I AM Sananda. I come in the service of Holy God/Aton of Light, Truth, Wisdom and Glory. This day I will further clarify and describe that which is occurring upon your plane in this time-frame of history.


5/21/91 SANANDA

Greetings precious Druthea.  I AM Sananda.  I come in the service of Holy God/Aton of Light, Truth, Wisdom and Glory.  This day I will further clarify and describe that which is occurring upon your plane in this time-frame of history.

Your species and planet Shan (Earth) is experiencing a spiritual REVOLUTION, which means, recognizing, challenging, changing and discarding the spiritual false and “archaic” ways, so that you can surmount your stagnant condition and method of adapting to limited ego-separate “belief” indoctrination.  The reason for this “revolution” is that you are making room for your Spiritual RENAISSANCE, that is, your New Birth, Resurrection and Revival of God-Light Truth gained from personally accessing the Divine Knowledge and Wisdom of your Spirit WITHIN.

Just as the revival of letters and art in Europe marked the Historical Renaissance or transition from medieval to modern history representing the rebirth of civilization out of archaic creative suppression to a period of time (roughly 14th through 16th century) of relative abundant artistic expression and freedom, so too is your species experiencing a “Spiritual” transition or Renaissance.

The Great Creative Movement of Spirit is singing its song of CREATION in the hearts of ALL who choose to hear.  Ones who attune themselves to the Holy Vibration of God/Creator/Creation WITHIN and WITHOUT, will experience consciously THE BURNING DEATH OF THE ILLUSION OF SEPARATION FROM God/Aton/-Creation.  Out of the ashes you ones will be reborn…resurrected from your sleepy semi-conscious state in which you have long existed and that is, the “altered” ego-separation experienced in your physical-dense vibration illusion.  Many of you have been in this creative unfoldment process for some years already.  Many of you notice that TIME as you measure it seems to be speeding up and your “lessons” have often been frequent, difficult and stressful especially due to increased intensity of the unfolding, understanding and releasing process.

Be aware, chelas, that the spiritual work you are accomplishing in this time frame IS intensified, magnified and CONSTANT.  Many of you no longer have the luxury of “time” and lack of “experience” to claim innocence and ignorance of spiritual Truth and so your CONSCIENCE is moving you as fast as possible to learn and discern QUICKLY that you can shed the physical attachments as well as “altered EGO” illusions.  YOU ARE IN TRANSITION. YOU ARE CLAIMING YOUR SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE.  The chosen path of many of you to attain “graduation” involves the releasing of YOUR ADVERSARY WITHIN.  This time-frame represents your spiritual-rebirth opportunity and the process in itself is creating your spiritual revolution… your inner battle to resurrect YOUR SPIRIT WITHIN from the self-imposed prison, of which you have forgotten existed.  Because of God/Aton’s INFINITE grace and wisdom, you ones are NOW given the opportunity to AWAKEN to the call of the MIGHTY PRESENCE OF GOD/ATON//CREATION WITHIN YOU!!  DO YOU HEAR?!?

Thank you for your attention.  I AM Sananda, One With GOD, in service to Light of God/Aton’s Holy, Divine PRESENCE, and to you my brethren. Thank you precious little sister, Druthea.  Salu.

Source: PHOENIX JOURNAL EXPRESS, May 1991, Volume 13, Number 7




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