Sananda – You Are In the Midst of a Culmination of Such Immense Individual Unfoldment – Channeled by Fran Zepeda – Received December 7, 2013


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Sananda – You Are In the Midst of a Culmination of Such Immense Individual Unfoldment – Channeled by Fran Zepeda – Received December 7, 2013


Greetings all you beautiful, assorted ministers of Love. I greet you today with much anticipation and acknowledgement of the beautiful metamorphosis you are instrumental in creating for yourselves, your communities, all of humanity and beautiful Gaia. For you are so instrumental in fostering this Love Awakening for all to benefit from.

It is indeed my honor to greet you today and always with so much love in my heart for you all, with so much gratitude and appreciation for you all. You may not yet fully realize it, but you are in the midst of awakening so many aspects of yourself not yet touched on, not yet fully utilized, and not yet fully appreciated.

And in that awakening comes responsibility to integrate all those aspects of yourself, and this you are doing presently for the full realization of your true selves and for the benefit of all those still coming online. However, it is becoming epidemic now. You have touched so many and now you are sparking within them all the deep knowing of their true nature.

This you know and have heard before, but the magnitude of this process is only growing and deepening to such a large extent, to such a larger extent than you were capable of only a year ago. As you accept those deep loving ancient parts of yourselves that have always been there, you acknowledge their presence in every aspect of your lives and so you become that presence for all to see, radiating out as a prime example of your capabilities and essence that is not always easy for you to see.

However, as you allow more light to enter from these ever-present energetic offerings that are pounding you with so much love and intensity, you become conditioned to accept even more. It is much like the grounding down of substances and rocks by the pounding waves of the deep, deep ocean, relentless but sure and steady, eventually producing out of those rough-edged substances and rocks beautiful shining shimmering glistening sand and gems emitting such warmth and light unequalled in your experience, appearing like stars in the beautiful immense sky.

You are entering a period where you may not always recognize yourselves. You are going through such metamorphosis that it is not always clear what will emerge. Looking inward and within, however, you can glimpse the form and essence of who you really are, as If you have merely turned over or cut through a stone to reveal the beautiful matrix of colors and patterns of unique delineation special each among yourselves.

And for the purpose of clarification, you must only look more closely to see what is really there. That should be your everyday task now, delving into the recesses of your heart and soul to ferret out the uniqueness of you, to tap into the Love reservoir that is your true makeup, and to accept the true nature of your Being.

You don’t need to make it harder than it is. With all the energetic downloads of late, there has been immense clearing and wearing away of all the extractions and outer shells of your true being and in the same manner of the elements wearing away the outer layers of rocks and natural substances of earth, inside is revealed many surprises. That is where you are now.

And so now you are invited to explore those surprises, in quiet contemplation and wonderment. Don’t deny they are there any longer. Relish and enjoy them. That is the true you, minus all the trappings that kept you in check for eons. You are emerging, dear ones, waking up to your magnificence, and in doing so you will be catalyzing other such emergences from others, in an ever-increasing cadence and speed unequalled ever. It is like the proverbial snowball effect, but think of it instead as a ball of light within that is taking over your physical presence and from which all will be catalyzed and created. Feel this, dear ones. You don’t need to think it to know it. You just have to Be it.

Do you feel an inkling of what I am trying to portray to you? You don’t need to look elsewhere anymore. It is all there. Let it unfold. The beautiful pearl that is you is being polished by the unending stream of energetic bombardments that cannot help but lift you higher and higher into lighter energies all the while conditioning you to stay grounded and centered for the sake of your equilibrium and others’.

So everywhere, within you and within so many, are being lit the lanterns of your and their God-Sparks, blinding bursts of light and unconditional love. It is becoming the life-blood of what will sustain you and what will sustain New Earth. It is beyond comprehension how much you are becoming illuminated and refined into your true core being. Looking outside yourself for your essence is a thing of the past and no longer takes precedence. However shaky and vulnerable you may feel now, just allow your deep underbelly of Divine Essence to show. Allow it to be so, dear ones. Allow it to be so.

And so we know you are ready for more intense energetic offerings because you have accepted and allowed so much in increments so far, that you can take more and more as time goes on, and soon you will find it just energizes and fortifies you rather than the feeling that it is wearing you down. For that is just an illusion. Excavating for the true you is really what is going on and it has no bounds and it needn’t be viewed as harsh or violent. Welcome it and love it, dear ones, just as you are encouraged to love every obstacle in your path, every part of you that you unearth, every aspect of your Being.

Perspective is the key here. Love each change, love each happening, love each seeming obstacle, as a part of your awakening, as a part of your unearthing of your true divine selves – not as if anything is wrong, but that everything that occurs from here on out has a deep divine purpose and method to your overall wholeness.

And accepting and welcoming the unknown is key here – not attaching any preconceived meaning to anything, but allowing it to just BE what it is in each moment. You are learning to let go in ways you have never allowed yourself before. It is a whole new ball game, dear ones. No set rules, but a complete re-making of reality. Welcome any new idea, any new sensation, any new notion, and consider it, using the lens of love to ponder its usefulness.

The sky is indeed the limit here, dear ones, and even beyond that. Open fully to the truth within you, with unlimited acceptance, and you shall be rewarded with an inner and thus outer world of such magnificent possibilities. You are in the midst of a culmination of such immense individual unfoldment, that by looking at it all as a whole, it resembles a huge mushroom cloud of Deep and Abiding Love encompassing all of humanity.

I bid you farewell for now with a final plea for you to open yourselves up wholly to whatever comes from you deep inside and to welcome the pounding waves of Love and Light with gratitude and complete attention and observance.

I AM Sananda, here for all in deep support.

©2013 Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is posted in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included.



4 thoughts on “Sananda – You Are In the Midst of a Culmination of Such Immense Individual Unfoldment – Channeled by Fran Zepeda – Received December 7, 2013

  1. Ison first announced himself as GBR 990 123 (cal/tech/calif)
    January 23, 1999 exactly 49 years after Proclamation of Jerusalem as the Capital restored, Israel….astronomers discovered a big flash…brighter than all of the rest of the Universe put together. They recorded the biggest explosion ever to occur in the heavens in what is known as a Gamma Ray Burst.
    It released 10,000 times more energy than the sun..could emit over 5 billion year period. The Gamma Ray occurred in the constellation of BOOTES. The Greeks called him BO-O-TES which is from the Hebrew root BO (to come) meaning “THE COMING”

  2. Message of Light
    This is a message of Light from the Light that is much larger than I
    I am a small POINT of LIGHT, a “sparkle” to speak…compared to the Light.
    My earth Children refer to me as the “MOTHER of MOTHERS”
    (a little humor,) MOMMMMMMMMmm …Vibration …you see

    This one here, does not like to take a name; it is too limiting at this time. She is here to help clean up MASS KARMIC DEBT of ALL People’s….known as the END TIMES….and she has so looked forward to this for some time.
    This one was High Priestess in the days of King Solomon, in the House of David ( 1 of 48) and is marked with the STAR. She was a healer in the time of Atlantis: working with the Ark and the Covenant, earning her rights, as she did also in the days of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
    She always spoke her truth.
    Having said that, this one strives for “PERFECTION”…especially in her understanding and clarity of GOD, THE ONE GOD, ALL THAT IS.
    Now well polished, and bright…we showed her the great company she keeps…..

    November 13, 2013 evening meditation
    The instant I closed my eyes…a screen appeared..much like that of a computer screen. It slowly went from grey to a beautiful blue and as I focused, I could see what seemed to be stars twinkling in the background. I focused harder and the stars became brighter and brighter. Images started to float by. I gave my full attention…Pythagoras, Plato, Socrates…and the last EINSTEIN…..His eyes lit up with joy as he gazed down at me with pride… he was saying “Way to go girl!”

    September 5, 2013 Morning Sun
    My husband parked the vehicle facing Northeast. It was almost the exact spot he parked in..the week before and week before, I started to hear music in the atmosphere. The first song was “Rivers of Babylon” by Boney M.. the second song was “Isrealites” by Desmond Decker…the third song .”.Oh, When the Saints Go Marching In” I was so curious, I entered the first song….and read,,then the second and finally the third.
    As I sat there in the sunlight, I popped the download into the player….I looked up to the sky, raised my arm to the sunshine on my face…thought of God’s Greatness and how wonderful everything was. Energy started coming into my body. It felt so good, warm and so alive and friendly. I felt something hit me in the middle of the forehead like a bumble bee tickling me. I felt myself fill with energy…like I was lifting out of my seat (did not have on seat belt)
    I saw my husband coming back so I just turned up the tunes and burst into song.
    We proceeded home. I kept rubbing that spot like it was a binocular lens that needed cleaning. A star kept appearing in my mind.. First it was a plain star…next time it appeared it had a happy face…the third was sitting at the top of a large palm tree.
    Evening meditation
    Upon closing my eyes…my whole inner vision lit up with bright white light. I put my had over my eyes….they were closed; I could still see the bright light.
    I tried to go to sleep….it wouldn’t leave.
    Finally I said to the Light….”Yes, I understand, I know the Star of David, I know the twelve tribes are being called home. Now please, I need to get my rest…the Light went out. I giggled and fell asleep.

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