “God is coming. Be prepared!” Salu.
Resource: PHOENIX LIBERATOR, November 3, 1992, Volume 21, Number 3.


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