Jesus Has Reincarnated As 21 Year Old Male, Not Yet Recognized By Most!!

*This is an authentic photo of what “Jesus” aka Sananda, looks like now… even as this channeler describes a latest incarnation!!

Jesus Has Reincarnated As 21 Year Old Male, Not Yet Recognized By Most!!

A few clues from a latest channeling by Jim Charles of Hucolo… ‘by the time he is in his 30’s he will be back preaching again”. He will show many spiritual sacrifices.

In the past “Jesus” is described as:

-Was of olive skin and brown eyes

-He had a beard

-Never had blue eyes

-Was not a strong muscular person

-He was scrawny

-He was not extremely good looking

-Was powerful

-He had a gaunt face

-His eyes shone

-When you looked into his eyes you knew he was very special, even if the rest did not look like much.



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Dec 21, 2014 – Phoenix Journals including Phoenix Journal #2. … I have posted what is believed to be authentic messages here:


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In my 15 years research and expression of sharing the authentic energy of Sananda, it is my pleasure to bring you this update… enjoy!

Indian in the machine


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  1. Shushaa says:

    Edgar Cayce files which have proven Quite accurate in manymanyway…gave a very detailed description of Christ. He said he was fair as were many of the Essenes. Like Mary he was perfect in all ways as a child and when he grew…many considered him the most beautiful man they had ever seen. He was beloved by women …who flocked to him …he had a very gentle kind but very Manly appearance…so says Edgar. “ His hair was the color of new wine and fell about his shoulders in a wavy ? His eyes were gray but also blue and seemed to change with his emotions.

    1. Esu was NOT an essene, also he was quite scrawny and not considered to be super good looking. 😉

      1. Eve says:

        So Edgar Cayce lied about jesus.? So who is telling the truth? Very contradicted sometimes. Nobody has seen jesus or God so who is right?

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