(Did Jesus die to save your ass?) 


Come, Blessed Children, as obedient as little sheep, with hearts open to receive.  For you are lacking in UNDERSTANDING.  I am, as you call me, Master Jesus, The Christed One.  To receive of UNDERSTANDING, you must remove from yourself any degree of SELF-PROPELLED WILL, and come unto your Father as an open basket wishing to be filled. I ask each of you, “In what ways do you perceive that you have UNDERSTANDING of the work of HOLY CREATOR, when you PERCEIVE of Creator as a MEAN (vile) and PUNISHING God?”  This, My children, is the God of the Pharisees, and many SO-CALLED RELIGIONS before and since, who created a god out of GUILT and were thinking to absolve their guilt with ALL MANNER OF SACRIFICE. YOU HAVE THE IDEA THAT IF YOU SACRIFICE AS ONE JESUS, EMMANUEL, THE CHRISTED ONE, THEN YOU WILL BE “SAVED”, REGARDLESS OF THE INTENT OF YOUR HEART OR THE TRUE NATURE OF YOUR WORKS.  YOU BELIEVE THAT IF YOU GIVE UNTO YOUR CHURCH COFFERS A STEADY 10%, THEN YOU MUST SURELY BE “SAVED”.  YOU BELIEVE THAT IF YOUR PRIEST ABSOLVES YOU OF YOUR “SINS”, YOU ARE “SAVED”.  YOU PREACH THAT IF YOU “BELIEVE” UPON THE NAME, JESUS, THE CHRIST, YOU ARE “SAVED”.  YOU THINK THAT IF YOU PARTAKE OF A REPRESENTATION OF ME IN THE FORM OF BREAD OR WINE, YOU ARE “SAVED”. I ask you, “SAVED FROM WHAT?”  What is it that you intend to “save” yourself from?  Are you “saving” yourself from the Antichrist who lives within many of you?  Are you “saving” yourself from the DEVIOUS DECISIONS which you make, and follow through as DEVIOUS WORKS?  Are you “saving” yourself from SOME EVIL AND PUNISHING GOD?  ARE YOU HANGING ON TO THE “SAVED” IDEA AS A WISHBONE, THINKING THE SAME TO BRING YOU GOOD FORTUNE?  WHY NEED YOU SUCH A RITUAL FROM THE OUTER WHEN I AM WITHIN YOU ALL ALONG, FOR BUT THE ASKING? YOU NEED NOT TAKE SUCH AN EXCUSE FROM THE OUTER TO RECEIVE ANY REMEMBRANCE OR COMMUNION WITH ME.  FOR I AM ALWAYS WITH YOU IN COMMUNION IF BUT FOR THE ASKING. I say, “YOU LACK UNDERSTANDING.”  For if you are “saved”, you are unto the “saving”.  No one will rescue you from you.  IF YOU LIVE THE LAWS OF LOVE, YOU NEED HAVE NO FEAR OF THE ADVERSARY, FOR WHERE I AM HE IS NOT.  And not all the SACRAMENTS, COMMUNIONS, OR ABSOLUTIONS OF YOUR “SINS” BY RELIGIOUS LEADERS IN THE WHOLE OF THE EARTH WILL SAVE YOU FROM RECEIVING YOUR JUST REWARD.  IF it is of FEAR that you play this game of MAGIC, know that it is the push of the Adversary which keeps you from facing the Truth.  If this message is unpalatable to the greatest number of you, so be it.  THE KINGDOM OF CREATOR WORKS ACCORDING TO LAWS, NOT MAGIC, AND YOU BEST BE OPENING UP UNTO THE SAME.  YOU CAN CONTINUE IN THE PLAYING OF YOUR EARTH GAMES, BUT WE ARE UNTO THE KEEPING OF THE SCORES. It was I who came among you that you might be receiving of the TRUTHS.  You have taken these TRUTHS and you have TWISTED and CONTORTED them such that they are not, for the most part TRUTHS, but HALF-TRUTHS, or LIES. IT WAS ON LOVE THAT I CAME AMONG YOU.  IT WAS NOT OF SACRIFICE. IT WAS THAT YOU MIGHT BE GIVEN TO KNOW THE TRUTHS OF FATHER/CREATOR, THAT YOUR EYES MIGHT BE OPENED AND THAT YOUR HEARTS MIGHT BE UNTO RECEIVING THESE HOLY TRUTHS, THAT YOU MIGHT BE UNTO KNOWING AND APPLYING OF THE SAME.  MY WORK, AS DONE FOR THE LOVE OF HOLY FATHER, IS NO SACRIFICE BUT ONE OF LOVE.  YOU HAVE EQUATED ME AS A LAMB UPON A CHOPPING BLOCK.  YOU HAVE TAKEN THE TRUTHS GIVEN UNTO YOU AND YOU HAVE MADE A MOCKERY OF MY PURPOSE IN COMING….WHICH WAS ONE OF LOVE, NOT SACRIFICE. YOU HAVE INFERRED THE WORK OF LOVE TO BE ONE OF LABOR AND, I ASSURE YOU, THAT IN SO DOING YOU HAVE TWISTED MY PURPOSE. MY MISSION WAS ONE OF PEACE AND GOODWILL.  I KNEW IN ADVANCE WHAT WAS UPON ME. THERE WAS NO SACRIFICE, ONLY THE LOVE OF SERVING.  STOP IN THE PRESENTING OF ME AS A SURRENDERING GOD UPON A CROSS.  THIS IS NOT THE CHRISTED ONE I WOULD HAVE YOU IN THE KNOWING.  MY PURPOSES IN COMING WERE TO REINSTATE AMONG YOU THE MEANINGS OF BALANCE, LOVE, AND JOY AND TO BRING AMONG EACH OF YOU HOPE, LOVE AND VISION….TO ADD MEANING UNTO YOUR LIVES THAT YOU MIGHT KNOW OF YOUR HERITAGE, AND WHAT YOU MUST DO TO RECEIVE THE SAME. Then, your CATHOLIC CHURCH, and others since, took THE HOLY TRUTH and perverted the Word BY PUTTING ITS LEADERS IN THE STEAD OF GOD, THE FATHER.  You have come to the idea that a perfect tithing will set you FREE.  You have come to the conclusion that a person CAN FORGIVE YOU OF YOUR ERRORS IN JUDGMENT IN ABORTION AND MARRIAGE.  You have brought the LAWS OF MEN into the churches through the buying of people in the government.  YOU HAVE TAKEN THE BRAND OF THE ANTICHRIST TAX NUMBER, WHICH PUTS YOU IN COLLUSION WITH GOVERNMENT, CAUSING YOU TO BE INDEBTED TO FOLLOW THE LAWS OF MAN, NOT OF CREATOR.  YOU HAVE DEFILED THE WORD OF CREATOR.  You have grown to serve the Adversary, and you swear that you do not do the same.  YOU HAVE A PERVERSE LEADERSHIP IN GRAND NUMBERS OF YOUR SO-CALLED RELIGIOUS CHURCHES, AND THE LOT OF YOU SERVE A DOCTRINE WHICH IS UNTO THE WORKS OF DARKNESS.  IT IS NONE OF MINE, AND NONE OF THE FATHER, AS I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE. Many of you will read of this and you will CURSE the one who is unto the giving of this information to you.  It matters not.  Those of you who balk will not wish to ATTEND to your hardened ways, for you will not wish to admit that you have been deceived by the Adversary working through your church doctrines.  YOU ARE THE ONES WHO BELIEVE AND LIVE A LIE! You see Me as some pitiful and down-trodden individual OUT THERE SOMEWHERE.  The grandest number of you have not one bit of REAL SOLID BELIEF in Me or in My Word.  ME THINKS YOUR LIPS PROFESS BUT YOUR HEARTS LIE.  MOST OF YOU ARE AS VACANT AS THE EYE OF THE STORM, yet all around you is the fury which is about to enclose in upon you.  You use Me as some figment of someone’s imagination (for in your own mind and heart, I do not exist) who will “SAVE” you from you, but for the confessing of the MONTH.  Oh, HOW WRONG ARE THE LOT OF YOU!  The same SHALL NOT BE! If you DISCERN WITH THE HEART, YOU WILL NOTE THAT YOUR REASONING DOES NOT RING TRUE WITH YOUR INNER CORE. YOU CLAIM THAT SOMEONE YOU DO NOT EVEN KNOW WILL “save” you from your own fate; that all is to be peachy and rosy at some point, and you have nothing to do save it be profess with the mouth and make it so.  If this were the case, do you not believe that the grandest number of you would lift the arms to fly and give unto yourselves all manner of material possessions merely for the stating through the mouth?  Yet, you continue to feed the heart with the lies of the mouth.  And you hope against hope that all is well.  The same does not work IN THE KINGDOM OF HOLY CREATOR.  If you know Me at all, it is with the HEART, and you know Me as a source of great ILLUMINATION, JOY, PEACE, BALANCE and WHOLENESS.  For, My Father and I are indeed One, and this wisdom is yours for the KNOWING, NOT THE TALKING. Now, you must realize that the Adversary teaches that ONE CAN BUY HIS WAY INTO HIGHER REALMS.  FOR THE ADVERSARY WORKS THROUGH THE MATERIAL.  THE ADVERSARY WORKS THROUGH THE PHYSICAL.  If you are told that by YOUR WORKS, you enter herein, in what way can you BUY YOUR WAY INTO THE HIGHER REALMS?  YOU MUST KNOW THAT IT SHALL NOT BE DONE THROUGH THE MONETARY. YOU MUST REMEMBER THAT CREATOR CREATED YOU AND THE EARTH UPON WHICH YOU LIVE AND ALL WITHIN THE EARTH, AND THE HEAVENS AND UNIVERSES WITHOUT END.  AND YOU THINK TO BUY A PLACE WITHIN THE HIGHER REALMS OF THE CREATOR?  Do you not see the utter ridiculous nature of your reasoning?  You must admit it to be something of a comedy.  Is it not?  Well, I can assure you that the Adversary is laughing non-stop about the Earth man and how easily he is DUPED.  My brethren, YOU HAVE BEEN DUPED! Do any of you think the Adversary would have allowed the TRUE MESSAGES OF THE ONE YOU CALL JESUS, THE CHRISTED ONE, TO COME UNTO YOU UNDEFILED?  NO, INDEED. THESE MESSAGES HAVE BEEN WRITTEN AND REWRITTEN, ADDED TO AND DELETED FROM, AND LITTLE HAVE YOU ACCEPTED OR EVEN KNOW THE SAME.  You swear upon the book you call as the Bible to be HOLY.  You swear upon the same to contain ALL THE TRUTHS AND THE LAWS OF HOLY CREATOR.  Well, it contains not one statement regarding the nature of REINCARNATION.  And when most of you hear of the word, you think it to be some figment of the New Age mysticism or someone’s psychotic imaginings.  Well, be apprised that REINCARNATION IS LAW.  REINCARNATION IS A MANNER IN WHICH YOU EACH EVOLVE SPIRITUALLY. Do you each not realize that there are THOSE AMONG YOU WHO ARE AT DIFFERING LEVELS OF SPIRITUALITY?  YOU ARE AT DIFFERENT LEVELS OF SPIRITUAL GROWTH.  I ask you thus, “To what do you attribute the same?”  Do each of you profess to be a MOTHER TERESA?  Have you not given the same any degree of RATIONAL THOUGHT? I shall tell you that the Kingdom of HOLY CREATOR operates according to SYSTEMATIC, UNCHANGING LAWS.  It is not based upon some idea of fantasy or wishful thinking.  You are assured just WHAT YOU EARN ACCORDING TO YOUR OBEDIENCE TO THE LAWS. Within your earth realm, many of you repeatedly show up for your work, late, day after day.  You take things from your work site which do not belong to you.  Your job performance is perhaps one half that of your fellow employees.  You sit and strike for higher wages, and many of you do little to earn that which you receive.  You get away with this sort of behavior in your realm, and many of you even get promoted to jobs of higher pay.Not so in the SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION of each of you.  YOU WHO CHOOSE TO BE SLOTHFUL DO NOT GET PROMOTED WITHIN THE KINGDOM OF GOD.  YOU WILL BUCKLE UNDER AND DO THE WORK REQUIRED FOR YOUR OWN SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION OR YOU WILL NOT EVOLVE. NO ONE IS ABOUT “SAVING” YOU FROM your just rewards.  YOU WILL PROGRESS AS YOU “put your shoulder to the wheel.”  Would that you could be “saved” from yourself by some magic!  Little Children, let us set the story straight.  BY YOUR WORKS YOU ARE KNOWN.  You know the yardstick and it is you who does the comparing.  It is you who must go back and be unto the cleaning of your very own vessel.  It will not be done by some magic or mystical process on this side. When I said that you are LACKING IN UNDERSTANDING, this WAS AN UNDERSTATEMENT, GRAND NUMBERS OF YOU ARE LIVING LIES. Because you are LIVING LIES, you have built your foundation UPON LIES.  These LIES will not hold when your building is put to a test by the storms of life.  YOU WILL CRACK UNDER THE STRESS AND STRAIN.  If the lot of you truly understood that by your works, your spiritual evolution is governed, many, many of you would be UNTO THE DOING AND NOT UNTO THE TALKING. IN NO WISE CAN I STRESS ENOUGH THAT YOU DETERMINE YOUR OWN PROGRESS.  THERE IS NO MAGIC.  Do you not know that magic is of the Devil, himself?  Do you not remember the alchemists who were about the making of GOLD THAT THEY MIGHT HAVE POWER IN THE EARTH SPHERE?  The seeking of the material in order to have power over others falls under the dominion of Satan, himself.  Magical thinking is of Satan, and is not given unto you from this side.  At no time have I said, “You will be ‘SAVED’, if you but profess a belief upon my name.” When each of you realizes that you are but travelers therein for the purposes of SERVING HOLY CREATOR AND ONE ANOTHER, you will be open to the road signs along the road, which will guide you into higher realms.  These road signs are the LAWS OF HOLY CREATOR.  The grandest lesson which each of you must learn is ABSOLUTE LOVE FOR CREATOR, SELF AND BRETHREN. YOU KNOW ME AS JESUS, JEHOVAH, THE CHRIST.  I am in your very midst.  You need but realize that EYES human DO NOT SEE ME, but HEARTS filled with love KNOW ME.  Blessing unto each of you, precious Little Ones.  Know that with UNDERSTANDING comes REASON.  With REASON comes CONTINUITY OF PURPOSE. And so it is.

* * *

Blessings unto you this day, Rosah.  It is I, as you know Me….Jesus, The Christed One.  The JOY and PEACE you feel within and without you this day is the Presence of Holy Creator.  You, alone, Rosah, awaken yourself to this Presence, and so it is with each of you.  This Presence is for each of you, if only for the asking. My Child, do you not recall the story of “THE CHICKENS AND THE EAGLE”?  I am most certain that you know it well.  Let us recall of the same that others might share of the TRUTHS therein.  As you recall, there were chickens in an enclosed yard.  Each day, the chickens spent the entirety of the day pecking in the soil, looking for bits of food.  Their heads were bent, searching constantly for food particles in the earth beneath them.  For it was in this manner that they were fed.  Little did they know of the world around them.  Well, as you recall, there was one among them which was discontent with the constant pecking, the routine of constantly walking within the same compound and seeking out the bits of food as a daily routine.  This one grew restless as the days passed, and began to pace the length of the chicken yard, feeling that there must be more.  As he paced the yard, he was given to question the nature of the wings upon his back.  One day he felt led to stretch them outward, and upon running with the same extended, he was able to lift himself off the ground. Well, the same exercises continued on a daily basis until he realized that HE WAS ABLE TO FLY.  But the other chickens never noticed the same, as they continued with their heads bent to the ground, continuing with their unaltered routine.  After some time of practicing, this chicken was given to fly up to the top of the fence, and then with time, beyond.  Nevertheless, in the evening, he would return to roost with the others, as a part of him felt a sense of belonging.  It was not long, however, that he spent nights away from the coop and even days.  He soared where none below could even imagine.  As he soared, he learned that he had little in common with those below, and finally was led to return no more. For he finally learned that he was no chicken at all, but a MAJESTIC EAGLE.  And to this day, he is given to soar the highest realms.  His vision is clear.  He can see with clarity for great distances. EACH OF YOU MUST COME TO REALIZE THAT YOU ARE CREATED AS EAGLES, NOT CHICKENS.  I tell you of this story, for it impacted greatly upon Rosah’s thinking many years past.  Let it be known that each of you are created as EAGLES and you are given the heritage as EAGLES and you are given the heritage to SOAR THE HIGHER REALMS.  Yet, the same will never happen as long as you SPEND YOUR TIME PECKING at the MATERIAL, refusing to open up to the Presence of the HIGHER REALMS. ONLY YOU CAN FREE YOURSELF FROM THE CHICKEN YARD. Now, Rosah, as we were talking of UNDERSTANDING, let us continue with the DISCUSSION.  LET HIM WHO LACKS UNDERSTANDING BE UNTO THE ASKING FOR UNDERSTANDING; AND, UNTO HIM WHO ASKS WITH A STRONG DESIRE AND A SINCERE HEART, SHALL BE GIVEN UNDERSTANDING.  HOWEVER, HE SHALL NOT RECEIVE UNDERSTANDING, WHO ASKS WITH A “SINCERE” HEART, INSISTING THAT THE UNDERSTANDING ALIGN TO HIS CURRENT BELIEF SYSTEM.  Brethren, the greatest number of you have POISONED BELIEF SYSTEMS. You have drunk from the poisoned waters of the Adversary, and you insist you are not ill.  You are both poisoned and blinded by your own choices.  YOU CAN CONTINUE WITH YOUR CURRENT CHOICES OR CHOOSE TO ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE FILLED WITH TRUTHS. Let it be known that the grandest number of you are as the chickens.  Very, very few of you recognize that you are EAGLES, as you continue to feed yourselves with the POISON thrown in for you to consume.  Precious Children, YOU LACK UNDERSTANDING.  YOU have much knowledge.  MANY, MANY TRUTHS ARE FLOWING UNTO YOU IN THESE LATTER DAYS, BUT YOU CANNOT DISCERN TRUTH FROM NON-TRUTH, AS YOU ARE FILLED WITH LIES AND ARE DESPERATELY HANGING ON TO THE SAME.  Most of you WILL HANG ON TO LIES AND HALF-TRUTHS WITH A VENGEANCE, AS IT IS EASIER TO HOLD ON TO THE SAME THAN IT IS TO ADMIT THAT THE MASSES ARE WRONG.  FEW THERE ARE, INDEED, WHO GO AS THE EAGLE, ALONE, WITH THE KNOWING THAT THE TRUTH STANDS…ALONE. I SHALL TELL YOU AS OF NOW, AND KNOW IN ADVANCE, THAT FEW THERE WILL BE WHO ASCEND AT THE TIME OF ASCENSION, FOR FEW THERE ARE AMONG YOU, WHO ARE EAGLES.  THE EAGLES KNOW IN THEIR HEARTS THEY ARE EAGLES, AND STAND ON TRUTH, ALONE, AS THE ROCK, SOLID AND STILL, FOR THE TAKING OF THE POUNDING OF THE SURF. WE ARE NOT HERE TO CONFUSE YOU.  WE ARE HERE THAT YOU MIGHT BE GIVEN THE TRUTHS THAT YOU MIGHT APPLY THE SAME TO YOUR LIFE COURSE, THAT YOU MIGHT BE FIGHTING DESPERATELY IN THE CHANGING, THEREOF.  YOURS IS IN THE GRASPING OF THE TRUTHS AND THE APPLICATION, THEREOF.  NO ONE WILL BE DOING OF IT FOR YOU. I AM JESUS, THE CHRISTED ONE.  I AM IN YOUR MIDST AND I AM SENDING FORTH THESE TRUTHS THAT YOU MIGHT BE GIVEN TO READ AND APPLY THEM.  I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS. YOURS IS THE DECISION WHETHER TO WALK WITH ME OR TO WALK WITH THE CROWDS. THE CROWDS FOLLOW THE ADVERSARY.  THE COURAGEOUS FOLLOW THE TRUTH. I SAY UNTO YOU IF YOU ARE LACKING IN UNDERSTANDING, BE OPEN UNTO THE RECEIVING OF TRUTHS.  BE WILLING TO SET ASIDE ALL BELIEFS IN ME AND MY WORK IN YOUR SPHERE. FOR, YOU HAVE BEEN MISINFORMED AS TO THE NATURE OF MY WORK THEREIN.  IF YOU WILL NOT BE OPEN UNTO THESE TRUTHS, YOU HAVE MADE THE DECISION TO CONTINUE AS CHICKENS.  AND THE SAME IS OF YOUR VERY OWN CHOOSING. BLESSINGS UNTO YOU IN THE SEEKING, FOR UNDERSTANDING IS AN INNER PROCESS THAT ONLY YOU CAN ALLOW TO HAPPEN.  I AM JESUS. BLESSINGS, ROSAH, WE KNOW WE ARE UP AGAINST ROCKS AS MOUNTAIN CHAINS, AND WE ARE PECKING AWAY AT HUGE, DARK MOUNTAINOUS BELIEF SYSTEMS WITH BUT A STONEWORKER’S HAND TOOL.  YET, LITTLE ONE, BE NOT IN DESPAIR…THE MIGHTY CANYON WAS CARVED OF A TINY STREAM.  FOR IF I STAND BESIDE YOU, LITTLE ONE, WHAT DOES IT MATTER IF THE WORLD PREVAIL AGAINST YOU?

Source: THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, December 1, 1992, Volume 21, Number 7.


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