HATONN: When the announcement comes of “EXTRATERRESTRIAL
INVASION”, it will be your own secret shadow government (known by many labels) who will be doing the “invading”.

For every Space Shuttle launch you witness, there are
other spacecraft missions of which the public is told
nothing. China, Russia and the U.S. have incredible
things running about in the skies and in orbit around
the Earth. The Moon, Mars, and elsewhere in your
tiny solar/sun system, is awash with men, vehicles and
equipment. Though Earth man is confined to your
nine planets and their orbiting moons, the outer space
you have been told about of empty vastness is a lie.
You are descendants of Star People; they also inhabit
outer space, but on an intergalactic scale! These are
The HOSTS we continually make mention of. They
(We) are charged with maintaining order throughout
all of outer space, unto the farthest reaches of The
Creation and back again. Man is allowed—on this
particular planet—to do as he pleases; you have the
right to create your own environment.
However, the problem with “Free Will” planets such
as this one (all planets, or “mansions”, are not free
will places—there are planets and Mother Craft where
evil is not allowed to be brought there—these are
among some of the “Heavenly” places prepared for
your next sojourn, if you pass your final exams!), if
the Commandments (Laws) are not followed, the end
comes most unexpectedly. “As a thief in the night”…
fits pretty well, though in truth, the “handwriting” has
been on the wall for centuries!

Two armadas await, precious ones: those fleets of the
satanic forces, and the massive fleets of The Lighted
Brotherhood. You cannot pass the grade until you
know truth. This IS the test; evil is allowed to test
All things coming from space are not evil. The
Khazar Jews have been telling you this for years and
years through their TOTAL CONTROL of your media.
Monsters, monsters and more monsters! For once, let
us have a portrayal of the truth. Do you not speculate
for a moment that, perhaps, Angels and Archangels
can have pretty spaceships too? And would they not
be even more grand than Lucifer’s rag-tag fleet of
misbehavers and social deviants?
War, conquering, royal orders—AND FORCE—DO
NOT REPRESENT God of light and goodness! When
the announcement comes of “EXTRATERRESTRIAL
INVASION”, it will be your own secret shadow
government (known by many labels) who will be
doing the “invading”. As it will be the time of final
choosing, it would be most wise, indeed, to KNOW
God and His crew members! The big deception
centers on beings who come to Earth who will try
their best to IMITATE GOD. Come now, is it not
obvious which little devil desires most to imitate The
Lord? And this is the way it ends up—every time—
on free will planets such as yours. A final sorting of
“believers” and non-believers in the so-called “Alien
Question” is what graduation day is all about. For
that is when a particular human species grows to
the point of leaving their home and venturing into
the outer heavens of inter-stellar and inter-galactic
space. However, nothing is allowed past the timeless
guardians (Archangels) who keep balance and peace
in the vast cosmos of The Creation. Our spaceships
are wondrous in appearance AND IN TECHNICAL
CAPABILITIES, which are used solely under the
command of Aton (God of Radiance and Love). Are
not these beings known as “…the Peace Makers, for
they are the Sons of God.”?




  1. Wow more pieces of the lighted puzzle answered for me and who else, you choose, and do it with no fear!! They cannot change your soul. They will never get to that level, they will not be allowed, two thirds is always larger than one third, simple math. God speed to you makers of peace!! 🙂

  2. I have searched my whole life for words from whom we now know as Sananda, Esu Immanuel, that are for US in THIS TIME. You share HIS message of Truth at some risk to YOU, but you are happy and filled with JOY, I can feel it. THANK YOU, Dieter, for sharing your pictures, music, and help with reconnection to HIM, our beloved Commander Hatonn, and other Ascended Masters for the messages of the TRUTH of our own Divinity, why WE are HERE, to find our way back from duality to the ONE. Love and Peace, Helen

  3. About time Brothers of Light. These humans here are really going nuts. The duality game has been reversed up side down and inside out on this planet. Personally, I love Mother Earth. She is beautiful. And if I am alive or not after the 21st, it doesn’t matter too much to me. I just can’t bear to see this beautiful planet being taken for granted anymore. Thank goodness for the solar renewal and the end of this perversion. Oh dear great Pacha MAMA. Praise ALL THAT IS. Om.

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