Sananda’s Predictions for 2014 (for the Sedona Journal)

Sananda’s Predictions for 2014 (for the Sedona Journal)


It is a great pleasure to bring this message to such an enlightened audience. We are cooperating to create this special information to the readers of the Sedona Journal, but of course it will be relevant to all those who wish to raise their vibration at this time.

It is a moment in history that will be remembered eternally, these days of balancing on the cusp of monumental change. Many who have been preparing for years are finding it difficult to understand why it is taking so long for all of you to be directed to the runway for lift-off. I assure you, Beloved Ones, it is all meaningful, all evolving in good time.

Many of you complain that times are hard, that there are so many in dire straits, losing their homes, dealing with illness, finding it hard to keep going. You have also been told that Ascension will bring perfect healing, unlimited Prosperity and the ability to manifest whatever you need. Feel your way through the old thinking to the truth behind what is happening now on the planet. For every person in need, there is an opportunity to be of service for those around them; for everyone who is ill, there is an opportunity for friends, family members and those in loving service to come forward. Never has the environment been more conducive to raising your vibrational levels through acts of kindness and unconditional love.

New ways of offering help, and new community organizations to care for the elderly, the sick and the poor are springing up everywhere. No more is it necessary to establish a non-profit and do fundraising to get the attention of those around you. As the wealth has shifted to the top few percent of the population, more and more of you are in the same boat together, struggling to hang on to your homes, wondering how you will pay your bills. This is no longer the province of the few poorest among you; there are few who have not learned to budget carefully and weigh your priorities where money is concerned. You now share the sense of living on the edge that used to be felt only by the few.

It is a humbling experience for those who have been used to living well to suddenly find themselves without the means to take care of themselves. Family members have moved in together, children return to their parents’ homes and all begin to work anew on the relationships that may have been problematic in the past. Many find common ground, greater tolerance, and new ways to offer kindness and support, where animosity once marred the peace. It is a time of reconciliation, of forgiveness. Most of all, you are learning to feel deep empathy for each other.

Across the globe, there is a new awakening, which is gaining momentum by the day. You are all familiar with the concept of the tipping point. Well, Dear Ones, you have reached the glorious tipping point which is going to carry you into the new year in triumph and joy. You are raising your vibrations daily, as Mother Earth is joyfully raising hers. Together you will all enter the New Golden Age in a new state of mind – having raised your level of humility, kindness and empathy. It is truly a new day coming for humankind.

Do not fear the news reports of mayhem and disaster. Although there will be some upheaval as Mother Earth stretches and expands, there will not be enormous loss of life, even though there will be challenges. As hearts grow more loving, communities will pull together to protect and shelter one another, and life will go on. There will be a time in future years when all will be removed from the planet to allow Mother Earth to completely cleans and renew herself, but in the meantime, you will have a period of growth, celebration and joyful communion.

The end of wars, the arrival of your Star Brothers and Sisters, and the introduction of new forms of governance will all come to pass in 2014. You are being prepared now for the new age of reconciliation, cooperation and an end to economic suffering. The light of Love, Harmony and Friendship is growing, as countries everywhere are ignited in the joint sense of self-respect and dignity that will not permit tyranny in any form to continue.

It has been a long evolution, with many twists and turns in the path, but humankind is maturing, and the time of testing and challenge is coming full circle. Many of you know that I, Sananda, was one of the original Kumaras who came here from Venus to help rescue Planet Earth from the grip of the Dark Ones, because of our faith and great love for humankind. That love has grown over the eons, even though the conditions became extremely hard in recent generations. We now see you, determined, resolute and courageous, having completed your arduous task of remaining in Faith and in Love in spite of the arduous task of fending off Darkness at every turn.

You have succeeded, Beloved Ones. You have made it possible for us, your loving friends, to return to walk among you, to join you in celebrating the New Beginning which will come gloriously and unmistakably into fruition in 2014. We are on the ships awaiting our reunion. Our beloved Twin Flames are among you, working to bring our message and spread the Light. Many are the powerful women who will come to the fore as the leaders of the new era, the great time of the ascendence of Feminine strength and leadership. I will rejoin my beloved Lady Nada, and I will be with you again, this time in peace, harmony and celebration.

I am your Sananda, the one you knew as Yeshua ben Joseph.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, October 14, 2013.


17 thoughts on “Sananda’s Predictions for 2014 (for the Sedona Journal)

    1. Why…Because like he said….He is the SON…..only the Father knows…and if the Spirit in YOU was ACTIVATED….you would know as much as He.

  1. I appreciate the glorious forecast truly… but each time I hear something uplifting and encouraging such as this.. I think ..I am so willing to dive in and help do my part… I have a great deal of life experience and skills with pure food that could be utilized but my aging body I fear will not match my enthusiastic soul… I hope there is some renewal in store for we who need it prior to the start of this journey.

  2. Sananda is the FALSE messiah – the fake Jesus Christ!
    So much of your stuff makes total sense then you believe that sananda is real – oh dear! This world is crazy!

      1. No, I believe in the Holy Bible and Jesus Christ is the son of God. Sananda is one of the ‘ascended masters’ of the New Age – he joins the likes of ashtar, sanat kumara, st germaine, maitreya etc. etc. who are in fact just fallen angels or demons who pretend to be a good source for us mere ‘earthlings’ but in fact are simply demons who hate all of us! I do believe you get messages from sananda as a Shaman as you do call up spirits – let me tell you also that I have always respected all American Indian people – but I grew up with sananda portrayed as Jesus on my walls at home and church and always thought he looked a bit strange and now that I know about the new age movement and so many false christs and ‘prophets’ etc it is a sad fact that sananda is one of these. As the Bible says ‘There will be many in the last days coming in My name, do not pay heed to them’ or something along those lines. There are many wolves in sheeps clothing – I don’t believe you personally are one of those but have unfortunately had contact with all these entitities who can transmit anything you want to hear. Please wise man, pray Jesus Christ the son of our Creator the one true God and leave sananda with his other fallen angels. God bless you.

      2. Just a follow on to my reply I just made. I’ve just realised – you are in the new age movement, you wouldn’t be connected in any way to sananda, or lady master nada, lady master venus etc. if you weren’t – spirit entities who are just fallen angels and have a very short time to spread their lies. And to reply to your questions – NO, I am NOT false for saying sananda is fake – he is fake and whether you believe it or not I have to tell you if nobody else does!

  3. Why is Jesus taking a selfie, with an Iphone, in the bathroom???? What kind of cult is this???? If the above message was… “Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, October 14, 2013″… Does this mean that Kathryn is Jesus’ secretary??? LOL!!! This website is a joke!!! No really!!! When did this cult begin, by whom and what or who are their sources to back up this crap?

  4. No one should believe everything 100%. I agree and disagree with Izzie. I am great friends with a channeler as well. In truth you really dont know who your channeling, BUTTT IFFF Sanada is an impostor and all these other beings, what good do they get by spreading truth and light? I mean I’ve sensed nothing evil from it yet. Nothing that my soul doesnt push away? The only bad thing would be impersonating “Jesus”? In the end, there is nothing but lies everywhere in this world. I mean why would the “Illuminati” support the church and vatican immensely if it is their divine enemy? All we can do is have compassion and in the end whether our beliefs are real or wrong, God will accept us by the goodness of our hearts. Compassion IS GOD!

    Desiree, possibly means the spirit shes channeling. not HER exactly.

  5. come on guys, get it together. i’m a full on stoner, what’s your excuse. Everything i have read on this site over the years sounds far out, wonderful. I trust in Jesus 100%, but not sananda. When Jesus returns and he will very soon. When that time comes we will all know, each and every one of us. he dont need to get to us through the internet. It states in the bible that at the end of days there will be many false prophets, but only one true, and no one will be able to deny him, for you will know him in his glory.

  6. The deceit is in saying all the true things, adding in some charm and how much he loves us dear ones, and then baiting the hook with “all ufos lead to Jesus.” The first wave of ascension, which he also calls a “harvest” and wishes for as many as possible, will be on a ufo. He also claims that once you’ve been taken away to be ascended, you’ll have a choice to return to persuade others.
    REALLY?! Awaken now before it’s too late. This is how the very elect can be deceived. Sounds so good that once you’re hooked you don’t notice all the contradictions, the cult slant, the total bs.

    Doesn’t read like anything that sounds like it’s coming from Jesus to me. I’ve been reading this stuff for a while and in all respect to other readers, please don’t take the bait without first doing some research on various points and topics that are mentioned. Know what you’re getting into. Question everything. There really are many who come in the name of the real Jesus and we are to pay them no heed. Do you really think Jesus needs to channel about all this 5d nonsense? And fly around in a spaceship? And post on the Internet? Awaken! And don’t lose your wits! Or your soul…..

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