Jesus Returning Like Thief In The Night: “Secret Jesus Document” Of 1963, And New “Jesus” Sananda Scriptures And Autobiography, All Revisited Right Here, Right Now

Jesus Returning Like Thief In The Night: “Secret Jesus Document” Of 1963, And New “Jesus” Sananda Scriptures And Autobiography, All Revisited Right Here, Right Now

“Jesus” really did return like a thief in the night, because few have noticed or have recognized his energy… although “Jesus” is not here walking earthly physically among the masses… he is certainly walking among us.

“Jesus” now goes by the name Sananda… and he has already left a few bread crumbs.

1.  Phoenix Journals including Phoenix Journal #2.

Sananda authored portions of the Phoenix Journals… read what is said about Phoenix Journal #2:

Phoenix Jouranl 2
Download – 9.9MB
View PDF File – 11.6 MB
By Sananda & Judas Iscarioth
199 Pages (116)
The story of the life of the one commonly known as Jesus of Nazareth as told by Jesus and the disciple Judas Iscarioth. Absolute clarification of the numerous falsifications, misrepresentations, lies and misconceptions concerning that time period and Jesus’ teachings are presented.A document was discovered in 1963 by a Greek Catholic Priest who had become a “contact” for the Cosmic Messengers who led him to this “lost” scroll. This Priest was persecuted and finally was killed, but not before he translated part of it and gave it to another man, Billy Meier from Switzerland, who would also become a contact. This document represents the true story of the life of the one commonly known as “Jesus of Nazareth”. It is told by Jesus AND his disciple Judas Iscarioth who was also his scribe. For the first time in history Judas Iscarioth’s name is cleared because he was NOT the one who “betrayed” Jesus. Absolute clarification of the numerous falsifications, misrepresentations and history 2000 years ago is given. Some of the many questions answered are:

* How was Christ conceived and why Mary was chosen?
* What was His true name at birth (Immanuel) and why was it changed to “Jesus” which means “The Anointed”?
* Who were the actual “teachers” of Immanuel?
* Who is GOD and what is THE CREATION above God?
* What are the true Laws of God and The Creation?
* What did Immanuel teach about Personal Responsibility?
* Who actually “betrayed” Immanuel and why was Judas Iscarioth blamed?
* What is the true purpose of Baptism?
* What was the purpose and meaning of Immanuel’s Crucifixion and the Resurrection?
* What became of Immanuel after His Resurrection?
* What is the “Curse of Israel” and why is there a curse?
* What is Immanuel’s and OUR connection with Celestial Messengers?
* Are we on Earth currently living in “The End Times” as predicted in Revelations?
* Why did Immanuel promise to return to us and do we know when?

Other topics include: Mary seeded by Gabriel, Guardian Angel of the Sons of Heaven. The actual teachings of the Master are given as spoken at that time. Clarification regarding God and The Creation. The Laws of The Creation and The Commandments are given in clear definitive language. The name of Judas Iscarioth is cleared as not being the one who betrayed Jesus. Statements by Jesus are provided, as spoken at that time, concerning falsification of his teachings over two thousand years. Strong warnings regarding false teachings. Words of great strength, power, light and healing at a soul-level. (Index included)

2. & 3.  The new scriptures and autobiography of Sananda, have come through channeler Kathryn E. May…

I would like to tell the story of my life as Jesus.  I am Sananda Kumara.  This is my spiritual name – my soul name.  When I came to Earth I was given the name Yeshua ben Joseph, but those who knew me when I was young called me Emmanuel. 

There are many other Sananda messages coming through different channelers all the time… I have posted what is believed to be authentic messages here:

Thank you for sharing the updated messages of Sananda… if we find Jesus’ way of returning in this manner to be absurd…. perhaps that’s what he meant by returning like a thief in the night… read his words, and may each soul decide for themself, whether they are open to Sananda’s energy… you’ll know our star player when you hear him, there is only one Sananda, and Sananda is realized Oneness personified, with everyone and everything.

Ask Sananda right now to assist you, mother earth, humanity and all lifeforms, to awaken… see his prayer at the bottom of this posting… pray for the energy to connect with your own spirit allmighty… right here, and right now.

Indian in the machine


My Spirit Almighty,

(My Spirit who is all-knowing, almighty, and all loving in me)

Your Presence be sanctified,

(Your presence confirms to me your controlling power over all matters concerning myself.)

May your wisdom become conscious to me,

(May your power be extended in the consciousness of my thoughts in order to enable me to apply all truths, wisdom and love, peace and freedom, given to and acquired by me and all mankind)

May your power be extended in me, on earth as well as in heaven,

(May your power be extended in the consciousness of my thoughts in order to enable me to apply all truth, wisdom and love, peace and freedom, given to and acquired by me and all mankind)

Please allow and give unto me all that I need for living this day and each day;.

(Please grant me all I need for my material as well as my spiritual life and development, for you are almighty)

So that I acknowledge my errors,

(So that I may recognize my faults and eliminate them, since they hinder me on my way of evolution)

Please do not allow me to be led into temptation, nor allow me to fall into temptation’s clutches, but rather to right decision and choices through discernment and just judgments,

(Please do not let me make error by material and wrong thinking, or become dependent on beliefs alone)

For you are within and without me as power and wisdom, truth and knowledge for eternity.

(May I become conscious of your almighty forces inside me at ALL times)

Thy will be done in and through me as the creation which I AM.

(All of this ask in truth and ask not for self, except for understanding and truth, and ask all in behalf of brothers so that the cycle of wholeness may become manifest – even unto the tiny most portion of manifestation of your relations – which after all – IS ALL’ )


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  1. I love you Sananda Kumara

  2. Where did you get or how did you come up with these questions about Jesus, the Christ and Sananda? What are the corresponding answers. If they are in the book, how can one get it? As a seeker of Truth, I want to have the book that has these questions and answers and more. Thanks, KINGSLEY OKANKWU: (IN LIGHT AND LOVE)

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