SANANDA (“JESUS” FROM THE BIBLE) SAYS: “Many of you still erroneously expect me to come and somehow “save” you from physical catastrophe. Why would I come and interfere with your chosen lessons?”

SANANDA (“JESUS” FROM THE BIBLE) SAYS: “Many of you still erroneously expect me to come and somehow “save” you from physical catastrophe. Why would I come and interfere with your chosen lessons?”


Good evening my friend. It is I, Esu “Jesus” Sananda.  (Sananda is a designation of accomplishment which means “one with Creator God”).  Be at peace and allow my energy to center within and settle.

Thank you for your remembrance of me this day, the anniversary of my birthing into the physical some 2000+ years ago.  I came then as I come now–as a Teacher of Higher Spiritual Truth.  I am no greater than any of you! We are all magnificent creations of Creator God–The One Light Source of all that IS.

I have walked the physical path many times prior, on many worlds.  I have accepted my Higher Purpose (the reason Creator created me) and it fills my entire being in finding their true spiritual heritage.

I took on the challenge and the accompanying responsibility of assisting your planet MANY thousands of years prior to my incarnation as Esu “Jesus” Immanuel.  That last incarnation was to show you each the true nature and potential that lies (dormant for most) within you.

Many of you still erroneously expect me to come and somehow “save” you from physical catastrophe.  Why would I come and interfere with your chosen lessons?

There is no such experience as death of a being (soul).  The physical body may have temporal limitations, but the soul essence of your magnificent being is beyond such limitations.  There is truly nothing from which to save you except, perhaps, your own ignorance of Spiritual Truth.

(For those of you who are questioning the dangers of “scalar” – beam technologies, remember that within the Mind of Creator Source all is possible, even the reintegration of ones whose soul essence may be damaged of scattered to the ends of the universe from experiencing such a blast.)

Your planetary species was on a collision course toward destroying yet another planetary body.  The first was the planet whose remnants are what make up a great deal of the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, and the second was Mars herself.  I could not bear another such destruction of beauty, and thus I accepted the challenge to enter the “karmic condition” of your species–at the risk of being caught-up in the compressive (and somewhat suppressive nature of your world.

Many have long forgotten the previous civilizations established upon your globe.  There were four prior and you are experiencing the fifth.

I have been working with you ones throughout all of your major growth challenges.  I have been less than completely successful on each of the four occasions prior to this one.  I have grown in many ways as a result of my persistence, and I am grateful for the opportunity to once again assist you ones and your beautiful planet–a great living being I recognize as Shan.

Many of you who are reading this have joined with me in my efforts to awaken the masses of your world to the true nature of their spiritual heritage. Some of you were with me throughout each of the prior four attempts; for others this is your first effort to help your brothers and sisters to awaken.

This is no easy challenge, nor is it one for the weak of heart.  For every five who have agreed to participate in a physical role, four have yet to awaken or are “copping out” or have become distracted into the ways of the material consciousness.  This is a typical statistical average that has been anticipated and is expected. The mission is thus over-engineered with this probability in mind.

Many of you who are “hearing the call” are restless due to the physical pressures of time and the compressive nature of your physical environment.  I know well these challenges, for I too have had to overcome such limitations in each of the prior attempts.  My last incarnation laid the foundation for those of you there now, so you would recognize that you too have the potential ability to manifest skills as I did then as Esu Immanuel (later erroneously called “Jesus”).

Will you accept such responsibility?

It is left to be seen.  Many of you reading this have been heavily influenced in ways that you are not consciously aware of at present.  This is to say that the adversarial forces (any ones wishing to control others instead of allowing each their freedom) have been programming your present society for WELL OVER 2,000 years to believe in the lie that you are helpless and powerless.  This long-term effort is designed to keep each generation in a very suppressed, low-frequency state, dulled to the realization of your true potential.

For most of you, your programming in this lifetime began as infants.  Your parents passed on to you their limiting beliefs, and thus influenced you and made you more susceptible to further reinforcing limitations placed upon you by others.  This is to say that you each “feed” one another’s fears.

These are not trivial challenges to overcome.  Each of you should hold self in examination and monitor closely the “automatic” responses that seem to flow out of your mouths without a conscious thought.  These are the clues, if you but look, to freeing yourselves from the “karmic wheel” of repetition. When enough awaken, and thus get off this “merry-go-round”, the world will begin to see the value in not allowing the current civilization to meet destruction.

Newness comes by being daring and taking a “chance”.  I put chance in quotes because, if you are connecting within, the “chance” will be far from a desperate action taken in fear.  IT WILL BE A BALANCED OPPORTUNITY TO BRING ABOUT CHANGE!

If your intent is aligned with the Godly intent to help you brother, there will be enormous unseen Guidance and Assistance to help you fulfill your largest dreams.  If your intent is to somehow be a “big shot” and tell someone: “I told you so!” or “Look at me!”, then you will likely be stuck on your little “merry-go-round” for yet another cycle.

The short-term “sacrifice” of being ridiculed or called a liar and a fool is a sad reality of your world.  But, what is it that is really being sacrificed?  The ego! Will you ones set aside your ego-concerns long enough to confront the very ones who seem to love to taunt you and make you “sound” the fool?

Some of these hecklers are indeed overshadowed by the adversary and thus are working to keep you from awakening your brothers.  However, most of the hecklers are, in fact, “pumping” you for information that they so desperately seek.  They do not want others to know that what you are saying actually resonates with them–to the point that they are overwhelmed and frightened.  Thus they need to ridicule so as to release the emotional anxiety that would otherwise overwhelm them.  You one truly live in a “backwards” – thinking world.

I say to you: what better environment could you possibly have in which to be challenged in such a manner?!  I know the price and I know the rewards for confronting this very challenge.  Was I not ridiculed, laughed at, spat upon, beaten, and eventually tortured and left for dead?

Those were a very small part of my experience in my last incarnation.  But, do you not also see that some 2000 years later ones are still trying to come to grips with the fact that they allowed such an atrocity?

Many of the ones who did these things have been weeping ever since. It is time to stop the weeping and realize that you helped me to get my needed and desired lessons!  I am grateful for the experience and knowledge gained as a result of facing those challenges.  I hold no grudge against anyone. I forgive all actions taken in spiritual ignorance.  I welcome you all as my brothers and sisters, and I take no offense if you reject these words, or me personally.

I have a mission to see through to completion.  I ask that you each go within and seek Inner Guidance on a daily basis until you find for yourself (first-hand knowledge) that you are always connected and continually being Guided.


The Divine Guidance of Creator God (Father-Mother Source) has made this miracle possible.  Give thanks for yet another opportunity to “get it RIGHT”!!!  I am always ready to assist any and all who wish to participate in the endeavors of awakening our “sleepy” brothers and sisters.  If your intent is in alignment with this goal, I will always respond to the sincere request for help.

I am Esu “Jesus” Sananda.  I am the Golden-White Light which wells up from within and is expressed as pure Love.  I am your brother–NOT your God. Go within and take my “hand” and I will guide you to the “water” that will quench the “thirst” of your soul.

Blessings to you all.  Salu!

Source: ‘CONTACT – The Phoenix Educator’, August 11, 1998, Volume 21, Number 12

THANK YOU, Rocky Montana


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