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  1. Reblogged this on PatrioticRose and commented:
    Amen. Exactly what I believe. People are owed nothing without doing their due diligence and not be a sheep. I have not and will not ever give up. Family and friends call me cray cray and don’t want to hear the truth. HOW CAN ANY PERSON ACCEPT the lies, pedo fake President oreven come close to giving up on President Trump..BaaBaaaBaaa. I will die for my God, My President, or my country. I love my children and grandchildren to much. I want my grandchildren, all children to experience this great world with love, kindness, true HISTORY, compassion, and mankind’s true love. Restore their hearts and come back to God with an open and loving God and the limitless possibilitIes of our incredible universe. AMEN. PERIOD. DOT.

    1. Keep shining your beautiful light… enjoy the scenery. 🙂

  2. Carolyn says:

    Yes I cannot wait for things to hapoen.
    Sick of hearing about the Plandemic and covid covid covid. There are so many evil people at the top tier of this world. God knows w.ho they are as well as the people who are awake.
    Been trying to wake my husband up for 4 years its not working. I’m the only member of my family who seems to be awake, it is definitely a lonely journey.
    Peace to all xx

  3. JAYCEE73 says:

    Personally I’m getting confused because I feel I’m awake. I accept we are celestial, terrestrial, and extraterrestrial beings of the ONE PRIME SOURCE.
    The Bible never felt right to me. Confusing and irritating [sorry, being truthful]
    The Gospel of John which I just looked deeper into recently is clear and simple. The message couldn’t be more clear, I love that.
    I’ve prayed whenever and wherever I chose, all my life.
    The name I am/ was most comfortable with is HEAVENLY FATHER. Now that I’ve awakened and learned the truth, I’m OK, it’s like it does not shock me. I’m not here by chance, so collecting what I know and how I personally perceive it?
    GOD is Prime Source of ALL CREATION a miracle that no other could duplicate. I’m not going to try and overthink… GOD is not only my Heavenly Father….GOD is my Mother too. I just know I’m here and I’m happy that I finally feel comfortable with that part of my life that’s never made any sense at all.
    I was the weirdo that questioned how I got here. How are these 2 people my parents? I could have ended up with those parents or those. Why am I in the United States, I could be in the Middle East… HOW DID I GET PLACED?
    Yep, that was me 🤷🏻‍♀️
    I pray to my Heavenly Father and Mother God
    that these muzzles can be removed. I pray happiness for my youngest daughter that is majorly depressed and lonely. Wide spectrum autism…born 1 lb 4oz …she’s immature for her age, has no empathy, can’t express herself or have conversations to make friends. She’s only 14, it breaks my heart.
    All my love.
    Amen. 🙏🔮💫🌟🎺

  4. auldiedog says:

    MEDBEDS are here & your daughter will be made while! Very soon!

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