10/16/92   SANANDA

Greetings, precious Druthea.  I AM Sananda, also called Jesus Christ, Immanuel, Pale Prophet, Issa, Esu, etc.  I and My Father are ONE, and therefore, I am come in His direct service unto you of His lost sheep.

It is the time of remembering and awakening about who you are in relationship to our ONE Creator Source.  Each of you must be able to say, “I and My Father are One.”  For when I spoke these words, I was sharing My knowledge of My Divine partnership with God of Light Creator Source of ALL.  This statement was not meant to exclude you of My precious brethren.  You simply have not understood My messages and have allowed others to interpret FOR you.

It is time, precious children, to cast away the IDOL of Mineself as a martyr and savior to you from your sins, and replace this with the IDEAL which I brought for balanced living and communion with God.  For it is the BELIEF in sin which I came to help you overcome.  Even in your own tampered Bibles, it is written that I told you that to make your spirit clean; it mattered not what food you ate, but what THOUGHTS you had which caused error (sin) or balance.  This must mean, precious ones, that your thoughts have power to create of destroy and it is YOU who are responsible for your own thinking and behavior, whether it be in balance or in error.

NO other will bear responsibility for that which you do and think, not even GOD will do that.  He will allow you to learn your lessons, and if it be by error committed, then so be it as YOUR choice.  So why do you find it reasonable to believe I, Christ, would defy My Father and bear responsibility for your sins?  Remember, AS YOU SOW, SO YOUREAP!

YOU will learn to cleanse your minds of evil thought patterns for you alone will suffer the consequences of the imbalance.  Why would you expect or hope that another (Jesus Christ) should do the suffering FOR you and bear YOUR consequences of sin?  Is this reasonable and logical thinking?  Is God’s Creation not run on JUST laws which are based upon reason and logic?  Cannot His Laws and the Laws governing Nature be scientifically proven?  Or do you believe God is a mystical wizard of OZ, living OUT THERE somewhere and TOO big for you to comprehend?  Do you believe yourself so weak and miniscule that you cannot be accountable for your own sins?  How so?  How dare you believe God, in His Infinite Wisdom and Perfection, WHO created you, would create defective and worthless creations!  Think about this.  If you believe yourself so unworthy, do you not insult GOD?

I told you ones to hold two Laws closest in your hearts: Love the Lord God with all of your heart, all of your soul, all of your strength and all of your mind.  And Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

How many even love selves?  Iam [I am] speaking of the soul expression which is you incarnated in the flesh of your choice.  Can you not see the spark of God’s Divine Reflection in self and in all others?  Your thoughts will either free you by their balance or destroy you by the discord they cause.  What you send to another in your thoughts, when sent with full intent desire to destroy, will ultimately destroy your within.

What do I mean when I say Love your enemy?  Your enemy in the purest sense is YOU.  In the physical world in which you live today, YOU have allowed evil thought forms to control your world and it is time that YOU change it, IF it will be changed.  It is your choice.  The shedding of My blood of My physical mortal body will do NOTHING to save you from YOU, your very worst enemy. You ones receive your greatest lessons, when accepted, from ones who seek to control and manipulate you.  How far will you let another go in using you for their own selfish needs?  How many of you crucify and martyr yourselves almost constantly?

Put very simply, precious ones, it is time to accept self-responsibility and accountability for your thoughts and your actions, or lack thereof.  What power does your enemy have when you send love to him or her?  Does this mean that you must like the behavior and enjoy the company of evil?  Absolutely not!  You love each soul as a part of your very family…as God’s family.  Yet you will not particularly like every human personality, for there is much to dislike when character is less than noble.  The SOUL is of GOD and Divine.  So love one another as God loves you (Unconditionally) and respect your individual perception differences as long as GOD’S Laws are not abused and ignored.  His Laws governing humans are about respect and responsibility, valuing LIFE and each other.  They are absolute and perfect and so it is best that you KNOW this Truth that you may find the Key to God’s places of Higher Light and Knowledge.

For in the mortal world in which you find yourselves, you reap physical consequences for breaking human-based laws and those laws are fleeting.  But when you break God’s Laws you reap consequences at the soul level of evolution which affects your soul’s progression and you remain locked to the physical places until you rise above your need for belief in sin and belief in separation from Creator.

During this time of Chaos and evil control, your soul is receiving its greatest challenges and tests as you each are submitting selves to service of GOD of LIGHT.  Every one of you will come face to face with your fears and you will conquer the fear as you recognize it for what it truly is: Lack of Faith and Trust of God within you.

My precious scribe, this one Druthea, is struggling with feeling completely inadequate.  Precious ones, you can only feel these feelings when YOU have lived the CHRIST IDEAL and you are comparing self in its current form to that ideal.  Release the need to compare in human perception, for your human perception is inadequate, not your soul desire and accomplishment!  What I find is that you ones who truly serve and walk the Christ path in intent, feel oh-so-human feelings, for you fear FAILURE and that is but an illusion of human perception.  Never compare selves with others or self-perceived expectations.  You will not find perfection in your attitudes and behaviors every day and you must be more forgiving of self.  So many of you are angry and I say that if at least you FEEL something which moves you into balanced change, it is worthy! If your FEAR moves you into seeking self-mastery and spiritual strength and unity with GOD, it is worthy.

If your words have caused intentional pain to another and you have recognized the error, will you not simply stop the words from flowing from self which cause needless pain?  It is very simple to live the CHRIST ideal, for My ideal was one of LOVE and Oneness, integrity and humility, generosity and kindness.  The only difference between you and me?  I KNOW that I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE and I LIVE THAT KNOWLEDGE.  You are still questioning and it is not clear to you as yet.  KNOW and BE STILL and LISTEN,and you too will KNOW in your heart of hearts that you are ONE with Our Father and in Him will all doubts and fears dissolve!

When you think of Me and wish to live My example of balance, simply ask yourself, before you utter any words or take any action, would Christ (Sananda) say or do this?  WHEN YOU ASK YOU WILL KNOW IF A THOUGHT, WORD OR DEED IS DISCORDANT. Simply ask self, how would YOU feel hearing those words from another?

I will leave you with this question: How have you made this world a better place today?

Thank you, little dove of Mine, Druthea, for sitting with Me this time.  Our time together is very sweet and you, precious, must acknowledge in self that you effort to please Our Father and this you already do.  Release the human criticism of self for it causes you much unnecessary anguish and it is time to grow above the need to compare on human terms.  We will work on this together; all you need do is ask and be in silence without interference.  Be at peace, precious ones, especially with selves for then you become a gift every time you mingle with others and offer Our Father’s Light of Love.

I AM Sananda, One with God in His Service.  Thank you for considering this document.  May you each find peace within as chaos reigns on without.  Salu

Resource: PHOENIX LIBERATOR, November 3, 1992, Volume 21, Number 3.



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