Sananda: A Time for Change

Sananda: A Time for Change


I want to give the world a written message which will expand upon my talk from yesterday  It was an unusual message for me, in that I included many philosophical and moral points which are the basis for what you might call our spiritual way of life.  It is the foundation for what Mother/Father God have called The True Way.  Since we began to give you these messages through many Masters, there has been no guidebook, no “Bible” which you could refer to which captures the essence of our point of view.  I have given written messages like “The Course in Miracles,” but we find it is overly complex and detailed for most people.

“The New Scriptures” I dictated through Kathryn were intended to be the outline for further understanding.  I wish to continue those writings with greater detail, and more real life examples for people who struggle with day to day decisions.  It is a time of great change, powerful energy shifts, and important choices for every living being on the planet.   Yes, animals, insects and even plants make choices in their own way, whether individually or as a group, and all are now making important decisions as to the future of their experience on Planet Earth and their relationship with humankind.

Let us begin at the beginning.  It will come as a surprise to many that the human species did not begin on Planet Earth, but is a combination of several races of humanoid beings from other planets who gave their DNA to combine what was hoped to be the best of all possible qualities – a being who is truly made in the image of our Creator.  This is your potential, the destiny you were created for.

Your DNA carries within it the ability to expand into a crystalline-based lifeform, to transmute yourselves into multi-dimensional beings who can move through space and time into higher dimensions.  It is a process which is well underway.  You are being helped by the influx of high vibrational energy from the Central Sun as well as the skillful Masters on the ground who are directing and managing this process of activating human capabilities and reactivating your planet’s higher dimensional crystal energy sources.

All is proceeding according to plan, gradually lifting all – Mother Terra and all her inhabitants – into a higher level of existence.  Since you are sentient beings with free will, you will have many choices to make concerning your participation in this greater process.  You will be helped by the rising energies which encourage Light-filled life choices, but you will not be lifted against your will.  In fact, there is much a being can do to resist the changes, to prevent their own ascension, and much you can do to accelerate it.

We wish to help you with these choices, with the understanding that words alone cannot provide the feeling information you need.  For this reason, we imbue all these messages with our higher dimensional loving energy, which you will feel even more when you listen to the voice messages I have left for you.  The archives carry the energy just as hearing them in the present does, but words alone cannot guide you to Truth.  You must feel your way, referring always to the deepest part of your heart, where your soul connection provides direct contact to us through the portal in your brain near the pineal gland.  Your pineal gland is the engine for absorbing Light and converting your DNA to its more sophisticated crystalline “operating system.”  Here lies a major key to your future as higher dimensional beings.

We have described to you “The Lucifer Project” which was purposefully designed to offer humankind the greatest possible challenges, within the duality of Light and Dark.  The Dark Ones who came with the intention of taking over Planet Earth were allowed to remain for a time, creating the conditions you have struggled against.  It was, as I have said, your wish to try to regain a foothold yourselves.  In the process, you learned to hold on to your Faith, your attraction to Light, and your loving hearts.  This, Beloved Ones, is the success we now celebrate.

You were not able to defeat the Cabal alone, because they do not abide by Universal Law.  You were not willing to completely adopt their tactics and their destructive intentions in order to win at their game, inside the Matrix, as you might call it.  This is to your credit.  You have learned well that the end does not justify the means.  You have had to maintain your integrity even at the cost of death, and you are discovering through many lifetimes that death is to be feared less than selling your soul for profit.

You are, by now, well aware of the interference by the Dark Ones in every area of your lives:  the imposition of fossil fuel use because it is more profitable than more Earth-friendly free energy; the use of toxic chemicals and pesticides to grow large amounts of inferior food, at the cost of depleting your soil and fouling your water and air; the mistreatment of animals, and the promotion of animal protein as a food source; the development of medical practices which promote disease rather than curing it.  All these systems, and more, were deliberately designed to interfere with the transition to crystalline form, and therefore to interfere with your Ascension.

It is now your responsibility, Beloved Ones, to look to your way of life to understand the complex web of Darkness which has tainted every facet of your social and political structures, the methods you use to manufacture and build, and the ways you have adapted yourselves to a life of struggle and enslavement.  You, Beloved Lightworkers, are the ones who will help to guide your brothers and sisters out of this complex interconnected system of dependencies which the Cabal has created to keep you, literally, in the dark for thousands of years.

Of course, the enslavement gained momentum with the invention of money and the ability to use it to amass wealth and power and thereby control the resources on the planet which sustain life for all.  The rest is familiar to those who are willing to acknowledge that the effect of these activities – the degradation of the planet and all upon it – was in fact the purpose.  Only by stepping back, seeing the entire picture with your third eye, your intuitive understanding, and your ability to observe all without pre-judgment are you able to see the Truth.

The higher dimensional view allows one to observe all the currents within the river of time which have led to the present state of affairs.  Do not hesitate to peer around the corners of the obstacles which have been deliberately placed to obscure your vision.  Shine your light into the shadows and the subterranean hiding places where secret societies and secret governments have plotted against the Light in their efforts to defeat God, and humanity’s loving heart which is God.  Dig up the evidence and bring it to the Light, for all to see.  In this way, you will literally “un-Earth” the leftover thought-forms which linger in your midst.

There is no place in the new Golden Age for the old habits and thought-forms which defined life on Earth since “The (deliberate) Fall” thousands of years ago, which began during the Lemurian civilization.  Lucifer and I will provide further messages in the weeks to come to help you understand your own part in the creation of the plan that was courageously initiated to provide humankind with the ultimate test of Faith which would prepare you for your destiny as leaders of the cosmos.  To reach the level of integrity and knowing in the deepest reaches of your beings, you were literally forged in the fire which is life in duality behind the Veil, separated from your heavenly family.

All must be cleared away now, all must be acknowledged, given recognition as the dark challenges which caused us to strive so hard together to bring back the Light.  In doing so, we celebrate our strength and our deep connections to one another and to God.

This long path through darkness into Light has created the great love we now share with our courageous comrades – the soul family which sustains and supports us every step of our way.  We are and have always been the Galactic Family of Light, preparing ourselves here on our beloved Planet Earth for our destiny as leaders of the Light, the representatives of God’s True Way.

You are now at a cross-roads.  You will be put into the position of having to use your deepest connections to your Higher Self and God in order to see the intention behind actions, the motivation that leads people to do destructive and disturbing things.  You are often told to follow your heart, but what if your heart seems to be confused?  Dear Ones, hearts are never confused.  You can become confused when you listen to the words instead of allowing your heart to guide you through the confusion, no matter how improbable the ultimate explanation.

In my channeled message through Kathryn this week, I presented you with a difficult dilemma.  You are being asked to open your minds to reconsider choices you may have felt strongly about, and to listen carefully to discern which motives are pure and which are not.  Remember, Kathryn was chosen as the one to channel my New Scriptures after years of rigorous training.  It is not obvious to you, but I assure you that our conversations are not only for the purpose of publication.  She has been on intimate terms with us for years now, and knows well who is speaking to her by our energies.  Another item of interest is that her trainer and mentor through years of testing was Father God.

The primary reason that Kathryn was chosen for these messages was that she vowed to us years ago that she would pass on whatever we say to her as channeling regardless of the impact on herself or her personal feelings about a message. This has generally not been an issue since she knows us, trusts us and our methods well, and we rarely ask her to carry a message which will cause problems for her.  This week has been an exception in that the message she carried for me put her in a very difficult situation, in opposition to those she has loved.  I regret this, but know that all will be revealed soon and will become clear for all of you.

Remember that now is the time for your optimal growth, for profound change and complete shifts in the belief systems you have held all your lives.  Truth must be revealed; Truth will be spoken.  This is not an easy path to follow, but it will lead to freedom for all humankind.  Awaken, Beloved Ones.  Your time has come.  Let us walk firmly, with steady steps, into a future which is built from higher consciousness, greater awareness, deeper heart connections, and the will to remove all from our path that is not of the Light.

This challenge, at this time, is not simply about feeling good.  It is a serious struggle for some, a wide-awake effort to remain steady in the face of powerful opposition from unexpected quarters.  Cling to the truth that love is ever compassionate, generous and kind, but it does not mean we bow to those who threaten or try to distract us.  Again I encourage you to turn away from revenge, embrace forgiveness, and you will create a new arena in which to build your New Tomorrow.

I love you beyond words,
I am your Sananda, ever in your service.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, June 2-3, 2014, 7 PM

Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website,

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  1. David A Duroure says:

    Sananda, I am a faithful believer of your words and messages. It seems that as early as I could remember I prayed for change on earth. I just turned 60 and my training is over. I’m fully prepared for 100% service to bring about enlightened change for the good.

  2. jacksonpsi says:

    You may want to question who it is you’re really channeling. According to one of your previous “channeled” messages (Jan. 7th, 2014), your Sananda referred to himself as “Sananda Kumara”. Sunat Kumera is another name for Lucifer and he came right out and told you who he was in your Jan. 7th “channeling”. That you received his “I am your Messiah” message on the 7th is no coincidence either, for in satanic numerology, the number 7 represents Lucifer and they always do things “by their numbers”.

    “As I have already explained elsewhere, I am not Sananda and I never have used and never will use the name Sananda. There is a spiritual being whose name is Sananda Kumara, and he is mentioned in the writings of the Theosophical Society. He belongs to a group of spiritual beings called the Seven Holy Kumaras, and Sanat Kumara is a member of this group. However, Sananda Kumara does not channel or give messages through or to anyone on Earth, and if he did, he would use his full name and he certainly would not claim to be Jesus Christ.”

    If you’d done your homework, you’d know that no such man named “Jesus Christ” ever actually lived. He was a composite of 3 men of that era, a fictional creation designed to control/deceive humanity.
    The Holographic Record of Christianity (Scroll down the page).

    “Jesus The Christ” was created by the Council of Nicea.
    Ancient Confession Found: “We Invented Jesus Christ”

    And if you’d researched/studied the true history of the one who came to be known as “Jesus” (for example, Professor Hugh Montgomery among others, including myself) you’d know that much information given to you in that channeling was false as far as the details of his life.

    He even slipped up, initially calling the information he was giving you his “biography”. A biography is someone giving you SOMEONE ELSE’S STORY! Only later in your “channeling” did he catch himself and correct the term to “autobiography”.

    Please be responsible and do your homework before spreading disinformation!

    1. Taylor says:

      Jesus and Mary had baby daughters Sara, Esther and two boys. What were the names of their two sons?

  3. Taylor says:

    Is is true that Joseph of Arimathea Mary’s Uncle that Jesus had his great uncle bury a journal of Jesus’s travels from the age of 15 to 30 under the temple mount? Is the journal still there under the temple mount?

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