To Worship Jesus Is To Push Him Away… Let Me Explain!!

World Teacher & Friends

Those who worship Jesus… push him away.

Notice that he doesn’t come appearing to those praying to statues?

Notice he hasn’t visited the ‘best’ churches, appearing as something resembling the statues?

Jesus never said to pray to a statue, nor did he say to create a religion in his name.

It is time for the truth to be known… false idoltry pushes christ away.

The essence of Christ energy is to enhance our relationship with our Creator… not to replace our Creator.

Christ ‘appears’ everywhere in the spiritworld… and where christ is welcome.

How can churches honestly say that eating the body is christ, is welcoming christ… this is insanity and cannibalism.

How is drinking christ’s blood in ceremony… welcoming christ?

Would you feel welcome if you went to your holy place and your friends were drinking your blood, over and over for years and decades?

It’s time to bless the insanity, learn something and move forward.

Christ religions break the golden rule… treat others how you want to be treated… if you need ceremony, why not have a ceremony that treats people how people want to be treated? Have a ceremony that treats christ how you want to be treated.

From my heart to your’s, I do not share these words to break your heart… I share these words to open hearts.

Christ is welcome anytime there is a desire for wisdom, power and love… a desire to not give up, but instead to come back, with even more energy.

Jesus came back already as Sananda, and so far… his presence is mostly in spirit.

Is that not enough?

Has Jesus not already offered the liferaft…but people are waiting for a better boat?

The truth is that people are distracting each other from the real deal… Sananda aka, Jesus.

What makes people think that Jesus will come back into our lives, in the most told stories… as a man wearing white cloth, wandering the desert looking for a meal…

When we lose the presence of christ within in our own lives… this pushes away Jesus.

When we embrace that ‘everything he did we can do and more’… this attracts all sorts of christ-like friends.

When we worship a false idol, we say… that being is so close to god, might as well worship him instead…

At the deepest roots, this thinking is rooted in being angry at God.

Angry at God? Well… how about the next best thing in human form…

Once again, this thinking pushes Jesus away.

Jesus never said he’s be an adequate stand-in for those who do not want to stand in God’s presence.

Igniting your christ light is so easy to do.

Anything that is wise, powerful and loving will do.

A prayer, a song, a thought, an action, in stillness.

Shining light on something new, within, and then sharing.

Why is igniting your christ light important?

Igniting christ light is important, because the heart is the electro-magnetic centre of the human energy field.

As we purify our hearts allows for a concentration of energy, that ‘fuels’ the electro magnetic field towards higher frequencies… and thus basically, more magical ways to create stuff that you find interesting and inspiring.

More christ energy allows for more expression of Creator’s Will… this is a big deal… because Creator’s Will is ‘available’, but humans often don’t ‘listen’… christed humans do listen. The silent voice of our Creator does matter.

From the fire in my heart, to your’s.

As christ we stand.

As christ we stand with Jesus.

As christ we are.

As christ so shall it be

Love, Indian

Look at the most recent message… pushing away Jesus aka Sananda, can result in death this time.


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