SANANDA; The Seven Qualities of a Warrior of Light



SANANDA; The Seven Qualities of a Warrior of Light

Esu channeled by Gardenia on Wednesday 4th of August, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Today we will talk about the qualities of the Warrior of Light during combat. It is already known by you that I refer myself to the fights that are triggered in the Astral and Mental bodies and I do not want you to think at any time that this is with the physical body.

Courage, I won’t define it according to the dictionary, courage is a quality that the student in the Path of Light has been developing in his soul-personality. He has learned to distinguish the shadows within himself and in his surroundings, he knows that the biggest danger before any situation is himself and therefore he has learned to dominate the shadows that are ready to manifest themselves in his life. By having courage he has left his fears aside and there is nothing that could make him hesitate before any situation.

Honesty, when you are honest you walk with truth and rectitude. In all actions you proceed with justice and temperance. A Warrior of Light never betrays the principles that he fights for.

Strength, he must be strong before the aggressions of the enemy and never faint, whichever the difficulty might be. Strength to succor the brother in danger without thinking in his own risk. Strength when he might see that the balance is tilting towards the enemy. He must not lose confidence in his forces knowing that these are granted from beyond the field of his actions and to never think of defeat because just with that thought he is already defeated.

Obedience, to obey the orders of the Superior Commandos knowing that he does not walk alone and that any carelessness or negligence in the action field can put his partners at risk. He must always think in the general plan that he is involved in and accept with humility what he has to do.

Respect, he must have respect for the symbols that contain the truth that he fights for. Respect for the ideals alien to his own. Respect for his Superiors and respect for himself.

Confidence in himself. Trusting oneself means to have educated the ego, because the ego can elevate him to feel victorious before time and to abandon the action in the least indicated moment and to perish when he least expect. Trusting oneself is to have full awareness that he does not walk alone and that the inner guide will help him to take the correct decision. Trusting oneself is to be pious and righteous with the defeated one knowing that the one he overcame is also his brother who just walked on wrong paths. Trusting oneself is to know that the right thing is being done, without hesitation of any kind.

Being grateful, to be grateful is to know that the place that he has come to conquer is not due to himself, gratefulness towards the commandos that he works with —The Light. To never forget that the blessings he has received in the battlefield are not product of his own work.

My Warriors of Light, these are the most important qualities that I hope that at this stage of the journey you may have developed. Use the time to refine them. Lovingly with you, my blessing, Commander of Light, Esu.

Gardenia: Thank you, my Beloved Commander of Light, Esu. Here is your Warrior to serve you always.

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