This Mysterious Jesus Video Is Utterly Astonishing Because Of A Few Anomalies, And An Extremely Beautiful Presence And Healing!!

This Mysterious Jesus Video Is Utterly Astonishing Because Of What Goes On In The Video!!

A very beautiful healing experience… give this historical video a chance, BE THE CHRIST THAT IS HERE, AND REGIVE…

  1.  This is a video of Jim Charles, channeling ‘Jesus’ for the first time, who talks and does a healing on Max who is on the massage table.
  2.   Jim Charles is basically a divine oracle to our planet earth, who can channel many beings across time and space.
  3. Spiritual channelers who are accurate are the best news sources for humanity.
  4. Now… a few things about this video that quite astonishing for me.

i.  When Jim channels ‘Jesus’… you can see a thin aura of white light around his head.  I didn’t notice one around Max’s head when his head was before the wall.  Let your eyes really ‘soft focus’ for this effect to come clearly into view!  Isn’t that fascinating?

ii.  When Jim is channeling ‘Jesus’… and moves his head near the corner of the wall… the corner of the wall itself, appears to bend and quiver.

Are these things video anomalies, or proof that our divine master teacher, Sananda aka “Jesus”, has indeed channeled through Jim Charles, and this is video proof.

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