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Good afternoon, my scribe.  I, Esu Immanuel “Jesus” Sananda, have come at this time that a much-needed message go forth.

Your environment is changing and, with each passing day, you will notice more and more outwards signs of this change.  Many resist the change and will refuse to see the clues all about them.  These are the times prophesied some two thousand years past.

There shall be no lie left unexposed!

The heart of man will become as an open book for all to read.  The quiet (behind the scenes) manipulators of those ones who crave power, control, and physical material are beginning to see that their games no longer work and that the whole world can see right through them.  These ones need the cloak of secrecy in order to keep their “status” in society.  This is to say that their ego demands the status and these ones are slaves to their ego-self. Continue reading

Pope Attacks Free Speech Saying It Has Limitations! Compare This To What The Prince Of This Nebadon Universe Says



I could write for miles and miles on the craziness of having a pope say free speech has limitations…. but instead….heeeeaaaarrrsssss….. Sananda!

Indian in the machine

Sananda ~ Trust is the Code Word

 3 December 2013 – 7:24am |  sebanyoth

Dec. 3, 2013

channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Georgi Stankov

Loved ones,

Trust is the CODE WORD for the ascension.
Whom it lacks the confidence he can not take up
his divine universal heritage.


Now it is important to move from doubt into total trust.
Less is not enough! Beware of people who want to turn you
away from the path! Beware of people who weaken you and
who deceive you with guile, so that you begin to question yourself
and doubt your actions. It is that time of confidence! Of trust in
yourself, of trust in your doing. Even if you sometimes overshoot
beyond the goal, altogether you are always on the right path,
as long as you stay on the path of light you can never go wrong.

Who is a false prophet today? These are the half-enlightened
and the half-knowing that come to the light warriors of the first
and last hours with presumptuous advices. There are those who
neither understand why you are doing this or that, why you are
sometimes moody, sometimes quite centered, why you accomplish
this or that in a variety of ways, these are those, who seek to rob
you of your strength, who only pursue one goal – to drive you into
doubts until your strength and determination remains only a shadow.

The attacks on the Light Warriors are insidious, subtle and devious,
nasty, not mitigated at all and decomposing the human psyche.
What has changed is the nature of the attacks, the fact that they
still take place remains unaltered for a clearly defined period of time.
Have faith in yourselves! And when you make a “mistake”, recognize
it but then put off this thought immediately, never progress to
self-accusation, but say instead to yourself: “It is good as it is”.
Superhuman achievements are now required of you.

You can be in a “bad mood”, you are allowed to be furious,
angry, and hostile, because this is your protection against the
pretensions that permeate from the darkness of the people in
your direction. Even more  – you have to conduct yourself
completely repellent, as soon as you just guess the faintest
hint of manipulation and external control.

Never suppress your feelings and sensations,
your emotional discharges, because that is often
the only language which the stupid, dark and arrogant
people understand, it is the language, to which the
unconscious and brazen – by the devil manipulated
people – can react.

A lack of courtesy these days is a very efficient
protection to keep at bay unwanted visitors,
who self-invite to your home.

The attacks of the powers of darkness are unleashed
– the more light gates open and the more intense the
ascension waves become, the more desperate the dark ones
are and they do everything they could to disarm the light warriors.

Seize upon the weapons of light, my beloved Light Warriors!
Drive out the dark forces, because they have no more power
over you. Be aware, only a decisive action against the emissaries
of darkness is a guarantee today that you remain unscathed.
What good is it, you let yourselves being caught and entangled
in the fine networks of these forces that subtly stir up in you
the doubts by tracking your weaknesses skillfully and confronting
you with them cleverly. Therefore, accept yourself entirely!

You are allowed to be wrong.

A mistake is only then tragic, when it is repeated again
and again, as in an endless loop. Have faith in principle
in your doing and in your being. Never doubt it any more – because
he who is in the process of ascension accepts only one master
teacher – GOD. People who want to weaken you with “good advices”
are the plague of this time. People who want to stuff you into their
own patterns are the plague of this time. People, who have been
personally sent by the prince of darkness to bother you, are the
plague of this time.

No man can gain anything, if he lacks confidence in himself.
What is usually true of earthly manifestations, is all the more
correct in cosmic relationships. The trust and the faith are the
sum of your inner universal knowledge, with which you attract
everything and turn everything into a reality.

If you have no faith in your ascension, how should this happen
then? If you are in disbelief and doubt, then you cannot attract
ascension into your reality. But how get something unimaginable?
By CONFIDENCE! They tell you, blind faith is risky. I tell you, only
the blind and absolute faith in God is the key to eternal life. It is
risky to renounce it! Throw everyone out of your door that fuels
the mistrust in you and suggests to you that through doubts your
trust would grow in you.

No, it is not so. Quite on the contrary.
The doubt undermines your confidence until you lose orientation.
Therefore, do not torment yourself any longer with this. Check
your actions and thoughts with the Masters and with God.
A human corrective is for the ascending ones a vacant obstacle
and no help! The time has turned, what was previously valid
has no meaning for you anymore.

Those, who are now called Masters and are prepared for
the ascension, require the knowledge and the light of the
already ascended masters – that’s all. It is completely irrelevant
what the people say about you. It is crucial that you remain
always connected to God, to the primal source of all Being
and to us, the Ascended Masters. Ground yourself into us
and not in people who pretend to know you from an
“outside view” and claim to be of help for you. Blunder!

Do you believe seriously that we, Jesus, St. Germain,
Mohammad or Buddha had to look back at a human
corrective, as we walked as enlightened beings at our
time on this world? Do not let be made unsure or “sold
as a fool”! A master is a master and a master knows that
he is. If you doubt and be reached by the dark powers,
that is just a sign that you do not yet firmly stand in your

We needed only God as the sole and supreme authority.
No one could make judgments about ourselves, we were
never subject to earthly justice. For a true master
subjugates only to the all-loving “God’s justice” and
succumbs to this in absolute devotion and unconditional love.
You, who called yourselves masters: Leave now the wrong path
that tells you, you should carefully listen when the people have
something to say, you shall shine in yourselves, when a prince
of darkness aimes his arrow at your Achilles heel, where you are
still vulnerable. I say to you: Just listen to God, then everything
is taken care of and everyone of you perceives the voice of God
clearly audible in himself, otherwise you will not be worthy of
being addressed as masters.

No man has the right to judge you. Only God is given what
is denied to the people. We are one – recognize this truth.
Withdraw from any human “justice” by trusting unconditionally
the first and last authority of all life, by tirelessly looking into
the mirror of God in order to find yourself.
I am

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Sananda On Isis, Prosperity Program, Forging A Rainbow Bridge, And Personal Energy Clearings

Sananda On Isis, Prosperity Program, Forging A Rainbow Bridge, And Personal Energy Clearings

It is interesting to hear from a voice of Heaven, as to interpret the situation as we know it, on planet earth… it looks like more at our end is needed… please do your part, and do your energy clearings… do not accept that your need other peopleès energy, to compensate for lack of spiritual connection… Sananda lays it all out on how to do this…

Indian in the machine

Sananda: We Have Your Back – KEEP GOING!



I wish to continue the conversation with all of you after our historic radio program last night.  Archangel Michael and I followed up an amazing program on Ascension training with what we think of as our “Call to Action.”  I hope all of you reading this will listen to it, so that you can hear the love and commitment in our voices, and understand deeply how important these days really are.

As our Kathryn has described on the show, we in the Company of Heaven, your Masters and Guides, Mother/Father God and Prime Creator have joined with you to begin a focused and powerful surge of clearing and stabilizing of the energies around the Earth.  We have debated long and carefully in the Councils to guarantee that we have not transgressed the contract we had with all of you not to usurp your free will, no matter what.  Unfortunately, that original contract did not take into account that this would give the dark ones an advantage, since they are thoroughly unscrupulous and did not adhere to their original contract to give up control years ago.

Some of you have complained about this, feeling that the deck was stacked against you, that the conditioning of thousands of years of oppression left humankind so traumatized that you were not able to bounce back from it.  We saw that since the Reptilians were removed, you have continued to generate the fear-based waves of darkness, without realizing that you were causing the dangerous warp in the electromagnetic field.

In an impassioned plea to the Council, Kathryn convinced Prime Creator and many others that the only reasonable recourse was to help you in a more intensive way for a time, so that you can maintain the progress you have made without being swamped by the dark thoughtforms swirling around you.  It was agreed that our intervention could be calibrated to yours in a completely synchronistic way.  As you clear away dark thoughtforms within yourself and your environment, we will follow, sustaining and supporting what you have done.

We will not permit the darkness to envelop you any longer, our beloved Lightworkers.  We do literally “have your back.”  In this way, you maintain your free will, while we protect you from the inadvertent assault by others who are not yet awake.  It is a more active and personal intervention than we have ever been allowed to take part in, but it is takes into account the spirit of our original agreement, which was that we would all come here to experience whatever comes in the duality experience, including darkness.  It was our strong belief that we could overcome all darkness because of the strength of our souls and the creative drive toward Light that is inherent in the human species.

As the Galactic brothers and sisters who created this original Great Plan, we understood that humanity is also characterized by sensitivity, empathy and can be overwhelmed by seeing pain in themselves and others.  We thought of this as a positive quality, one of the things that endeared you to us and to the entire cosmos.  Unfortunately, since humanity is a relatively new species, we did not foresee that this sensitivity and tendency toward deep love connections would also bring many to the breaking point – the point of losing hope and faith.  Our hearts ached for you as you struggled against the growing darkness, continuing on in spite of the growing odds, forging ahead one day, sliding back into darkness the next.

As our original Plan progressed, with great waves of Light being sent to you from the Great Central Sun, we saw that this had the effect for some of you of rubbing salt in your wounds, so to speak.  You felt the rising tide of Light and change within yourselves, and you experienced the backlash more and more intensely as those who were invested in the status quo fought harder to maintain their control, at all costs.  As the Light increased, so did the ugliness, violence and competition, and the coverage of it on the media.  Our removing the ability for governments to initiate nuclear war had the effect of turning the violence inward, creating conflict between individuals and armed groups rather than nations.

Now, understand that our original contract did call for opposition to our Prosperity programs.  ISIS is not a surprise, but the effect on the world populace has been for many to feel the hopelessness of believing that no matter how hard you tried, an endless stream of evil would appear out of nowhere to crush your best efforts to gain control of your destinies.

Of course it is true that ISIS is a creation of the secret world government, whose funding originates primarily from the U.S.  Knowing this has the effect of turning the citizens against their elected government, and is going to help to bring down the old system.  Unfortunately, Americans are confused about who the real culprits are – those in power who threaten and hire hit squads to eliminate anyone who stands against their absolute power.  It is not apparent from the news coverage who those dark ones really are.

It takes clear vision and the ability to look behind the words and publicly reported actions to identify the ones who are dedicated participants in strangling the working and middle class, promoting the power of the corporations, and creating a New World Order of their own liking.  By the same token, it is difficult to identify the White Hats (our boots on the ground), because they have carefully cultivated the appearance of cooperating or even leading the dark ones.  This is not a new tactic on our part.  Remember the Lucifer Project?  Lucifer was our powerful double agent, working for the Light while convincing the dark ones he was their legitimate leader.

You see, it takes a certain amount of strategy to support our Boots on the Ground, to protect all of you long enough to help you put your plans in place before revealing to all who was really behind the massive shift that is just around the corner.  An important part of that strategy is to disguise our undercover Lightworkers as Dark Hats.  Those of you who are operating at a high vibration will resonate with them, regardless of what others say, but allowing your vibration to drop will leave you feeling confused and suspicious, unable to discriminate between the true culprits and the powerful White Hats who are here to help you.

This presents us with a “Catch 22″ condition:  Our clever strategies leave those who are still asleep or dozing in a state of confusion, which adds to their despair and belief that all are corrupt, and things are hopeless.  This is why we appeal to you now to join with us, help us to clear away the dark thoughtforms, in yourself first.  This will raise the Light quotient on the planet in a way you cannot possibly understand, looking at it from behind the Veil.

In our recent messages, and in the tools you have been given by Kathryn, Meg and her family of Light, you are being offered a clear and simple program you can use to raise yourself immediately to a higher plane.  Please go to the email message or to the newly named Facebook page, Who Needs Light, to find the Enlightenment Tools.  This includes the flow chart that will take you step by step through the process of identifying and clearing dark thoughtforms, the use of the Ho’oponopono prayer, a case study showing how to use the program and how profound the results can be, and a word list to help you sort out your feelings.  I ask Kathryn to put all the links below.

You may have seen our new website,  It is completely redesigned to express the Love and Light we feel in our hearts and to offer greater flexibility to hold all the resources we offer you – all of them freely given, all generated through our long and productive relationship with Kathryn and her team.  Every message has been carefully crafted to present the information we wished to bring to you at the time.  You will feel the spirit of Love in ever word.  Do not hesitate to read them several times.  You will learn more each time.

Now, back to our appeal to you.  We have given you these tools so that you can now step into the position of leading this project.  Our response is now calibrated carefully to reinforce and increase the effect of your actions.  For the first time in the history of our Great Plan, we have been given the latitude to act in intimate partnership with each and every one of you, resonating powerfully in tune with your highest vibrations, and maintaining the effect of your efforts even as you sleep or go about your demanding lives.

We are working tirelessly to support you, to literally keep you afloat as you propel us all forward.  We have never coordinated so closely, focused so intently, or generated so much Light to fill every corner of your planet and all its grids and surrounding energy systems.

Now it is personal, Beloved Ones.  We are working for you, and we need your help.  We will sustain our efforts as long as necessary, as long as you are taking command of your part of the program – to raise the vibration of the planet from your position on the ground.

My dear brother Michael told you last night in the most eloquent way just how much we need your love and support, channeled through your light pillar to us, to combine with ours.  The total effect is uplifting for all of us, and increases our power exponentially.  This action on your part gives us increasing Light energy, as we refocus and direct our Light to help you stabilize and balance, then move forward again.

This message is to tell you, Dear Ones – IT IS WORKING!  Please KEEP GOING!  Remained focused and diligent along with us, moving forward shoulder to shoulder with us in the perfectly choreographed march toward the Light we envisioned long ago.  It is with tears in our eyes and joy in our hearts that we tell you WE ARE SUCCEEDING!

Mother Terra is filled with joy and gratitude as she is finally able to make great progress on clearing away the residues of toxins and destruction, and she is now able to maintain it for the first time!

Breathe with us, Dear Ones, feel with us the hope and promise of a New Earth, close along our path.  We see a glorious future for you.  We must complete the building of that future together.  At this point, we see that you cannot do it alone, and you should not be expected to, but we cannot do anything without your leading the way.  Lead us on, Beloved Ones!  Lead us on!

Lift your eyes and your hearts to the skies.  Send us your Light and your Love as we send you ours.  Search out your deep connection with your twin flame, your Guides and Angels.  Use that connection to forge the rainbow bridge that will keep us always in tune with each other.  We are creating a tsunami of Love, and it will sweep all in its path into the New Golden Age.

I love you without end, as you have loved me.
I am your Sananda.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, December 11, 2014

Blogtalk show from December 10, 2014:

Here is a copy of the flow chart, case study and feelings inventory list from our last email, redesigned for easy copying:

Now, here’s how to apply what you have learned above!

The following example is a clear demonstration of how you can use the flow chart method of uncovering and clearing dark thoughtforms, for yourself, or for someone who has expressed a willingness to resolve old feelings in order to move toward Enlightenment.

Yes, you can try this at home!   – Kathryn

Case Study 1: Enlightenment Training and Dark Thought Form Clearing

        Meg Davis, Acupuncturist and Nutritionist, Atlanta, GA

I am sharing this as a true life example of the application of the Enlightenment Training process of clearing dark thought forms we are being guided to do by The Company of Heaven, and are modeling and discussing on the Wednesday evening Blog Talk Radio program Channel Panel.

To reinforce the importance of this work we have agreed to do, Sananda stated,

“If you’re in the state where you’re blaming others for how bad you feel…you are not in a state of ascension. You are generating dark thoughtforms. Now this is a difficult challenge because you’ve been raised this way. This is the way everyone has behaved around you and toward you, but we are telling you Beloved Ones: it is a program. The problem is the thoughtforms, the brainwashing… If it’s a program, Beloveds, it is not you!…You are made for Light. You are made for Love.”
(, 5 D Community & Sananda Jesus November 26, 2014, linked above.)

Case Study 1: Gloria and Clearing Feelings of Inadequacy  

(Please note that the client’s name has been changed)

Gloria sought out my support one month ago with a main complaint of tenderness and swelling in left breast lymph area.  She expresses having a mild fear about the possible diagnosis of what that could be, but intuitively feels the issue is an infection backed up in the lymph area, since her whole shoulder is achy.  After further discussion, I agree with her self-assessment, beginning her on herbs for infection and inflammation, and ask her to follow-up in one month.  It is during the follow-up appointment that the Enlightenment training program is used, and I will be sharing this from a first person perspective.

At the follow-up appointment, she shares that the tenderness and swelling are much improved, but hasn’t completely cleared.  In my previous experiences, infections clear quickly and thoroughly with these herbs, so I suspect an emotional component to the physical symptoms she is experiencing.  I ask if she would be willing to investigate the possibility of unresolved emotional issues preventing her complete healing.  She agrees. We begin with questions of any uncomfortable feelings in any of her current relationships albeit with spouse, children, friends, or co-workers.   She mentions a relationship with a co-worker that is strained.

I ask what she feels when she interacts with the co-worker, suggesting she use the “Feelings Inventory” list (attached below). She said the co-worker “made her feel inadequate.”   I express to her that no one can “make” us feel anything without our agreement; that we, alone, are completely responsible for how we feel. So the uncomfortable feelings and thoughts within her are already there and are being brought to the surface (triggered) by her interactions with the co-worker.  This is a new concept for her, so we explore it further.

Now this next part is very important to get before we proceed. Gloria is NOT inadequate.  In truth, Gloria and all of us are Pure Light, unconditionally loved and adored by our Higher Selves, The Company of Heaven and Creator.  So if Gloria is feeling inadequate, it is the feeling elicited by the dark thought form she was programmed with and still carries, probably from childhood.  Once she is conscious of the dark thought form, we can clear it and assist Gloria in remembering Who She Really Is… Pure Light and Love.

Here are some examples of the dark thought forms from the programming/brainwashing:

“I am wrong”
“I am unworthy”
“I am separate”
“I am unlovable”
“Children should be seen and not heard”
“Love is conditional”

These dark thoughts can be conveyed verbally or implied by parents, school, television/media, religion and other parts of our culture.

OK…back to Gloria… We discuss how inadequacy is not what she is and is not part of her natural state of being. We talk about how gratifying it can be when we uncover “something not of our making” to clear it away from our experience, so that we can return to our natural state of happiness, joy and peace.
Once we identify the uncomfortable feeling of inadequacy, I ask her to close her eyes and trace this feeling back through her life and locate the first time she ever remembers feeling “inadequate.”

She quickly references, with teary eyes, her mother telling her as a little girl (maybe 6 or 7) that she will never “measure up” to her brothers, and discusses the continuous comparisons to her brothers all throughout her childhood and teenage years.  I ask if she can remember what she was feeling at that time as a child. She said, “I felt very hurt and sad and confused.”  She remembers continually trying to prove herself to her mother.  She tells the story of going to college and graduating summa cum laude in her class and thinking,  “See there! I did it!”… still attempting to prove her worth and value to her mother/parents.

We discuss how these experiences contributed to the dark thoughts of “I am worthless, I am inadequate, I am not enough.”  And because these thoughts were not corrected in her childhood, she took them with her when she left home, and carries them around still.  And now it is coming up as an opportunity to correct it and be done with it!

Note: Remember her chief complaint, breast swelling and immune imbalances… We can see the connection between toxic breasts and toxic emotions about her mother and breast problems with heart chakra imbalances.

After we locate the original template (the first memory) of the dark thought form, I ask Gloria to look around that time of her life with “young Gloria” as much as she feels OK doing to make sure she has time to really look at the variations of this thought form and uncomfortable feelings she experienced.  This is not long, just about 10 minutes or so.  This allows “young Gloria” to be heard in a way that she wasn’t as a child.  I suggest standing with herself as a child as she experiences these feelings and telling her she is listening and feeling with her as an adult in charge of the situation.

By doing this, Gloria can tell herself as a child that she is more than adequate, in fact, she is Pure Light and perfect and innocent.  We can see that this is programming done to her by an abusive mother who is in pain herself and taking it out on her child.  I tell Gloria there is a powerful prayer she can use here to completely clear away the uncomfortable feelings and correct the thought forms originally given to her by her mother.

Ho’oponopono Prayer

Ho’oponopono (ho-o-pono-pono) is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness.  It is comprised of 4 powerful, and simple phrases:
“I am sorry.  Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.”

Ho’oponopono means to make right. Essentially, it means to make it right with the ancestors, or to make right with the people with whom you have relationships, especially with yourself.

“If we can accept that we are the sum total of all past thoughts, emotions, words, deeds and actions and that our present lives and choices are colored or shaded by this memory bank of the past, then we begin to see how a process of correcting or setting aright can change our lives, our families and our society.”
–  By Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, a Hawaiian Kahuna Lapa’au. She was recognized by the State of Hawaii as a Living Treasure in 1983.

Once forgiveness has been offered to the original situation, and Gloria feels a completion there, I ask her to see if she can locate the feeling of inadequacy, and the partnering dark thought forms, that she brought forward with her from that original template.  As she travels through her memories from her childhood to present day, she can find many instances of the thread of this type of feeling.  I ask her to offer the Ho’ oponopono Prayer to each incident she can find, with the deepest feelings with her whole heart and soul.

Gloria states that she is finding it easier to do the prayer and feels the dark thought forms clearing as she moves close to present day.  And, then, she hits strong emotions when she recalls a particular memory: the delivery of her daughter who was still-born, having died just two weeks before she was due. The umbilical chord was wrapped around her neck in the womb.  I allow time for Gloria to connect with the feelings of this experience, and breathe.  She says she is experiencing tremendous sadness and guilt.

There is a part of her that knows she is not to blame for the death of her daughter, but still she feels guilt.  I ask her to see how this is similar to the feelings she experienced as a child: “I am wrong.  I am not good enough.  I don’t measure up.  I am inadequate.”  She offers the Ho’ oponopono Prayer for the experience, and cries a few more tears of release.

We bring it full circle to the uncomfortable feelings between her and the co-worker.  She sees now this dark thought form pattern is replicating from the original template from childhood, and understands how the feelings of inadequacy and coupled dark thought forms are not who she is, but a program placed in her child brain, and now it can be completely healed and permanently cleared.

She expresses astonishment about the connection between her situation with her co-worker and her mother, but totally “gets it.”  She tells me that during the tracing of the feelings back through her life she experienced pain in her breast, and a throbbing.  But now, nothing.  She says that she can see the connection and it “intuitively makes SO much sense.”

I jot down the Enlightenment process in bullet points and suggest she use it for any and all uncomfortable feelings and thoughts that arise.  She now sees that, even though she is experiencing these feeling fresh in the Now, their roots lay in her childhood…and they can be looked at, dissolved and released “for good, “literally!

Link for Channel Panel Blogtalkradio Program: 5D COMMUNITY & SANANDA JESUS

This Case Study is to be used in conjunction with the book, Who Needs Light? by Dr. Kathryn E. May and the “Enlightenment Training & Support, Clearing Dark Thoughtforms Flowchart”

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6/25/93    ESU “JESUS” SANANDA



Always the adversary baits the snare and waits to see who will be caught.  Ah, but mine ones have been well trained and it is the adversary who shall be caught within the trap of his own making.  So be it. Continue reading

Supreme ET Commander Sananda Offers Spiritual Guidance On Upcoming Prosperity

Supreme ET Commander Sananda Offers Spiritual Guidance On Upcoming Prosperity

IITM:  It is difficult for the mind to get one’s head around the fact that we are in days just before the weeks that shall see a widespreading revaluation of currencies, and the release of the St. Germain Trust.

It is difficult to imagine that the money advantage this time, will be in the hands of those who can be trusted by the highest forces, to do heaven’s work, rather than corporations (that are figments of our imaginations, and are not even real).  Those who have demonstrated that they have power over money, and that money does not have power over them, are the free ones who shall lead the way, and are leading the way.

It is difficult for people to imagine “Jesus” from the bible, is back sending messages such as this one below…  and many others… is it possible that you will not see something if you are not present for it?

Read to the end of this posting, to see the new Sananda autobiography and new scriptures.

Sananda: Dreams Really Do Come True



Here we are, once again, on the brink of something Earth-shaking, literally. Those of you who are waiting impatiently for the revaluation of currencies to take place are envisioning your own versions of the unknown. We cannot predict exactly what the changes will bring, because you all have free will, and will use your blessings as you see fit. How the cumulative effect of this massive influx of wealth in the hands of Lightworkers will affect the planet as a whole has yet to be seen.

I want to remind you once again that the purpose of this wonderful event is to bring freedom and prosperity to the entire world. Now, let us examine what we mean by prosperity. I would like to discriminate between prosperity and luxury. We hope that the new prosperity will not inspire you to go out and buy luxury products which are the current cause of the poisoning of planet Earth. We encourage you to look carefully at your intended purchases to decide whether you want to continue the 3D consumer orgy, or whether you would prefer to promote the shift to new attitudes and beliefs through your interim choices.

This of course is what we have counted on Lightworkers to do all along. Why would you change your ethics and your goals just because you have a new, fat bank account? Does your current life really require that you purchase a shiny new luxury automobile, or would you rather feed a family of four for 3 years in a poor village, or pay a teacher’s salary for a year? Would you like to establish a scholarship for ten college students to attend a state university, or would you prefer to buy a bigger house?

You, our dear Boots on the Ground, have been feeling the pinch of living without because of your hard work over the past few years. Many of you have given up profitable jobs to dedicate more time to your healing work, and you have spent many hours every week involving yourselves in supporting and communicating with others to help raise the vibration around you. I encourage you to remember that this work came from the deepest and truest place in your heart, because this is who you really are.

Do not abandon that vision, even for a moment, when the flood of money comes into your open hands. Stay the course, Dearest Brothers and Sisters. The decisions you make now are the ones which will either feed the cabal ideas and programs, or it will wipe out those old shadows forever. Do not allow yourselves to fall back into the seduction of supporting those corporations and institutions which you have fought against so rigorously in recent months.

You see, this blessing that will be put into your hands very shortly will determine whether the dark programs will be supported or whether they will die a natural death from being ignored and unused. Will you support factory farms, for instance, by going out to dinner for one last splurge of beef, chicken and imported GMO vegetables, accompanied by potatoes fried in over-processed saturated fat-laden vegetable oil? Or will you support your local organic farm?

Will you take a vacation at the most luxurious resort where the sewage washes into the sea and the local people are paid $10 a day to cook and clean up after you, while you plan your philanthropic adventures to come, or will you maintain your group consciousness as it applies to the helping staff everywhere you go?

You may be feeling that this is a distasteful topic for someone like me to be discussing; why should Sananda talk about such trivial and distasteful topics? Must we discuss how the cow you eat was butchered, or the suffering of the poor workers, when you have waited so long for a lovely vacation, and you deserve to enjoy it? Ah, but you see, my dear friends, this is the very thinking that allowed the cabal to maintain control over all the important areas of life on Earth.

Here is the crux of it: Mindfulness, and being of service to others is not deprivation. It is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It is the nectar of Life. When you find your purpose – your precious life’s work, there is no luxury or pleasure that could overshadow it or diminish it. There is no indulgence that could improve on the feeling of fulfillment you will achieve by using your blessings to lift others out of want by providing schooling, clean food, fresh water, and the hope that life will never again be a matter of survival. You will all thrive together.

You have all begged us to intervene, to make life better for your brothers and sisters, to stop wars, and to provide better conditions for others around the world who are suffering. We have done that. We have arranged for you to have the funds to do just that. Together, you can stop war by combining your resources, providing what the combatants truly need – be it an escape from oppression or more tolerable living conditions, or more expansive education, or decent infrastructure improvements to alleviate the urgent, unclean conditions they have lived with so long.

Dignity. This is what people are rioting about, taking up arms to fight for, and attacking those around them to unleash their resentments about. Ferguson, Syria, Palestine, Kenya, Ukraine, and so many more places in the world are now either awakening and taking to the streets, or are the targets for mercenary thugs who have been paid by the cabal to stir up trouble. In either case, there are conditions on the ground worth objecting to. These are the places where our Lightworkers can make a real difference by bringing Light, Love and desperately needed resources to those in need.

As you move across the planet, beginning with your own families and friends, expanding outward to establish friendships and create networks of caring Lightworkers, you will expand your own thinking, open your hearts even more, and begin a worldwide tsunami of good will and friendship which will begin to heal old wounds and establish new possibilities, the likes of which you can only now vaguely sense.

You, dear friends, have invested in your own freedom, and with it you will find ways to set others free. Imagine the power of 5 million Lightworkers, suddenly unleashed from the bonds of tedium and enslavement to meaningless work, free to go forth gently, with sensitivity and Love, to build the new and glorious Golden Age we have all envisioned so fervently for so long.

You see, it is not the money that will set you free; it is the possibility of being free from any constraints of the old dark agendas that will allow you to finally experience the feeling of exploding into your true potential – doing the work for which you were trained, but which had been co-oped by the old system. You all have marvelous skills, honed in the “salt mines” – the slavery-for-all system you were so accustomed to. Now you will be able to use those skills to shape your own world, in the vision of Paradise you have held secretly in your hearts since you were born.

Every one will be needed; every one will add their precious, unique flavor to the new group consciousness which will be built from your deepest sense of fairness, equality, compassion, forgiveness and Love. No one will be left out or diminished by the New World. With the rising energies will come a rising sense of hope, peace of mind and dignity. Everyone needs to feel a sense of belonging, everyone needs to be needed. The freedom which will come with your Prosperity packages will allow all to contribute, to learn the deepest form of self-respect which comes from being a part of a truly inspired group consciousness.

It is impossible for me to describe to you how deeply fulfilled and delighted I am to look forward down this glorious timeline you have created for yourselves and see the seeds you have planted coming to fruition. You will at last experience the Peace On Earth you have longed for. You will see an end to poverty and want. You will each be a part of the shaping and building of this new era we have envisioned together.

I am filled with love overflowing for each of you, the Brothers and Sisters of Light who have walked with me, shared my hopes and dreams, my pain and yours, my determination and yours. We have joined together as One to create this incomparable triumph, the beginning of the New Golden Age. It is truly our birthday, all of us. Together, we will begin a new life.

I am your Sananda and I am in Love with you and with Life.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, August 25, 10 PM, New York



We are pleased to present Jesus/Sananda’s Autobiography and New Scriptures. As directed by Sananda, there will be no excerpts, no para-phrasing, no overview of His words. Let us all take responsibility to insure the continuing integrity of Sananda’s words, just as He has given them here for the first time.
Jesus/Sananda – An Autobiography
Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, 
January 7, 2014, 8 PM, Los Angeles, CA

I would like to tell the story of my life as Jesus.  I am Sananda Kumara.  This is my spiritual name – my soul name.  When I came to Earth I was given the name Yeshua ben Joseph, but those who knew me when I was young called me Emmanuel. 

I will tell you many things that do not agree with the story of my life as it has been told in the Bible.  Some of these corrections have been published in my New Scriptures, which were transcribed by the present scribe, Kathryn, who has agreed to take these messages and present them to the world until I am able to come to you in person.  Some of the basic information also appears in her book, “Who Needs Light?” However, I will now complete the story by writing my own biography.
I do this not because I care about whether people know me or not, but because of the implications it holds for my teachings.  I do wish to bring accuracy and clarity about the message I intended to carry to Planet Earth, and it seems that now is a good time to do that.
I will try to give you a picture of the basic elements of my life, and I will touch briefly on my fundamental beliefs, which are far more simple and consistent than the Bible stories would have you believe.  I came to tell of my love of God, of the wonders of God’s Creation, and to teach that Love is what truly matters in life, nothing more.
I was born to my mother, Mary, in the spring (not December 25).  It is true that she was a young woman, and that she was told by the Archangel Gabriella that she would have a child who was sent directly from God.  The energy of Prime Creator was the source for the formation of the human body which was created in my mother’s womb, so it is true that the infant body was not conceived in the usual way.  Joseph, who became the true father of the child I came here to be, was a good man of great Faith, and accepted the responsibility for the care of me and the children who were to come later to our blessed family.
It is not true that I was born in a manger, or that my parents were poor.  We were surrounded by close family and friends; we lived comfortably and were afforded a good education.  I had a brother, James, and a sister, Martha.  Later, we were followed by a young brother whom we called Simon.  I was also surrounded by close cousins, aunts and uncles who oversaw our growth and well-being, and who took pleasure in our company.  One of my closest friends and schoolmates was Mary Magdalene, who was the love of my life from our earliest days.
Now, it is important for all of you to know about the formation of my identity, because it will tell you a great deal about the great Love that God feels for humanity, and it will give you a glimpse into the workings and plans of the Company of Heaven.
The person and the life you knew as Jesus Christ was planned carefully beforehand, with the foresight that such a life would bring enormous change and hopefully a new understanding of God’s True Way.  It was intended to raise the consciousness of the population of Planet Earth, which was mired in the struggle against Darkness, nearly overwhelmed by waves of invading Dark Ones who incarnated over and over, monopolizing the power and wealth on the Planet, as they continued to do until this past year, when the Galactic Councils were finally able to come to the aid of humankind in a more direct way.
At the time I came, 2000 years ago, it was with the intention of beginning the Ascension process which was to usher in the New Golden Age.  We knew it was a difficult challenge, and we wanted to assure our success by creating the situation which would offer the best chance of success.  It was decided that I would incarnate as the soul which would join with the baby Yeshua, but that it was too difficult a task for one lone soul to accomplish, and so it was suggested that we create a more powerful entity by joining forces with another soul, or perhaps two other souls who would merge together to become one in life.
This was the creation we agreed upon.  I was to be joined in the body of Yeshua by my dear Brother and fellow Starseed, the one you know as St. Germain, an ancient soul of the Kumara lineage like me.  We were then joined by one who is known to you as El Morya, whose identity has not been fully revealed to this day.  We felt so comfortable in our Love and Trust for one another that we were reassured by the knowledge that no matter what this life might bring, we could manage it together.  I would be the “lead soul” and would take responsibility and be the namesake by which the person of Jesus would be known.  It was a great comfort to me to know I would be so supported.
Our hope was to bring Light and Love to all.  It was also planned that Mary Magdalene, who was to be my lifelong partner and wife, would be created of our three twin flames who would share the body of Mary.  Our intense love and attraction for one another as twin flames would allow for the strongest possible bond, and provided the balance needed to create an equally powerful female partner, for it was important to Prime Creator, in agreement with the Galactic Councils, that the female energy be fully represented as well.
Mother/Father God, as the Creators of this Milky Way Galaxy, were intimately involved at every step of the way, and oversaw the Project which was to bring the Christ Consciousness back to their beloved Mother Earth and her suffering humanity.  So you see, there are no coincidences or accidents in the planning of events which are chosen to unfold on the planet.  All is carefully planned, although free will on the ground does not always allow for the perfectly predictable execution of our plans.  In this case, it took almost 2000 years for our carefully laid plan to come to fruition.
My childhood and education was a happy time, a time of preparation and expansion, for I needed to become used to the experience of co-habiting in one body with two other intelligences, but we fell into step with one another as we had always done, and Mary experienced the same.  My memory of my origins and my mission was not complete in the beginning, but it became clearer as I grew.  I studied and traveled, but always returned to my family and my Mary.
I felt such Love for my family and for my beloved Mary that our destiny together was absolutely clear.  We were married in a joyful celebration in the bosom of our family in Nazareth, and began our life together dedicated to bringing Light and Truth to our world.
Mary accompanied me on many of my trips to other towns, and our home became a gathering place for conversation.  I did not think of myself as a teacher or lecturer.  I simply shared the deep Love I felt for God and humankind.  I knew the deep respect and affection of our Prime Creator, our Mother/Father God and the Ascended Masters who had been my friends and teachers in the eons before my journey as Jesus.  I was absolutely certain that the representation of God as an angry and punitive judge was utterly wrong.  I also knew there was no hell, no fire and brimstone, and no Satan.
I wanted to bring the message of love and forgiveness to all I encountered, but early on I began to feel the intensity in the reaction from anyone who was close to a position of power or influence over others.  Their resistance to my story of Love was clear, insistent, and based in fear of losing something they felt they could not let go of.  This negativity was not limited to religious leaders of my own faith, who did not relinquish their image of an angry and vengeful God easily.  Rather, it crossed religious and philosophical boundaries, and sometimes came from unexpected sources.  
The more I shared my message, the more I began to see that people in any position of authority feared it because it inspired personal freedom and independent thought in a way that challenged all forms of authoritarian control.  People began to flock to the gatherings when I brought the power of Prime Creator to heal the sick, and those who had felt bereft at the idea of coming to the end of a life without any hope for understanding their place in the Universe were fascinated and relieved to hear my affirmations that yes, there is an afterlife, there is the possibility of reincarnation, and God is Light!
Yes, I did talk about my own memories of life in higher dimensions, where all life is guided by the Universal Laws, where peace reigns, and where one can learn to create with their own thoughts and deep intentions.  There, learning goes on in the most expansive and unlimited ways, and the mysteries of space and time are easily understood.  Angels are indeed real, and souls can be forgiven for all life’s transgressions and be helped to learn a higher level of understanding, a greater closeness with God.
I also taught that it is our responsibility as intelligent beings to respect and hold precious our blessed Mother Earth, who provides all and who nurtures all upon her breast. Humans, animals, all the creatures, plants and sacred places on her surface deserve our protection and respect, because they are as much the expression of God as we are.  I did not eat meat, nor did I encourage the raising and slaughtering of animals of any kind for food.  With attention to the particular needs of native plants in the dry Mediterranean climate where we lived, the cultivation of fruits and vegetables provided a rich bounty, enough for all.
These were my simple teachings, and I talked to everyone who would listen about the glory of life when Love is put above all else.  Of course, this came in direct conflict with the Roman conquerors whose civilization, for all its cultural advantages, was firmly founded in war and conquest.  Thus, my message of love, while it raised hope and comforted many, put me at odds with the authorities across the region.
My friends and students in turn taught the message of God’s Love wherever they went. Occasionally, they took notes, and Mary Magdalene recorded some of our teachings in a more formal way in her graceful, clear language.  Those writings have been mostly hidden, revised, or re-translated to present an entirely different perspective – one which engenders fear, want, and feelings of entitlement.  Mother Earth was described as a force to be conquered, and God’s Love was shaded with contempt and arrogance.  Our simple and direct Aramaic was twisted into dense and contorted parables.
I did enjoy using parables to make a point, but where I was quoted, my explanations for the examples I gave would be left out, and the result became murky and contradictory. 
This is my reason for giving these messages to the world at this time:  to help those who felt the truth of my message find their way back to the simple pleasures of knowing who you are, where you came from, and what life is really about.
Throughout the Universe, life thrives.  We are not alone, nor are we the most advanced civilization.  Far from it.  Our Brothers and Sisters from the Stars are here in the skies above you, waiting patiently to be of help in the most important endeavor a being can take part in – the Ascension of the entire population of the planet.  With this lifting of all souls to higher dimensions, we will also experience a lifting of energies throughout the Multiverse, for it is a Universal process.  It is the destiny, the inner drive of all lifeforms, this evolution to higher dimensions, and you are a part of that process, every one of you.
Now I must return to the story I promised you – the story of my life.  Mary and I continued to live and teach, we had two children, a boy and a girl, and lived a life as nearly idyllic as a family could experience for a time.  It was a simpler time, and we were generously supported emotionally and financially by our families and our community so that we could travel, do our healing work, and continue to spread our message throughout what is now known as the Middle East and beyond.  Our beloved friends welcomed us warmly, cared for us and our children with great love, and made it possible for us to share our message widely.
I was completely devoted to my beloved Mary, my love, my inspiration and the center of my life, as I am still.  We have remained as twin souls even as we have continued our long relationship with Planet Earth and her beloved humankind.  She has incarnated since, and is in a body now, as are most of your Ascended Masters – especially the female counterparts who are here to usher in the Age of the Feminine.
You are all familiar with the supposed end of my life, when the forces of Darkness within both the Jewish community and the Roman governance aligned to persecute me as a traitor and a troublemaker.  They did put out the warrant for my arrest, I was alerted, and it was apparent that the inevitable would come to pass.  I was to be made an example of in order to quell the growing foment against the oppressive Roman rule.
I called my beloved family together – I did not call them disciples; they were my close friends and fellow travelers, my trusted companions.  None was more loyal or devoted than my dearest Brother, Judas as you call him.  I called him to my side to talk with him about the impending confrontation with the Roman soldiers.  I asked him to go to them, to tell them of my whereabouts in order to avoid a search-and-seizure melee which would have put my entire family in danger.  
He carried out my wishes faithfully, as I knew he would, for he was the incarnated Soul of Light, Lucifer, son of my beloved Brother whom you now call St. Germain.  He was and is the Bearer of the Light of God, as his name represents.  He did not then nor has he ever had any connection to the fantasy creation the Dark Ones called Satan.  There was no bribe or betrayal – he loved me then as he does now, without reservation.
And so it happened that I was taken into custody, given a brief and pre-judged trial at the hand of the autocratic Pontius Pilate and taken to be tied up and yes, nailed with spikes, not to a cross but to a large tree in the commons, in full view of the populace.  I was not given the honor of being put on a cross, contrary to the later contrived history.
The whole procession and “execution” carried little of the drama or pageantry of the Hollywood version.  It was a stark demonstration of cruelty and raw abuse of power.  I was tied to the tree, nails in my feet and hands, causing great pain and anguish to both the tree and me.
I was able then to leave my body, call upon my Creator to protect and sustain me, and we put the body into a deep coma state, which you might call suspended animation. 
We, the souls who had inhabited this body until then, were able to ascend into higher dimensions while we tended to the body’s care.  We kept the thread of life alive until the body was taken away, and with the care of our beloved mother and wife, the body was later resuscitated. 
Yes, I did later meet my friends on the road, and I appeared to Paul, too, after I had spent a short time recuperating from the wounds, with the exquisite ministrations of my two miraculous Marys.  I did not leave the planet then. No, I lived on.
We traveled to France, where we were welcomed and protected, and where we were able to provide the education and safety our children required.  It was there that our third child was born, and Mary Magdalene established her own mystery school.  We later traveled to Turkey and the Far East, where we were also welcomed.  
I felt the strong connection to Buddhism, and wished to unify the teachings to include many of the tenets of Buddhism – especially the emphasis on creating peace by making peace within, the concentration on the inner search, and the use of meditation to reach a higher vibration and connection to God.  
It was in Tibet that I found the mystical and mythical places where Heaven and Earth meet.  There are portals there to Inner Earth, and the monks have studied the deep healing techniques and quiet practices which allow them to live for hundreds of years.  I remained with them for extended periods during my eighth decade of life, in perfect health.
It was a long and fulfilling life, filled with rich companionship and especially in my older years, with quiet contemplation in the embrace of God’s Love.  I returned from my travels to be with my Beloved Mary in our last years.  We remained in France, with occasional sojourns to England and Scotland, until my natural death at the age of about 86, and Mary followed me very shortly afterward.  We felt at the time that we had begun an awakening, but we were aware of the campaign of Paul, who called himself an Apostle, and took it upon himself to create a new sect, Christianity.  
I had not intended to create a religion.  I only wanted to bring the message of Love and Light, which would have illuminated the world’s existing religious teachings.  Ours was a straight-forward message – which, if left to flourish and spread, would have created peace on Planet Earth, or at least would have established a bulwark against the flood of Dark Energies which came with the increasing invasion of the genetically modified Reptilians.  However, as so often happens, it turned out to be those who professed to be supporters who created the most lasting distortion of our teachings.
When Constantine ordered the compilation and publication of the Bible of all my available teachings, the result was anything but accurate or complete.  His intentions were politically motivated.  He wished to control the burgeoning growth of what was then being called Christianity – the recognition of the Christ Consciousness on Planet Earth.  The Emperor saw the threat of allowing Light to filter throughout his far-flung and increasingly unmanageable Empire.  
Joy and Peace insulates the people from propaganda and fear-mongering, and the belief in a glorious afterlife in the presence of God tends to make them fearless in their resistance to being controlled.  Allegiance to family, community and to God dilutes one’s loyalty to any political entity, dissolving artificial boundaries and national fervor.  The priesthood which was a powerful entity in its own right aligned with Constantine’s needs because it was in their own benefit to maintain the power of the Patriarchy-as-religion.
And so, the document you call the Bible was created.  The Old Testament set the tone, with its emphasis on wars, competition and vengeance.  The picture of God it painted combined the teachings of the most narrow and violent sects of early Judaism, which were designed to align with the later writings, most of which were doctored, redacted, reinterpreted and redesigned to create the confusing, contradictory messages you now find in it.  
The concept of sin was introduced into the writings, and the picture of a Satanic anti-hero, lifted from the fearsome folklore which had been used by parents to subdue their children, became a primary tool of control.  Guilt and shame centered around the control of sexual practices and obedience to an external, punishing God.  This “God” was indeed a reflection of the perfectly controlling Emperor, but it bore no resemblance to the God who was my Father of Creation, my own loving Creator.
I will say definitively, a child cannot be born in sin, since an infant is a completely innocent Light, untouched by Darkness, a pure soul in the process of beginning a new life.   Creating a child is a holy act, blessed by all in Heaven.  Nothing an infant could do could be in any way associated with sin or evil.
There is one remaining travesty which must be addressed here, and which must be healed before Mother Earth’s people will be able to live in peace.  That is the idea that Christianity is the one true religion.  I do not, and never have, taught that I was the final expert, or the only son of God.  We are all children of God. No single person or set of teachings is The Last Word – superior to all others. There is only one Prime Creator, the Creator of all Creation.  No individual or religion has a direct line or a preferred standing with Him, yet all are equal in his eyes.
So, you see, the idea of a religious war is an absurdity.  Every soul on Earth and throughout the Multiverse has an equal place in His heart, and a open line to communicate, without the need of intermediaries, priests, or even channelers. You are each born with the ability and the desire to be connected to the Love, protection and forgiveness of our Creator.  To do so will bring only joy and deep fulfillment to all.
I will not offer you detailed descriptions of the people and places I encountered in my life.  Those elements are not important, except to confirm my love for humankind, and my close attachment to my family, wife and children.  I am not the subject of the teachings God wished to bring to Earth.  I was the vessel for His/Her message of Love. The events of my life are important only as they illuminate what I stood for and what they teach others.  My message was changed when the crucifixion was invented as the centerpiece and largest focal point of my life.
The image of my body hanging on the cross is indeed a constant reminder to all that you too will be punished for believing in me and my teachings.  It is a gruesome threat, and it wipes out joy.  This indelible image alone has done more damage than all the words could possibly do to discourage exuberance, celebration and Faith.  It elicits sadness and dread, depression and hopelessness.  What comfort can one really take in the statement, “Christ died for your sins?”  I must tell you now: I emphatically did not.
My punishment at the hands of my persecutors did not defeat me, nor did I die. Neither my life nor my death had anything to do with sin – yours or mine.  I came to Planet Earth to represent the embodiment of a good and loving family, which obviously had nothing to do with celibacy, to teach through living among others, and to lift the hearts of those who had been downtrodden and subjected to unfair political and financial practices.  The abuse of power was as rampant then as it is now, although the means of robbing the poor to give to the rich has become more effective and efficient in recent times.  
Many people seem horrified to read the channelings from me and also from Mother/Father God which include extensive political content.  I wonder why they would think that my teachings could be separated from the conditions under which people lived, and the oppression which caused massive suffering and deprivation.  
People who are suffering oppression have little energy left after struggling to survive, and are more vulnerable to further oppression.  They also have a harder time keeping their hearts filled with Love and their minds open to God’s message.  It was my intention to lift the conditions under which people were living as well as the state of their spiritual lives.
I was also a healer, as I am still.  Physical suffering caused by illness and disability has long been aggravated by poor diet, overcrowding and toxic environmental conditions.  I wished to alleviate the unnecessary pain of physical illness because it tends to leave people exhausted and desperate.  They do turn to God for solace and healing, and once they do, I want to bring them the relief and joy that comes with healing.  This is the reason I am working with so many Lightworkers who are healers now.
It is time for all of Mother Earth’s beings to heal, and for Mother Earth to restore herself after the millennia of abuse at the hands of humankind.  It is time for the Grand Awakening to the Truth that all are One.  There is no individual, no animal, no tree which is not inherently connected through the fiber of their being to every other being.  A tree feels pain when it is cut; it deserves to be honored and respected when it is used to build a house.  Better yet, the technology to completely avoid the use of forest products is available and will soon be brought to Earth by your Galactic Brothers and Sisters.
What sort of thinking is required to cause an entire civilization to deplete and devastate its home, the source of all they need for survival?  I believe it is the same Darkness which feeds self-hatred and hatred of others not like oneself. That festering hatred has flowed throughout the relationships between humankind and their companions on Earth, creating a poisonous atmosphere in which animals turned on each other and began to fight and eat each other.  As the vibration of Love courses across the planet, lifting hearts and minds, the animals will respond by feeling and behaving as brothers to one another. 
Eventually, all the Kingdoms of Earth will join humankind in harmony and Love, and eating one another will be a thing of the past.  Human bodies are evolving to be nourished by a vegetable and fruit diet, and the animals will change along with you.  It has already begun, for both humans and animals.
The same pervasive effect applies to your weather, for the consciousness of humankind stirs the same violence in the weather patterns as it does in the animal Kingdom.  Mother Earth is now accomplishing her cleansing and restoration to the pure Eden of her beginnings.  Humankind will either be disrupted and overwhelmed by the violence of her reactions, or you will raise your vibration higher by the day, thereby mitigating the effects of her self-protective actions.
I tell you these things about the current developments on Earth because, you see, my work with humanity never ended.  I passed from the experience of life in a body in the 3rd dimension directly to the 5th dimension.  Understand, I did ascend, taking my body with me, just as you will do.  This part of the Biblical story is partially true.  It was called a resurrection, which is not as accurate a description as ascension.  I not only came back to life, but I raised my body with me into higher dimensions.  Those of us who have accomplished this will now have a body available to us when we wish to return to Earth, without having to go through the birth and childhood process.
I offer you this brief outline of my life to reveal to you the most destructive of the ideas which were presented as if they were mine, as if they represented the Truths as they apply to our Creator and his relationship to us.  There is much more I could tell, but I wished only to point to the most egregious falsehoods – those which created the biggest distortions to the Truth of our relationship to Prime Creator and the Company of Heaven, all of whom are here to assist you now in your coming Ascension.
I suggest that you read this autobiographical message in the context of the earlier channeled messages from Mother/Father God, the Creators of the Milky Way Galaxy, who have given you a much more extensive and detailed description.  It was channeled earlier by our dear Kathryn, and it is called “When God Pinched My Toe.” They provide the opportunity to feel how we work together with other Ascended Masters to accomplish this glorious and historic Ascension process.  You will hear the Love in their voices and the Truth of their words, which are completely in alignment with my own.
I believe you will come to feel the great Love we have for you, and the Love I have carried in my heart for all these eons.  When others had given up on the humans of Planet Earth, my Faith and my Love remained strong, and I have now been proven right in my faith that together, we will realize the Dream, and accomplish the greatest challenge ever undertaken in the history of the Universe.
I Love you all.  We are One, inseparable as the wind and the leaf, forever and always.
I am your Jesus/Sananda, together with all the Company of Heaven.
Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, January 7, 2014, 8 PM, Los Angeles, CA 
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Sananda Provides A Chemtrail Update Live On “Channel Panel” Blogtalk Radio / Has Chemtrail Activity Lessened Over Past Two Months?


Sananda Provides A Chemtrail Update Live On “Channel Panel” Blogtalk Radio / Has Chemtrail Activity Lessened Over Past Two Months?

The full Channel Panel episode is here:

The whole show is very interesting…. but you can skip to the Sananda question at the 1:25-1:45 segment.  Keep in mind this is channeled material… which isn’t a perfect system…. see if this resonates.  


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-Father God says the chemtrails are harmless.

-In their dimension, “it is done”…

-There are fewer chemtrails and they are less toxic.

-Ashtar Command… brothers and sisters constantly at work, taking toxins out of the air.

-On the ground we may see the fewer chemtrails, but are not breathing them on the ground.

-No more cancer from them…. no more birth defects.

-We may still see patterns, but be assured, we are no longer being poisoned…. we were…

-In the last few months, this has been taking place.

-We will see chemtrails for a shortime longer…it’s mostly steam and water vapour that is being produced.

-Those making chemtrails in these final days, be able to turn their backs on the thing that pays their mortgage? There are many… towns…communities…

-Yes there are still toxins produced.

-As soon as RV (revaluation) takes place… those of the light will stop doing cabal jobs…this is what we are about to experience… nothing will be the same… those who didn’t truly want to do what they did for money will no longer do it.

-We will see a new kind of freedom soon.

-Those factories will soon have no one to work, to produce poisons.

-Mother earth will heave a sigh of relief… “it is done”.

Thanks Harry, Meg, Sananda and Kathryn on the historic Channel Panel Radio Show!!!… this is very helpful information. I have also noticed in the last few months… a decrease in the chemtrails… even though there was some heavy spraying just a few days ago… it is quickly cleaned up by galactic forces… and they seem pleased to provide demonstrations of this… just ask them… and then watch the “cloudships” vacuum up the chemtrails. If you happen to see a rainbow cloudship… then even more beautiful right? I have also noticed that the air smells very clean.

Two recent examples;

Ashtar Command Rainbow UFO Cloudship Appears Over Canada, And Cleans Up A Chemtrail

Otherworldly Chemtrail Victory Dance: Dancing Sky Angel Neutralizes Chemtrail With Giant Vortex 

Channel Panel… it’s every week, and provides earth/galactic ascension updates touching upon many fascinating subjects. I urge you to check out the entire show that goes into “soul projects”…siting Jesus from the bible as being an example of a soul project… in the Jesus Soul Project.. the being who came to earth to play the role of Jesus, was led by Sananda’s soul and also had St. Germain and El Morya. *El Morya is a collective group in “himself”. Other examples of soul groups would be the Arcturians, The Group channeled by Steve Rother, and many on earth during these final 3D chapter, has soul groups.


Participate In This Short Chemtrail Study

Please feel free to leave a comment, and let us know how the chemtrails are in your area… has their been less activity over the past few months…OVERALL?

Leave a comment on this page… say hello, let us know where you are, and how is the sky?… that is all there is to it. :)





Ultimate Pied Piper (short version) cover art

Flute Magic!!! Indian in the machine – Ultimate Pied Piper:  ”This song is definitely my favorite flute piece, I have ever recorded… and an ideal song to put a little bit of magical flute into your visions…”

… listen to this song, and envision blue skies, free energy… dancing in the streets… living in spirit… being free… unslaved from physicality… whatever you want. ;)

The rattles used in this recording come from a mexican artisan, who I did a trade with, for some cash and a beautiful opal pendant. The rattles are traditional native mexican… made for a pow wow dancer. Our trade had lots of beauty in it for me, as I had never played rattles that had such a timeless and presence, and she worked so hard on those rattles and did a superjob, she was pleased they were going to me, as I was definitely going to do something with them… it wasn’t a transaction… it was a gift exchange.

The flute is a High Spirits double cedar that has lots of “play” in it.

You are welcomed to download this free version. … it is my intention for it to stand to validify the theory that the chemtrails are becoming less harmful… there’s no way I would be able to play the flute like this, if the chemtrails were affecting my throat or lungs… like before.

Free download here:

The full version in high resolution and spirit, is available as an unlisted bonus track, from the musical project, “Soul Art”. 



“The absolute surest way, chelas, to compound the problems you face, and therefore create ever more devastating consequences to yourself and your planet, is to be led to (by your Spirit Within) and exposed to THE TRUTH about the circumstances already created, and THEN still doing absolutely NOTHING to change them to bring back balance.” – Sananda


5/18/91   SANANDA

Greetings Precious Druthea.  I AM Sananda.  I come in service to Holy God/Aton of Light and to you my brethren.  Thank you for finding your balance, Druthea, and petitioning for clarity on “negative” perceptions that we may share with our brethren.  For within each “human” conscious mind there exists many various perceptions and depending upon the experiences of emotional attachment, ones will attach to themselves various “degrees” of misperception and therefore respond accordingly. Continue reading

Sananda/Jesus Discusses Changes In Disclosure And What Earth Humans Are The Last In the Multi-verse, To Know

Sananda/Jesus Discusses Changes In Disclosure And What Earth Humans Are The Last In the Multi-verse, To Know

Hey there earth buddies…. we’ve got another update from Sananda/Jesus… until recent times, we had been facing a planetary evacuation… we had been in a secret nuclear war… we had been so mismanaging our planet, that our planet would have spun out of orbit…. all of that has changed… however our media is still highly controlled, so the old story seems to be true, while what is really taking place is rarely reported…. so read Sananda’s message below… and see if his update resonates with your HEART… not your mind… all solutions from here are HEART-based… all ability to know anything comes from the HEART…  isn’t it interesting that one of our planet’s names is ‘earth’, which spells ‘heart’ with the h moved to the front… our star family call our planet, ‘Shan’. It is because we have lived collectively so heartlessly for thousands of years, that we are the last in the entire multiverse to know the truths that Sananda shares below…. enjoy your updates on all levels… may the joy that knowing truth brings, overflows to all hearts, no matter how crazy the truth sounds.

Indian in the machine



Hello, everyone, and greetings from the Galactic Federation ships, where we are discussing the Disclosure we have planned for the near future. I want to prepare you for the fun, and let you know that whatever you have in mind when you think “Disclosure,” it may not be what we are planning. Of course, our plans evolve as conditions on the ground evolve, so we have already gone from the doomsday scenario we had planned in the 50’s – to swoop down and pick you all up on millions of ships when the nuclear holocaust that was planned looked imminent.

To reassure you, Beloved Ones, we had the drill well practiced. We could have “air-lifted” all of you in a matter of minutes if it had been necessary. Fortunately, that horrific possibility has been stopped, now that the nuclear weapons on your planet are inoperative, and the diplomatic option is becoming more and more effective. Yes, we breathed a sigh of relief when we were permitted to intervene just a bit, because our Great Creator will not permit such folly to ever occur again.

Now, we are looking forward to greeting you less dramatically, as we have been doing for some time now. A sighting over London recently helped to solidify the recognition for the British people that we are here, and we bring greetings. It does not matter which ship of the massive fleet under the Ashtar Command happens to be allowed to present themselves for photographing. People on the ground do not yet have the expertise to identify or understand our crafts or where they might be from. It doesn’t matter, you see, because all are here for the same purpose – to observe your evolution to higher vibrations and to be of assistance if possible.

Generally, we are not allowed to push or tweak your affairs on the ground, no matter how omnipotent you may think we are; we are not permitted to use our powers to change the course of a civilization; you must be allowed to rise up on your own. We have been permitted to help you in the form of these messages because it is now the end of the cycle of growth which will allow for your mass Ascension, and because Creator saw that without greater contact with us you would not be able to reach a high enough vibration to accomplish it.

It is your opportunity now, Dear Ones. The nourishing energy from the Central Sun of Creator is now flooding your planet, giving you the extra boost to carry you to your goal. You and I have been on this path for thousands of years, suffering many setbacks and reversals as we faced the manipulations and cruelty of the Dark Ones. We must not now allow the one interference that would stand in the way of our Ascension. It is despair, depression, disillusionment, discouragement and worst of all, a loss of faith.

Here behind the Veil, you have the complex disadvantage and challenge of maintaining your balance and seeing yourselves as the Gods and Godesses you really are. You think there is no proof that there even is a God, and e specially that you are a completely integrated part of the GodSoul. You ask: “Who am I? I want to know who I am in the hierarchy of Heaven,” and you search and implore psychic mediums who finally tell you, “Yes, you are an incarnation of Mother Mary,” or “Yes, you are an aspect of Jesus.” It is true, you know. Whatever you have been told is true. You are an aspect of me, as I am an aspect of you.

I want to tell you a great Universal Truth, because I think you are ready to understand the Truth. That is that you are all aspects of the Creator, direct links to the energy of the Great Central Sun, just as I am, just as Mother/Father God and all the other Masters you have learned to speak with and love are linked with you. That link is felt through your heart – the same place where you feel the deep connection with your children or your parents.

When we say to you, Dear Ones, We are One, we mean it. We are not just telling you a nice bedtime story. We are informing you of the simple truth which beings in all the Multiverse know in their hearts. You are among the last to truly accept this truth, are you not? The trees, the animals, the planets and the stars all live in peace with the knowledge that they are an expression of the heart of Great Creator. Your race of humans has been created to experience the Love and deep happiness of knowing you can never be alone, never isolated, never separated from the One who is Love.

Yes, even your Planet, Mother Terra, is created with the purpose of helping to raise humankind to the level of acceptance, through and through – the acceptance that tells you deep within your unconscious mind that you are good, you are enough, you are Loved without end and without question – and the acceptance which brings peace. You have lived on a warring planet because you are at war with God. You argue and debate, question and demand explanations, when the Truth is right there in your heart.

Yes, humankind is the Creator race in every sense of the word, because of your intelligence, imagination and will, but you, the soul that you are, are not human. You have come here to experience things intensely, to perhaps help the race to elevate itself to accept its true place in Heaven, as every other species and every other human-like race before you has done. You, Dear Soul Brothers and Sisters, are fulfilling God’s plan just as the ant on the sidewalk is, just as the whale and the dolphin and the eagle are expressing themselves as God.

All come Home at the end of their incarnations. All live within the warm embrace of Love, an integrated and happily included member of the great Heavenly host of beings, all of whom experience themselves as equals, partners in the great Experience which is Life. Here in the Heavenly realms we do not experience ourselves as part of a hierarchy; we just are. We do know of our experiments in individuation, in feeling ourselves to be separate and experiencing free will, and we also know that those travels into separation were, in the final greater understanding, an illusion.

We always come home to the loving arms of our Creator, and the other energy forms we recognize as our Brothers and Sisters, our Twin Flames, our soul partners and soul mates. Now it is the next step in your development to see the continuum of Life which runs through all your experiences, whether you are here in a human body or traveling the Universe in your light bodies, or incarnating on a distant planet to experience a life of comfort and harmony.

Beloved Ones, we are like the fish of the sea – any fish, any sea – in that we swim in the great ocean of God’s Love. We breathe the air of God’s creation, we eat the food God created for us, and we live out the lifetime of the body we have chosen to inhabit for this life experience. We cannot be abandoned by God, no matter how dark our thoughts might be; we cannot be punished by God for sins or for anything else, because God sees us as a part of him/herself, and loves all Creation as One. God would find it unthinkable to punish any creature, any being, because it is not a part of the Great Plan to control or destroy the precious beings who were created in Love.

We are given free reign to live well or badly, whichever we choose, and to learn from the experience. When you become used to incarnating here on Earth, it is easy to begin to feel that this experience of suffering and conflict is just the way of the Universe, or what Life is, but it is not true. Life is LIFE. The life force that courses through your veins is not concerned with whether you feel it or not, whether you acknowledge its presence or not, it just is, and it will remain to sustain you as long as you continue in this body. It is a gift, a blessing that is given freely and without conditions. It is only you, Dear Ones, who place conditions and judgments and restrictions on your own joy.

God did not create you to suffer, or to worry, or to feel alone and separate. Let’s be clear here. You, the soul that you are, are an integral part of the whole that is Creator. There is no parting from that, or being left out, or separating yourself. It cannot be done. Only when you come here – the soul that you are – to inhabit a human form, do you begin to think in terms of how you are alone in the Universe, and wonder if there might be intelligent life somewhere in the Cosmos like you. From the point of view of the higher dimensions it would be amusing that you would even think to ask such obvious questions, and that you might actually believe you are the only conscious beings, if it were not so completely and sadly delusional.

You see, your suffering comes not from the physical conditions of your life, for it takes very little for a human being to live happily, as many indigenous cultures have shown us throughout the ages. Look at a baby, and see just how much that child really desires. A reasonable supply of nourishing milk, a deep and loving gaze from a parent, a little comfort in the form of a clean diaper and a cozy hug, and the child will supply the rest from their connection with God, their guardian angels, and the light and energy patterns surrounding them.

I will continue to shower my Love upon you, Beloved Ones, until you are able to absorb that love and until you can hear my voice whispering love poems in your ear and feel my kisses on your face and my arms surrounding you, for I am bringing you the Love I feel from our Creator. I am simply expressing what I feel and what I know in the deepest part of my heart – that we are loved and cherished, and it will always and forever be so. I give this Love to you freely and without condition, because it is given to me freely, every moment, every day, for eternity.

I am here for you always, and I will remain with you in Love, as long as we shall breathe the eternal Light and Love of our Creator.

I am your Sananda.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, July 31, 2014, 10 PM, New York


Sananda: A Time for Change

Sananda: A Time for Change


I want to give the world a written message which will expand upon my talk from yesterday  It was an unusual message for me, in that I included many philosophical and moral points which are the basis for what you might call our spiritual way of life.  It is the foundation for what Mother/Father God have called The True Way.  Since we began to give you these messages through many Masters, there has been no guidebook, no “Bible” which you could refer to which captures the essence of our point of view.  I have given written messages like “The Course in Miracles,” but we find it is overly complex and detailed for most people.

“The New Scriptures” I dictated through Kathryn were intended to be the outline for further understanding.  I wish to continue those writings with greater detail, and more real life examples for people who struggle with day to day decisions.  It is a time of great change, powerful energy shifts, and important choices for every living being on the planet.   Yes, animals, insects and even plants make choices in their own way, whether individually or as a group, and all are now making important decisions as to the future of their experience on Planet Earth and their relationship with humankind.

Let us begin at the beginning.  It will come as a surprise to many that the human species did not begin on Planet Earth, but is a combination of several races of humanoid beings from other planets who gave their DNA to combine what was hoped to be the best of all possible qualities – a being who is truly made in the image of our Creator.  This is your potential, the destiny you were created for.

Your DNA carries within it the ability to expand into a crystalline-based lifeform, to transmute yourselves into multi-dimensional beings who can move through space and time into higher dimensions.  It is a process which is well underway.  You are being helped by the influx of high vibrational energy from the Central Sun as well as the skillful Masters on the ground who are directing and managing this process of activating human capabilities and reactivating your planet’s higher dimensional crystal energy sources.

All is proceeding according to plan, gradually lifting all – Mother Terra and all her inhabitants – into a higher level of existence.  Since you are sentient beings with free will, you will have many choices to make concerning your participation in this greater process.  You will be helped by the rising energies which encourage Light-filled life choices, but you will not be lifted against your will.  In fact, there is much a being can do to resist the changes, to prevent their own ascension, and much you can do to accelerate it.

We wish to help you with these choices, with the understanding that words alone cannot provide the feeling information you need.  For this reason, we imbue all these messages with our higher dimensional loving energy, which you will feel even more when you listen to the voice messages I have left for you.  The archives carry the energy just as hearing them in the present does, but words alone cannot guide you to Truth.  You must feel your way, referring always to the deepest part of your heart, where your soul connection provides direct contact to us through the portal in your brain near the pineal gland.  Your pineal gland is the engine for absorbing Light and converting your DNA to its more sophisticated crystalline “operating system.”  Here lies a major key to your future as higher dimensional beings.

We have described to you “The Lucifer Project” which was purposefully designed to offer humankind the greatest possible challenges, within the duality of Light and Dark.  The Dark Ones who came with the intention of taking over Planet Earth were allowed to remain for a time, creating the conditions you have struggled against.  It was, as I have said, your wish to try to regain a foothold yourselves.  In the process, you learned to hold on to your Faith, your attraction to Light, and your loving hearts.  This, Beloved Ones, is the success we now celebrate.

You were not able to defeat the Cabal alone, because they do not abide by Universal Law.  You were not willing to completely adopt their tactics and their destructive intentions in order to win at their game, inside the Matrix, as you might call it.  This is to your credit.  You have learned well that the end does not justify the means.  You have had to maintain your integrity even at the cost of death, and you are discovering through many lifetimes that death is to be feared less than selling your soul for profit.

You are, by now, well aware of the interference by the Dark Ones in every area of your lives:  the imposition of fossil fuel use because it is more profitable than more Earth-friendly free energy; the use of toxic chemicals and pesticides to grow large amounts of inferior food, at the cost of depleting your soil and fouling your water and air; the mistreatment of animals, and the promotion of animal protein as a food source; the development of medical practices which promote disease rather than curing it.  All these systems, and more, were deliberately designed to interfere with the transition to crystalline form, and therefore to interfere with your Ascension.

It is now your responsibility, Beloved Ones, to look to your way of life to understand the complex web of Darkness which has tainted every facet of your social and political structures, the methods you use to manufacture and build, and the ways you have adapted yourselves to a life of struggle and enslavement.  You, Beloved Lightworkers, are the ones who will help to guide your brothers and sisters out of this complex interconnected system of dependencies which the Cabal has created to keep you, literally, in the dark for thousands of years.

Of course, the enslavement gained momentum with the invention of money and the ability to use it to amass wealth and power and thereby control the resources on the planet which sustain life for all.  The rest is familiar to those who are willing to acknowledge that the effect of these activities – the degradation of the planet and all upon it – was in fact the purpose.  Only by stepping back, seeing the entire picture with your third eye, your intuitive understanding, and your ability to observe all without pre-judgment are you able to see the Truth.

The higher dimensional view allows one to observe all the currents within the river of time which have led to the present state of affairs.  Do not hesitate to peer around the corners of the obstacles which have been deliberately placed to obscure your vision.  Shine your light into the shadows and the subterranean hiding places where secret societies and secret governments have plotted against the Light in their efforts to defeat God, and humanity’s loving heart which is God.  Dig up the evidence and bring it to the Light, for all to see.  In this way, you will literally “un-Earth” the leftover thought-forms which linger in your midst.

There is no place in the new Golden Age for the old habits and thought-forms which defined life on Earth since “The (deliberate) Fall” thousands of years ago, which began during the Lemurian civilization.  Lucifer and I will provide further messages in the weeks to come to help you understand your own part in the creation of the plan that was courageously initiated to provide humankind with the ultimate test of Faith which would prepare you for your destiny as leaders of the cosmos.  To reach the level of integrity and knowing in the deepest reaches of your beings, you were literally forged in the fire which is life in duality behind the Veil, separated from your heavenly family.

All must be cleared away now, all must be acknowledged, given recognition as the dark challenges which caused us to strive so hard together to bring back the Light.  In doing so, we celebrate our strength and our deep connections to one another and to God.

This long path through darkness into Light has created the great love we now share with our courageous comrades – the soul family which sustains and supports us every step of our way.  We are and have always been the Galactic Family of Light, preparing ourselves here on our beloved Planet Earth for our destiny as leaders of the Light, the representatives of God’s True Way.

You are now at a cross-roads.  You will be put into the position of having to use your deepest connections to your Higher Self and God in order to see the intention behind actions, the motivation that leads people to do destructive and disturbing things.  You are often told to follow your heart, but what if your heart seems to be confused?  Dear Ones, hearts are never confused.  You can become confused when you listen to the words instead of allowing your heart to guide you through the confusion, no matter how improbable the ultimate explanation.

In my channeled message through Kathryn this week, I presented you with a difficult dilemma.  You are being asked to open your minds to reconsider choices you may have felt strongly about, and to listen carefully to discern which motives are pure and which are not.  Remember, Kathryn was chosen as the one to channel my New Scriptures after years of rigorous training.  It is not obvious to you, but I assure you that our conversations are not only for the purpose of publication.  She has been on intimate terms with us for years now, and knows well who is speaking to her by our energies.  Another item of interest is that her trainer and mentor through years of testing was Father God.

The primary reason that Kathryn was chosen for these messages was that she vowed to us years ago that she would pass on whatever we say to her as channeling regardless of the impact on herself or her personal feelings about a message. This has generally not been an issue since she knows us, trusts us and our methods well, and we rarely ask her to carry a message which will cause problems for her.  This week has been an exception in that the message she carried for me put her in a very difficult situation, in opposition to those she has loved.  I regret this, but know that all will be revealed soon and will become clear for all of you.

Remember that now is the time for your optimal growth, for profound change and complete shifts in the belief systems you have held all your lives.  Truth must be revealed; Truth will be spoken.  This is not an easy path to follow, but it will lead to freedom for all humankind.  Awaken, Beloved Ones.  Your time has come.  Let us walk firmly, with steady steps, into a future which is built from higher consciousness, greater awareness, deeper heart connections, and the will to remove all from our path that is not of the Light.

This challenge, at this time, is not simply about feeling good.  It is a serious struggle for some, a wide-awake effort to remain steady in the face of powerful opposition from unexpected quarters.  Cling to the truth that love is ever compassionate, generous and kind, but it does not mean we bow to those who threaten or try to distract us.  Again I encourage you to turn away from revenge, embrace forgiveness, and you will create a new arena in which to build your New Tomorrow.

I love you beyond words,
I am your Sananda, ever in your service.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, June 2-3, 2014, 7 PM

Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website,

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It is time for the great wave of joy which will carry the first wave of Ascension of humankind to its completion.

Ooops missed what the heaven is going on with this whole ascension mumbo jumbo?… homework…



A Message of Love from St. Germain, Sananda/Jesus and Prime Creator

St. Germain:Yes, Beloved Ones, the portal to Ascension is indeed in your heartminds.  Your attention to the Harmonic Ascension Portal for all has focused your attention on your wish to be of service and your wish to ascend as soon as possible.  This is a success.

We have encouraged you often by giving you specific tasks, or by showing you how we create – by envisioning a thing done, we make it happen.  You are learning this as you come closer and closer to your own ascension, as the veil is lifting and you raise your consciousness to anticipate the glorious fulfillment of our Dream.

I am in love with you.  You are brilliant Lights, determined souls who have worked together throughout the eons to make this great Ascension happen.  Now you will complete your part of this marvelous project by rising to meet us in higher dimensions.

You are all wondering how to ascend, what you have to do to accomplish it.  I can reassure you that there is nothing more you have to learn, nothing you have to build, and nothing you can study that will help you to ascend.  The feelings of exhilaration, ecstasy, gratitude and bliss are the leavening which will help you rise through the portal into our open arms.

Although the preparation may have taken years to accomplish – creating in yourself the state of love, mindfulness and deep awareness of your own thoughts, feelings and actions – the moment when you ascend is, and must be, an effortless moment.  It is that moment of complete peace and joy when all is well, all is carefree, that you can release yourself to fly, as naturally as a hawk on the wind.

I await you with open arms and my heart filled with joy,

Your St. Germain


It is Easter Sunday today in the Western world.  For many years, the people who have been influenced by Christianity have celebrated this as the day I ascended to higher dimensions.  This is all right with me, since it is a celebration of life, not death, and it recognizes the truth that I did ascend in my body, just as all of you are preparing to do.

As I have told you in The New Scriptures, I intended to teach the lesson that we are all One, connected to our Creator.  It was not my special privilege to be the Son of God.  You are all children of God, just as I am.  You are all precious in his/her eyes, just as I am, and you will all ascend in your bodies as I did.

There will be no death, no funerals and no mourning this time.  It is the end of the glorious project we have worked on together, and the beginning of a new era of celebrating together in joy, in perfect Love and harmony.

You have asked:  “What is ascension, and how am I going to accomplish it?”  It will surprise you to know that my ascension – or resurrection, as they called it then – happened after I had been comforted and healed of my wounds by those who loved me.  This healing, and the great Love I felt from my beloved Mother, my wife Mary Magdalene and my dear friends, lifted my heart and filled me with joy.  I felt truly blessed to be so loved, and to know that I had completed my work here in that lifetime.  It was then that I flew on the wings of Joy, back to the loving arms of my Creator.

I had hoped my example would be used to show the way for others to know that ascension is a natural process, one which can be experienced by anyone whose heart is filled with Love.  For me, it was the culmination of loving service to my fellow humans – a satisfying life lived among those I loved deeply.  I came to bring the word of God’s love, and to show others how fulfilling a life with God’s constant presence could be.

It was not a complete success because the message I wished to bring was submerged beneath imposed restrictions, rules and dictates which the religious hierarchy imposed in their strenuous efforts to control and profit from the hard work of the people.  I did not proclaim myself to be a priest, or expect to be worshipped.  I simply wished to tell the story of our Creator, who is Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, Empathy and Wisdom.  Creator does not punish nor judge.  We are free to explore, learn and then return to the loving arms of those who guide and oversee our life here on Mother Earth.

Now I have the chance to correct the misunderstandings which were taught under the name of “Christianity” – a religion designed for mass consumption as much as any fast food.  Strict adherence to all the laws which are currently taught under the guise of modern Christianity will leave you as ill as a steady diet of super-sized junk food.  It is an impossible program of self-hatred, contempt for the most precious of human traits, and hatred of those whose beliefs do not match exactly the pre-packaged, glossy promises of the false but very profitable teachings of those I think of as ego-obsessed, pretentious “preachers.”

Here is my simple lesson to help you follow your hearts:  Good lessons leave you smiling.  Really good lessons leave you laughing, and the best lessons make your heart sing with Joy and recognition.  God is laughter.  God is Joy.  God exists in the giggles of a child and the sighs of a lover.  A mother who feeds her family with love is doing God’s work, as is the junkman whose song makes the children dance with joy.

There is great magic in a life well lived.  Only now, after the departure of the Dark Ones, are you all awakening to the great possibilities for happiness that exist all around you.  You are newly discovering what children have always known – that elves and fairies do indeed exist, and that the trees around you carry wisdom and the memory of Earth’s history in their combined consciousness.  Mother Earth herself has at last been able to reach into your unconscious mind to tell you of her Love and dedication to the care and nurturing of her beloved beings of Light – human, animal, plant and mineral – all under her loving care, even as they defiled and misused her.

The song of the whale and the dolphin have broken through into your awareness, and you are observing the expressions of friendship across species as never before.  Does a snail feel love?  Of course it does.  Does a dog remember its human friend after death?  Indeed it does.  Is there life after death?  Beloved Ones, there is no death; there is only life everlasting.  Have you lived before?  Of course.  All is consciousness; all life emerges from the consciousness of Love which is Creation.  Once created, there is no end.  You, Beloved One, go on.

Let us go on together.  This is the time for celebration and joining as One.

I am Sananda, and I love you without end.

Prime Creator:

I can only applaud the eloquent words of my beloved Messengers, Sananda and St. Germain, and I thank our dear channel, Kathryn, for her tireless dedication in bringing you our messages, clearly, without question or doubt.  Many times we have used this process to bring you information which may have seemed incomplete or contradictory to you.  This is an inevitable part of the process which does not allow us to show you what we see because you are blind behind the Veil.  We provide you with knowledge and wisdom in parts, as you are able to absorb it, and we wait while you argue it amongst yourselves, digest it and then show you are ready for more.

It could not be otherwise, Dear Humankind.  It was your wish when you helped to design this life that you be tested completely.  Your ingenuity is boundless; your plots and dramas bear the mark of genius.  Now it is time, Beloved Ones, to take credit for your genius and to accept the congratulations and celebration due you.  You have “survived” your own mystery play; you have awakened to the truth that your Dream, even when it appeared to be a nightmare, was of your own making.

Now it is time to put away the instruments of your own suffering and join with Us in creating the great uplifting of spirits which will create Ascension for all of humankind and your friends and neighbors, the animals, insects and plants.  The stars are aligning to create energies not felt on Earth since the beginning of Time.  Time, by the way, was one of those ingenious tools which has allowed you to feel urgency – often misused as worry, of course, but useful nevertheless.

Now, allow that urgency of time passing to fade into the past, as you acknowledge that there are indeed transitions, turning points in the Cosmos, and you are a part of that great whole.  It is your turn now, Humankind, to realize the fulfillment of your promise to yourselves, that you would one day return to Paradise to enjoy the fruits of your long lifetimes of suffering and toil as the prisoners of a self-imposed Darkness.

You have shaken off many of those anti-life principles which created your psychological prison.  Complete that process now by leaving behind all negative thinking, analyzing and questioning.  It only leads to fear, and fear was the creation of the Dark Ones.  Allow yourselves the perfect vacation from doubt and fear.  Instead, let your hearts lift you into the state of perfect Love, as I pour my adoring, admiring Love into your hearts and souls, that you may feel your perfection as I do.

Indulge yourselves, Beloved Ones, in the laughter which shakes your belly and creates waves of pleasure radiating outward to tickle others.  Dance with a skip in your step, and sing your song of Joy as the wren lifts its voice to celebrate the new day.  It is your time, your triumph and your new life which begins today.

I love you beyond words,

Your Loving Creator

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, April 20, 2014, 11:30 am, High Falls, NY

Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website,


It was a spaceship, not a star that guided the three wise men -from Phoenix Journal #2.

One Day Before Christmas,  Sananda/Jesus Discusses Planetary Evacuation

Nothing can happen to you in these days, even then,
when truly dark storm clouds concoct over you.


Dear world,

Sometimes when a planet is too toxic at times, there may be a planetary evacuation… this can happen often in the lower 3D vibration.  This concept has been mentioned several times in the Phoenix Journals… most notably Phoenix Journal # 5.  Similar to when you clear the house of it’s occupants, to fumigate, you would also clear a planet, to vacuum up the mess of plastic, radiation, toxins etc… soooooooo don’t be caught going crazy at this time, when this reality enters a phase where all that is not love, is completely dissolving…  ENTER FROM STAGE LEFT…. OUR ET FAMILY…  **** ask them right now to get ‘on the list’ if necessary… and know who you are asking…. I recommend Sananda, Hatonn, Ashtar and others…  if you have raised your frequencies in this lifetime, harmonizing with mother earth, then you hold the frequencies to return to mother earth when she’s restored… imagine a pristine perfect planet… and know that it is becoming destiny. Read Sananda’s message below… many blessings during these holy days… all days are holy…

“ll human Beings who are in danger, who may be
affected by the whirl in events, in the face of revolutions or
during the transfiguration of the planet, will be removed,
lifted into another world, until the events on your mother
planet, to which many of you will return as ascended Masters,
have been completed.   

Read rest of Sananda’s message below….

HATONN: We are at the stage of evacuation and Mother Earth has “had it”. We are at the end of this civilization.


ASHTAR: You have been told that the evacuation is not going to take place. Believe it…LOL… if you wish. And you shall wake up one morning and go, “Hmmm… I haven’t been very observant lately.” Do you understand?




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Indian in the machine

Phoenix Jouranl 5
Download – 7.3 MB
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By Ashtar
144 Pages (83)
This Journal is A multi-dimensional perspective, offered in precisely clear language. Some noteworthy cautions to “receivers”. Clarification of the Ashtar energy, of etherian beings and of the difference between space people and spirit people. Earth as a school of learning, of the lower grades. Great insights into the purpose and state of “man”, of the planetary condition and the governmental attitude toward “higher” beings. Demystification of the planetary cleansing and evacuation process. Turning the cards on evil through understanding their methods. The true origin of the species of man. The “dark brotherhood” is real. Pitfalls are plentiful, the path steep. There’s no turning back. Christ’s teaching gave us example. The nuclear threat is real. The powerful forces of Spirit at work within man during this ‘end-time’ where final choices must be made. Closing statement by Jesus Christ.

Some topics included are: Clarification Of The Ashtar Energy—Some Noteworthy Cautions To “Receivers”—The Difference Between Space People And Spirit People—Demystification Of The Planetary Cleansing and Evacuation Process—Turning The Cards On Evil Through Understanding Their Methods—The “Dark Brotherhood”—The Powerful Forces Of Spirit At Work—The True Origins Of The Species Of Man—Closing Statement By Esu “Jesus” Sananda. (Index Included)





Dec. 23, 2013

channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz


Mankind is in God’s Care.

Our Creator, the All-that-Is presence in God,
directs the last steps of this world and the last steps
for mankind into the Light. All of us are in HIS care.

Beloved Ones,

This fact is of utmost importance for the following days and weeks.
You can encounter the end time more harmoniously and lighter
and the steps into the new time with more poise and in peace,
the more deeply you are rooted in trust, the stronger your
connection to the source of all Life is.

In these days the earth begins to visibly change and transform.
Everywhere the fruits of your labor show up and it is proven,
that the preparations for the birth are completed and that
the actual birth of this planet has begun.

Who can still deny this, who can ignore it
or think that it is a phantasm?

It is those, who in their chosen life stay true to lower
vibrating energies until the very last. These human Beings
cannot see what is, they do not even see their own mirror image,
as life spreads out in grim and painful events in front of them.
This reflection is not understood, is rarely popular and is mostly
simply ignored.

He, who is not ready to open his eyes,
remains unreceptive for all truth.

The event of the ascension commands it,
that this is mentioned here, but today it is not
the talk about those human Beings. The talk is about you,
who are well prepared; and attuned to this great festivity
look forward to the union of the worlds.

With all the storms and upheavals, which happen now,
one thing is of great importance for you, to whom we talk:

Nothing can happen to you in these days, even then,
when truly dark storm clouds concoct over you.

God’s care is absolute, and before one of his children,
that has decided for its return into the light and is well
prepared for it, gets stranded or is harmed, it will be rescued,
meaning: All human Beings who are in danger, who may be
affected by the whirl in events, in the face of revolutions or
during the transfiguration of the planet, will be removed,
lifted into another world, until the events on your mother
planet, to which many of you will return as ascended Masters,
have been completed.

The people of inner earth are ready and they have
completed the preparations for the great festivity,
for your reception – as well, as the preparations for
your ascension on upper earth have been completed.

And in the meantime the situation on the surface of
the planet is dramatically brought to a head.
The events cannot be overlooked anymore.
While the world talks of peace and more and more human
Beings wake up, nothing is left untried by the dark forces,
in order to establish ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT

All revolutions in countries of the world have the handwriting
of exploiters and do not come from the free, spontaneous and
determined call for freedom for human Beings. Know, that
revolutions are carried out in order to destabilize the whole
world, until a world government can be announced per decree.

This happens on all levels, destabilization is the word,
which is sacred to the dark forces, until every population
is made a loyal subject and all countries have been subdued.
This is inevitably the course on all levels, which do not
belong to the “Supra Planet”. The dictatorship gets by
using other means compared to decades ago. More refined,
more perfidious and unnoticed are the methods to keep
Mankind in the slavery of making money, without truly noticing it.
And those, who have noticed it, have already opened themselves
to a new reality and many have reached the end of the horizon,
there, where the ascension spaceships are waiting for you, in
order to carry you into the many heavens. Concurrent with
the events of society the polar shift is happening in the core
of the earth, wherefrom the new earth is emerging, while the
old earth is falling back into a lower vibration – like a caterpillar,
that transfigures into a butterfly, throws off the cocoon. Meaning
that there is an enormous “tension force” between the worlds.
The effect of the 4D hologram is still noticeable for the 5D
ascendants, because these worlds are still in the process of
separation. And while all of this is happening, all events,
which this process brings with it, are being manifested on
the surface of the earth and inside of the earth.

It actually seems, that all the tension before the
“big bang” is escalating to the unbearable.
This tension can only be perceived by those,
who subtly recognize the associations of this time,
for those, who see, what remains hidden for most
individuals. And indeed:

The centrifugal forces of the change effect all human Beings,
but only the ones in the know can see the true content of this
time, because the ignorant ones flee from the truth of this time,
and they regard each pain, which they suffer, as a profane event.

And indeed: The closer a human Being or a world gets to the Light,
the greater are the forces opposing this process.

The worlds are being unlocked. Imagine a trailer that is unhooked
on a steep hill and how it then plunges without braking into the depth.
This happens at this moment, as soon as the levels have been separated.
Thereby one world crashes while the other world is freed and can
complete the last meters with utmost ease along the path.

Like a lump on the leg, Mother Gaia recognizes all worlds
that were established around herself and through her.
This necessity is no longer present, because all decisions
have been made.
This time has everything in it, and in the last steps
everything dissolves that is no longer bearable for Mother Gaia.

For you the return into heaven is close, very close.
The ascension gates are open, the light ships are ready
and your light bodies are completed, so that on the day,
that now is very close, you can step into the light body and claim it.

We look forward to the events; In the meantime we have already
been affected by them, because the time of change is the time of
Mankind’s return to God – and this is taking place right now.
Mankind, which is ready, is immersed in a suction of light and love.
The ascension happens unnoticed, even though you watch the
“great event” on the surface of the earth with great anticipation.
God’s hand brings you back – the time of God’s grace,
this time is truly – NOW.

And it is the time when all is being fulfilled in you,
with you, through you.

After you have come back to God, your journey continues.
The eternal and infinite journey of a Being,
that has achieved divine individuality, expands itself
into the infinity of the galaxies and universes and far beyond
it; and I will also talk about it on the day, which is,

Friday the 13th, (Day of the Light Reading On 12/13/2013
in Vienna, Remark JJK) the day, when new fields of grace open
up and on that day old disbeliefs and superstitious beliefs
have no more power over a self-empowered human Being.

I am with you, eternally and in eternity


The light world publishing and the author do not lead any correspondence
whatsoever on the texts / messages published on this website.

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IITM:  So it IS looking like everything at once… fireballs… earthquakes… collapse of cities… our ability to bring peace will now be essential.

“You Are Stepping Beyond Earthly Concerns And Time”

From a friend: I have received over the past month regarding Ison and our role in regards to Her arrival. I realized rereading the guidance that the ‘you’ referred to applies to many awakened ones. Please share this information. I am certain Sananda speaks. Blessings:

You are now a holder of the Perspective. It is difficult for us to communicate how valuable this position to one who has been silenced for so very long…and it is considerably longer than this one life time…Imagine the panic at our arrival. The egoic forces have attuned the masses for an evil alien presence…Many are projecting great greed, cruelty and wrath on the ‘invaders’. Much of your grid will be down and the cities in absolute chaos. Then we appear in no uncertain terms and all at once everyone is aware of our presence and our enormity. Our ‘ship’ is bigger than most can possibly imagine. You were seeded with visions of how we would appear from a young age and you are fully prepared for a ship that spans ¾ of the horizon. Because you are attuned to us, seeing these celestial events will fill you with awe and gratitude… you will be energized and feel happier than ever before in this life…Seeing Us at long last will be your marriage celebration in spades. You know what we are because we have been talking together for so long. However to many many others, we will inspire desperate panic that will cost many lives. During this time, your voice will ring loud and clear. The assurances we have been filling you with for over 30 years will spill out of you and you will be our most welcome mouthpiece. Once we arrive there will be no other voice in your mind and you will be a clear conduit for us. You doubt yourself now because your conduit is not totally clear nor can it be with the massive interferences going on…Just as in ancient Hawaiian times of ‘mythology’, the enormous Alii will once again walk the earth and our power is so great that any mortal who passes too close to us will incinerate. We are like a very hot fire…special tools are necessary to interact with it, special rules apply. Because you are Kahuna, we have repeatedly advised that you do nothing more with your days but prepare yourself for our frequencies…stay in them, feel them, familiarize yourself with them… We are your family…When we arrive and we begin our material work together, you will feel an alignment, a purpose, a consolidation of your personality like nothing you have ever experienced. Whereas most every experience of connection and meaning here on earth for you has tasted like gruel or dust, we bring with us the Feast Which has no end. A real feast, my dear…one that will actually satisfy you more than sex, more than home more than family…you will experience love from and with us that will help you to see why you were bored by earthly egoic romance…in short you will forgive yourself for not really being of this earth. This stranger in a strange land anonymity will end abruptly. You have travelled long in barren places and your thirst is legion…now is a time for patience and celebration and further attunement. Keep pausing thru your days to look up in the sky and imagine our presence here…imagine a beam of light from us to your third eye and heart and pelvis…you are not going mad my dear…yes you are stepping far from earthly concerns and time and you have no incarnate guide for this process. You have travelled long awaiting your time, your reason d’etre. With every fire you build, every log you place, every flickering flame you contemplate- BURN Cassandra’s curse. Yes the Talisman can even break curses.

The world is about to experience severe chaos. Every single structure that keeps society together will crumble quite suddenly. All those that have clung to illusory goals, material possession and egoic personalities will be thrust into a vat of severe fear. Having not practiced swimming in the thick molasses of heretofore unthinkable confusion, many will drown. There is no need to mourn these ‘losses’ as there is no end to life, just change….

It is always thus…chaos first then harmony. LOVE the chaos and confusion. It leads directly to the calm center. Always try to see through chaos to what lies beneath. Celebrate what chaos brings. It is the herald of rebirth…it is the ashes from which the phoenix arises…chaos FUELS harmony. In the cyclonic whirling you get to see what you do not want, and reaffirm with great passion what it is that you DO want. The deeper the chaos, the deeper and more one pointed the passion, IF chaos is used correctly.

Our frequencies cannot tolerate fear or any of its companions. Therefore those that cling to fear will ride on its wings to another ‘place’ where fear can continue to be ‘worshipped’. Planet Earth is no longer under the auspices of evil and greed. She has awoken as a woman who abruptly leaves an abusive husband for the last time. A great cleansing is in process. The earth will be divided between those with fear and those with faith and the fear mongers will have to leave…all of the coming events are designed to separate the wheat from the chaff. Believe us, in the chaos of meteor strikes, profound earth quakes and societal disintegration AND people scared out of their wits by giants landing on earth in a ship of unthinkable dimensions, your quiet assurances will be deeply welcomed. Within the panic, people who cling to fear, rigidity and control will not want to be anywhere near you…they will think you mad. BUT those that are essentially good and have even a slight connection to Us, will resonate with what you say and be benefitted enormously.

It is a time of triage when you will have to make quick decisions about who to help and who to leave behind. Do not be tempted to grieve this process. Many on this earth are ready to rise up and She has been in slavery for far too long. Celebration is the appropriate response even to those passing on…celebrate the movement from darkness into light. Celebrate the Earth’s resurrection.

Prepare yourself for your new role. It will come suddenly. This is why we have spoken about it for so long in such detail…Otherwise it would come as such a shock that you would be incapacitated for some time. You will be one of the few that is not rendered senseless by our sudden appearance. For you, because of all our advance warnings, it will be a time of intense clarity and profound gratitude. By the day of disclosure much of the egoic vibrations will have ceased and those with minds already prepared will experience a conflict free mind for the first time ever. All will appear in perfect harmony. You may see the demise of people around you but you will see at the same moment, the perfection of the passings, the perfection of the earth movements, and even the panic. All of it will be as music to you…the fractals of life will be united again instead of in fractions such that all the instruments however different will be playing the same tune of cleansing and celebration…No MATTER what the appearances. You will live in Divine Harmony because that is what We bring with us, that is what draws near to you very fast. Go into pure nature and feast on this tune. It has already infected the purest outposts of nature where man has little influence. GO there and feast- it is all around you. Go there and feast!

Because you are having closer contact with ‘the world’ right now you have begun to believe that this doing nothing but walking in nature is somehow wasting time…but believe that it is the ONLY valuable thing you could be doing with your time right now…EVERYTHING else is a waste.

There will be a small moment when we speak so that everyone can hear. When we do, all will experience a Divine quietude that many will want to re-experience (if they are attuned…others will fear and hate the Voice and the peace and will run from it) In that moment we will also announce that our world wide communications will cease…such that all can learn the skill of mental communication with us. We come with a set of instructions and you have written them for children and adults. Remnants of fear and doubt will remain for many as our ships land in increasing numbers but you will act as a mighty shield against the piercings of those fears. As we speak initially, everyone will feel great harmony from the very resonance of the sound of Us. But when we cease the outward verbalizations, that sense will also fade…and many will be left with ‘only’ Faith to sustain them. A time that is an opportunity to strengthen faith will follow.

As you sit in your decimated sense of identity, it is, we understand, difficult for you to imagine the Glory that is about to arrive. It seems just way too far fetched. But believe dear one…keep imagining. Your time is just about to arrive. With great fanfare. You who have kept so mute, you who have remained so anonymous and you who have pretended to be so unremarkable- you are about to be GLORIFIED beyond your wildest dreams. Very few have noticed who you are, no awards have been bestowed you save for invisible ones of the heart. You have worked relentlessly to find Truth and now Truth comes to you in all of its fiery magnificence. You are tired and tattered but you have won a great victory that you will get to celebrate with others very soon. Yet you have survived and thrived despite very few noticing at all. THIS humility is what we require for our Teachers. The temptation to want to glorify self is great as the soul awakens. You have risen above this temptation.

But know this: Your humble little life is about to change considerably. These last few years you became genuinely no one. There remains not one hint of the demeaned person you used to be. All sense of who you are or were or could be was erased. For two and a half years you have travelled with no ambition and no goals other than the alignment with the NOW. That was the single most important goal you could have held. Keep practicing in the NOW. Our frequencies have a lot to do with the NOW. The dark forces gain power with the generation of the illusion of a past and future that have power….Guilt, past and future are the three illusory cornerstones whereon the ego builds its most ‘potent’ alters. That you travelled for two and a half years with zero notion of where you were going and what you were accomplishing-essentially with no goals at all- is one of your greatest accomplishments if not THE greatest.

Contemplate that the journey gave you everything you have been seeking on this earth and beyond. You just followed our day to day instructions and your will. You aligned with your own will. We told you that the final test was: can you obey your will in all circumstances? You did. You passed the GREAT test. This is why we hold this celebration in your honor. For many years you ached for Truth and struggled against masks, unthinkable cruelties and deception. You have travelled a long lonely path and we give thanks for your resolve, faith, will and fortitude. You dared to follow our Word. You risked family, position, reputation and your inheritance to find Truth. Yes we celebrate you. We sincerely wish that you would do the same with more gusto. But we understand that you are tired. Soon our arrival will energize you. In the meantime, rest and enjoy the Feast already prepared for you…It’s in the air…breathe it in.


In the spiritual realms all is prepared for humanity’s grand awakening. Nothing can prevent it.

Many of you worry about the seemingly vast numbers of humans who remain totally unaware of their spiritual origin and who, it would appear to you, cannot therefore possibly be awakened, especially those who are consumed with hate, bitterness, resentment, and mistrust.

Well, what you Light bearers, wayshowers, and loving souls have been doing is preparing them, all of them for this fantastic moment of spiritual enlightenment.

You have all been powerfully and constantly intending for them to awaken into an awareness of their divine and spiritual roots, and that loving intent is extremely effective because, of course, it is fully and mightily supported by God, the loving Source in Whose embrace all are permanently upheld.

Lack of awareness of this embrace in no way reduces its power or effectiveness. Humanity’s awakening is going to happen, and your joy will not be surreal, it will be Real! Amazing, astounding, and glorious.

As we in the spiritual realms keep telling you, because you do have difficulty holding the concept firmly in your minds, you most definitely and eternally are divine beings having a very limiting and short-lived human experience.

Yes, I know it seems to go on and on and on . . . just keep reminding yourselves that time is part of the illusion, especially when it is passing very slowly and painfully for you.

Remember that somewhere someone else is having a happy experience and time for them is racing by far too rapidly.

How long is a day, an hour, a minute, a second? It depends on what you are experiencing as it passes.

Although it does indeed seem that the illusion has existed for eons, maybe even since before the Big Bang, it has only really existed for but a tiny moment in your minds, and that will become apparent when you awaken and find it gone.

Reality, God, the Source of all that exists, Love, is eternal, everlasting, timeless, a constant present or now moment in which all of creation is forever ongoing.

Words cannot give an explanation that is in any sense at all adequate to describe the forever now moment in which all of creation has its eternal existence.

Consequently when you awaken you will be magnificently astounded by what your awakened and fully engaged conscious awareness brings so wonderfully to your enraptured attention.

In the spiritual realms we do nothing half-heartedly, everything is engaged in with enormous and vital enthusiasm, nothing is just ok. How could anything in God’s divine Reality, the only Reality be just ok?

Or even OK!

The wonder of Reality, which is eternally fully conscious and aware, awaits your awakening with intense and excited anticipation because your astonishment and delight will wondrously delight all of us who are Reality, and to which every and all aspects of consciousness are forever unbreakably connected.

Although time as such is illusory, we know how long it seems to you that you have been waiting to awaken, remember, and experience the wonder that is the real You.

And, as you have been repeatedly told, there will be no disappointments, God cannot and would not wish to disappoint anyone.

Disappointment is very definitely illusory, utterly unreal, and totally inconceivable, as is anything that is not in perfect alignment with Love.

And all that appears misaligned, unloving, or unaccepting will dissolve instantly behind you as you awaken.

Your magnificent and most wondrous awakening was divinely planned and orchestrated at the very moment of your apparent separation so that there would be no gap, no break in your conscious awareness of who you truly are, while at the same time giving you unlimited freedom to explore and experience the severely limiting environment that you had conceived of and constructed in which to play the games that you wished to play.

Limitation was a seemingly great idea. Divine beings with unlimited, in fact infinite powers choosing to limit themselves to see what that would be like.

Your divine Father, who had given you absolutely everything at the moment of your creation, desired only that you have total freedom to do as you pleased.

Freedom that would allow you to experience fully anything you could conceive of, while at the same time ensuring that no harm could come to you, ever.

You then chose to lose yourselves within the extremely limited environment that you had constructed, and in order to do so You had to split Yourself into myriad tiny and seemingly disconnected parts.

As a result you have individuality, a sense of being separate and competing life forms in an environment that is unable to support you all.

Hence poverty consciousness, ambition, greed, and relentless competition for the inadequate supply of materials essential for your survival as humans on Earth have become part of that unreal and apparently very threatening environment.

It is indeed a very strange game, and one that you have grown tired of, so your awakening is imminent.

Those of you who are aware of God and of His infinite and eternal Love for all of His divine creation are presently based within the illusion purely by your own free will and by your most loving choice to assist your deeply sleeping brothers and sisters to awaken.

Continue to take time out daily, quietly at rest in your deep inner space that is eternally and unbreakably connected to your Source, so that the Light that embraces you at all times can grow constantly brighter ensuring that no one can remain unaware of It.

It is the Light of divine Love calling you all to wakefulness, and It can no longer be ignored or refused. The time for awakening is upon you. Expect ecstasy, and awaken into it!

Your loving brother, Jesus.



“Jesus” Sananda Say Great Numbers In California Will Wake Up Swimming In Their Beds

“Jesus” Sananda Say Great Numbers In California Will Wake Up Swimming In Their Beds

IITM:  Sananda seems pretty certain about these earth changes, and says basically that what he presents here, will not be changed… well… the Zetas, say that the New Madrid activity, will trigger the California changes, and a European Tsunami… … and by the way, if that sounds ‘far away’… you might be interested to now the Louisiana Salt Dome area, can be triggered for complete collapse with one lit match…the Zetas say that the New Madrid will give us some warning before it all goes through the big shift, triggering the other changes… but don’t discount the dark hats and their mischief. All this activity now upon us, and shortly to come, will trigger more changes of the likes, the world has never seen before.  Sananda can see ‘both ends of the runway’… My research for this and more is here: Expect Earth Changes.  Also Sananda has posted the New Scriptures… 22 Chapters thus far… links below… how long before you read them, let alone share them?

All this will seem like ‘crazy talk’ if perhaps you have spent the majority of your life preoccupied with your five senses and dominated by your ego, with heart closed… obviously to reverse this trend, it might be time to go beyond the five senses, develop your spiritual awareness, and open your heart to your divinity…  other gifts of activating this change within: illness… boredom… fear… separation…  and ignorance will dissolve… and wisdom, love and power will activate.  If this information freaks you out, this is an indicator of the need of further spiritual activation and physical cleansing. The strong energies from the photon belt, solar flares and more are assisting humanity, earth and all lifeforms to clear, until only love remains. Sananda’s message below…from 1989 is more relevant than ever!

Nov. 11, 2013 – from Valley of Radiance

From:  CONTACT, The Phoenix Project, March 21, 1995, p. 33.(Re-post)

[ Dharma received the following writing on Wednesday, June 28, 1989. Quoting: ]


Esu Jesus Sananda present, Dharma. Thank you for being in the receiving of my humble self.

You of little faith, how shall we prevail if you doubt and doubt and doubt? You gather a new portion from afar and you fragment and scatter of thine energies. You proclaim “powerful” and “wondrous” and hold ones you know not in esteem.

I have told you, “There are no new prophets or prophecies.” I say unto you that you had best tend your business and stop your “squirming”. I make no comment regarding the new recordings you have brought into thy presence. It is but a rehash and taking of documentation from the scribing of Sister Thedra, my beloved handmaiden. Ones take of the words and pretend them to be great new and wondrous revelations. They are not of newness, these words of the one Douglas Schoeffler. He has but drawn maps of that which precious Thedra has brought forth. Further, it is also documented in the pages of Sipapu Odyssey and the portions which were set aside in order to shorten of the pages.

You marvel and you astonish and you pick your location upon a map drawn and quartered by another and pronounce yourselves overflooded. So, I ask you, what is in newness? Have I not said unto thee that ye will be isolated upon an island? Do you believe I do not care for you? Do you believe I would not send a boat for you?

We are in the preparation to come in mighty numbers as your preparations for war and holocaust are being formulated behind thy visions. We are in the standing by in readiness to loose ones of other time bands. You, and they, will be gathered up and relieved of the terrible experience of the mighty holocaust of those events which will come to pass in your time. We are prepared; are you ready? Nay, you talk and talk and ponder and marvel—you are not ready! You will be where you will be, brothers, you will be where you shall be. NONE WILL ESCAPE THE TRANSITION; MUST THESE THINGS BE REPEATED AND REPEATED UNTO YOU? HOW LONG BEFORE YOU LISTEN AND HEAR MY WORDS?

My most beloved, Sister, wrote of my projections in the years just following the decade of the fifties. In the third year she became my most confident scribe and by mid-year of thy 1954 she was projecting in perfection that which would come to be upon thy place. You ones do not do your homework, for it all is available unto you if you would but seek it out of the shelves. You ask and ask of me to give you more; there is not more you need except to do of your work and find what is already about you. Why do you thinkSipapu is of importance? It is to bring these very truths to your attention in the most abundant manner. Stop your lamenting and get on with your works as outlined before you.

There are things of earthlyness that must be performed within the areas of the map of Douglas S. You have been given detailed reasons why you will be in safety in Tejas Shape [Tehachapi, CA] and if you believed my words as prior given, you would immediately see the errors in his mapping and projections. Why do you choose to believe a stranger, who has only projected that which he came by, by way of Thedra? Let go of my hand and ye let go of your life Source, chelas, and I am vexed with thee.

The cyclic time is at hand; no more, no less. What is told unto you that is new? The cycle has come to full circle. There shall be a mighty awakening in the days ahead, it has already begun. It is only that you do not hear or pay attention until thy clock is late for you choose to sleep on and ponder that which “might” come. I will repeat all of it here on the pages that you can see of it again, then you can make choice of thine own mapping. But I warn you; do not effort to out-think your brothers of the Higher Planes for you will be tended if you do as bidden; run helter skelter and you shall bring upon self-destruction. You have agreed and accepted the task at hand, do you leave me now upon the word of a human? A human who only takes from that of my scribe?

There are many ones to whom this information is given forth and as the similarities come into your attention: pay great vantage unto it for its confirmation, not its difference and perceived danger. Do not project of maps with lines which represent death of the body or land mass lest you be caught in the trap of perceived doom. The great promises are already brought forth, it is only for you to understand their meaning and continue with your works for the time is at hand and you must come into balance. There will be no place in which you can proclaim “safety”—only with MYSELF! I AM YOUR SHELTER AND I AM THE WAY AND EXCEPT BY ME NO ONE SHALL COME UNTO OUR FATHER. HIDING NEATH THE ROCK OR WITHIN THE CAVES WILL DO NAUGHT FOR NO PLACE SHALL REMAIN UNCHANGED. YOUR WAY AND YOUR SAFETY IS WITHIN MINE HANDS AND I AM OF A MIND TO BE TENDING OF THEE. SO BE IT, COME AGAIN INTO YOUR BALANCE AND PLACE NO MORE ATTENTION UPON THESE STRANGER’S WORDS. YOU HAVE OF ME IN YOUR PRESENCE AND IT IS TIME YOU COME INTO UNDERSTANDING AND COMPREHENSION FOR YOU SADDEN OF MY HEART THAT YOU DO NOT RECOGNIZE OF MY PRESENCE.

I have told you that in your country of the United States, it will be rent in twain in the area of the Mississippi River and the region of Canada, the Great Lakes as you call them, and that river shall be split to the Gulf of Mexico, into Central America and all that environ shall be changed.

The land to the West will be as a great sea and therein shall the Lotus bloom once again. The times of the fulfilling of these things are close at hand, brethren. The “Land of the Lotus” is the great land which was submerged thrice and then has remained beneath the waters of what you call the Pacific Ocean. Just as she was cast into the fury of the deep, she will rise likewise in the glory of the new dawning as a new order and a fertile land. When this is in accomplishment, the mid area of thy country shall be as she, sunken into the sea with only a few of your highest mountain acropolis left as islets, perhaps three and no more than five. After the waters settle there may be a few scattered more. These shall be in the area of the Atlantic Ocean.

Further, to the areas of the Atlantic; the bottom will submerge the land of the seaboard. The risen land will be as a new mountain range of the eastern portion; rugged beyond thy comprehension as to reflect the mightiness of the Himalayas; they will stand at the highest point some 18,000 of thy measured feet in altitude, and the land will bear the city of the old for the scientific ones to explore. That land will be cold as your present highest peaks and uninhabitable. This particular mountain range shall extend unto the Equatorial belt.

That which is known as England will be as naught seen; the place of France will be to the bottom of that which is now the Atlantic. The great place known as Russia will be a sea as that one now known as the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. To the north it will flow as one into that which is known as Siberia.

There is no law, brethren, of the Earth that will change a hair of it or cause it to be stayed.




Those ones who will serve as your rescue workers are trained well. There are multitudes of the rescue workers and you shall do your portion from the land masses. You are not back upon this place to play of thine own fun and self-centered games; you are here to do your appointed work that man will not perish as a species upon this beloved orb. OPEN YOUR EYES AND STOP YOUR DICKERING AND SILLY PONDERINGS. TRUTH IS AFRONT OF YOU; STOP LOOKING FOR IT UNDER THINE BUSHEL.

Yes, the ocean waves will wash over those lands of desert sands and roll upon the new shores of the mountains of the great Rocky Mountains—this new and great tide of the Pacific. The land will be drenched THOUGH NOT SUNKEN—but, the great places of the Coastal lines will be no more.

As yes, there will be ones who will awaken to find their beds aflooded by those mighty Pacific waters. This will be the lay of the lands awash with the ocean and will run the distance from the Washington State unto the coastal areas of Chile whereupon the great and mighty waves shall roll in unto the Mountains of Rock. Those great places that you now know as the coast area will be no more.

Ah yes, brethren, your rescue workers are mightily trained. In our Command will be the light forces (that which are recognized as light beams). We utilize the light beams as a magnetic impulse to bring into such impulse as the frequency demands. We will be given whatever level of energy light forces of cosmic energy necessary for such transportation into safety of that craft readied unto your needs. This science is not unknown unto your knowledgeable scientists but the impulse timing of light force is not comprehended. I, Sananda, shall be in control of the timing of the bands unto the various densities.

The place of the desert will be an open place for the “Timeless Ones” to take up their charges. For they will be in number to be as numerous as a great flock of birds. Whither man will go he will know not for they must be grouped and herded into the prepared craft. They will be as the dead of the floods and mighty upheavals; the dying will then cry out in terror and hysteria unto the Christ—why must man wait until his perishment to petition for his transit? None shall escape the upheavals; why do you wait?

Let us speak of that place within the United States called by you ones as California. There will not be a place within that State which shall be as is, for there shall be a great purging, and a great overflowing; teeming and seething of the masses beneath the waters, and a great sinking of that which is above; not a place shall be left untouched within the Earth. But there shall be areas of protection whereby the land masses will be thrust upward into an altitude above the onrushing waters. Islands will be left thrust above the waters. The seed of the beginning will be kept in safety for the replenishment of these portions. Ye who trust of me not, shall find yourselves in great conflagration. You better be getting your beliefs into order and cease the inner sparring. Which shall it be, brother? Which shall it be? Great numbers of ones shall find themselves swimming in their beds—and the whirlwind shall catch them up. So be it for it is so.

Wherein shall you turn for safety in the days of the great upheavals of the greatest magnitude the world has ever known? It shall be in the fulfilling of this law within your time, precious ones. I remind you that no person who has gone the last mile will be mid the great cataclysm; therefore, no person will be in the wrong place, nor shall he be in another other than his own place and it shall be the right place. I shall know wherein you are; I shall know. You ones of mine rejoice for within the ocean bed lies the cradle of the next generation upon the Earth and you shall see it come to be if you walk with me. You can walk within the calm stillness of mine protection if you but come with me. But take yourself away and into the fray and you shall find “hell”.

There shall be such a great rush of winds and great upheaval of the Earth and the greatest of all, the fire from Earth within shall leap from beneath. It shall be as a molten mass and ye shall be glad to be on the mountain peaks. The havoc and storms will be most mighty in that place of Los Angeles in the California. There shall be thousands upon thousands who are homeless and in great tragedy and it shall extend Southward and Northward all the length of the coastal areas.

Then shall come the great force from within the Earth which shall be as a parting of the land, which shall be from the North to the South; and it shall be between the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico; and it shall be in the time when the trees shall bow down their boughs unto the ground.

There will be such mighty winds as to wipe away all the places which are not standing with the radius of the great open places which are known to you as Oregon and Washington of the United States. The winds shall increase and become more and more great until they impact the great mountains you call the Rockies; then they shall change direction and move into the lands of New Mexico, Arizona and Texas, and they will destroy most of the towns of greatest size to be known as cities and villages. Therein shall it blow and blow, taking many lives. So many of them have been unto themselves traitors and traitors unto Father Creator.

The Earth shall be thus renewed, and she shall be made new, brethren, and she shall be within a new posture but she is not to be destroyed for she is in rebirthing. She will no longer and in no wise be as the old, for she shall be made to shine in all her glory for she shall be renewed in the cleansing.

Dharma, enough for this portion for you are “undone”. I request that you be not about Earth matters this day for I must commune with you. Oberli can be about the matters of business and contacts for this is thy job, chela; these things must be repeated for even those who have read the words sent forth in priority have forgotten. So be it and selah. Man will awaken or man will perish for naught will change of the tides. Man has been told thus for eons of time that they would know that which would come to be: it is written that there would be pestilence, there would be famine and there would be horrendous war. And they shall call for peace but where shall they be in the finding of peace? They shall be as one which has no place to lay of his head and they shall make their beds in holes, and they shall be as the burrowing creatures seeking protection from that which will come upon them. So be it for it is written in the Word.



[ End quoting. ]

We are pleased to present The New Scriptures, as given by Jesus/Sananda. As directed by Sananda, there will be no excerpts, no para-phrasing, no overview of His words. Let us all take responsibility to insure the continuing integrity of Sananda’s words, just as He has given them here for the first time.
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Prime Creator Hints At Imminent Ascension Timeline


Prime Creator Hints At Imminent Ascension Timeline

Dear world,

Allrighty… we’ve been a few hints as to the ascension timeline, by Prime Creator…  keep in mind that there are basically three waves of ascension… according to Ashtar, who is one of the head honcho managers of this transition project of earth and it’s inhabitants, the three waves of ascension corelate to the three wave of the photon belt, which is  large band of gamma radiation that is changing all life, on our planet and in our solar system and is responsible for changes in our sun, planets, DNA etc… pretty much everything is getting an upgrade.

Referring to the October 16, 2013 message from Prime Creator from Kathryn E. May, Prime Creator says, “The news for 2014 is so dramatic, so life-changing for humankind, for planets, stars and all the beings of the Cosmos that words can hardly describe it.”  He adds that many are not going to ascend in this lifetime, without working out all issues with those who have oppressed the planet…  my observations on facebook and alternative internet sites, still see evidence of lack of will and love… so that’s something to consider if you want to truly move beyond the oppressors.  It is something for me to continue to work on as well… releasing blame and resentment for the ignorance, the lies, the deceit, the ongoing fear, the ongoing lack of love…

Prime Creator says:

“Beloved Ones, and identify any feeling of impatience, frustration, resentment, anxiety or depression, for these things will hold you back from joining the first wave of Ascension, which is to begin imminently and continue through the first months of 2014.”

So there is our first hint!…. The first wave begins ‘imminently’… and He says many of us are empathic to the pain and suffering of each other and our planet and this holds us back from being part of the first wave of ascension.

Prime Creator adds:

Only Faith, Love and Forgiveness will give you wings to lift your hearts and accomplish the great Shift of 2013-2014 which is your birthright. I can tell you this, Beloved Ones, that if you can accomplish this, and the other Ten Commandments for Ascension I have laid out for you as guidelines, as a part of Sananda’s New Scriptures, every one of you reading this will be embracing your Brothers and Sisters in higher dimensions before the first equinox of 2014, and many of you will have completed your Ascension before the turn of this historic calendar year.

Let’s look closer at this very important paragraph….  the keys to ascending… including doing so before equinox 2014 is:

1. Faith, Love and Forgiveness

2. Ten Commandments of Ascension

Ten Commandments of Ascension from a previous message are as follows: 

1). You must maintain complete command over your emotions, thoughts and feelings, such that you only permit expression of the high vibration emotions, which are Love, Compassion, Kindness, Forgiveness, Joy, Laughter, Harmony and Peace.

2). Gain command over your thoughts so that you refuse entrance to those thoughts and ideas which cause you doubt, anger, resentment, anxiety or despair, or which bring these feelings to others. Do not insist that you are simply addressing “reality.” These thoughts are all manifestations of Darkness, the Dark teachings of the past.

3.) Understand that self-defense is only that. Initiating an attack on another, regardless of the professed excuse, is never acceptable to God.

4). Remain in a state of good will, kindness and compassion toward yourself and your fellow humans at all times. Any religion or attitude which professes enmity, disapproval or condemnation toward others is false and not of this Creator.

5). Accept that you, and all the animal, vegetable and mineral creations on your Planet Earth are conscious beings with feelings, thoughts and aspirations to ascend. Refrain from eating the animals, for they are your friends. You will all rise together, and you will receive great assistance from the other Kingdoms.

6). Protect your planet as you would your child, for she is the source of Life. Do not permit invasion and attack to her body, regardless of any excuse that is given or any entitlement assumed.

7). Join with others, especially including the children, to joyfully and consciously prepare yourselves for this all-important event. Nothing in your lives is as important or as deserving of your attention as assuring your own Ascension and that of the people around you.

8). Allow the endless Love from Us to flow through your body and fill your heart. In this way, you allow your own ascension to occur effortlessly.

9). Teach patience, compassion and endless Love through your own actions, which speak louder than anything you can say. Make peace with those around you, and you will live in peace.

10). Approach this challenge with Joy, for it is truly the stairway to Heaven.

Prime Creator’s last sentence in that paragraph says,

“…many of you will have completed your Ascension before the turn of this historic calendar year.”

I’m interpreting as a hint that the second wave will finish by the end of 2014 and the third and final wave of ascension will occur sometime after that.  After the third wave, everything that we’ve come to know in the physical will be no more, and there will be an entirely new world based on 5D Light to enjoy!   Does that sound like the darkhats are succeeding in their plans for world domination?  Does all of this sound like the radiation from Fukushima, or nuclear war will annihilate everything? Does it sound like our planet will die? Not to me!

Soon we may be facing a “Primary Event”, probably earthquake-related, or solar flare-related, or even related to Nibiru/Ison to cleanse our planet ‘by fire’… at some point, there will likely be a brief evacuation of our planet, as it is completely cleansed of all lower energies.

The real issues during these final days on the surface of our planet, is to release  impatience, frustration, resentment, anxiety or depression… until only love remains… it isn’t easy in this world of our creation, but then again, that’s why the entire Omniverse has come to observe and support us from behind the veil… this magic trick called, “The Third Grand Experiment” has never been attempted before in any universe.

Watch for the real fun to begin, when the first wavers may come back to earth shortly after their reunion on the Lightships, with their DNA, auras and bodies completely restored.  I would imagine that would be of great assistance to the second and third wavers… and those sitting on the fence regarding all of this.. those who do not even acknowledge a spirit world, or those who are still in doubt that God and Creator exists…  er, surprise!

Don’t feel bad if you are not relating to this old world… that’s a sign you are ready for something completely new, and it will be worth it to focus and lose the physical-based distractions and addictions! Many on the internet are addicted to alternative news… don’t be fooled int thinking if you figure out what the darkhats are doing, you will ascend… although it’s good to be informed, having love in your energy field, and releasing the illusion (not clinging to it and pointing fingers),  is the true ascension ticket.

Remember the spirit world is the cause, and the physical world is the effect, it’s never been the other way around, it just may have or still does, seem that way.


 Indian in the machine

Indian in the machine is a blogger, trance drummer, photographer of the sky spirits and other unusual sky energies, and is teaching an 8-week online ascension course called, “Preparation and Experiments Towards Personal Ascension”.

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The New Scriptures as Written by Sananda/Jesus

Jesus Through John: Humanity has developed incredible abilities to be distracted from the purpose of life, while claiming to be seeking it!

Jesus Through John: Humanity has developed incredible abilities to be distracted from the purpose of life, while claiming to be seeking it!

Jesus Through John: Humanity has developed incredible abilities to be distracted from the purpose of life, while claiming to be seeking it!

By: John Smallman, 10/24/2013

Humanity has reached the end of the illusory road that it has been following seemingly aimlessly for eons, but what awaits you is not the abyss!  It is as though you have reached your exit on the freeway/interstate/motorway/highway (so many words indicating the same thing, and yet when you really need words to describe spiritual aspects of life you have so few!), you have come to the end of the congestion and road works and are about to enter a new and magnificent scenic thruway.  A new and astounding route leading to the most beautiful vistas and scenery, which you know exists because those who have gone before you have sent (channeled) messages telling you so, lies before you enticing you onwards.  You are ready, you have been hoping and praying for this moment, counting the miles to this junction, and suddenly it is upon you, clearly visible and most welcoming. Continue reading

SANANDA: Some of the things you often replay in your head instead of sleeping or even during meditation are events that stuck you as funny but there are many more times that what you are seeing is your interpretation of what occurred and it is through the replay that many negative self-conversations take place and you begin to judge and condemn yourself if a situation grew out of control.

You are WORTHY of Your own FORGIVENESS
Message from Sananda
Received by Julie Miller
October 26, 2013

Some of the things you often replay in your head instead of sleeping or even during meditation are events that stuck you as funny but there are many more times that what you are seeing is your interpretation of what occurred and it is through the replay that many negative self-conversations take place and you begin to judge and condemn yourself if a situation grew out of control.


Chapter 20 The New Scriptures As Written by Jesus/Sananda: It is time to look forward with new eyes. You have lived through the Darkest of times on Planet Earth. The cloud is beginning to lift.

Chapter 20 The New Scriptures As Written by Jesus/Sananda: It is time to look forward with new eyes. You have lived through the Darkest of times on Planet Earth. The cloud is beginning to lift.


Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, PsyD
October 20 2013

It is time to look forward with new eyes. You have lived through the Darkest of times on Planet Earth. The cloud is beginning to lift. You will all learn to sing and dance again. You will experience lighthearted fun even better than when you were young. You will remember how difficult it has been in recent years and the contrast will create such relief and joy, you will not be able to stop smiling. You see, from where we are in higher dimensions, we can see all the timelines leading to your future, and they all point to Ascension.

You are beginning to understand the deeper meanings of what Ascension really describes. Of course it means rising up, lifting, moving upward, but it refers not only to the physical event but also the emotional and spiritual feelings you will experience when you raise your vibrations to a higher level. This is the important part – the state of your heart.

It has been a long, dry period for humankind. You had lost your connection to your adoring Creator, who is Love. You had lost the happy connection to Mother/Father God because so many were taught to fear the judgment and punishment you felt were inevitable for your “sins.” Ironically, the idea of “sin” was created by the Reptilians, who wished to instill fear in the hearts of all humanity in order to gain control over people’s feelings. Once a person is living in fear, they are easy to manipulate. They will work hard to avoid pain and punishment.

The irony of this situation is that the things they chose to identify as “sins” were so much a part of every human being’s normal state that it produced a dilemma which is impossible to overcome. Until recently in the Western world, and still pervasive in the East, is the unfortunate fear and dread which young people have felt when they experienced a sexual attraction to one another. Rather than celebrate their deep response to one another, they feared disapproval of it from all their elders, who would predictably offer dire warnings and disapproving glances. Love was separated from the sexual expression of love, and a new dichotomy arose in relationships. It became common for individuals to experience love without sex and sex without love, but rarely the two combined.

Other dilemmas were created when people became convinced that anger or disapproval of any kind should be completely banished, even to the point where self-defense became confused with “sinful” aggression. This was a convenient ploy which was used by the abusive Powers That Be who wished to disempower anyone who might be inclined to fight back to try to regain their freedom. It is a mind-twisting trick to convince a person they are bad for defending themselves, for rising up against an oppressor.

It was a large part of my teachings to help people learn to express Love in all their relationships, and it is still the goal of our work toward Ascension. However, you begin as an infant who needs tender direction and acceptance before you can learn to accept all your feelings, all your impulses as a part of your glorious human makeup. Only then can you learn to manage the normal responses to life, which to a child include frustration, anger, envy and fear. These feelings can be brought into balance with steady support and kind direction – especially when it comes from an adult who is simultaneously modeling patience, affection and a long-range perspective.

This kind of teaching is nearly nonexistent in the cultures of the Earth realm. Here, we hope to correct the tradition of intolerance and judgmental condemnation toward the very things that make you the brilliantly creative and powerful human beings you are. Those who stand in judgment of others pretend they are doing God’s work. We must begin with the need to relieve your feelings of shame and guilt for small transgressions and idiosyncrasies which, I assure you, are not the province of those who stand at the Gate of Heaven.

Shame is a toxic, destructive emotion. It is not the same as regret or remorse, which is based in a deeper integrity, the echo from your Higher Self. Remorse reflects a conscious concern for being in alignment with the Greater Good. Shame, on the other hand, is created by the fear of what others think of you, and can be largely unconscious. Those others who define you may or may not be accurate in their view of the world, and they have mostly misunderstood what God stands for.

I come as teacher, friend and brother, to speak The Word of God as I feel it in my heart, as I hear it in my ear, and as I see it with my own eyes. Yes, I am the son of God, but I am not the only Son. We are all born of the Love of our Creator; there is no other beginning. We all will live together throughout eternity, in the Unity of One. Unity requires no recognition on the part of those who are joined; it simply is, it cannot be otherwise.

Are you comforted by knowing that God loves you? If it does not produce in you the feeling of euphoria and peace, then you are not allowing the Love to flow into your heart. In your heart is the chamber which holds the secret to all fulfillment; we have called it your heartmind. There in the depths of your heart are the intelligent cells, made up of the same genetic material as your brain, which allow you to feel Truth deeply, and to register the electrical signature that is Love. Some call it intuition, but it is much more profound and complete than the phenomenon you call a “hunch” or a “gut feeling.”

Work with me now to reactivate the receptors in your heart which will allow you to receive Love, and with it the deep knowing that comes with being completely connected with your Higher Self. You see, this configuration produces a total experience. It includes heart, mind, and Spirit, and it is a neurological structure which could be identified with scientific instruments if your instruments were more sensitive. Your current measuring devices are able to show the energy flow in a person whose receptors are fully activated, but your scientists do not yet understand the meaning of this subtle energy.

Now, I said you will connect with your Higher Self. This is what you might call the third point in the electrical energy connection. Begin with your heart. Feel the powerful energy emanating outward from your heart center. Notice the direct line, like a power cord, to the center of your brain. There in the center, you will feel the power of being the I AM Presence – the conscious awareness of being present, alive, and in command of your entire life experience.

You will then experience the awareness that Your I AM Presence is activated by being linked with your Higher Self, the essence of your soul, which is located just above your head. This is the essential connection which allows you to live in multidimensional awareness. It is your direct connection to God, to the knowledge of your many past life experiences, and to the constant flow of Love which is the fundamental essence of the Universe.

This, Dear Ones, is your road map to enlightenment. Practice every time you feel a new breath entering your body. Practice when you walk across a room. Practice when you sit down to eat a meal. Practice when you smile, when you look upon a child, when you take a shower, when you feel the sun on your face. This is the path to what you have called mindfulness. Keep practicing, and you will feel my presence beside you, my hand on your shoulder, cheering you on.

You may find it easier to begin by acknowledging your Higher Self energy, bringing it downward into the center of your brain, following the flow of Light which pours down on you from Prime Creator, from the center of the Universe, the great Central Sun. Let it flow directly through your Higher Self down into your brain, along the pathway of your inner channel of Light. Trace the energy as it flows through you, down through your throat, along your spine and into your heart area. There it ignites the fire of your being, the wisdom of the ages, and the essence of your I Am Presence. You are Home.

Once you feel that three-part connection, you are now experiencing the Truth and the power of your human existence – the ability to live in complete harmony with your environment, because your inner environment is that of Love, Light and Unity. I rejoice as I observe so many of you working to make this your reality. Forge ahead, Beloved Ones. You are learning the lessons of the ages, and you are stepping into your Destiny, your birthright.

Reach deeply into yourselves, and keep going deeper until you find the place in yourselves where you can feel endless love for the young child you were, for the conscious self you have always been, and for the expanding being you are at this moment, growing, learning, evolving and perfect in your ability to change. All the Universe is in the process of expansion and change. You will expand along with your dear Mother Earth, for it is your path to be the explorers, creators and inventors. Be daring. Leave old ideas and old patterns behind. Reach for the stars, and the stars will reach for you.

The time for Unity, reunion and joy is here. You will soon be joining in glorious celebration with your Star Brothers and Sisters. Alert your friends – even the skeptics and non-believers. Tell them to watch the hundreds of videos on the internet which show the lights and movement of starships. They signal to you, with red, green and white lights; they are eager to offer their greetings. Soon you will meet again.

I send you blessings and love. In great expectation for a brilliant year-end far better than fireworks or promises, I am your Jesus/Sananda.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, October 20, 2013.