Ignorance Explained…. “I will do it and I will do it my way”

It is in man’s very nature to resist change.  Man puts up a wall between himself and understanding.  “I will do it and I will do it my way”, is the chorus that rings in the Heavens from Earth plane.  Well, man has attempted to do it his way, filled with violence, destruction, and ego, and it has only brought forth a planet which is now out of balance.  Perhaps it is time to listen to God’s way as planned for man.  The guidelines for behavior have been given forth and they have been given forth that man not only live in complete balance but that man may find fulfillment.  Does your life know fulfillment now?  When you of Earth plane ponder it, what brings you fulfillment?  A full stomach?  Sexual pleasure, perhaps?  Chelas, these are not fulfillment, they are mere physical sensations.  True fulfillment comes from the soul.  The soul knows fulfillment when soul purpose is on the right path.  Is your soul on the right path to find and know fulfillment?

more http://www.fourwinds10.net/siterun_data/spiritual/specific_channelings/sananda/news.php?q=1357839403



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