Great Event 56% Chance Occurring In Next 3 To 6 Months, Says Master Teacher!!

Great Event 56% Chance Occurring In Next 3 To 6 Months, Says Master Teacher!!


In the case of the timing of this Great Event, however, the risks of a misprediction is magnified a million fold. There are many micro and macro factors, coming from the human collective, that can influence time and space to produce a different timeline than what was originally predicted/estimated/forecasted.


That being said, here comes our final answer to your BIG question. With the presumption that all things/all matters continue to develop at their current velocity of change, there is a 56% possibility that the Great Event will probably take place within the next 3 to 6 months from today. This answer is based on current Light Data and planetary vibration level of Earth. Please do not be disappointed if it comes slightly later than the above forecast. There is even a 30% chance that it will take place before the above time range.


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This message ties in with this one: Major First Contact Update 2018!!! Galactic Spaceships Are Gonna Land Soon!! Pleiadians First For Major Landing!!! Stargate SG-1, Babylon 5, Star Trek and the Matrix Trilogy Provided Major Clues!! Feel The “Great Call” Within You Now!!

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