Sananda: You Will Shortly Hear Of Official Surrender Of Cabal… Mike Harris (Veterans Today) Awaiting Absolute Confirmation On Paul Ryan And Gen. Dunford White House Rumors


Sananda:  You Will Shortly Hear Of Official Surrender Of Cabal… Mike Harris (Veterans Today) Awaiting Absolute Confirmation On Paul Ryan And Gen. Dunford White House Rumors

From Galactic Connections:

Hey Fellow Galacterians!!! I just got off the phone with my friend Mike Harris who works with Veterans Today, the highly regarded journal of online alternative news, often cited on these pages. I wanted to know if he really believed these incoming reports about the changes at the White House.

This is what Mike had to report:

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was summoned to the White House where apparently President Obama presented evidence against him as a pedophile.

Scalia left the White House with envelopes containing photographs and evidence and was next confirmed by Harris’ sources (undisclosed by him) to arrive at the ranch in West Texas – only to be murdered the following day.

In fact it is said he was murdered by fellow pedophiles.

Mike said that according to his sources, there was no documentation nor was an autopsy performed on Scalia’s body to determine the cause of death.

Mike went on to say that Scalia was told to stop the spread of pedophiles – that they, The Feds, would go easy on him. They were crafting a deal with Scalia: that in return for his stepping down as a Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, and concurrent with identifying the pedophiles in his circles, he would be under governmental protection and entitled to receive better treatment and protection than is the norm for granting other criminals of that ilk. Instead, the pedophiles killed him… and a manhunt is on.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 3.17.25 PMGeneral Joseph Dunford

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 3.16.47 PMRepresentative Paul Ryan

It’s time to take a closer look at those reports of Dunford in the White House
and House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as the next President.

According to Harris, this so-called rumor is currently awaiting absolute confirmation….stay tuned.


Love ya

While the alternative news and truth seeking public has grown weary of the delays and skepticism (which is useless) is ever strong…  there are those who are not swayed by their faith in the Divine Plan… knowing that victory of the Light is inevitable…

Mike Harris from “Veterans Today” says he is waiting for absolute confiration on these rumours… which is interesting.

St. Germain says this on the delays: Every time there seems to be a delay in the process of releasing your Freedom/Prosperity Funds, we coordinate a surge of forward movement behind the scenes.

Sananda says this:

Yes, dear family, everything really is changing in your world.  We have persevered, and we have triumphed on every front.  All the systems we have worked to change have entered a new phase:  financial systems have switched over to new asset-backed currencies and transparent banking practices.  Governments are reforming in dramatic ways, and in the U.S. there is a new Interim President who will make announcements within 24 hours, if the schedule remains firm.  As we have previously confirmed, Grandfather has truly “pushed the button,” and the tsunami of wealth has begun to flow.  Like a river gaining depth and energy as it flows downstream, this river picks up momentum from tributaries along the way.  The River of Goodness is now completely unstoppable.  It is now just a matter of how quickly or slowly the changes will become publicly apparent.  You will be thunderstruck when you hear of the monumental shifts that have already been accomplished.
Now I must warn you not to leap to panicky conclusions.  You are not going to starve or be subjected to some tyrannical or despotic rule.  This is not a coup – just the opposite.  In the U.S., which was a hotbed and major financial power center of global criminal behavior, you will shortly hear of the official surrender of the cabal.  These criminal controllers made all-out attempts to stop the RV (revaluation of currencies) because they knew it would be the death knell of their power structure, allowing the rise of a new class of Lightworkers who can no longer be threatened or controlled by them.  They have lost their teeth (Isn’t that a humorous image?), and they know it.
So, it is looking like the big changes are still here… and there are still delays in the process... have faith that the Company of Heaven is on our side, and has no intention to lead us down the garden path into full slavery… many humans are now learning that Sananda and the biblical Jesus, are the SAME SOUL… imagine how appropriate it is that the man who was crucified for turning the tables of the moneychangers… now leads millions of spaceships and billions of extraterrestrials, to welcome earth humans back into the freedom that was lost thousands of years ago.

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8 thoughts on “Sananda: You Will Shortly Hear Of Official Surrender Of Cabal… Mike Harris (Veterans Today) Awaiting Absolute Confirmation On Paul Ryan And Gen. Dunford White House Rumors

  1. Many times, what we say about your society is not pleasant to hear. With some of you it creates a little fear. Do not allow fear to govern your life because you are going to miss all the joy that you are able to have

  2. If Paul Ryan was for real – why does he act like the worst human being? I’m not buying it and I don’t want to be part of a system that he’s in charge of. After all this time, that would be a terrible conclusion.

  3. There is no one in the Republican party that I would say has anything close to what Jesus said or did. Exactly opposite. So, communication of this is incorrect in my opinion.

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