I Am Sananda and I come in Light and in Service to God. So, too, I come in Service unto The Creation.

Think not I am a false teacher, on sent to deceive thee–I come as Sananda that ye may know the true from the false for many are the false prophets and the false proclaimers who say they are me. I Am here on THE PHOENIX, a magnificent craft–I am not upon your place. Those for whom THE WORD is intended shall clearly hear the meaning of my words. There shall be no confusion. Ye ones, however, live in the times of chaos and confusion upon the planet and the chaos shall increase as the separation between the black road and the red road continues–between those choosing the life of evil and deceit and those choosing to follow God’s Laws for man, God’s Laws of Balance.

Balance and peace shall enter the lives of all who walk with me–and the offer is open to all who will hear. The sleep has been long and deep. Is it not time, beloved, to awaken unto REALITY and walk responsibly? It seems difficult, and for some indeed it is most difficult, and yet personal responsibility is the next step.

The time for spoon-feeding is past. The lessons have been given and await each who will respond. Those who refuse to catch-up with their lessons or who pass over THE WORD are not judged, they shall simply have no idea what has befallen them, both in their personal lives and with the world as a whole. Confusion and chaos will be their daily companions. Is it not indeed better to come into KNOWING and responsibility may be assumed and thereby works may reflect thoughtful redirection of energy toward the greater good within God’s Creation? I speak not in New Age riddles, I speak of man’s works.

Ye ones are in a critical period–and we of Command are overwhelmed in our monitoring of all that has and is taking place upon the surface of your planet. Ye have come so close to all-out nuclear war and destruction so many times that, if I were to tell you, ye would cast aside THE WORD and call me liar and heretic. I tell thee your world teeters on the very brink of great destruction. I tell ye this not to create fear, for fear only serves to further bind thee and make you powerless to create change or to prepare–I tell you this that ye may know to STAY ON ALERT. This is notification to ones of mine workers to be AT ALERT. What mean I, alert? I mean if ye are lost in the physical by drinking alcohol or are so preoccupied in your activity of the day, ye will not be attentive when the time comes for us to communicate. This is not to say, to those in the New Age realms who would twist my words to suit their own needs, that there will be some massive lift off on this or that day. There may be, at some point, an evacuation if things get bad enough. What I am saying to mine workers is to stay alert that preparations may be made and that ye will be given to know where to go that ye may be safe in the event of a critical situation, be it war, or riots, or earth upheaval.

I need mine workers attentive and alert, please!

Alert means to be ready to listen. Listen attentively, for if the bell rings and our own crew hear it not, what have we gained?

Go about your day to day activities but if ye hear a message, a tone, or are nudged to respond in a certain manner, please LISTEN–once ye have confirmed the message is of GOD and not your local military base! Ye ones in God’s Service must become so attuned that ye KNOW. The LIGHT SHIELD of GOD is your only protection. I am reluctant to even speak in terms of alert–for such messages can be misconstrued and distorted and lose their original purpose. How else am I to reach mine beloved who need to hear the critical state of your world? How else may I let thee know that it is serious indeed! I do not tell thee to go to this mountain or that mountain for LIFT-OFF RAPTURE–what I am saying is that your world is in a critical state of affairs and, if God’s people are lost to that density, then they shall not hear important instructions when the proper time comes.

Be most attentive in the days ahead, alert, that ye may hear.

Ye will be given to KNOW when the time comes–but if God’s people are lost to the alcohol or the drugs or the loud music or whatever, how will anything be heard other than Satan’s drum? Ponder it.

Be most kind within your family structure, for ye have entered a time where nerves are on the very edge. It is the time when man shall turn against man, brother against brother, daughter against mother, son against father, and so it goes. Such is the time of sorting. Hold firmly to the LIGHT of God that ye may see clearly the WAY and that ye not be lost to the darkened chaos which is planned for your world.

I honor mine crew in this location for they serve their fellow man with honor. To ye of mine crew, I salute you! Salu,

I Am Sananda In LIGHT



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