Religion Is Opium For Masses, Mostly Too Drugged Up And Brainwashed To Perceive And Receive Jesus!!! Jesus Brings Messages To Earth Again Via Live Channeling!!!

Religion Is Opium For Masses, Mostly Too Drugged Up And Brainwashed To Perceive And Receive Jesus!!! Jesus Brings Messages To Earth Again Via Live Channeling!!!

Religions.. you are stuck overall when it comes to Jesus.  I’m shocked as I perceive several people channeling Jesus (Sananda)… and yet religions are ill-equipped to deal with it…

We still have religious door-to-door sales people like Jehovah’s Non-Witnesses, who refuse to look behind the bible to see what is in front of them.

I like Jehovah’s witnesses, but find them to be mosly non-witnessers…. they don’t take modern day spirituality seriously… and have turned themselves into basically religion and bible door-to-door salespeople.

The vatican is ill-equipped to be honest, and so they too ignore channled messages, even though the idea of people speaking in different tongues is in the bible… people, different tongues, are extraterrestrial languages… period… why can’t self-proclaimed righteous spiritual leaders be honest about this???

Ya know folks… even a computer can’t spit out thousands of truthful messages of love… because computers are only imitators.

Watch for the fake imitators of love… they are everywhere… thinking they do ‘good work’ as they lead other people astray.

Religion is opium for the masses… you don’t really need it to do well as a human…

Do other creatures need a bible to survive?

Do you really need someone telling you lies, so that you can live?

Do you really think you’re going to get away with a rapture, while ignoring Jesus?

Do you really think you can be an athiest, and become a genius?

Do you really think God, Jesus, Archangels etc., cannot channel message via humans? If so why would you limit other people… is it because you are limited??? Yup.. brainwashed, drugged up on religion, drugged up on satanism… drugged up on your ego’s lies, thinking that what looks good on the outside, isn’t rotton on the inside.

Look at how religious are expecting a man to come from the clouds, with long hair, and wearing a white sheet… to what I assume is to save many people from the lie… this is a great lie… limiting Jesus once again… limiting God… some religious people don’t even allow God to communicate to them now in the present, thus believing that only humans have that right or ability…PURE NONSENSE.

30 years of Jesus Sananda messages coming through… these are some of my favorites.

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