3 thoughts on “GOD ATON

  1. What should i do. What if i was with another religion, oh say spirtual satanism, will you punish me even if im with you now?

  2. I am God Aton, you should carefully read the teachings of Shananda and follow his IM’s diligently. God Aton is not pleased with your questioning of this nature,, please refrain from using your brain in the future.
    Thank you Noel,

    1. Another god, what a terrible answer to this guy. Guess what I am a god a part of the one and I couldn’t care less if u r pleased. Stop sending energy to these gods. We are all gods as part of the all that is, oneness. Stop giving away your power, u don’t need gods and godesses to do for u, we are all all powerful gods. /wake up!!!!

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