SANANDA ESU IMMANUEL (aka 'Jesus' from the bible)

Collected messages from numerous sources, of our returned Master Teacher.

Earth Entering Crucial Final Phase!! Supreme Commander Sananda “Jesus” (From The Bible,) Returns To Live Radio With Update

Earth Entering Crucial Final Phase!! Supreme Commander Sananda “Jesus” (From The Bible,) Returns To Live Radio With Update

Sunday at 2 PM EDT, Kathryn Christine and Meg will bring news and assistance from the Company of Heaven.  Lightworkers, come to listen and receive the balm and reassurance of Sananda, the Galactic news from Ashtar about security, life plans, assignments and your growing capacity; relevant information from Michael: “What is a thought?” how to recognize a thought that is not your own and transmute it.

Questions like “What is transmuting?” “How can I enjoy life while others are suffering/” and why you must not compare yourself and your unique role to other Lightworkers will be answered.

Come join us for this exciting family gathering.  Take your place around the table and enjoy the abundance of Love and Light with your beloved Brothers and Sisters of Higher Dimensions.  All are welcome!  All are called to join in!

Kathryn and Christine will also give updates and news about their own transmuting and Lightbearing work.  Y’all come!

With Love,

Kathryn Christine and Meg

Listen here:

More Sananda messages:

Indian in the machine


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