IITM:  So it IS looking like everything at once… fireballs… earthquakes… collapse of cities… our ability to bring peace will now be essential.

“You Are Stepping Beyond Earthly Concerns And Time”

From a friend: I have received over the past month regarding Ison and our role in regards to Her arrival. I realized rereading the guidance that the ‘you’ referred to applies to many awakened ones. Please share this information. I am certain Sananda speaks. Blessings:

You are now a holder of the Perspective. It is difficult for us to communicate how valuable this position to one who has been silenced for so very long…and it is considerably longer than this one life time…Imagine the panic at our arrival. The egoic forces have attuned the masses for an evil alien presence…Many are projecting great greed, cruelty and wrath on the ‘invaders’. Much of your grid will be down and the cities in absolute chaos. Then we appear in no uncertain terms and all at once everyone is aware of our presence and our enormity. Our ‘ship’ is bigger than most can possibly imagine. You were seeded with visions of how we would appear from a young age and you are fully prepared for a ship that spans ¾ of the horizon. Because you are attuned to us, seeing these celestial events will fill you with awe and gratitude… you will be energized and feel happier than ever before in this life…Seeing Us at long last will be your marriage celebration in spades. You know what we are because we have been talking together for so long. However to many many others, we will inspire desperate panic that will cost many lives. During this time, your voice will ring loud and clear. The assurances we have been filling you with for over 30 years will spill out of you and you will be our most welcome mouthpiece. Once we arrive there will be no other voice in your mind and you will be a clear conduit for us. You doubt yourself now because your conduit is not totally clear nor can it be with the massive interferences going on…Just as in ancient Hawaiian times of ‘mythology’, the enormous Alii will once again walk the earth and our power is so great that any mortal who passes too close to us will incinerate. We are like a very hot fire…special tools are necessary to interact with it, special rules apply. Because you are Kahuna, we have repeatedly advised that you do nothing more with your days but prepare yourself for our frequencies…stay in them, feel them, familiarize yourself with them… We are your family…When we arrive and we begin our material work together, you will feel an alignment, a purpose, a consolidation of your personality like nothing you have ever experienced. Whereas most every experience of connection and meaning here on earth for you has tasted like gruel or dust, we bring with us the Feast Which has no end. A real feast, my dear…one that will actually satisfy you more than sex, more than home more than family…you will experience love from and with us that will help you to see why you were bored by earthly egoic romance…in short you will forgive yourself for not really being of this earth. This stranger in a strange land anonymity will end abruptly. You have travelled long in barren places and your thirst is legion…now is a time for patience and celebration and further attunement. Keep pausing thru your days to look up in the sky and imagine our presence here…imagine a beam of light from us to your third eye and heart and pelvis…you are not going mad my dear…yes you are stepping far from earthly concerns and time and you have no incarnate guide for this process. You have travelled long awaiting your time, your reason d’etre. With every fire you build, every log you place, every flickering flame you contemplate- BURN Cassandra’s curse. Yes the Talisman can even break curses.

The world is about to experience severe chaos. Every single structure that keeps society together will crumble quite suddenly. All those that have clung to illusory goals, material possession and egoic personalities will be thrust into a vat of severe fear. Having not practiced swimming in the thick molasses of heretofore unthinkable confusion, many will drown. There is no need to mourn these ‘losses’ as there is no end to life, just change….

It is always thus…chaos first then harmony. LOVE the chaos and confusion. It leads directly to the calm center. Always try to see through chaos to what lies beneath. Celebrate what chaos brings. It is the herald of rebirth…it is the ashes from which the phoenix arises…chaos FUELS harmony. In the cyclonic whirling you get to see what you do not want, and reaffirm with great passion what it is that you DO want. The deeper the chaos, the deeper and more one pointed the passion, IF chaos is used correctly.

Our frequencies cannot tolerate fear or any of its companions. Therefore those that cling to fear will ride on its wings to another ‘place’ where fear can continue to be ‘worshipped’. Planet Earth is no longer under the auspices of evil and greed. She has awoken as a woman who abruptly leaves an abusive husband for the last time. A great cleansing is in process. The earth will be divided between those with fear and those with faith and the fear mongers will have to leave…all of the coming events are designed to separate the wheat from the chaff. Believe us, in the chaos of meteor strikes, profound earth quakes and societal disintegration AND people scared out of their wits by giants landing on earth in a ship of unthinkable dimensions, your quiet assurances will be deeply welcomed. Within the panic, people who cling to fear, rigidity and control will not want to be anywhere near you…they will think you mad. BUT those that are essentially good and have even a slight connection to Us, will resonate with what you say and be benefitted enormously.

It is a time of triage when you will have to make quick decisions about who to help and who to leave behind. Do not be tempted to grieve this process. Many on this earth are ready to rise up and She has been in slavery for far too long. Celebration is the appropriate response even to those passing on…celebrate the movement from darkness into light. Celebrate the Earth’s resurrection.

Prepare yourself for your new role. It will come suddenly. This is why we have spoken about it for so long in such detail…Otherwise it would come as such a shock that you would be incapacitated for some time. You will be one of the few that is not rendered senseless by our sudden appearance. For you, because of all our advance warnings, it will be a time of intense clarity and profound gratitude. By the day of disclosure much of the egoic vibrations will have ceased and those with minds already prepared will experience a conflict free mind for the first time ever. All will appear in perfect harmony. You may see the demise of people around you but you will see at the same moment, the perfection of the passings, the perfection of the earth movements, and even the panic. All of it will be as music to you…the fractals of life will be united again instead of in fractions such that all the instruments however different will be playing the same tune of cleansing and celebration…No MATTER what the appearances. You will live in Divine Harmony because that is what We bring with us, that is what draws near to you very fast. Go into pure nature and feast on this tune. It has already infected the purest outposts of nature where man has little influence. GO there and feast- it is all around you. Go there and feast!

Because you are having closer contact with ‘the world’ right now you have begun to believe that this doing nothing but walking in nature is somehow wasting time…but believe that it is the ONLY valuable thing you could be doing with your time right now…EVERYTHING else is a waste.

There will be a small moment when we speak so that everyone can hear. When we do, all will experience a Divine quietude that many will want to re-experience (if they are attuned…others will fear and hate the Voice and the peace and will run from it) In that moment we will also announce that our world wide communications will cease…such that all can learn the skill of mental communication with us. We come with a set of instructions and you have written them for children and adults. Remnants of fear and doubt will remain for many as our ships land in increasing numbers but you will act as a mighty shield against the piercings of those fears. As we speak initially, everyone will feel great harmony from the very resonance of the sound of Us. But when we cease the outward verbalizations, that sense will also fade…and many will be left with ‘only’ Faith to sustain them. A time that is an opportunity to strengthen faith will follow.

As you sit in your decimated sense of identity, it is, we understand, difficult for you to imagine the Glory that is about to arrive. It seems just way too far fetched. But believe dear one…keep imagining. Your time is just about to arrive. With great fanfare. You who have kept so mute, you who have remained so anonymous and you who have pretended to be so unremarkable- you are about to be GLORIFIED beyond your wildest dreams. Very few have noticed who you are, no awards have been bestowed you save for invisible ones of the heart. You have worked relentlessly to find Truth and now Truth comes to you in all of its fiery magnificence. You are tired and tattered but you have won a great victory that you will get to celebrate with others very soon. Yet you have survived and thrived despite very few noticing at all. THIS humility is what we require for our Teachers. The temptation to want to glorify self is great as the soul awakens. You have risen above this temptation.

But know this: Your humble little life is about to change considerably. These last few years you became genuinely no one. There remains not one hint of the demeaned person you used to be. All sense of who you are or were or could be was erased. For two and a half years you have travelled with no ambition and no goals other than the alignment with the NOW. That was the single most important goal you could have held. Keep practicing in the NOW. Our frequencies have a lot to do with the NOW. The dark forces gain power with the generation of the illusion of a past and future that have power….Guilt, past and future are the three illusory cornerstones whereon the ego builds its most ‘potent’ alters. That you travelled for two and a half years with zero notion of where you were going and what you were accomplishing-essentially with no goals at all- is one of your greatest accomplishments if not THE greatest.

Contemplate that the journey gave you everything you have been seeking on this earth and beyond. You just followed our day to day instructions and your will. You aligned with your own will. We told you that the final test was: can you obey your will in all circumstances? You did. You passed the GREAT test. This is why we hold this celebration in your honor. For many years you ached for Truth and struggled against masks, unthinkable cruelties and deception. You have travelled a long lonely path and we give thanks for your resolve, faith, will and fortitude. You dared to follow our Word. You risked family, position, reputation and your inheritance to find Truth. Yes we celebrate you. We sincerely wish that you would do the same with more gusto. But we understand that you are tired. Soon our arrival will energize you. In the meantime, rest and enjoy the Feast already prepared for you…It’s in the air…breathe it in.



  1. Urgent Message Now Is The Time!!!
    Received 8/2/10:
    The Storm Is Coming Demonstrated With Numerous of Tragedies,But Hold On to The Word Of God and You Will Not Be Affected,For You Are Covered By The Grace of God,During This Storm You Will Have to Save Others by Preaching The Word of God,For When It Is Over God’s People Will Suffer No More And All Nations will KnowThat Heaven Rules Thus Saith The Lord

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