Are These The Hidden Words Of The Returned Master Teacher The World Is Waiting For?

Are These The Hidden Words Of The Returned Master Teacher The World Is Waiting For?

If you are expecting the Master Teacher, to return to carry you over to the other side, perhaps floating down from the clouds like in this picture… it will not be that way…. rather for this moment, his words are guiding us from behind the veil, so that we uplift ourselves… that my friends, is the ascension… it is the return to Christ Consciousness of  WISDOM, LOVE AND INNER POWER…. that his words below, shall inspire to spread throughout the land.  As the inner wisdom love and inner power no longer remains hidden to ourselves, then too, shall the messages of the master teacher, flow forth and be celebrated.

His name is Sananda Esu Immanuel aka Yeshua aka Jeshua, aka Jesus… he has many messages for us and is as near as one’s breath, you can call him and tell him what guidance you are seeking.  I have reposted one of hundreds of the Master Teacher’s message below… it is for each soul to to decide for themself, if this message is authentic, and if the other ones are as well.

Indian in the machine


If are experiencing discomfort in your life… these words will be very useful for you to repeat often…


 4 April 2014 – 5:18pm |  eva sophia


~ Channeler: Dr Kathryn E May – – March 30, 3014


Now, everyone, breathe deeply. Deeply, deeply.

Breathe into the deepest place in your heart,

further than you’ve ever been before.

Breathe into the secret room in your heart,

where the connection to your soul is.

And there you connect All That Is.

Feel the depth of that connection.

Once you forge that, in your heart,

it can never be broken.

And once you forge that connection,

you know that you can never be alone,

and you can never die.

You go on, as does everyone else.

All of us, together, create All That Is.

Now breathe deeply.

Feel that place in your heart,

where there is no boundary,

there is no barrier, there is no separation.

When you go to that place,

you feel the electromagnetic energy,

of all those beings around you,

of all the beings that have ever lived,

of all the consciousness in the Universe today, this moment.

All consciousness, past, future, present.

And through it all, the great loving energy of Prime Creator.

In that state, you are God, you are Love, you are Light.

Feel the depth of that connection.

Breathe deeply.

Send that Love that you feel in your heart down into the Earth.

Connect, deeply, right into the center of your dear Mother Earth,

that is your anchor,that will steady and maintain you always.

And now upward, through your crown chakra,

reach, up through the Pillar of Light,

up through all the layers of all the dimensions, to our great Creator.

There is no barrier, no disconnection, you are always connected,

able to experience, able to feel our Creator,

to absorb pure Love that is so nurturing, so comforting, so peaceful.

In this state, beloved ones, you can create anything.

And now use that power, feel the passion of your heart,

the will that you experience in your solar plexus,

hmm, unnamed feeling, “I Can”, “I Am”.

And now combine that, with the thoughts,

the images, the dreams, that are your fondest wish.

Lightworkers always say, “I wish for world peace”.

It was not possible in past lifetimes, it is possible now,

because everything has changed.

It was not possible for us to create world peace,

out of this deep place,

we were not able to manifest it before, we can now.

And so envision, there in that deep place in your heart,

envision the entire planet, at peace,

where every brother embraces every other brother, every sister

smiles on every brother and sister and child,

where Prime Creator’s energy imbues and enriches

every encounter, every thought, every action.

See it, see the peace and camaraderie,

and see every table laden with the most

glorious fruits and vegetables, flowers,

the Elixir of Life for everyone.

Picture it, no person on the planet will go hungry,

every single being will feel the protection they need,

whether it be a forest for the squirrel,

a lovely house for a human family,

a field of beautiful grass for a horse

or a cow, a blue sky for a bird,

all will feel nurtured and protected.

This vision, beloved ones, you must create every day.

And when you do, the vibration of planet Earth will rise.

The more you do it, the more it will rise,

until we create a crescendo of joy that will

ripple around the globe

without obstruction, without end.

Hold that in your mind, hold it there always.

And so it shall be.



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