8~29~11~Your Connection with Humanity by Master Jesus~ | Galactic Free Press

8~29~11~Your Connection with Humanity by Master Jesus~ | Galactic Free Press

AUGUST 29, 2011
by Laura Tyco

I come to you today with immense love which I offer to you not as a gift but as a natural expression of my being. I am Master Jesus.

As a soul, I do not despise or hate anything, my love for everything is so strong and stable, I choose to exist as and in love at all times. My choice then cultivates a reality that enhances my decision of focusing upon the love of the Creator, of my being and within the energies surrounding me. If I chose to despise something it would be the word ‘normal’ as I see many light workers tormenting themselves with this word. I, myself during many of my past lifetimes upon the Earth caused myself suffering with this word. It is a word that was innocently created to describe something that occurs every day, something that is ordinary, standard, regular or even common. As generations have developed on the Earth the word ‘normal’ has become extremely important in society as most people are striving to be normal, they wish to be like everyone else, with similar possessions or experiences. Normal has almost replaced the word perfection but this has all been developed by the mind.

My question to my students when we are discussing this subject is always,’ why do you want to be normal, why do you want to be standard, common and regular?’ 

more http://2012indyinfo.wordpress.com/2011/08/29/82911your-connection-with-humanity-by-master-jesus-galactic-free-pressa/


One thought on “8~29~11~Your Connection with Humanity by Master Jesus~ | Galactic Free Press

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