“Regarding Judas Iscariot” by Sananda – 6.27.17

“Regarding Judas Iscariot” by Sananda – 6.27.17

Entry Submitted by Sananda at 8:59 PM EDT on June 27, 2017

Judas Iscarioth was a beloved disciple of myself. He has been falsely deprecated as the betrayer of myself for lo, these two thousand years, although this precious one was not connected in any way with the betrayal. The heinous deed of betrayal was actually executed by one of the house of IHARIOTH—JUDA.

JUDAS ISCARIOTH It came to pass in time, that Jmmanuel and his disciples went to Bethlehem where he continued teaching and demonstrating his teaching to the people. I, Judas Iscarioth, was among the disciples——–, but I think it far more appropriate to simply relate from the scrolls rather than comment to any great extent for it is truly so personal and sacred unto me. Justice is a strange bedfellow, brethren, it always finds its balance in perfection. So be it. Judas Ischarioth had become disloyal to the teaching of Jmmanuel and he followed only his desires. He secretly gathered up among the listeners of Jmmanuel gold, silver and copper in his money bag, so that he could idly indulge in his life style. But it came to pass that Juda Iharioth, the son of the Pharisee, Simeon, informed Jmmanuel of the abuses of Judas Ischarioth, because he hoped he would be paid for this information. Jmmanuel thanked him but did not pay him with any gifts so that Juda Iharioth thought greatly of revenge, for he was greedy for gold, silver and goods of material worth. Jmmanuel responded to the information and led Judas Ischarioth into the desert, where he was taught by Jmmanuel for three days and three nights, the concepts of right and wrong so that the disciple repented and soon followed, again, the teachings in a most careful manner. And, therefore, when they returned to the city, he distributed all of his belongings and the things he had gathered among the poor and became a most faithful disciple and living example to the people. Judas Iscarioth had been most faithful in the recording of the lessons and demonstrations as presented by Jmmanuel; however, it came to pass that all the scriptures were stolen from Judas–all the carefully scribed teachings and writings. He went forth to Jmmanuel and told him thereof. Jmmanuel rebuked him and said, “Verily, verily, I tell you, Judas Ischarioth, you will have to suffer far worse things than having been robbed of your writings about my teaching and my life. You will stand accused, undeservedly, of betraying me. This will last for over two millennia, because Simeon, the Pharisee, will see that it is so. His son, Juda Iharioth, will the be guilty culprit, for he is like his father, Simeon Iharioth,a Pharisee, who wants to take my life. He is the one who has thieved the writings from you, and brought them to the scribes and the Pharisees, so that they can judge and kill me accordingly. He received seventy silver pieces for your writings, and he is to receive another thirty pieces of silver when he makes it possible to deliver me to the constable. “Mark mine words from this day forward. He will most certainly succeed in doing that which he has been rewarded to do and you, Judas Iscarioth, will be blamed falsely and will become a martyr and this will stand unrebuked for two millennia. “Now, put thy remorse aside for you will write down my teachings and all about my life a second time, and added unto it, far into thy future. The time will come when your writings will be revealed, that is in two times a thousand years when it shall come to pass. “Until that time my teachings will be falsified and become an evil cult, and much human blood shall flow because of it. However, people are not ready yet to believe in my teachings and to recognize truth, nor is it time for the realization of the prophecies. Human mankind is not ready to receive Truth. “It will be only after two times a thousand years that an insignificant man will come forth who will recognize my teachings as truth and disseminate it most courageously. “He will be cursed by the cults that have arisen and the adherents of the false teachings and be regarded as a liar, charlatan and fraud. Even his life blood shall be spilled, as will that of his innocent family and friends. So shall it come to pass in that time of the prophets’ predictions when the final prophecies are coming to completion. “But as for you, Judas Ischarioth, you will be undeservedly reviled as a traitor and will be condemned, for this is what the falsity of the priests and the ignorance of the people desire. But disregard this and continue in our mission, for the teaching of Truth demands sacrifices of self indulgence and personal displeasures. Know that thy name shall be cleared in its proper sequence. “In their spirit and knowledge, people are not yet very developed, and they have to first suffer much guilt and make many, many additional mistakes before they will learn. They must gather knowledge and wisdom in order to recognize truth. “Stay with me from now on, Judas, follow me and fulfill your duty as a writer of my teaching faithful, which is the teaching of the Laws of nature and thereby the original Laws of The Creation. No one’s ‘will’ is ever to exceed the will of The Creation which is revealed in the Laws. “The Laws of The Creation are good for yesterday and today, as well as for tomorrow, the day thereafter, and for all times infinite. Thus, the Laws are destined and thereby predestined for things of the future which will have to transpire. “It will come to pass in the appropriate time of two millennia, you shall be given contact with one contracted upon Earth to put thy truth to print that thy name shall be cleared and the teachings brought forth in purity in order to fulfill the prophecies. You are beloved of me and as with all within The Creation, the cycle will flow forth and back in its timeless justice. Errors are made but often it is through the errors that the prophecies can be in completion. So be it.”


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  1. And he shall come in a new name…. Clayton Lee Streeval…… Ya. I am awakening! Rudinterra Yoginanda will testify of me I am of many nations.`The invocation of the age… My Father my Grandfathers. My Mother my Grandmothers. HIS blood is our blood. The River that is man.

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