1. Sananda is a fallen angel!!! Don’t be deceived. I grew up in a new age belief system and it is demonic to the core! I got saved by Jesus (the REAL Jesus) months ago! The Holy Bible is the word of God! Jesus died for our sins, was buried, and on the third day rose from the dead. If you believe in Jesus you will be saved.

      1. The Bible clearly states if you love him keep his commandments Jesus is not your scapegoat You will reap what you have sown through many lifetimes of pain and suffering. There is now much proof of Reincarnation.

  1. Oh dear Sananda, please help and guide me through my current trials, and all others who reach out to you. Love and light to all.

  2. You are channeling information from demons, not sanandra or any good entity. God tells us in bible that Jesus came here to die for oure sins and He is the son of God Jehova of Bible. Please be carefull with channeling stuff from demons so they dont lead you astray :(. Im afraid for you guys for communicating with demons :(. The bible says:

    2 korinthians 14

    14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

    Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

    Bible has the teaching of REAL Jesus Christ, please email me if you want to know more or if you want me to pray for you. Please hear me! I love you all and dont want you guys to get lost. Give me a chance to helpo you, i feel so scared for you my loved ones 😦

    Contact : rancor00(@)gmail.com____

    1. If you can’t tell the diff between an angel and a demon the yo’re the one that needs prayer… pray for yourself…. learn how to thank your family who have held the light on this matter…. quoting an old book isn’t cutting it any more… how about being more open minded to the now? The bible has been tampered with many times, that’s why you are lost.

      1. SOURCE:

        A final external evidence that the Bible is truly God’s Word is the indestructibility of the Bible. Because of its importance and its claim to be the very Word of God, the Bible has suffered more vicious attacks and attempts to destroy it than any other book in history. From early Roman Emperors like Diocletian, through communist dictators and on to modern-day atheists and agnostics, the Bible has withstood and outlasted all of its attackers and is still today the most widely published book in the world.

        Throughout time, skeptics have regarded the Bible as mythological, but archeology has confirmed it as historical. Opponents have attacked its teaching as primitive and outdated, but its moral and legal concepts and teachings have had a positive influence on societies and cultures throughout the world. It continues to be attacked by pseudo-science, psychology, and political movements, yet it remains just as true and relevant today as it was when it was first written. It is a book that has transformed countless lives and cultures throughout the last 2000 years. No matter how its opponents try to attack, destroy, or discredit it, the Bible remains; its veracity and impact on lives is unmistakable. The accuracy which has been preserved despite every attempt to corrupt, attack, or destroy it is clear testimony to the fact that the Bible is truly God’s Word and is supernaturally protected by Him. It should not surprise us that, no matter how the Bible is attacked, it always comes out unchanged and unscathed. After all, Jesus said, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away” (Mark 13:31). After looking at the evidence, one can say without a doubt that, yes, the Bible is truly God’s Word.

        Satan is trying to decieve you in to thinking Gods wod is false, please try Jesus He WILL answer to you and save you my precious friend! I love you and dont want you to be lost!

    2. Do you minister @ a church? Those poor people…When you KNOW God in the GREATNESS that HE IS …..then you WILL be able to explain to ME ………….Genesis 1 – 3:5….and
      and IF you could explain …you would not make such a statement….you would be in the library studying and opening you EYES….you would have a candle wax also…two 4 the price of one. You seem to forget… FIRST Teachings were with Jesuits who taught….”See God in ALL things” sorry bud…you have limited vision…perhaps a mind sweep….clear the cob-webs

    3. do not judge God is defined as of son of god and we are of him he is the son of sananda believe it or not thats totally up to you. yeah the bible is the word of god for one man is not to be hypocrite.

      Actions of God………………… is what you need to also know

    4. Listen more closely. because you can’t Teller the Lie from the truth but by its content. you have to think as well as feel for yourself what is a message of good and righteousness and what is a message to deceive you into following orders and submit yourself to another power. like in this sentence:

      : no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

      This is clearly not a message of oneness but of submission. So this one must be the demonic alteration. Since it is not about obeying anyone. Not to a single entity. It is about acknowledging everything all at once. So don’t believe the source of the information. Weigh the information yourself.

      Hope that helps.

  3. Most of this whole site is propaganda anyway. VK Durham has exposed this big “lie” long ago. This is non other than a creation and scam to control the world, you need to really understand the meaning of Project Phoenix and you can find the truth through google, if you are truly interested. We as a humanity are still under the influence of the Annunaki without our knowledge. Truth and freedom and light lies within, not in some idol, fantasy or other conjured up deity.

  4. I previously had some issues but god aton helped me i would like to meet you i guess i thought couple things could happen if your up to it of course,
    Maybe i could learn merkhaba travel or in a dream, i think it may be to difficult and to much to ask to meet in person.

  5. Jesus came to me 2years ago. He has been my friend and teacher. The healing he did to my heart space was profound. It was so powerful. My guides and angels have helped me to realise the truths from the un truths to point where now I have very little fear. This has allowed me to open up to love. And live within that love. Prime creator itself is available to communicate with for each and everyone of us. All of my guidance has been vague and complicated to work out. Until now. Synchronicity has pulled together ALL of the experiences over the last 2 years. I have no doubt that the golden age is here. If people could open their minds and meditate, leaving all previous attachments behind. You would be able to feel the subtle energies that flow from everything. When you have this sensitivity, then you can FEEL in all entity’s or even words wether something or someone is dark or light. I have had fake channels claiming to be from the light and they can not send love to your heart space. It’s impossible to fake. This is what is meant by heart felt. I can’t tell you what to believe but I KNOW what I feel. Sananda IS coming, the time is now. Starship Ison is on its way from the sun. For all those who feel as I do, we have less than a year. Maybe even weeks. Then our family who are already here will un cloak their ships as the first wave graduate. We made it. I love you all. I love you Indian in the machine. I love my brother Sananda and my creator. X x x x x x


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