During this time, I Sananda, am with you extra much.


Yule peace

A time for contemplation and reflection

During this time, I Sananda, am with you extra much.

I am with you who are alone.

I am with you who have a tough time in life.

I am with you who are discouraged.

I am with you who rejoice.

I am with you who dance.

I am with you who await something.

You say sometimes that nothing is like the time of waiting. It is an expression that we at my frequency find to be a strange expression. Since, what it is that you are waiting for?

In your waiting you forget to rejoice and to enjoy what is.

In your waiting you also let your companion, the soul, wait for its development.

What I have come to talk to you about today is waiting. Do not let this attitude to life take over. Since it is often just an attitude. The waiting becomes sort of an escape – to escape that which is. Waiting is a condition of passivity that rather creates a feeling of boredom than joy.

You surely will say to your defense that waiting is allowed when something positive is expected. I can partially agree with this, but then longing comes into the picture and when longing you leave the now.

My dear friends, I want to encourage you to take care of the lives you have been blessed with. Take care of life, protect and guard it, live with it – in this you will never look back at it and wonder what happened – where it went.

Live with your life and life will live with you.

Take care of yourself and each other.

Live life as it is here and now.

With light and blessings to you all I now pull back in gratitude over having had my voice heard.






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