Sananda Answers, “What Was I?”

Sananda Answers, “What Was I?”




You have historically chosen to label me as “Jesus” or the “Christ” and/or…!  I simply AM. But what did I come forth to tell you as that entity sent from my own Creator?  Well, I came to tell you of the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven, what men must do to prepare for it and a type of “salvation” through knowledge of the Truth and Presence of God.  The message has been entangled and falsely presented but it is the only lasting historical record of which you retain continuity.  There is so much of my journey that you have not been allowed to share and KNOW–but that, too, is now coming forth for the time is at hand for the KNOWING.



LET US CONSIDER THE “END” OF THE WORLD AND THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN: It is seen as a catastrophe, for in those days shall be affliction, such as was not from the beginning of the Creation…neither shall be; …the Sun shall be darkened, and the Moon shall not give her light, and the stars of heaven shall fall!  Can you not look differently upon these projections in this day than in those two thousand years past?  Could the “stars falling” actually be the returning of the Hosts of God to bring you into safety? Man has always had affliction for that is the course of his journey.  The cataclysms were noted so that you would have a clue as to when the time would be at hand and necessary changes in attitudes brought into clear perception, for the journey would abruptly take different form.


I said unto the witnesses, the prevailing apocalyptic conceptions.  I was in sincere intent.  The end of the world WAS imminent.  I said unto you, that this generation shall not pass, till all these things be done. Verily I said unto you, there would be some standing here, which would not taste of death, till they would see the Son of Man coming in his Kingdom.  My disciples went forth to announce the impending event.  They quoted me as saying, “Ye shall not have gone over the cities of ISRAEL, till the Son of man be come.” No, that is NOT THAT WHICH I SAID. I said that “…you will not have covered all the places of God’s chosen till the Son of Man is come again”.  And ye have not!


I did not speak of the terrors of an ending time for mine was to pull Man back into the knowledge of God and to remind him of the laws thereof and those of the Mighty Creation.  I told Man that which would be and what would come to be if he turned not from his evil separation from Divine Source.  It was the inexorable concern of every living man and I was sent forth to remind Man.  All paled into insignificance beside that which would come upon Man if he continued in the path of evil–and it has come to pass.


It is possible to easily discern intent and meaning from my experience as Emmanuel of Nazareth.  For the end of the world will bring not nothingness but the Kingdom of Heaven–for you are long from the time of “voidance”.  The Kingdom of Heaven: this signifies the era in which God alone will govern.  Inevitably it will come, not through any human acts but solely through Divine action.  The world has become a matter of indifference, because the Kingdom of Heaven is coming in all its glory–one way of another.  It simply behooves you to get your selves and your nations into order.  Basically I only brought blessings and good tidings for my story was of great joy and glory.  I told you, His lambs, to “fear not, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.”  And I gave you His prayer of promise: “…Thy Kingdom come!  Thus the end is not just a kind of threat upon Man, and/or the destruction of a world, but it is a PROMISE: the Kingdom of God.  But Man has slipped more and more deeply into the mire of chaos and evil intent that he must again be in the final reminding of that which is coming.  For that was the greatest promise; that “The Word shall go forth unto the four corners of the world that all men who will see and hear shall have opportunity of KNOWING that which is God and Godly!”  I come to fulfill the prophecy–not “save” a bunch of criminals and lawbreakers–only the individual can “save” self and I can do nothing save speak in his behalf.  And soon, I shall be unable to claim you are somehow ignorant by accident–for we are bringing forth the WORD and ye who deliberately turn away are in deliberate defiance–that is between you and God.


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