SANANDA MARCH 4TH 2011 MESSAGE THROUGH MARK STEARN: Guidance given now is to focus now on the new earth and call on it’s abundant splendour for assistance.

SANANDA MARCH 4TH 2011 MESSAGE THROUGH MARK STEARN: Guidance given now is to focus now on the new earth and call on it’s abundant splendour for assistance.


Message from Sananda and our Star Family

By Mark Stearn. 4th March, 2011.


Greetings friends,

The earth is rocking and rolling right now. There is no doubt you are also all feeling this. I have been wondering who wishes to speak right now as I have the time to type something. The guides speaking through me now simply refer to themselves as the star family and are not necessarily galactic federation or ashtar command. They are an extension of our consciousness. I have linked in etherically with another light worker who i trust and feel that her information is valid.

Kiesha Crowther is the lady I am speaking of and she is the first heart in a long time who speaks as though she has half a clue about what she is talkinga about. She walks the talk. I am not in contact with her on an earth level but I have the highest regard for the information she brings forth. Sananda will be one of the guides speaking presently. I don’t channel Ashtar anymore because my channel with Ashtar only reams out the same old tireless information. I am going to trust and see what the guides here have to say about what is actually happening.

From Sananda and the Star Family

Greetings dear voyagers,

Only recently Earth has made a series of leaps into hyperspace. It is moving at a velocity that is accelerating all waves of change all over the planet Earth. This is why you are witnessing colossal wave after wave of the most dramatic climate shifting all around the planet on a world level.

The planet’s new earth keeper crystals are aligning with the new earth’s grids. They are aligning with all of existing earth’s grids also. Never has this occurred at such a colossal rate. The acceleration will continue for the ball is now rolling on the earth as the collective entity that it is and there is no going back now.

The New Earth children are awakening to their keeper roles. They have built in to their internal circuitry the keys to awakening the mass consciousness across the planet earth. The new earth children’s presence form a symbiotic consciousness presence that are linked in with the waves of new earth change and this careful focus that is being carefully garnered by all servers of the light the world over.

We your family are keeping the planet earth as light as possible. It is true that we link in with key hearts the world over who we are contracted to work with. These are highly fully consciously developed souls that are awakened to their task and indeed they allways have been.

The great working towards balance and peace is reaching an all time high in the working out of the many energies that are being released from the planet’s surface and of course the planet’s core. This process is ongoing. We can tell you that these changes will intensify. We are asking for all servers of the light to emanate the new earth energies of peace and balance.

We are completely aware that key light servers and those simply awakening for the first time are doing all that they can to deal with their own changes and of course the earth changes as they continue to awaken in each new moment to a new working world or new earth reality. Guidance given now is to focus now on the new earth and call on it’s abundant splendour for assistance.

This is not living in aery faery or in the imagination. The New Earth is just as much a part of our earth now as the waking world and it is important to acknowledge it’s blessed presence. The New Earth can be called on for assistance in releasing old energies that no longer serve your divine plan. All it takes for this is the simple intent that you are letting it go while being centred in the moment.

Your heart is wise beyond knowing and when you are in your centre and trust you will allways intuit the way forward. These are the most exciting times for the earth as they are the most challenging. Do not look back or forward. Only look to the now as you witness our blessed planet ascending so majestically as a star of new earth christ freedom.

Our regards, blessings and love,

Mark Stearn, The Star Family and Sananda.







4 thoughts on “SANANDA MARCH 4TH 2011 MESSAGE THROUGH MARK STEARN: Guidance given now is to focus now on the new earth and call on it’s abundant splendour for assistance.

  1. I have put the audio cassettes on CD’s for all of the basic Phoenex Journals and Pleiades Connections except for, And They Called His Name Immanuel. They are just much easier to hear and take with me than the cassettes. You have a good voice. Have you ever thought about doing that?

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