We haven’t evolved from apes… we have an extraterrestrial family of light, who love us and, they even created us… since we also have some of their DNA, that would give us extraterrestrial genetic ancestry. This is why a person who would fear our extraterrestrial family of light, also fears themselves. As a person evolves to love and not deny our extraterrestrial family and share with the Heavenly Hosts and their God-given missions… this is an act of self-love and a love of All. If you can see the spaceships in the sky from our family of Light, you can feel the love of our true ancestors and many other cosmic visitors, who have come to witness us move as a species, from carbon-based density of 3 dimensions, to silica-based crystal 5 dimensions (or more)… as we clean up our energy fields, we clean up the planet. When we detox our bodies… we detox our lives, so that mother earth can be healed with us on the surface, where we can enjoy the view, until the earth changes become to extreme for us to comfortably live on the surface, at this point, we will leave our bodies through death, or we will be beamed up to the spaceships, and some will desire to stay on the surface. Our earth is a meticulously planned school room, that humans are not allowed to destroy, this is where Divine Intervention comes into the picture, as earth has generally been a free will zone. Humans have existed on the surface of mother earth for millions of years on our planet (between 3D and 5D) constantly creating and destroying civilizations. We are learning to live without destroying our planet, like a virus would. Humans are the virus that is learning to become the symbiotic co-creator. Our planet earth is a soul farm…. we are in the time of the harvest of souls. If you have mastered earthlife, and are a soul that is willing to be harmonious with creation, you can graduate to 5D and the Golden Age where you are free to travel the universe to visit countless lifeforms throughout the universe. Trillions of trillions of souls have come to witness what is transpiring on earth right now.. they are watching us ascend to higher frequencies of 5D. Earth’s soul farmer’s drive spaceships and not tractors… Sananda is the head farmer…. the Supreme Commander of Planet Earth Transition and The Harvest of Souls… every soul that is potentially harvested benefits from Sananda’s love and guidance. At this time the harvest is small, however a big earth changing event, could awaken most if not all souls, thus creating the potential for a larger harvest. To be with the harvest, a person must be willing to both harmonize and, realize the will of God and self, are One.  Your brother, Dieter (Indian in the machine)


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