Jesus’ Complicated Return Explained!!  2% Of Humanity Is A Christ Walking Earth!!

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Jesus’ Complicated Return Explained!!  2% Of Humanity Is A Christ Walking Earth!!

Take these stats…

41% Of Humanity Is Spiritually Awakened, of Those 5% Embody Christ Consciousness… How To Visualize Your Way Out Of A Unfulfilling Reality!! 

This means ~ 2% of humanity is now a christ now walking earth!!

The story of Jesus’ return is quite complicated… most of his followers cannot handle the truth.

Why is this true?

Well… to put it bluntly, if you cannot get updated in the present, how can you have the truth?

How can YOU be the only creatures that say you need a book, in order to survive?

Think about this!

Many of Jesus’ followers believe they need a book to survive… the bible… Jesus never recommended this false teaching.

If you need to compare what is truly happening, to a false teaching in a book… you gamble the very destiny of your soul… in a casino that is fixed…. religion is a casino… and most lose in the game of religion.

Why do most lose in the game of religion?

Because each soul is evolving uniquely in Creator’s image…. it’s not a group thing, except in group consciousness.

Creator never asked anyone to join a club, and carry a book, to properly show respect, or to learn how to behave.

Okay… this has to be said, because book and groups, are cluttering up the mission that you may have if you are reading these words.

If you have found these words, it’s because you long to know truth.. and somewhere inside of you, you will know if these or any other words, no matter how official they seem, are true.

Jesus’ return is quite complicated and ongoing, but I shall explain some key elements.

I’m not going to let you or any other, tell me what I know about our brother.

I know our brother rather well.

These are some keys that can bring us all closer to him.

1.  Jesus was never his name… it was ‘Esu’… and now he goes by “Sananda”.

2.  We are all eternal, so too is Sananda.

3.  Much of what the masses know, of Sananda are false.

4.  Humanity is learning to welcome to true presence of Sananda.

5.  Christ consciousness is ‘wisdom’, ‘power’, and ‘love’.

6.  Sananda is an example of christ consciousness, who has planted many seeds of ‘wisdom’, ‘power’, and ‘love’… for thousands of years in his ‘soul mission’.

7.  If you cannot be ‘present’ then you are not ‘wise’, ‘powerful’ or ‘loving’… you basically ‘checked out’ and are running on ‘autopilot’…. or even a robot that is programmed by others.

8.  As “Jesus”, Sananda was half human and half-archangel (Archangel Gabriel was his father).

9.  The being known as “Jesus” was a soul project of 3 souls: Sananda, St. Germain, and El Morya.

10.  Sananda was the lead soul of the “Jesus” soul project.

11.  Each of our lives come with a purpose, plan, mission etc…. so too did the “Jesus” soul project.

12.  The “Jesus” soul project, was to seed earth with christ conscious seeds of ‘wisdom’, ‘power’ and ‘love’… like a gardner would plant a garden.

13.  We are in the times of the harvest… as seeds of ‘wisdom’, ‘power’, and ‘love’… are now growing into maturing plants.

14.  Many christ conscious humans are now radiating out their ‘wisdom’, ‘power’ and ‘love’… thanks to our gardner brother, and untold trillions who also play their own roles.

15.  Earth is going through a transformation into a fully awakened christ conscious earth.

16.  All who remain on earth will need to water, fertilize and care for the seeds within, of “wisdom”, “power” and “love”.

17.  Earth’s transformation from a near completely insane planet…. nearly completely enslaved… into a fully conscious planet that is beaming out new forms of light the universe has never seen before, is watched by the multiverse.

18.  Some but not most humans, are ready to embody only that which is ‘wise’, ‘powerful’ and ‘loving’ in their energy field… it is like going from ‘despare’ to ‘bliss’ in one lifetime… most humans still find too much to complain about each day, in order to let the bliss in.

19.  Sananda is now returning to earth as the Supreme Commander of Project Transition earth.

20.  Sananda is now on his spaceship as a Commander of trillions of beings.

21.  Now what of those who walk on earth, and claim to be ‘Jesus’? Most are false… the true “Jesus” would not claim to be Jesus… he would claim to be Sananda!

22.  Sananda can incarnate in more than one human at the same time.

23.  There are some authentic Sanandas who are now on earth.

24.  There are authentic christ conscious humans who are now on earth.

25.  There are many more christ conscious humans reaching maturity… the time is ripe in the garden for this.

26.  We are the harvest in the garden of “Jesus”… who is really, Sananda.

27.  Sananda is always with us… he just goes unseen.

28.  Sananda is lighting the way with light that is not seen.

29.  Light that is not seen, is always planted first… in Creator’s universe.

30.  If you wake up in a ‘better world’… it’s because of your christ conscious light.

31.  If you remain asleep in a world of problems, pain and suffering, it’s because you refuse to activate your own inner christ conscious light.

32.  Sananda has been channeling many messages via humans for the over 30 years.

33.  There are numerous channelers who can channel authentic Sananda presence and messages.

34.  There are still some fraudulent Sananda messages out there… but not as much as their used to be.

35.  Some channeled messages come from computer programs, and they can appear very convincing, but they are false messages..

36.  When the seeds of ‘wisdom’, ‘power’ and ‘love’ begin to mature within you… then you will naturally light the way for anyone that is not in their wisdom, power or love.

37.  When you self activating, nuturing, and caring for the seeds of ‘wisdom’, ‘power’, and ‘love’… then life naturally gets ‘easier’… with less ‘lessons’ and more ‘blessings’.

38   Humans are now greatly challenged to live with ‘blessing’ consciousness… since the world around them seems to not support this…. this is an illusion, because it is the unseen light, that is the support, remember?

39 So to summerize a few key points:

-Sananda is on the ships.

-Sananda can channel is energy is many beings. 

-Sananda can be anywhere all at the same time. 

-Sananda the soul is embodied in several humans. 

-Sananda on the ships, will one day walk openly on earth.  

-As a species, when we as humans are ‘wisdom’, ‘power’ and ‘love’… personified…. then we can ‘handle’ his return!… until then he would have to dodge bullets humans… sigh… this is logic. 

I trust these words are either a few crumbs, or a feast, depending on what sort of seedling you are… some seeds still do better in low light… some young shoots are ready to blossom!

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  1. clayton streeval says: I am the One you are looking for they have told me this since I was a Child, THEY TELL ME THIS. Psychiatrists Doctors nurses at childrens primary hostpital S.L.C Utah the lds organization aka mormons used thier magic and witchcraft to do the lookieloo aka using the COMPUTER MACHINE god to screw (see) with the future. When they saw the future after they screwed with it that I would not join thier crutch they taught a class of 9 year olds ho w to tie a noose and paid particular attention to me. My name is Clayton Lee not Sananda. I have the blue ball of isis floating above my head others see it from time to time someone walks up to me out of nowhere and says thank ypou jesus. I know as in been specifically educated on the use of mental telepathy see it done purposefully right before my eyes. And my sheep will know my voice. They hear me and talk trash to me apparently im in the middle of taking the heat for jesus, but I dont remember RUDI why dont you understand this. In the 41 years of my life RUDI AKA DONOVAN BERLIN. I have never thought I was his then BOB comes in and says nyou cant take thier sins away from them and I have never thought that in the 41 years of my life. Your god is a machine Thet call the one here ziggy and its parent BOB they are computers this IS I HAVE PROVEN a halographic reality out on by psychotic machines. KEEP YOUR PILLS RUDI I AM AWAKE WHAT DO YOU WANT

    1. clayton streeval says:

      Its a machine bro, the TRUE CREATOR is waiting for us out there. Realese me Ziggy

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