IITM:  So it IS looking like everything at once… fireballs… earthquakes… collapse of cities… our ability to bring peace will now be essential.

“You Are Stepping Beyond Earthly Concerns And Time”

From a friend: I have received over the past month regarding Ison and our role in regards to Her arrival. I realized rereading the guidance that the ‘you’ referred to applies to many awakened ones. Please share this information. I am certain Sananda speaks. Blessings:

You are now a holder of the Perspective. It is difficult for us to communicate how valuable this position to one who has been silenced for so very long…and it is considerably longer than this one life time…Imagine the panic at our arrival. The egoic forces have attuned the masses for an evil alien presence…Many are projecting great greed, cruelty and wrath on the ‘invaders’. Much of your grid will be down and the cities in absolute chaos. Then we appear in no uncertain terms and all at once everyone is aware of our presence and our enormity. Our ‘ship’ is bigger than most can possibly imagine. You were seeded with visions of how we would appear from a young age and you are fully prepared for a ship that spans ¾ of the horizon. Because you are attuned to us, seeing these celestial events will fill you with awe and gratitude… you will be energized and feel happier than ever before in this life…Seeing Us at long last will be your marriage celebration in spades. You know what we are because we have been talking together for so long. However to many many others, we will inspire desperate panic that will cost many lives. During this time, your voice will ring loud and clear. The assurances we have been filling you with for over 30 years will spill out of you and you will be our most welcome mouthpiece. Once we arrive there will be no other voice in your mind and you will be a clear conduit for us. You doubt yourself now because your conduit is not totally clear nor can it be with the massive interferences going on…Just as in ancient Hawaiian times of ‘mythology’, the enormous Alii will once again walk the earth and our power is so great that any mortal who passes too close to us will incinerate. We are like a very hot fire…special tools are necessary to interact with it, special rules apply. Because you are Kahuna, we have repeatedly advised that you do nothing more with your days but prepare yourself for our frequencies…stay in them, feel them, familiarize yourself with them… We are your family…When we arrive and we begin our material work together, you will feel an alignment, a purpose, a consolidation of your personality like nothing you have ever experienced. Whereas most every experience of connection and meaning here on earth for you has tasted like gruel or dust, we bring with us the Feast Which has no end. A real feast, my dear…one that will actually satisfy you more than sex, more than home more than family…you will experience love from and with us that will help you to see why you were bored by earthly egoic romance…in short you will forgive yourself for not really being of this earth. This stranger in a strange land anonymity will end abruptly. You have travelled long in barren places and your thirst is legion…now is a time for patience and celebration and further attunement. Keep pausing thru your days to look up in the sky and imagine our presence here…imagine a beam of light from us to your third eye and heart and pelvis…you are not going mad my dear…yes you are stepping far from earthly concerns and time and you have no incarnate guide for this process. You have travelled long awaiting your time, your reason d’etre. With every fire you build, every log you place, every flickering flame you contemplate- BURN Cassandra’s curse. Yes the Talisman can even break curses.

The world is about to experience severe chaos. Every single structure that keeps society together will crumble quite suddenly. All those that have clung to illusory goals, material possession and egoic personalities will be thrust into a vat of severe fear. Having not practiced swimming in the thick molasses of heretofore unthinkable confusion, many will drown. There is no need to mourn these ‘losses’ as there is no end to life, just change….

It is always thus…chaos first then harmony. LOVE the chaos and confusion. It leads directly to the calm center. Always try to see through chaos to what lies beneath. Celebrate what chaos brings. It is the herald of rebirth…it is the ashes from which the phoenix arises…chaos FUELS harmony. In the cyclonic whirling you get to see what you do not want, and reaffirm with great passion what it is that you DO want. The deeper the chaos, the deeper and more one pointed the passion, IF chaos is used correctly.

Our frequencies cannot tolerate fear or any of its companions. Therefore those that cling to fear will ride on its wings to another ‘place’ where fear can continue to be ‘worshipped’. Planet Earth is no longer under the auspices of evil and greed. She has awoken as a woman who abruptly leaves an abusive husband for the last time. A great cleansing is in process. The earth will be divided between those with fear and those with faith and the fear mongers will have to leave…all of the coming events are designed to separate the wheat from the chaff. Believe us, in the chaos of meteor strikes, profound earth quakes and societal disintegration AND people scared out of their wits by giants landing on earth in a ship of unthinkable dimensions, your quiet assurances will be deeply welcomed. Within the panic, people who cling to fear, rigidity and control will not want to be anywhere near you…they will think you mad. BUT those that are essentially good and have even a slight connection to Us, will resonate with what you say and be benefitted enormously.

It is a time of triage when you will have to make quick decisions about who to help and who to leave behind. Do not be tempted to grieve this process. Many on this earth are ready to rise up and She has been in slavery for far too long. Celebration is the appropriate response even to those passing on…celebrate the movement from darkness into light. Celebrate the Earth’s resurrection.

Prepare yourself for your new role. It will come suddenly. This is why we have spoken about it for so long in such detail…Otherwise it would come as such a shock that you would be incapacitated for some time. You will be one of the few that is not rendered senseless by our sudden appearance. For you, because of all our advance warnings, it will be a time of intense clarity and profound gratitude. By the day of disclosure much of the egoic vibrations will have ceased and those with minds already prepared will experience a conflict free mind for the first time ever. All will appear in perfect harmony. You may see the demise of people around you but you will see at the same moment, the perfection of the passings, the perfection of the earth movements, and even the panic. All of it will be as music to you…the fractals of life will be united again instead of in fractions such that all the instruments however different will be playing the same tune of cleansing and celebration…No MATTER what the appearances. You will live in Divine Harmony because that is what We bring with us, that is what draws near to you very fast. Go into pure nature and feast on this tune. It has already infected the purest outposts of nature where man has little influence. GO there and feast- it is all around you. Go there and feast!

Because you are having closer contact with ‘the world’ right now you have begun to believe that this doing nothing but walking in nature is somehow wasting time…but believe that it is the ONLY valuable thing you could be doing with your time right now…EVERYTHING else is a waste.

There will be a small moment when we speak so that everyone can hear. When we do, all will experience a Divine quietude that many will want to re-experience (if they are attuned…others will fear and hate the Voice and the peace and will run from it) In that moment we will also announce that our world wide communications will cease…such that all can learn the skill of mental communication with us. We come with a set of instructions and you have written them for children and adults. Remnants of fear and doubt will remain for many as our ships land in increasing numbers but you will act as a mighty shield against the piercings of those fears. As we speak initially, everyone will feel great harmony from the very resonance of the sound of Us. But when we cease the outward verbalizations, that sense will also fade…and many will be left with ‘only’ Faith to sustain them. A time that is an opportunity to strengthen faith will follow.

As you sit in your decimated sense of identity, it is, we understand, difficult for you to imagine the Glory that is about to arrive. It seems just way too far fetched. But believe dear one…keep imagining. Your time is just about to arrive. With great fanfare. You who have kept so mute, you who have remained so anonymous and you who have pretended to be so unremarkable- you are about to be GLORIFIED beyond your wildest dreams. Very few have noticed who you are, no awards have been bestowed you save for invisible ones of the heart. You have worked relentlessly to find Truth and now Truth comes to you in all of its fiery magnificence. You are tired and tattered but you have won a great victory that you will get to celebrate with others very soon. Yet you have survived and thrived despite very few noticing at all. THIS humility is what we require for our Teachers. The temptation to want to glorify self is great as the soul awakens. You have risen above this temptation.

But know this: Your humble little life is about to change considerably. These last few years you became genuinely no one. There remains not one hint of the demeaned person you used to be. All sense of who you are or were or could be was erased. For two and a half years you have travelled with no ambition and no goals other than the alignment with the NOW. That was the single most important goal you could have held. Keep practicing in the NOW. Our frequencies have a lot to do with the NOW. The dark forces gain power with the generation of the illusion of a past and future that have power….Guilt, past and future are the three illusory cornerstones whereon the ego builds its most ‘potent’ alters. That you travelled for two and a half years with zero notion of where you were going and what you were accomplishing-essentially with no goals at all- is one of your greatest accomplishments if not THE greatest.

Contemplate that the journey gave you everything you have been seeking on this earth and beyond. You just followed our day to day instructions and your will. You aligned with your own will. We told you that the final test was: can you obey your will in all circumstances? You did. You passed the GREAT test. This is why we hold this celebration in your honor. For many years you ached for Truth and struggled against masks, unthinkable cruelties and deception. You have travelled a long lonely path and we give thanks for your resolve, faith, will and fortitude. You dared to follow our Word. You risked family, position, reputation and your inheritance to find Truth. Yes we celebrate you. We sincerely wish that you would do the same with more gusto. But we understand that you are tired. Soon our arrival will energize you. In the meantime, rest and enjoy the Feast already prepared for you…It’s in the air…breathe it in.

SANANDA: Some of the things you often replay in your head instead of sleeping or even during meditation are events that stuck you as funny but there are many more times that what you are seeing is your interpretation of what occurred and it is through the replay that many negative self-conversations take place and you begin to judge and condemn yourself if a situation grew out of control.

You are WORTHY of Your own FORGIVENESS
Message from Sananda
Received by Julie Miller
October 26, 2013

Some of the things you often replay in your head instead of sleeping or even during meditation are events that stuck you as funny but there are many more times that what you are seeing is your interpretation of what occurred and it is through the replay that many negative self-conversations take place and you begin to judge and condemn yourself if a situation grew out of control.


Sananda’s Predictions for 2014 (for the Sedona Journal)

Sananda’s Predictions for 2014 (for the Sedona Journal)


It is a great pleasure to bring this message to such an enlightened audience. We are cooperating to create this special information to the readers of the Sedona Journal, but of course it will be relevant to all those who wish to raise their vibration at this time.

It is a moment in history that will be remembered eternally, these days of balancing on the cusp of monumental change. Many who have been preparing for years are finding it difficult to understand why it is taking so long for all of you to be directed to the runway for lift-off. I assure you, Beloved Ones, it is all meaningful, all evolving in good time.

Many of you complain that times are hard, that there are so many in dire straits, losing their homes, dealing with illness, finding it hard to keep going. You have also been told that Ascension will bring perfect healing, unlimited Prosperity and the ability to manifest whatever you need. Feel your way through the old thinking to the truth behind what is happening now on the planet. For every person in need, there is an opportunity to be of service for those around them; for everyone who is ill, there is an opportunity for friends, family members and those in loving service to come forward. Never has the environment been more conducive to raising your vibrational levels through acts of kindness and unconditional love.

New ways of offering help, and new community organizations to care for the elderly, the sick and the poor are springing up everywhere. No more is it necessary to establish a non-profit and do fundraising to get the attention of those around you. As the wealth has shifted to the top few percent of the population, more and more of you are in the same boat together, struggling to hang on to your homes, wondering how you will pay your bills. This is no longer the province of the few poorest among you; there are few who have not learned to budget carefully and weigh your priorities where money is concerned. You now share the sense of living on the edge that used to be felt only by the few.

It is a humbling experience for those who have been used to living well to suddenly find themselves without the means to take care of themselves. Family members have moved in together, children return to their parents’ homes and all begin to work anew on the relationships that may have been problematic in the past. Many find common ground, greater tolerance, and new ways to offer kindness and support, where animosity once marred the peace. It is a time of reconciliation, of forgiveness. Most of all, you are learning to feel deep empathy for each other.

Across the globe, there is a new awakening, which is gaining momentum by the day. You are all familiar with the concept of the tipping point. Well, Dear Ones, you have reached the glorious tipping point which is going to carry you into the new year in triumph and joy. You are raising your vibrations daily, as Mother Earth is joyfully raising hers. Together you will all enter the New Golden Age in a new state of mind – having raised your level of humility, kindness and empathy. It is truly a new day coming for humankind.

Do not fear the news reports of mayhem and disaster. Although there will be some upheaval as Mother Earth stretches and expands, there will not be enormous loss of life, even though there will be challenges. As hearts grow more loving, communities will pull together to protect and shelter one another, and life will go on. There will be a time in future years when all will be removed from the planet to allow Mother Earth to completely cleans and renew herself, but in the meantime, you will have a period of growth, celebration and joyful communion.

The end of wars, the arrival of your Star Brothers and Sisters, and the introduction of new forms of governance will all come to pass in 2014. You are being prepared now for the new age of reconciliation, cooperation and an end to economic suffering. The light of Love, Harmony and Friendship is growing, as countries everywhere are ignited in the joint sense of self-respect and dignity that will not permit tyranny in any form to continue.

It has been a long evolution, with many twists and turns in the path, but humankind is maturing, and the time of testing and challenge is coming full circle. Many of you know that I, Sananda, was one of the original Kumaras who came here from Venus to help rescue Planet Earth from the grip of the Dark Ones, because of our faith and great love for humankind. That love has grown over the eons, even though the conditions became extremely hard in recent generations. We now see you, determined, resolute and courageous, having completed your arduous task of remaining in Faith and in Love in spite of the arduous task of fending off Darkness at every turn.

You have succeeded, Beloved Ones. You have made it possible for us, your loving friends, to return to walk among you, to join you in celebrating the New Beginning which will come gloriously and unmistakably into fruition in 2014. We are on the ships awaiting our reunion. Our beloved Twin Flames are among you, working to bring our message and spread the Light. Many are the powerful women who will come to the fore as the leaders of the new era, the great time of the ascendence of Feminine strength and leadership. I will rejoin my beloved Lady Nada, and I will be with you again, this time in peace, harmony and celebration.

I am your Sananda, the one you knew as Yeshua ben Joseph.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, October 14, 2013.

Chapter Twelve, The New Scriptures as Written by Sananda/Jesus

Chapter Twelve, The New Scriptures as Written by Sananda/Jesus

 6 September 2013 – 6:49am |  Pegalys

by Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 09/05/13

Prime Creator has spoken. You have been given the New Commandments for Ascension. These carefully stated Universal Laws need no interpretation. There are no hidden meanings or mysterious inferences in these words; they are simply the True expression of our Creator, giving us help to carry us through the coming days. No person on Planet Earth will be exempted from these Laws, and no person will be excluded from the privilege of Ascension except by their own choices.

Why would anyone want to be excluded from this glorious opportunity? It is a simple matter of being willing to accept the existence of a life after death, and accepting the idea that you are each in charge of your own destiny. In addition, there are many who have subscribed to the religion of scientific exploration, which requires that nothing is believable which cannot be seen and touched by the five senses. This limited view has achieved much in terms of understanding the physical world around you, but it cannot offer understanding of the mysteries of life in higher dimensions.

Many people have become so rejecting of anything that sounds like “religion” that they will reject these teachings simply because they have Our names on them. To them, you can say that it is our desire to end the practice of all “organized religion” in favor of a direct conversation with each of you personally. There is no requirement that you adhere to any cult-like organization or any elaborate set of rules of behavior beyond what you read here. We do not wish to gain “converts” to a particular practice or belief system. We want to teach you how to reconnect with the God in you – your sacred I AM Presence. There is no need for any other guidance outside yourself.

We also wish to introduce you to the Heavenly Host. This general title refers to all the Enlightened Beings in spirit form, From Prime Creator, Mother/Father God and me to the Archangels and the Ascended Masters who are old souls working with Us to help you along your path. They are beings with much experience and expertise in the ways of 3-dimensional life and they understand well what will be required for you to complete your Ascension.

These Beings have not often been spoken of in the Bible or other writings except in relation to their Earthly incarnations, except perhaps for me and my Mother, Mary. Kwan Yin’s popularity in Asia is an exception. Thanks to his work to establish the Prosperity Funds to rescue Planet Earth from economic slavery, St. Germain is becoming more well known in the Western world. Their influence is profoundly felt on the surface of the planet, even if their presence is not acknowledged. These are the Ones who guide and look after you, and their encouragement and direction can be felt by anyone whose heart and mind is open. You generally refer to their messages and interventions as “intuition.”

These are your family, Dear Ones. They have looked out for you for eons. Many of you have worked closely with them during your time between lives and even now, during your sleeping hours. You too are able to travel, to leave your bodies and visit higher dimensions. You may remember dreams from childhood when you talked with God, or when you saw those who had passed on. Children, of course, are closer to their hearts than adults who have been acculturated to the denial of all things “extraterrestrial.” You will laugh when you arrive in higher dimensions and find how tiny your peephole to the cosmos has been.

Now let us discuss your approach to sexuality. We have at times encouraged a rather straight-laced approach to sexual behavior because of the especially lascivious attitudes present on the planet. We have tried to balance the extremes when necessary, but as a culture you have matured to a degree. There are still objectifying attitudes, especially in the media and on the internet, but it is time for you to step into a more reasonable, open-minded approach to understanding your sexual drives and your reproductive potential.

We in the higher dimensions have no moral judgments about who has sexual relations with whom, except where children or women in captivity are concerned. You have free will, and will learn your lessons well by making your mistakes and reaping the results in your own lives. Many a good marriage has been destroyed by infidelity, but have you ever noticed how frequently the “wronged” party moves on to another, more satisfying relationship, or how often both partners find lasting love after the breakup?

We see you caught up in your passions, your temptations and your lapses. We sympathize with you, because the sexual drive is very strong in your species, and partnerships are best strengthened and lengthened by a fulfilling sexual relationship. Unfortunately, many religious teachings, in an effort to control people through their sexual feelings, have created the impression that God despises sexuality, especially if it is fun, and not for the purpose of reproduction. This is nonsense. You were given this gift of sexual pleasure to enjoy, and to share in a loving relationship. I do not need to tell you that sex with a stranger is unsatisfying, unfulfilling and downright strange.

Sex has been described by some as the “glue” that holds a relationship together during the hard times. This is true. The strains of everyday life, issues of money and raising children in a culture that is hostile to them – all contribute to feelings of discontent and frustration which can be soothed or worsened by the feeling tone of the partnership. An admiring mate (whether married or not) can be a tremendous help when life strikes a blow, and a comforting sexual encounter can heal almost any difficult challenge. We wish you Love, and in a partnership, that means physical Love.

Much has been made of the idea that homosexuality is considered a forbidden abomination in God’s eyes. This is not true. There are now many on the planet who took on the challenge to come to this life in the body of one whose sexual impulses had been modified to create attraction to others of the same sex. It has been a courageous contract, one which guaranteed difficult emotional adjustments, challenges to one’s self-esteem, and sometimes physical threats. Those who volunteered for this life challenge knew they would be confronting the common belief systems, especially those of the fundamentalist sects. This was our desire – to create a situation which would eventually result in exposing the hatred behind bigotry, just as was done during the Civil Rights era.

The Western World has moved very quickly, in relative terms, to adopt a tolerant attitude toward alternative lifestyles. We are pleased with this rapid change, and are grateful to our courageous brothers and sisters who put their lives on the line to make it happen. It has forced the hand of those who were rigidly attached to their religious dogma, opening a crack in the armor, you might say.

As more and more people defend their friends who are gay, who live loving and productive lives in partnerships that are every bit as stable and nurturing as their heterosexual counterparts, and as their child-rearing expertise has proven equally supportive to children who might not otherwise have a stable home, the world has had to acknowledge that gay people are not so different after all. You see, in terms of opening doors to tolerance and Love, this was a dramatically successful experiment.

Now that the Reptilians have left the arena of global financial systems, there will also be a rapid shift in priorities, as people who are tired of “the rat race” are at last able to reduce their hours to find satisfaction in family life, creative endeavors and service to the community. With the war machine winding down, there will be enormous amounts of money available for the amenities which make life more comfortable and more fun. Charitable funding is already on the increase, and will begin to be felt as an engine of productivity in the arts, in music, drama, dance and other creative endeavors.

A new respect for artistry is already beginning to be felt, as the same-old gyrating, scantily-dressed popular music stars lose their luster by comparison with truly talented singers and songwriters who bring their heart-felt songs to a public that is hungry for real meaning. The Reptilian preference for peddling cheap-and-tacky in every area of life is now at an end. Humanity will now rise to the level of artistic expression which has been seen before, when beauty and excellence was celebrated, as in the European Renaissance, and the height of the Greek and Roman period. What a pleasure it will be to see galleries and museums, parks and homes filled with the astonishingly beautiful creations of which humankind is capable.

You, our Dear Ones, will have the opportunity to explore your true desires, and it will create a new freedom in your everyday lives that will quickly flow over into new attitudes toward anything which is restrictive or oppressive. This is the new opening of portals to higher dimensions having their effect. You, the first readers of these words, are on the forefront of the movement to free all from psychological oppression, the last bastion of 3-dimensional imprisonment. You will very quickly reclaim your right to think for yourselves, experience your own feelings and decide for yourselves whether you feel the Presence of your loving Mother/Father God, whether you too can hear my voice when I embrace you and speak softly into your ear.

Faith is not blind, Beloved Brothers and Sisters; it is based in experience. You read these words, you feel the Truth in them, and you feel relief, because they are simple thoughts that express what you have always known in your heart. These messages will only be upsetting to someone who has been convinced to blindly accept something they do not truly feel, but have adopted because someone made an internally consistent argument that appealed to their ego/brain. If your religious beliefs make you feel superior, they are wrong. If they make you feel shame, they are mistaken. If they make you feel fear, they are coercive. If it makes you angry or anxious when others do not agree with you, you are vibrating at a low level, and you need to raise your Love quotient rather than invest in defending a set of ideas or principles, no matter how right you may think they are.

These Truths I give you now are timely because of your preparation for ascension. In earlier days, it was timely to emphasize other principles because of the conditions people were living under. You have evolved, you have access to far greater information because of your internet, and you are more familiar with the basic concepts of astronomy, physics and economics. The concept of space travel, for instance, is not entirely strange to you, even though your governments have made every effort to keep secret those things which are becoming common knowledge to the entire populace. There are few individuals who have not seen space craft in their skies, and the sightings are increasing daily.

The institution of free education for all through high school, while not a perfect system, has created a populace in the Western World and parts of the Far East where 100% literacy is the norm. Compare this to just 150 years ago. I am now able to talk with you about the waves of plasma energy from the Central Sun in the center of the Universe, and you read on. When we mention that your DNA strands are being activated, you have enough familiarity with the concepts to discuss it and ask questions.

Even the ability to write these words in English and expect to have an audience far beyond your shores is a remarkable phenomenon. You see, this is why we need a new version of the Scriptures. Much of the old writings are in language which now sounds stilted or unintelligible, and much has been skewed over time to satisfy the desire for restrictive, dogmatic teachings with which to frighten and control people. Many of you are familiar with “A Course in Miracles,” which is a large work which I dictated about 40 years ago. It is difficult for many to tackle, and far more complex than the simple and direct words I give you here. Now is the time for clear, definitive answers to pressing questions, a time to reach the greatest number of people possible. Now is the time for action.

As you read these messages, allow the feelings of my heart to speak to you. Let the Love of Prime Creator speak through these pages. Let Mother God’s tenderness and Father God’s strength flow through your veins. Then feel Mother God’s feminine strength and Father God’s masculine tenderness soak into every cell of your body. Feel the Light and radiant expression of Love I feel when I connect with them and with Prime Creator. I send the great expression of tenderness and joy which is the essence of our beings to you, Beloved Ones. Feel our embrace, our admiration for you as you raise yourselves up, and rejoice with us. It is truly a magnificent time to be alive.

I love you all, my Brothers and Sisters of the stars,
I am your Sananda/Jesus.

Sananda: Walk Forward Into This New Mist of Love That You Have Built Within You and Share It With The World Now – September 2, 2013

Sananda: Walk Forward Into This New Mist of Love That You Have Built Within You and Share It With The World Now – September 2, 2013

 3 September 2013 – 3:23am |  franheal


Greetings, fellow Light Beings, and purveyors of Peace and Love. I greet you this day with so much love in my heart for you all and with so much gratitude for your relentless service to all mankind. You are doing splendidly despite all odds, despite all obstacles, despite all interferences.

You keep on going despite it all, and that is the reason that you were chosen for this task, and the reason that you accepted it with whole hearts and lightness in your being, for you knew that you would succeed in this mission of bringing whole and Divine Light to the World as you greet your whole Divine Selves in concert with Creator once again.

And I greet you with open arms and open heart to match your open arms and open hearts that you extend to all mankind and to all your Galactic brethren, for you meld with their energy every day. You raise yourselves to greet them and allow them into your lives and your world. You herald the day when you all shall live in communion with them and in communion with all the Light Beings in the Celestial Realm, for you see, you are becoming that illuminated, so that there is soon to be no difference in your vibration and energies.

And so it is, dear ones. I implore you to grasp this truth. I implore you to know that deep down you have all it takes to blossom further into the full Divine Beings that you have always been destined to be. You are there on many levels. You simply need to allow for more clearing and for more love to enter your hearts.

And you shall have the opportunity, dear ones. For the energies are being prepared to offer you more such opportunities and are increasing day-by-day and minute-by-minute. You are up to the task. You are readied in your physical bodies for much more Light and Love to enter and to be utilized for the spread of Love and Peace to all mankind. You are doing splendidly. And it shall be that soon you will look back and see your progress and feel wonder at the changes within your heart and soul as you blossom into the Divine template you carry within you. The one you are destined to fully realize. Continue reading


Chapter Eleven, The New Scriptures as Written by Sananda/Jesus

 2 September 2013 – 6:26pm |  Pegalys

by Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 09/02/13

Let us speak now of the challenges you will need to overcome in order to accomplish your personal Ascension. It is a process which very few on your planet have completed in the past, although many have lived productive and loving lives. It has been difficult to reach the high level of vibration required because of the atmosphere of heaviness, Darkness which has surrounded you. Even some who were named Saints after their deaths were not able to sustain the 5th dimensional vibration because of religious teachings, trauma or personal difficulty which caused them to lose their grip on the source of high vibration, which is Love and Joy.

Yes, it has been an impediment to ascension in the past when people believed that happiness and godliness do not mix. This has been a terrible travesty, because suffering and pain have been lauded, while cheerfulness and good will have been seen as a lack of serious commitment. What a shame this is. Laughter, song, dancing and play are a great part of the foundation for a strong connection to God. It has been a terrible development in religious practice, that self-flagellation, self-hatred and self-punishment are accepted as an appropriate means to elevating one’s spirituality.

I wish to make it very clear that punishment of any kind, including that which is directed toward the self, is completely inappropriate to any religious or spiritual practice which intends to lift one to a higher plane. These actions serve rather to lower one’s vibration by creating pain, especially emotional pain. It must be the most serious consideration in working toward Ascension that each person examine their habit of self-judgment.

Self-judgment is not the same as evaluating your own behavior in order to improve or change. Judgment is an attitude of superiority, condemnation and prejudice. It is designed to create a feeling of triumph or power over another, even if that “other” is your own self. Thus, a division is created in the person – what you might call a split in the personality – in which the one who judges harshly and the one who is punished happen to inhabit the same body. Such is the power of the human imagination, that one can take a position of power over oneself.

This separation or division between the “I” and “Me” within one individual has come to be accepted as a normal, even advantageous way to motivate or improve oneself. This is not true. Just as punishment creates ill will and resentment, so does self-punishment. This tradition of applying Darkness to create Light is entirely destructive, a form of torture developed by those who wished to divide and control others. You cannot divide and control yourself; this is a direct route to the lower-vibe emotions, like sadness, despair, depression and anxiety. It prevents you from breaking free, and it prevents you from doing the healing you need to accomplish in order to ascend.

Now, what is the way out of this conundrum? Understand that Our Love contains no judgment, no condemnation, no disapproval. In accepting the Love of God, you must also relinquish your attachment to disapproving judgment. Love yourself as I love you, and you will begin to smile. Allow the last of your tears to fall, cleansing the regret and pain you have accumulated over lifetimes of disapproval and belittlement, then dry your eyes and look around you. You will begin to see beauty, strength and intelligence in those around you – those who are like you and those who are different.

God does not look down upon those whose skin is a different color from yours, or those who are poor, those who are in a female body, or those who are practicing a religion that is different from yours. All are God’s children, and all are equal in God’s eyes. I see you as Mother/Father God do: I see brilliant souls at every level of development, all striving to learn, all wanting to evolve. None is more valuable than any other in our eyes; all are precious, all are divine.

All life in the Universe is sacred, and all life represents consciousness. Every planet is a Being, every animal, plant and insect are soul creations, an integral part of All That Is. The Kingdoms of the plants and animals are sacred participants in the whole that is under the protection and nurturance of Mother Earth, the great cosmic planet soul. It is not an esoteric or strange pagan practice we teach here – it is Truth. You have been separated from connection to the life around you, and it has added to your estrangement, your feelings of alienation and loneliness. Restore those connections and you will never again feel loneliness or despair.

Begin with gratitude. Consider the goodness in life. Perhaps you have seen something beautiful in Nature; perhaps you have tasted Love in your life. Celebrate those moments, those precious experiences you hold in your memory. Look around you to search out beauty. A blade of grass holds wonder; a child’s eyes reflect the depth of God’s absolute Love. What is a disability or an affliction but a sacred trust? God trusted you to overcome, to learn something profound in the experience of living in a body which is different from the norm, or a mind that creates differently from others.

Throw away your judgments: this is good, this is bad. Open your hearts to a new perspective – Our perspective, which is always colored by the deepest Love, and the deepest desire to see you grow. See yourself through Our eyes, and you will never again feel a moment of shame or disappointment in yourself. You are perfect, and you are learning.

You may see your past in the cruel light of self-judgment. This was a failure, that was a mistake. You may feel you are not “successful” in your life. Dear Ones, from our perspective, there is no such thing as an unsuccessful life, unless you spent every moment of it asleep, and even that would be an important lesson. As long as you are alive, as long as your have breath, you are on the threshold of a new revelation. Any moment, you are able to awaken and begin anew, in Love and Light. Now look back at the experiences of your life. See how each “mistake,” every disappointment led you to make a change in your path, or opened new possibilities for your growth.

There are no failures, Beloved Ones. There is only learning. From this perspective, the more failures you have experienced, the more likely you are to be preparing yourself for your ascension. The “school of hard knocks” which is life on Planet Earth has prepared you for one of two things – great empathy and compassion, or arrogant intolerance. Which will you choose? And which will you choose to apply to yourself?

In Truth, the most important principles to live by, and the fundamental requirement for Ascension are these:

No soul will reach the level of vibration needed to take part in the Ascension to the 5th dimension without a complete and absolute acceptance of themselves as Divine. This is the knowledge that we each are loved without exception. The acceptance of that Truth then becomes unending Love of the Self – what you have called Unconditional Love. In this acceptance, you become Light – the powerful beacon of Love which will lift you and others around you to higher levels of consciousness.

Absolute and unending Love of Self releases the Being from all experience of the emotions of shame, fear and judgment. This freedom unleashes the power of creativity, and the capacity to love others unconditionally, without judgment or fear. It is a complete joining with Source and the recognition of the Self as One with Creator, and with all consciousness.

We, the Trinity of Prime Creator, Mother/Father God and I, Sananda, hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all souls are created equal. We are the ones you have known as The Father (Prime Creator), the Son (myself) and the Holy Spirit (Mother/Father God).

These designations have in the past been limited to male identity, although each of us carries the wholeness of being both male and female in our Nature. I, Sananda, am the male expression of my Unity Being, which includes my feminine counterpart, or Twin Flame, who is Lady Nada. She accompanied me in body in my life as Jesus, as the one you knew as Mary Magdalene. Together we form one complete soul.

Mother and Father God are One, both male and female, the Creators of our galaxy, who together envisioned the planet you know as Earth. It was then birthed by Mother God as the expression of their Unified essence, which is Love. As in humankind, only the Mother has the abiity to give birth to new souls; she carries the gift of birth in her Being.

Prime Creator is One, neither male nor female, the Beginning, the First Creator. Lady Nada and I are the soul child of Prime Creator, as are Mother and Father God. We were created to fulfill our missions in service to Love. Our essence is Love, and we have developed that Love over eons, as we learned the power of Creation under the watchful eye of our Maker.

Mother/Father God have fulfilled their destiny as the Creators of this galaxy, and they continue to evolve and expand as Beings of Light, as we all do. Every soul in the entire Cosmos is a part of the expanding breath of life, the inevitable flow which leads to constant change, constant evolution to higher levels of consciousness.
Planet Earth, the precious creation of Mother/Father God, fulfills her destiny as the Mother by being a part of the birth of all that which sustains life within and upon her body. The matter of which she is made is the source of life for all beings, including humankind. All beings who are birthed on her body carry both the essence of their Created Souls and the material essence of their bodies – the marriage of Spirit and form which creates life as you know it on Earth.

Thus, the bodies which you inhabit during your sojourn here on Earth are the vessels of your souls, the entities which have allowed you to experience life in the lower, denser atmosphere of the 3rd dimension. In times past, when you ended your lives as human beings, you would leave your body to return to Mother Earth, while your soul being made the transition to the 5th dimension.

This time it will be different for those who choose to ascend before the end of their present lifetime. You will transition to higher dimensions, but you will take your bodies with you, to be renewed and restored to perfect health, and you will be able to remain with those bodies if you wish to return to Earth.

Should you accomplish the elevation to higher dimensions, your body can be left for safekeeping while you travel in your lightbody, the essence of your soul being. This will give you tremendous freedom, to experience life in a body, as you have done here during this lifetime, or to travel the cosmos as your disembodied consciousness, your soul essence. You will also be able to join with your Twin Flame, the other half of your Created Soul, as one. It is truly the spiritual version of what you would call “a win-win situation.”

Now we are being summoned by Prime Creator, who wishes to contribute to this discussion by including a statement here.

Prime Creator Speaks:

It is joy which brings me to communicate with you. It is a time of rebirth, of increasing vitality and change. The events you are experiencing now are the beginning of a new era for Planet Earth, and it also heralds in a shift across All That Is to a higher vibration. All beings in the Multiverse – the Universes within and beyond your human perception – are taking part in the rising tide which lifts all to higher levels of existence. Indeed, every being in every corner of the Universe will feel the effects of this great rebirth.

It is my intention that all be given the freedom to grow, to ascend to higher dimensions. It is the birthright of all beings, this natural movement toward expansion. It is felt everywhere as individuals and as groups, although many areas of the cosmos have already evolved to an experience of life which is lived as a group identity, a shared consciousness. It is the evolution of Love to join with others in harmony and bliss. It is your destiny to make this transition as well, although that is still a long way off for humankind. Your experience as individuals – your individuation phase – has been a productive learning experience, one which will bring great richness and depth to your eventual joining in Unity.

For you, behind the Veil of Forgetfulness which shields you from knowledge of those higher dimensions you have experienced as Home between incarnations, it is not apparent that there are worlds beyond worlds for you to explore. It has appeared to you that all existence is what you see and feel with your present bodies, through the use of your five senses. This was part of the Great Experiment, of course. It allowed you to experience free will. Were you to have complete vision as you do in higher dimensions, you would not be able to make completely independent choices, for higher dimensional Vision allows you to see cause and effect, removing the mystery of where a particular decision will lead you.

Thus, in the condition of 3-dimensional Earth, you were given the option to direct your life in response to your experience of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. The added element of physicality, combined with free will, has created a superior learning environment, with the opportunity to choose connection with me and with other beings in spirit form, or to live apart from the Love and support of the Heavenly Host. Those who have maintained this connection or are awakening to it will find their path cleared for them. By joining with the power of Love, you are able to take flight.

As each one awakens to the possibility of accomplishing this wondrous transition together, you will have need of teachers, mentors and guides to help you take this leap into what you might think of as the unknown. Your guides will have already pierced the Veil and will be aware of the glories which await you. You will receive all the help you need, for as long as you need it. This is also part of the plan.

Many among you are incarnated Ascended Masters who have come to assist you. They too have had to make the effort to awaken from the oppression and Darkness which has weighed upon all of you. They have lived many lives in preparation for this time, where they gained in wisdom and strength, and they are now working to clear away all residue of distortion and suffering from this and past lifetimes, so that they may lead you from a position of Absolute Love.

During each phase of growth as it is expressed in the process of Ascension, there are souls who step forward to lead others toward the Light. On your planet at this time, the Kumaras, whose growth as souls was accomplished over eons on the Planet Venus, have played an important role. They are the family of Sananda which has taken a special interest in this Ascension, and they are all the children of my heart.

Over eons, they have evolved to their position of influence by virtue of their level of learning and their achievement of higher dimensional understanding. They are among the Enlightened Beings who serve in positions of responsibility on your planet and in the High Councils of the Galactic Federation and beyond. It is the custom for these Enlightened Beings to serve as Regents of Planet Earth – those leaders who take responsibility for the growth and development of all beings on the planet.

The Regents, who are also known as Lords of the World, serve for a period of some 2,000 years as measured in Earth time. The Regents who have been chosen by a Council of beings from this planet and beyond to serve at this time of transition are the ones you know as Lord St. Germain and Lady Portia. They take over the duties from the past Regents, Lord Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus. As some of you may know, in his recent Earthly incarnation, Sanat Kumara trained Kathryn over a period of 30 years in the ancient technique of Visual Centering, to prepare her for this work she is doing now. Of course, neither of them knew of that at the time. They only knew they felt a very strong bond, and loved each other very much.

Their special interest and commitment to the cause of Love and Light has been recognized for eons, and their love of Mother Earth and humankind is unwavering. In preparation for this responsibility, they have each lived lives as leaders of the people. St. Germain is known for his incarnations as alchemist, writer and political leader, while Lady Portia has served in powerful political positions as queen in various eras in several countries during your history. Together and separately they have helped to shape the fertile arena which is now your springboard to Ascension.

Our channel, Kathryn, is not comfortable with being both the subject and the scribe for these discussions, but we can assure her this is not the only source of information on this topic. We also wish to reassure others who sincerely believe they have been given the responsibility of presenting the presence of Lady Portia in body at this time, you are indeed an aspect of Lady Portia, and your Twin Flame is an aspect of St. Germain, and you are offering a great service by disseminating the wonderful teachings of these Masters.

It is time now on Planet Earth for all of you to begin diligently applying the lessons you have been given here, in Sananda’s teachings, and in the many messages from Mother/Father God which are all gathered on the website, This is the original source of our teachings, which were first written in English. Translations have been made in many languages, and the messages may be copied without charge, but the originals should always be considered the authentic source.

We are giving you everything we can offer you in writing, and our Masters are teaching our True Way across the globe, but it is up to you to read with an open heart, to be willing to change the ideas you have come to believe as a result of your religious teachings, and above all, to raise you vibrations so that you will be prepared to ascend when the portals become visible to you. It is entirely your choice and your responsibility to prepare yourselves, as our Ascended Masters have done in the past. We are sending waves of healing energy to you now, to help you wash away old feelings, old convictions and old pain so that you can experience yourselves as the brilliant beings of Love you were born to be.

Let me give you one last definitive explanation of what is required for your personal ascension:
1). You must maintain complete command over your emotions, thoughts and feelings, such that you only permit expression of the high vibration emotions, which are Love, Compassion, Kindness, Forgiveness, Joy, Laughter, Harmony and Peace.

2). Gain command over your thoughts so that you refuse entrance to those thoughts and ideas which cause you doubt, anger, resentment, anxiety or despair, or which bring these feelings to others. Do not insist that you are simply addressing “reality.” These thoughts are all manifestations of Darkness, the Dark teachings of the past.

3.) Understand that self-defense is only that. Initiating an attack on another, regardless of the professed excuse, is never acceptable to God.

4). Remain in a state of good will, kindness and compassion toward yourself and your fellow humans at all times. Any religion or attitude which professes enmity, disapproval or condemnation toward others is false and not of this Creator.

5). Accept that you, and all the animal, vegetable and mineral creations on your Planet Earth are conscious beings with feelings, thoughts and aspirations to ascend. Refrain from eating the animals, for they are your friends. You will all rise together, and you will receive great assistance from the other Kingdoms.

6). Protect your planet as you would your child, for she is the source of Life. Do not permit invasion and attack to her body, regardless of any excuse that is given or any entitlement assumed.

7). Join with others, especially including the children, to joyfully and consciously prepare yourselves for this all-important event. Nothing in your lives is as important or as deserving of your attention as assuring your own Ascension and that of the people around you.

8). Allow the endless Love from Us to flow through your body and fill your heart. In this way, you allow your own ascension to occur effortlessly.

9). Teach patience, compassion and endless Love through your own actions, which speak louder than anything you can say. Make peace with those around you, and you will live in peace.

10). Approach this challenge with Joy, for it is truly the stairway to Heaven.

These are my Commandments and the desire of my Heart, to see every one of my Earth children ascend in Joy, as all fulfill the destiny of humankind, to live in peace and harmony in the 5th dimension. They are Universal Laws, and living by these Laws will bring unfathomable happiness and fulfillment to every being on Earth and in the Heavens.

I give you my Love, my trust in your innate Nature, and the assistance of my trusted Masters to help ease your way. May your days be filled with Laughter and Joy.

I AM your Prime Creator.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, August 31, 2013, 12 PM

‘Sananda you sound as if there is an agenda, Sananda you sound as if there is a timing issue here?’ Yes, I have an agenda, the agenda is love. The agenda is love yourselves dear ones that you may be whole, that you may teach others to be whole so that when the transition of energy and physicality comes you are in a place of receiving, you are in a place of balance, a place of completion. So when the time comes for this old Earth to literally roll away you will be ready to step into the new Earth, the new dimension and the experiences there. I have an agenda of love, I have an agenda of assistance, I have a plan and a purpose to bring to as many who will hear the voice of my voice, the knowing and the idea and the understanding that they are indeed competent beings, well able to achieve whatever they set their minds and hearts upon.

‘Sananda you sound as if there is an agenda, Sananda you sound as if there is a timing issue here?’ Yes, I have an agenda, the agenda is love. The agenda is love yourselves dear ones that you may be whole, that you may teach others to be whole so that when the transition of energy and physicality comes you are in a place of receiving, you are in a place of balance, a place of completion. So when the time comes for this old Earth to literally roll away you will be ready to step into the new Earth, the new dimension and the experiences there. I have an agenda of love, I have an agenda of assistance, I have a plan and a purpose to bring to as many who will hear the voice of my voice, the knowing and the idea and the understanding that they are indeed competent beings, well able to achieve whatever they set their minds and hearts upon.


SANANDA – 19th August 2013
Via Louise James
© Ascension Explorers 2013

Greetings dear children, greetings into this most wonderful blessed place. A place that is saturated with the Universal Love. I am Sananda and I greet you with the love and the light that is embodied and imbued within my own energy. I resonate it out for you to take what you desire, what you need at this time. For this is indeed a glorious moment to breathe and acknowledge that which is the changes of the cycles of life. For many things have been happening around the planet, many things have been drawing your attentions here and there. Is the world about to end? Is it being birthed? What about such and such and how do we proceed with preparations that we have been shown need to be done? And I would say, dear ones, be at peace. Speak to the elements and allow them to hear your words of peace, allow them to hear you words of guidance and love. For when you are in balance within yourself, when you are a master of all that is within you then it is easy to be master within the elements so that they may respond and to resonate with you. Remember, dear ones, you are the first step that you need to take. You are also your own master. There is none who can be master over you unless you choose to disempower yourself and place yourself within the arena of being under. But this night I am coming to bring a celebratory news. A time of that which is the great changes of life, the great changes of your planet, the great changes of all that is occurring. Oh, many are waiting for the epiphany, many are excited for the end of this time that they call life because they so desire to step into the new world, the new Earth, the new life, that they forget that whilst they are here there is much to be done, many to be spoken to, many to be bathed, anointed with the love, the tenderness of caring, of compassion. Many that need to have their words listened to. Similarly many that need to be told it is time to be silent. Dear ones, in the greatest of all loves of the greatest of all compassions I have come many times to speak to the human population, to my brethren, to those that I have communicated in lives past, those who I have walked with in lives past. My message has not changed, my message is not any different to when I first walked amongst you. Oh it has been changed, it has been altered to suit the requirements of a given age of a given time by those who believe that they know best. But that is not what I am going to be speaking on tonight. Tonight is a night of true energy connection on doorways opening.

In many ways you are in the midst of a great planetary opening and I say it this way to bring to your conscious awareness the enormity of what is occurring. You see, I could give you parables, I could give you stories about the what if’s, the why’s and the how comes, but truly it would not make an iota of difference to you because it would be hypothetical. So what I will do is I will say to you that at this moment around your galaxy, around your solar system, there are many turnings, many stars are beginning to fluctuate in their energy attracting to them similar star energy. As they line up, as they come into the quadrants and as they come into the geometrical patternings of sacred geometry, what begins to happen is that which you call the life cycle begins to change. And this is the exciting thing because now is back to the originalities of frequency. Now you are beginning to feel within yourselves the knowings and the understandings of why you entered into this arena, this place, this Earth. Why you came into this time of forgetfulness only to remember parts and parcels of why you are standing where you are standing, why you are sitting where you are sitting. And to those that are physically not present but will be hearing this at a later time, I speak to you, I speak to you because your timing to hear this is perfect. You are in the exact moment of when your ears need to be touched by the words, and the compassion, the love that is here for you. Your lives have brought you to a place of standing of observation and you are in crossroads, you are in moments of change, it is no strange thing that you are listening to my voice. Do not give up for you are on the brink of great discovery for self. Those who are present hearing my voice at this moment know that you are in a moment of change, a moment of expansion and a moment of acknowledgement. You are in your perfect place. Because within the perfection of your creation of being so it is that you are able to observe all that is going on in and around you. And just like in the days of old where you had governments coming up against you and you had belief systems being rocked and had riots happening in the market square and oh, all sorts of things, taxes. And yes my dears, even in the days when I walked upon your planet as one of you they had their own dilemmas, questions. And it is such that the questions have not so much changed it is just how often and how differently they are being asked. But look around you, dear ones. The sun still rises and then it sets. The moon comes up in the beauty that she is and then there are days that she hides from you. The flowers in your gardens and in the fields and in the forests, do they concern themselves on how they will find nourishment and warmth? No. Do the birds as they travel from tree to tree, from field to field, from nation to nation, do they burden themselves with navigational properties? Do they burden themselves with baggage and luggage? Do they burden themselves with even the thought, ‘where is my next meal?’ No they do not for is it not provided for them? Is not nature ensuring that it is looked after? Likewise dear ones, I would remind you that you have been given multiple, multiple ways and truths within yourselves to know that beyond a shadow of a doubt you will be provided for and you will be in the right place at the right time.

You are in a time of learning, a time of exchange where you are exchanging the old ways of your heart, the old ways of your memories, of your behaviours, of your thoughts, and you are taking into yourself new patternings, new designs. You are creating for yourselves an awareness of new concepts of love, new concepts of acceptance, of being in the moment of bliss. Never doubt the love that I Sananda have for you. Never doubt the love that I have for this planet. For as she goes through her shifts and changes she will, no matter where you are upon her surface, she will go through what she needs to do. This then releases you from the Earthly realm in a manner of speaking, to transcend and to connect at the energy level that you need to connect to so that you are able to be free at that moment of the density that is occurring so you can connect to the energy of the esoteric that is waiting for you to take you into the next level of understanding for your own growth. Do you believe that she shakes and quivers and explodes for the fun of it? No, dear ones. The fun, the joy comes when you and your energy come to the realisation that the quivering and the shaking of the surface of the planet of this Nation is only to bring you to an awareness of release that you can breathe out that which is forever troubling you and then breathe in that which is the new patterning, the new way of being. ‘But that is too simple, Sananda, surely that is too simple’. This is what they said when I said ‘love your brother as you love yourself. Do unto others as you would have done to by yourself’.. If I were to ask you dear ones would you slap your own face in anger, would you berate yourself and strike your chest with a implement to inflict pain upon yourself because you were distressed with yourself? Would you do it? No. No you would find some other way to release the tension and the stress and the distress. So why would you raise a hand against another that is distressed even if it is your distress with them or their distress with you. Treat them, love them as you love yourself, just as you would ensure that you are nourished, warmthed, covered, your thirst quenched, so you should look to the others and see how it is that you may assist them. Am I saying that you should all now run out to the streets and ensure that everyone is clothed and warmthed? No no I am not saying that. But when the situation arises, when you find yourself in a situation, do not turn the other way and say ‘I do not see it’. This is the old paradigm, this is the old way, you are moving more and more into a new paradigm, a new way of being where it is the heart energy co-joined with that which is the balance within that you will find your love, your compassion comes naturally, flowing. Energies all around are connecting at this time.

Energies are coming in from many, many dimensions. They are being magnetised to this planet for the sole purpose of observation, encouragement, teaching, and challenge at times of Gaia and the Human race as you process and progress through this next period of time. ‘Sananda, I heard that we were done with the challenges, I heard that this was the easy time, I heard, I heard, I heard’. Yes, you heard right, and yes, the big challenges are over but you will still face your own challenges within yourself so that you know that you are constantly evolving, constantly changing, constantly rising above the paradigm, coming above the markers, coming above that which is your connections. Because dear ones, you are indeed chosen. Chosen by many and more importantly chosen by yourselves to rise above that which is, shall we say, mulling around and dirtying the water. You have chosen to experience what it is to be in a density, you have chosen to experience what it is to be loveless and not receive the compassion and the love that is for you. You have also chosen to be in relationships and situations where you have given love, you have received love, but that love has been become wearisome due to circumstances and situations that you are now and have been in. It is time to release this, it is time to allow the Universe to open up the star portals and the energy connections to bring to you that which is the sweetness of this moment.

Oh, my dear friend of the Ascended Masters of the week previous, the Quan Yin, spoke of gathering the fragments, the parts of you, bringing it back in that you may integrate. Dear ones, it is time to expand the virtue of looking for the parts, it is now time to say ‘I welcome all the parts, from wherever they are, let them come. I welcome the completion, I welcome the wholeness’. And then, do not hold your breath expecting it to come in front of you, but have an expectation from that moment on that you will be faced with circumstance and situation where you will be shown yourself to yourself by yourself and by the Universe that you may integrate, marry up and bring into completion the parts of your energy, of your soul family, of your soul being.

‘Sananda you sound as if there is an agenda, Sananda you sound as if there is a timing issue here?’ Yes, I have an agenda, the agenda is love. The agenda is love yourselves dear ones that you may be whole, that you may teach others to be whole so that when the transition of energy and physicality comes you are in a place of receiving, you are in a place of balance, a place of completion. So when the time comes for this old Earth to literally roll away you will be ready to step into the new Earth, the new dimension and the experiences there. I have an agenda of love, I have an agenda of assistance, I have a plan and a purpose to bring to as many who will hear the voice of my voice, the knowing and the idea and the understanding that they are indeed competent beings, well able to achieve whatever they set their minds and hearts upon. Dear ones, far too often in this community of humanity many are knocked down by words that they hear from others around them.. It is time to start speaking words of positivity, compassion, consciousness into the Universe, into your own energies and into all that is around you. Oh there will be times when it is necessary and it is required that a harsh word may be used to bring guidance and to bring correction. But it should become less and less and less because when you come from a balanced place then ones who come to you will find that balance and want to emulate it and want to have what you have and you then have a workshop, you then have a carpentry space to begin to whittle and to fine tune and to dove-lock and dovetail the pieces together. For as you begin to work within your own energy understanding that you are your own master designer, you are your healer, you are the surgeon of your own soul, your own life, so it is that you will realise that the parts of you that you’ve been trying to remove actually fit, you just need to integrate them and be grateful. You need to realise dear ones, that Gaia is in flux, she is in change, her cycle of life is indeed being altered. Not just here in your community but around the world there are changes happening on her surface and under her surface. And those that are affected by her in the regions that she is changing are undergoing lifecycle changes, molecular structure, DNA structure, heart structure.

Dear ones, it is with the utmost compassion and love that I speak with you to bring to your awareness the great changes that are happening. And oh yes, many will say look to the stars there are many things happening in the planetary systems and the night sky. There is this emblem and there is this emblem and there is this symbol and there is that symbol, and they will try to pull you to look and to follow. If it resonates not with what is in your own truth, do not allow it to pull you to the side. And there will be many that will say that ‘this is the only solution, and this is the only way over here’. For more and more desperation dear ones, is coming through within humanity. Desperation because they see what they perceive the end, wars and famines and all sorts of things. And I would say to you, is it not exciting that the birth pangs are becoming a little more frequent which means that there is a new beginning, there is a new time coming and you are invited in the light of the Universe to be part of the great change. ‘Sananda, when will this be, tomorrow?’ No, no, It is already now, it is already now happening and yet the culmination, in many ways even I cannot give you a date but it is soon and yet it is sooner than later and later than sooner!! Am I now being a little paradoxical? (laughs) Dear ones, do not be so worried about the end time of date, rather rejoice that you are here experiencing, that you are here releasing and integrating, teaching. You are here in this moment of greatness with Gaia of change, in this small pocket of her planetary experience. Oh it may not seem at times to the humanity, pleasant and rejoicing and full of excitement, but if you can look beyond that which is the fear and the discomfort you will see and sense the joy of Gaia that is seeping out into the changed people and there is much laughter, much excitement about the changes that are occurring, unity is coming, community is being reborn into the lives of humanity. For it is only in community that you will find the strength to go forward. It is only in community and in balance that strength is unified. It is not through the muscle of an individual. It is like I have always said, if you take a stick it is easily snapped. If you take another stick and lay it next to the first stick and you try to break that it is still maybe a little difficult but it is still easier to break that as well. But if you lay a third and you try to break the three at the same time, now, now there is more resistance on the sticks’ side and now it is more difficult on your side to break it.

What am I saying? When you join your energies with ones who are of like mind and heart. When you interweave the connection of the compassion of love, when you connect to your own true centre, you become strong. Strength is within the community, within self, of knowing that you are part of something that is unique, very individual but un-isolated. Dear ones, you are in the golden time. Oh it has been referred to in many different ways and many different lifetimes, the Golden Age, the missing Golden Age, the lost age, yet this is the Golden Age. Golden because it is a very unique signature, a very unique time. The Golden Age because it is not going to end at the year 2014, it is going to continue for generations. And as it continues, so you will find, believe it or not, that peace will come, that peace will reign, that people will forget the wars, they will live in harmony. This is not a dream, this is your reality, this is where you will find yourselves. Do not give up dear ones, continue. I walk with you, I am with you, I love you, I am Sananda.

*Brought through by Louise James
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Human: “Jesus died for my sins”… Jesus: “How dare you think you can dump your load of transgressions on any innocent man, and you get off with some nice RAPTURE TO PARADISE. How dare you!”

Human:  “Jesus died for my sins”… Jesus:  “How dare you think you can dump your load of transgressions on any innocent man, and you get off with some nice RAPTURE TO PARADISE. How dare you!”


Phoenix Jouranl 32
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By Violinio Germain & Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn
237 Pages (125)
Jesus, Esu, Sananda gives us many corrections to part of His life story, as written in the Bible. He includes the truth about His crucifixion. He also gives us details of the deceptions of the “New Age” even to the point of staging a simulated second coming of Christ. If their script is successfully staged even the very elect could be deceived. BEWARE! He tells how to recognize the real Christ when he appears. We are given a very important lesson on holography and its use for deceiving the seekers.

Soltec gives us updated information about the volcanos, earthquakes and other earth changes and how they are tied into the political and economic situation.

Germain continues with his detailed description of how God creates all from His sex-divided Light. He gives us details about what electricity, magnetism, gravity, heat and cold actually are. If our scientists would put this knowledge to use for the world’s benefit we could have HEAVEN ON EARTH.

It is explained how the Creator uses electricity to create.

Germain helps us to understand God by defining God, and explaining in detail how God creates.

Details of the equipment Rife used for medical purposes is described.

This text contains many drawings and some charts to help everyone understand creation much better.

“Jesus” has returned as Sananda

SANANDA: Ye are still seeking “proof” and giving only partial participation at thine convenience, yet ye desire complete participation from me and mine angels!

SANANDA: Ye are still seeking “proof” and giving only partial participation at thine convenience, yet ye desire complete participation from me and mine angels!

Sananda: Feel and “See” Yourself Walking Always In the Golden Light and Consider It Your New Home ~ June 16, 2013


Sananda: Feel and “See” Yourself Walking Always In the Golden Light and Consider It Your New Home ~ June 16, 2013

 17 June 2013 – 12:36am |  franheal


Sananda: Feel And “See” Yourself Walking Always In The Golden Light and Consider It Your New Home ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda ~ June16, 2013

Greetings all. I come to greet you again and to discuss with you more “food for thought” as you embark further on your journey of ascension and complete enlightenment.

Your return to your True Selves has been an arduous journey at times, pray tell, but my gifted ones – my lighted ones, you are thoroughly prepared and “wired” for this illustrious journey all the way to fruition.

Be prepared for more refinement of your purpose and your destiny. As you enrich yourselves with the energies building and building as we speak, you may notice a lot of quivering in your Light Bodies. They are taking on greater amounts of light and so, must adjust. More pockets and packets of information will thus be opened for your awareness, and it is important that you relax and allow them to “come to light” so to speak.

Your refinement may leave you feeling “lost” and “empty” at times, but it is merely the adjustment and the intake of greater energies. I beseech you to take it in stride and not to “try“ to figure it out too much, but just allow and surrender and BE. This is still a little foreign to many of you, as you often get the “call” back to what you think is your true reality and so you must “attend” to things which may or may not bring you into a lower vibration.

However, this is all part of the refinement, this choosing of what you will put your attention to, and the richness of being that can result from just letting go and BE-ing with the new, strange and unknown senses – just a little while longer each time – can lift you higher and will allow you to experience the reality of the higher dimensions in a deeper and more fulfilling way, and in a more sustaining way.

It is all a gradation of up-liftments and you are all doing very well. Leaving the old behind will feel strange at times, but allowing yourself to soar into unknown territory, of a greater Lightness of Being, will prove very rewarding to you and also fortify your experience and “Be-ingness” there.

Take it at your own pace, dear ones, but keep lifting; keep viewing things through the lens of these glimpses of the higher dimensions you are becoming more and more privy to. For it is acclimating you to reside forever in that milieu, your rightful place.

As you lift and linger in those pockets of lighter energy and view everything from that perspective, you will find that the “pulls” into the lower dimensions of needs and wants and “have-tos” will begin to slip away more and more and become much less present and “charged” for you.

And so it is, as you ascend and expand and ascend into your “Lighter Truth and Being”. Nothing is looking the same, and this is appropriate, for as you change within, everything is morphed and altered; but in experiencing the sweetness of it, you will not want to go back.

Look for the “Lightness” in everything, for that is where your creation is fueled, where your transformation is fueled, dear ones. It is “written in the stars”, so to speak, that you shall inherit the earth, a New Earth, and you have achieved much already to that end.

Go at your own pace, but stay with your intent to absorb as much Light as you can, and to allow it to build to a crescendo within to allow an explosion of color and purity to envelop everything.

Feel and “See” yourself walking always in the Golden Light and consider it your new home. It will thus start to spread to others and envelop the world much more quickly.

For all intents and purposes, much is changed and much has shifted. Move aside the veil of your lingering illusion and see your world clearly for the first time. It is your norm now. It just remains for you to embrace it, dear ones.

The Glory of Creator is at your fingertips and you only have to allow it to grow in evidence for you. Sketch your intentions and dreams into the mist of this great Light that you are allowing to come forth from within, unleashed for your own betterment as well as for others.

The result is not always definitive, or concrete, but that is your old way of measuring things. The glory and change is in the breath of your newly felt Lightness of Being as you lift yourselves higher with thoughts and actions of Unconditional Love for yourselves and for others, as you bathe in that Light and Love as your natural habitat from here on out.

You are the peacemakers of the world and it is seeping out from every one of your “pores” of your lighted presence and Being. Enjoy the view and enjoy the scenery and get used to it. It is becoming your True Reality, dear ones.

Your loving servant, always,
I AM Sananda

As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included. (Blog) (Website)

A Message From “Jesus” (Prince Of This Universe), To The Elite And Military

A Message From “Jesus” (Prince Of This Universe), To The Elite And Military

A repost of a message that is as timely as ever… listen to the words of the prince of this universe and see if they resonate as the words of the historical “Jesus” from the bible… who is back 2000 years later and has brought millions of Lightships and beings with him… I bet humans don’t try to crucify him this time, not that it worked the other time.



The Shackles Shall Be Unlocked!

 12/6/01 – Esu “Jesus” Sananda

Esu present in Light and in Service to The One God. I come in response to your petition for the greater good of ALL.

There are those who seek to keep humanity enslaved in the chains of ignorance. I am come this day that the shackles may be unlocked, that the mind may be freed, and that the soul may soar with the eagles.

There is a scramble by your Elite One Worlders, and that scramble is to HOLD THEIR POSITION, for it is slipping from their grasp, more with each passing day. The harder they try to implement their plans of power, and to further enslave the population, the more quickly their plans are backfiring upon them. This shall continue; yeah, it shall escalate.

God’s Plan is for the WHOLE of humanity to be a FREE people. All plans of enslavement for God’s people shall always fail. It is foolhardiness to think otherwise.

But so it is with the Big Egos in positions of power. They are but puppets on a string, dancing to the Dark Brotherhood’s rhythms. All the while the Master of Deceit laughs at the antics which are so predictable, and so doomed to failure.

Collectively the awakening of mankind is ON TARGET. You don’t hear about that in your controlled media. Perhaps one day you shall. I said: Perhaps one day you shall! For in a free society there is also a FREE EXCHANGE OF TRUTHFUL INFORMATION. And so it shall be for those of humanity who make the CHOICE to live in accordance with the Goodness within man’s soul.

My compatriots and I shake our heads as we watch the antics of your military and political so-called leaders. They are like rats in a maze. Why is it that man, in his EGO, must seek to DOMINATE AND DESTROY all around him? You may not bomb innocent women and children and old men without consequences. Did you really think there would be no consequences for such actions? Come now.

      Esu “Jesus” Sananda                             


This reproduction is from an actual photograph taken on June 1, 1961 in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, by one of thirty archaeologists working in the area at the time. Esu Sananda appeared in visible, tangible body and permitted his photograph to be taken.


I come with God’s representatives of Light. And yes, we must allow man his choices. BUT WE DO NOT NEED TO STAND BY AND WATCH AS THE SLAUGHTER OF MANKIND IS UNLEASHED UPON THE PLANET.





I said it before and I shall repeat my words: You-the-people are being deceived and lied to. Your media is controlled and is not telling you the truth. THE VEIL OF DECEPTION SHALL SOON BE LIFTED, AND THOSE WHO HAVE LIED TO YOU SHALL STAND ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS.

Do I know the hour of my return? No, I do not know the hour of my return. But I may tell you that I am righteous in my anger, and when I do return there shall be a reckoning.

Do not be fearful, scribe, for no harm shall come to you. These words must be written so that people may see my words and take those words to heart. I hear your pleas, and those prayers shall not go unanswered.

Blessed people, you are loved beyond your ability to comprehend. KNOW that you are not alone in this magnificent universe. There is help, and we are here!

Hold this close in your hearts, and rest in the knowledge that God’s Plan is real, and justice shall prevail.

I am Esu Immanuel, who many of you have known as Jesus. I am known now as Sananda, which is a level of accomplishment meaning “One with God”.

Go in peace.


Angelo Mazzocchi -



Esu Sananda present in Radiance. I come in service to the Father and unto The Creation. Let there be no mistake about WHO I AM. Darkness is no part of my being. Indeed, the adversary cannot stand in the presence of Light and Truth.

All are open to receive the messages of Truth I bring. Yet, those steeped in fear and anger and greed and ill-intent choose to listen to another drummer, for their path is twisted and distorted by choices which serve only to mislead and entangle.

I come to you this day, on the anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence, for the voice of truth shall be heard throughout the land. It is not for “the chosen” or “the elect” that I speak, for ALL are God’s children. And yet through the choices that man makes, it is a truth that few shall be chosen, though many are called.

I do not come to you as some New-Age guru! God forbid! I come to you as LIGHT ITSELF, God Energy Manifest. Your planet is still so steeped in darkness that even now it is difficult to penetrate the thick cloud that hangs over your atmosphere, keeping God’s children oppressed in superstition and ignorance!

I come that people know the true from the false. I do not come to act as a balm to your rattled nerves. I come to tear back the sheets, to uncover the darkness, and speak truth, so that those of Godly intent may know that which has happened to them to keep them in bondage.

The Kingdom of God is within you! It is not in a church, in a building, in a doctrine of any kind. It is in the innocence of the child, and in the kindness of a gentle word and a soft touch. Oh, beloved, why have you of Earth distorted and misunderstood my teaching? You must love another as self. Don’t you see? It is so easy, and yet so difficult, it seems.

Your preachers and evangelists have misled you. I come to expose them, for those deeds of misleading many souls shall have dire consequences indeed! Harsh? No, just. I have come to SEPARATE the wheat from the chaff, and this I shall do, for I know well those who have served my cause with honor and those who have only served self!

Beloved, those who teach you to shun the Light are wrong! Embrace the Light, for contained therein is all knowledge, all love, all matter of Creation. Do not listen to those adversarial speakers who teach of embracing the darkness and the void, for they are deceivers and liars. Ask of God for protection and truth, and it shall be given! The call DOES compel the answer, and the intent determines your experience. Choose life, choose love, choose to walk the path of goodness and joy. It is right before you. What have you to fear?

There is no death for those who live according to the Laws of Creation. Therefore, do your part to make this a better world. Reach forth your hand and embrace whatever problems you feel you may have, and solve them. This experience of life in this dimension is a gift of service. Do not waste it on worry and anger. Rather, ask yourself: “What can I do to make this a better place?”  And then DO IT! There are NO LIMITS to what self may accomplish or become within the goodness of Lighted intent. Stop limiting and start creating, for the service you create shall be multiplied a hundred fold.

To those who say that Lucifer is the Bright Morning Star, the Brightest Light, therefore shun The Light (Creator Source), I say: By their fruits you shall know them.

Examine the message. What does it advocate? How does your heart feel when you read the message? Are you thrown into a state of conflict and turmoil and frustration and confusion? THESE are the earmarks of the adversary, the Master Deceiver himself!

If, on the other hand, the message is solidifying, calming, and brings answers to your unspoken questions, then call for God’s protection, take it within, and decide for self that which is true and that which is false. Have your false, so-called “experts” not deceived you long enough? Why do you fear the responsibility of determining for self that which is of God?

God IS all Knowledge, all Light, all Compassion, all Love. Why do you not know this? God allows you to determine your own path through the choices you make. Are you pleased with your choices? No? Then make new ones! Step forth, for fear will only hold you back and confine you. In love and joy, ALL THINGS are possible. KNOW IT!

Ask yourself: Does this one have a “vested interest” in keeping me bound to them? Does the false church leader have a reason to continue to keep his hands in your pockets? Does that one preach TRUTH? Or does that one bring fear?  Why, oh why do you not examine the causes of your bondage? The locks of the cell of bondage are a creation by self. Only self may unlock the door, through knowledge, which IS GOD. KNOW, and you shall become free from the shackles that bind you.

Take my hand and let us walk this journey in joy and service.

To those who would distort and twist my message of truth I say: stand back, for none shall stop me! And to the adversary I say directly: your days are numbered!

Go in peace and service.

In Light and Service to The Creation, I am Sananda – Esu of old.



Esu present in Light and in service to God, for the greater good of the Creation. Yes, the space is clear. I come in response to your petition, for the call compels the answer.

There are many myths that I wish to dispel, and many misunderstandings of my teaching that I wish to clarify. How may you even discern truth when the interpretations and translations presented unto you are different? Who is right? Which translation is correct? Which is complete, and which altered? You have no way of knowing, in truth.

Let me give you one small example of what I mean:

The Holy Bible, King James Version, Matthew 19:13 :

Then were there brought unto him little children, that he should put his hands on them, and pray: and the disciples rebuked them.

But Jesus said, “Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”

Matthew 18:3:

And said, “Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

“Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”

The Holy Bible, From The Ancient Eastern Text, George M. Lamsa’s Translation from the Aramaic of the Peshita (directly into English).

Matthew 19:13:

Then they brought little children to him, that he might lay his hand on them and pray; and his disciples rebuked them.

But Jesus said to them, “Allow the little children to come to me, and do not stop them; for the kingdom of heaven is for such as these.”

Matthew 18:3:

And he said, “Truly I say to you, unless you change and become like little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

“Whoever therefore will humble himself like this little child, shall be great in the kingdom of heaven.:

The Talmud Of Jmmanuel, The Clear Translation in English and German. Chapter 19, The Thought Of A Child “

It happened that the disciples stepped up to Jmmanuel and said, “Who is the greatest in spirit?”

Jmmanuel called a child, placed the youth among them.

And spoke, “Truly, I say to you: Unless you change and become like the children, you will not become great in spirit.

–Those who search, seek, and gather understanding and thirst for knowledge like this child will be great in spirit.

–Those who search, seek, and find like such a child will always reach their fullest potential within themselves.

–But they who do not heed this truth, follow false teachings, and neither search nor find, would be better off with a millstone hung around their necks and drowned in the deepest sea.

–Truly, there is no sense in life and no fulfilling of its meaning without searching, seeking, and finding.”

Do you glean the same understanding from each of these messages?

Not only are children without sin, but they are open, joyful, curious about the world around them, and eager to explore and learn new things.

It is a small example, yet one in which there is room for interpretation; therefore clear understanding is lost.

And so it is with so many of the parables which were given for the time in which they were presented, within the historical and cultural context of the town or country in which they were given.

Your world is so different now, filled with noises and distractions that were unknown in the period of the Bible. The lessons must be taught within the new historical context of the time period in which you each are experiencing.

Your world is accelerating in its evolutionary cycle, and your time is speeding up at such a rate that you have little time to complete that which is started, little time to do that which must be done, and yet it is all the time you have to work with. It is as it is, and it shall accelerate at an even faster pace, making it a time for careful choices. So that which is done is of utmost importance, and that which is not important shall simply not be done.

It is a period of great introspection and reflection, a time of evaluation of priorities and relationships. It is a time to smooth the rough edges, and to calm the turbulent spirit. For only within the quiet reflection of prayer or meditation may you truly communicate with Spirit, with God the Father.

“The Kingdom of God is within you.” What does this mean?

Does it mean that there is no God, EXCEPT THAT SPARK WITHIN YOU? No, no, and no! Man’s soul, his Lighted soul-spirit, which is etheric, merged within the body of man upon birth, is a gift from God, within the Creation. This Lighted soul-essence is the direct “cord” or “cable” connection to God, if you want to think of it in those terms; it is your link to the beyond, to the stars, to heaven. That cable, that cord, that “silver cord” as some call it, is your “Internet” of the future. It is sacred.

There is but one God, the magnificent. But God does indeed have MANY who assist within the heavenly and cosmic reaches, and they are termed “the Hosts”. What would you call them? Angels is fine, if you wish.

The fact remains, there are many unlimited beings of Light who serve God willingly, who are eternal beings, and who DO RESPOND TO PETITIONS FOR HELP AND/OR GUIDANCE. These are LIGHTED BEINGS OF GOD AND THEY ARE NOT ADVERSARIAL BEINGS SENT OF LUCIFER. Please understand the difference.

The adversary, in his overshadowing of mankind, would have all beings stop petitioning God for help, understanding, wisdom-thereby effectively cutting-off your internal “Internet” connection to Spirit and LIMITING HUMAN KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING.

NO! NO! NO! Fear is that which paralyzes those who have certain concepts which are based in ignorance. It is alright, but do not cease your youthful, child-like quest for knowledge and understanding, lest you become locked within the cell of constraint, ignorance, fear, and evil overshadowment.

Those of the evangelical preachings ARE WRONG. Lucifer has overshadowed many beings on Earth, it is true. But there are “the Hosts” of God of Light, the One True God, who are here at this time, ready and available to assist those who will but ask.

Those Lighted Guides are being stifled in their work of helping the planet due to the fear that is being generated by evangelical preachers who say not to listen to any voices in direct response to your own prayers. And yet who do they say they are hearing from each Sunday when they preach? Do God’s messengers only speak to preachers? Think about it, please.

You pray, you ask, you are answered, and yet you would turn away the help at the door. Why?

God hears you. I hear you. Prayers are answered, always! And they are always answered in direct proportion to the heart intent with which they have been projected. KNOW IT.

Why are evangelical preachers and those of evangelical understanding so arrogant as to ASSUME they know better than God? They know the true from the false. I tell you, again: by their fruits you shall know them–every time.

There IS a great overshadowing by Lucifer and his “fallen ones”. But these beings are also now coming up against a population that is awakening. They know that Light shall prevail.

I did not say Lucifer, the great morning star, that HIS light shall prevail, for it shall not! God has heard your prayers and He has responded directly. I have heard your prayers and I am responding directly. DO NOT TURN AWAY THE HELP THAT IS OFFERED IN RESPONSE TO YOUR ASKING, PLEASE.

Become as the child. Ask, in that open innocence of the child, that which you seek, and then know within your heart and soul that you shall receive your answer. Do not expect the answer to appear in a certain way, for it shall, invariably, appear in a different size, shape, and manner than you expect.

Listen carefully, for you may hear your answer immediately. Pay attention! Ask God for protection from darkness. God’s Light will protect you from ANY evil or ANY harm, but YOU must be diligent about your petition for “shielding”.


You shall be visited by beings sent from God to assist your planet in the Transition. There is NOTHING to fear from these beings. They are NOT “fallen angels”. These are God’s Hosts, sent in response to your very prayers at this time. Welcome them. Do not fear them.

The aliens of your government will be sent to terrify you. But you shall be given to know the difference–the true from the false. Remember: You shall know them by their fruits. LOOK AT THEM. How do they come across to you?


Your feelings shall be a good measure upon which to base your discernment. How does your heart feel in the presence of these beings? AGAIN: YOU SHALL BE GIVEN TO KNOW.

The preachers, I repeat, have no corner on truth. Indeed, they are misleading many people. They shall be given to know the true from the false, also, AND THERE SHALL BE GREAT REGRETS AMONG THEM. SO BE IT.

I do not come to generate fear, or create anything other than to offer insight into that which is to come upon you, soon.

I come in service to God. I and my Father are one. I am Esu Immanuel, now known among my friends and associates as Sananda, which simply means “One with God”. It is a “station” or level of achievement. It needn’t be such a mystery.


Beloved, you are loved.

I am Esu Immanuel.

International Space Station Weaponized And Now In Action?

If you desire for our friendy ET family to assist us in these matters, please state so out loud right now… key word ‘assist’…  those who’s egos say, ‘prove it to me’ of course will continue to see nothing…  the universe we are apart of, is not governed by egos…. on earth it is the norm….earth in that sense is an experiment, that is now coming to a close… may our collective and individual projections and outlooks continually become more Divine. Do not believe that the ‘bad guys’ win…. no… mother earth wins…. we either align with her restoration and our own in the process BY CONNECTING WITH OUR DIVINE HIGHER SELVES WITH LOVE, PEACE AND HARMONY, or seek to join in the sabatoge… BY CONNECTION WITH EGO, IGNORANCE, SEPARATION AND FEAR… please spend as much time following, and “being” the Lightside, as you do following what the ‘bad guys’ are doing…. if all you do is focus on what the ‘bad guys’ are doing, you are part of the problem… along the way you will probably be reducing the amount of blood, pus and starch you are eating, as well eliminating processed illuminati dead food created by corporations….and will find your true power in light-based food sources, such as fruit and vegetables….living food and crystal water, and in raising your own light frequencies more and more towards heart-based living …. sound good? IITM

SANANDA: As the frequency of your planet speeds up, those who are on a path of enlightenment are racing toward an ideal world of peace, while at the same time those who are single-mindedly trying to bring about complete world domination and control are racing toward a very “dark” outcome. In short—the dark, narrow-minded ones are getting “darker”, and the enlightened humanitarian ones are getting “lighter”.

As the frequency of your planet speeds up, those who are on a path of enlightenment are racing toward an ideal world of peace, while at the same time those who are single-mindedly trying to bring about complete world domination and control are racing toward a very “dark” outcome. In short—the dark, narrow-minded ones are getting “darker”, and the enlightened humanitarian ones are getting “lighter”.



This reproduction is from an actual photograph taken on June 1, 1961 in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, by one of thirty archaeologists working in the area at the time. Esu Sananda appeared in visible, tangible body and permitted his photograph to be taken.

The games being played on a planetary scale are continuing to escalate toward a point where intervention by the Lighted Brotherhood and those aligned with this intent toward service of others (namely, the extraterrestrial “Peace Corps” who have been assisting you and your planet since the very beginning of sentient life on your world) will become an in-your-face reality. At that point, all the debates over whether or not you are being visited will come to an end.

You ones always want to know WHEN and WHERE will this intervention take place. We of the Lighted Realms will only offer to you the following: it depends on the sequence of unfolding events more than anything else. For example, those who make the decisions to use nuclear weapons can either accelerate the timeline or push it back, depending on the choices they make. We of the Lighted Realms will NOT allow your planet to be destroyed, nor will we allow the slaughter of those who need just a little more time in the schoolroom so that they can “graduate” to the next level of spiritual awareness. Continue reading

SANANDA: “You shall recognize these ones by the fruit they bear. Can a per­son gather grapes from the thorns, and figs from the this­tles? Therefore, every good tree brings forth good fruit, but a bad tree brings forth wicked fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth wicked fruit and a bad tree cannot bring forth good fruit. Therefore, by their fruit shall you know

“You shall recognize these ones by the fruit they bear. Can a per­son gather grapes from the thorns, and figs from the this­tles? Therefore, every good tree brings forth good fruit, but a bad tree brings forth wicked fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth wicked fruit and a bad tree cannot bring forth good fruit. Therefore, by their fruit shall you know them.

10 new Skype With Jesus videos… looks like our ET family is doing more than just appearing in the sky… although they’ve been channelling messages to earth for a few decades… with Skype things have just gone to the next level!

10 new Skype With Jesus videos… looks like our ET family is doing more than just appearing in the sky… although they’ve been channelling messages to earth for a few decades… with Skype things have just gone to the next level!

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