International Space Station Weaponized And Now In Action?

If you desire for our friendy ET family to assist us in these matters, please state so out loud right now… key word ‘assist’…  those who’s egos say, ‘prove it to me’ of course will continue to see nothing…  the universe we are apart of, is not governed by egos…. on earth it is the norm….earth in that sense is an experiment, that is now coming to a close… may our collective and individual projections and outlooks continually become more Divine. Do not believe that the ‘bad guys’ win…. no… mother earth wins…. we either align with her restoration and our own in the process BY CONNECTING WITH OUR DIVINE HIGHER SELVES WITH LOVE, PEACE AND HARMONY, or seek to join in the sabatoge… BY CONNECTION WITH EGO, IGNORANCE, SEPARATION AND FEAR… please spend as much time following, and “being” the Lightside, as you do following what the ‘bad guys’ are doing…. if all you do is focus on what the ‘bad guys’ are doing, you are part of the problem… along the way you will probably be reducing the amount of blood, pus and starch you are eating, as well eliminating processed illuminati dead food created by corporations….and will find your true power in light-based food sources, such as fruit and vegetables….living food and crystal water, and in raising your own light frequencies more and more towards heart-based living …. sound good? IITM


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