I believe that if earthlings want to graduate from earth school, it’s most helpful to read and absorb Sananda messages. When we meet our extraterrestrial family, they know Sananda as the Supreme Commander of Project Transition Earth. Research: Search the internet

Jesus from the bible was born was half-Archangel and half human, this is why he bore special gifts of truth. and had many gifts that confused the people and the leaders. They were used to having evil rule over them, and that’s why the people ultimately got a big rush when “Jesus” died… apparently since he believed an still does, that he and his Father are One… our Creator Source, he arose from the “dead”, and went to India, and probably all over the world including visiting even North America, where apparently there may be oral history of a “Pale Prophet” who had a beard.

When you’re half Archangel and half human well… let’s just say if you are specially connected with Creator Source for 2000 years and your biological father is Archangel Gabriel and your earth mother is Mary, lots of progress has been made and now he’s back bearing a new name as he said he would return 2000 years ago, and now he has returned with a new name, “Sananda” and many others serve with him including: Hatonn, Ashtar, Soltec and pretty much anyone who is from the Higher Realms who has come to assist humanity to make the “ascension” to higher frequencies, which we can do by consciously ridding ourselves from the many poisons we have taken in… so that we can harmonize with the higher frequencies of the photon belt that our entire solar system is passing through.  They have come to assist us… and guide us to assist us to literally become an entirely new species in the process, as our planet moves from low dark, into high bright gamma radiation of the photon belt…it’s a very strong energy that is literally changing everything at the atomic level… we are at the cusp of a great planetary cleansing….

We know, for example, that magnetic fields have a profound influence on our nervous systems; our immune systems; and ourperception of space, time, dreams, and even reality itself. While the strength of our planet’s magnetic field may bemeasured as a general reading, it varies locally from place to place. Early in the 20th century these ribbonlike patternswere charted and published by scientists as a contour map of the world. The mapsdisplay the strength of the magnetic linesoverlaying the continents, showing the places on earth where the people of the world experience the strongest, and theweakest, effects of the planet’s magnetic fields. To understand why this is important for th 2012 cycle, we need look nofurther than conciousness itself.[IMG][\IMG] fields and conciousness: If we think of Earth’s magnetic field as a form of energetic “glue”, then we can use thismetaphor as a possible explanation for why change seems to come faster in some places and slower in others. Such a”magnetic glue” model suggests that the locations with the stronger magnetic fields (more glue) are more deeply entrenchedin tradition and existing beliefs and ideas. In places where the field is weaker, the opposite is true. In these placespeople seem to be compelled to create change. The key is that although areas oflow magnetism may be ripe for somethingnew, how that change is expressed is up to those living in the fields.Even without such evidence, however, all know intuitively that we are affected by planetary magnetic forces. Any law-enforcement worker or health-care practitioner will attest to the intense and sometimes bizarre behavior that is seenduring the full moon each month. When the magnetic strength changes suddenly, itaffects the way we feel, and that changecan be disorienting if we don’t understand why it hapens.To those who do understand, however, such moments can be a powerful gift: an opportunity to release the patterns of beliefthat have caused pain in their lives, hurt in their families, and disease in their bodies and a chance to embrace new andlife-affirming beliefs in their place. Artists and musicians know this and often anticipate the full-moon cycles asperiods of great creativity. – Gregg Braden

Say “hello” to Sananda right now if you like, and if you need him, he can now be in many places at the same time, while you choose to  go through this grand shift… to actually be apart of a species that goes from density to Light… apparently making this shift is a big deal that many throughout the universe have come to witness…surprise!!! YOU’RE ON UNIVERSAL CANDID CAMERA

…. remember the movie, “The Truman Show” with Jim Carrey…  behind the door in the clouds…it’s our extraterrestrial family with Sananda leading the way….

Many messages believed to be “Sananda” messages are posted at I AM SANANDA.

My intention in writing this is to be of assistance, that as many people could have access to Sananda messages during these end time of the dark ages, so that those who desire the Golden Age, can make the leap… enjoy your many personal awakenings and evolutions  in their many forms.

Indian in the machine


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