Great Teaching From Ashtar And Sananda: Forgiveness Is The Absence Of Judgment!!!

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Great Teaching From Ashtar And Sananda: Forgivenemss Is The Absence Of Judgment!!!

And Forgiveness is simply defined by my Beloved Brother, Sananda, as being the absence of judgment!!!


Sananda ~ Incredible Opportunity Ahead by Jenny Schiltz We are asking that each of you suspend the beliefs on how you think this transition will be. As each of you are creating your own realities so too do you create your own limitations and disappointments. When you allow yourself to be in the flow of source energy, with all expectations removed, that is when you will be in amazement of all that will come to you. When you have created within your mind an acceptable version of reality, of how things should proceed, you may then take yourself from the flow of creation energies and experience disappointment. Allow all to unfold in its own timing with deep trust and patience.

Isn’t it incredible to realize that we are all ultimately seeking the same thing… love… if so why do we not get along? It is because we are not having clear relations… and clear relations are love relations.  Our galactics encourage us to judge actions, not each other… and that there is a big difference.

In the third and forth dimensions, we usually adopt facets of personities to play roles…

Earth is in fifth dimension and beyond… the third dimension is dissolving like a hologram.

Our galactic family are smiling because a latest prophecy says they ‘flick the switch’ on this reality around February… and in an instant moment, the Lights get turned up brighter… does this moment co-incide with the quantum shift of the multiverse? Which moment would that be?

To love beyond the third dimension, you have to get over ‘taking sides’… because Oneness of the multiverse means we are all one family… so what do we do with those we do not get along with?  We have a choice here, to either fight them in the third and forth dimension, or love them in the fifth and beyond… this is where wisdom, power and love come in mighty handy. 🙂  Seek it within, and support it in others, because the entire Multiverse is waiting for us to take our place in the grandest circle of the multiverse ascension… hey earthlings, there’s a special spot reserved for us. If you feel pressure in life, that is what it is taking now, to polish you into the crystal new human… it’s like having a shower before the ceremony… except the cleansing is on all levels. Are you ready for the immortal version of you? :


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