8/22/93  #1    ESU “JESUS” SANANDA

Thank you for responding.  Greetings, Thomas, peace be unto thee.  I Am Sananda and I Am Present in Radiance and Service unto God of LIGHT–ATON.

I tell ye of Earth, SHRINK NOT FROM THE LIGHT FOR THE LIGHT IS THE SOURCE OF YOUR BEING.  ALL IS LIGHT–why would ones think to NOT go toward the Light?  What possible foolish reasoning is this?  Woe to ones who tell God’s people to stay away from the Light, for it is one thing to make thine own choice toward darkness, it is another to involve other beings, other souls in the direction away from God.  Has it not been said many times that it is the time of sorting?  Ones in my Service are flabbergasted, (yes, Thomas, that is the correct word), that ones would give such advice as this.  Ye ones are moving DIRECTLY INTO THE HIGHER FREQUENCIES OF LIGHT–FOR THIS ARE YE BEING GIVEN INSTRUCTION.  TAKE MY HAND, BELOVED ONES, FOR I KNOW WELL THE WAY AFORE THEE.

Was it not said that I go to prepare a place?  I have fulfilled my promise.  A place is prepared for each.  Will your choices bring thee into safe port or will ye be tossed about the rough seas only to perish in ignorance?  Ponder well the lessons given forth during these days of transition, for each must come into Knowledge– that the errors of the past not be revisited upon future generations.   So, too, man must come into KNOWING — KNOWING IN L I G H T !

Seek ye not to out-think God of Light; it is not possible.  Ye ones of little faith– where is thine faith in The Father?  Ye are Hischildren, His creations, whom He loves without limits.  Yes, I said He loves thee without limits!  What Father, when seeing the child running into the street in front of an approaching truck, will not move Heaven and Earth to pull the child back to safety?  How much greater is Aton’s love for His creations?  Ye ones know not, I repeat, ye one know not the love of The Father–for within HIS LIGHT IS GLORY.

The physical density shall pull thee ever more strongly.  It is an illusion and an illusion of bondage at that.  Will ye seek to linger in the world of sorrow, ever upon the roller coaster ye call life or will ye seek to enter service and BALANCE within God’s Laws, within God’s Creation, within God’s Service?

God of LIGHT IS!  So, too, evil IS.  Walk not the path toward evil, for ye shall get burned.

Ones upon your place have been brainwashed to believe that the path of evil is somehow exciting, alluring.  Why think ye the path of evil alluring? Because it is exactly what the global controllers want you to think and feel.  What allure is there in death?  In blood?  Children of Light, hear God’s Call to awaken once again to the CHRISTED PATH–THE PATH OF GOODNESS, THE PATH OF LIGHT.

Be ever generous in thine giving to those in need.  Be not foolish in thine charity but, I tell thee, and Thomas has felt this for some time now, there is a reason– if a beggar approaches you and asks you for food money, that he may eat, and you have plenty but turn him aside–what would ye have God do when ye come to Him asking for abundance?

Do I say, “Go and give all thine shekels to beggars”?  No, of course not; do not distort mine meaning.  Generosity is of the heart; it is in the giving and regiving that God’s Way is manifested upon your place.  Be ever generous in the sharing of your knowledge– but cast not your pearls before swine. Ye will be given to know who will listen to that which ye have to share.  Preach not from the roof-tops, for there are preachers aplenty upon that placement.  Rather, share freely and quietly, brother to brother, sister to sister.  In the moment when the opening in LIGHT appears–ye will be given to know.  Hide not your Light under the bushel; let it shine for all the world to see.  There is no shame in LIGHT–there is Glory!

Blessings upon mine ones who listen well to that which is being put forth for your greater good.


I Am Sananda

A Reflection of God’s Perfect  Light

What do ye reflect?

Source: CONTACT – THE PHOENIX PROJECT, August 24, 1993, Volume 2, Number 9.




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