Jesus Is Still Alive And Here Is Proof!!

Jesus Is Still Alive And Here Is Proof!!

1.  The Shroud of Turin is proven to be authentic.

Watch video:

Shroud Of Turin Proven Authentic… Here Are 10 Implications That Will Change The Direction Of Humanity Forever!!

2.    Since even computer software recognized the shroud of turin of having a face, and aligned things up rather exactly, with Sananda’s face.  Now the photo of Sananda is interesting because it was taken in 1963 by archeologists working in the area of Chitzen Itza Mexico, in which it is said, Sananda appeared and allowed his face to be photographed.

3.  Sananda’s photo was published in Phoenix Journal 2, which was endorsed by Prime Creator. Prime Creator Endorses Phoenix Journal 2, “And They Called His Name Immanuel”!!

4.  Due to the match between the Sananda photo and the shroud of turin, THIS PROVES THAT JESUS IS STILL ALIVE AS SANANDA!

5.  Spiritual messages say that Jesus has returned as Sananda, now in the role of Supreme Commander for Project Transition Earth.

6.  Sananda has been channeling thousands of messages over the last 3 decades…





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