Ashtar Command And Sananda Cannot Be Discredited… Here’s Why!

Ashtar Command And Sananda Cannot Be Discredited… Here’s Why!

Hey earthlings~  As someone who has studied, worked with, and even talked to Ashtar… and as someone who is a brother to Sananda, I have come across people who disagree that Ashtar and Sananda are of the Light… often I hear the opinion that they are demons… or evil, or fake, or a cult… hey I’m okay with that, you can have your opinion.  But I have noticed something over the years and I’m going to share it with you. What I have noticed is that when I ask those who have these opinions, to demonstrate who actually are the head representatives from “out there”… NO ONE DARES TO NAME NAMES. What does this mean?

What it means, is that if Ashtar and Sananda are false, or fabrications, or some sort of brainwashing program, then, then that does not discredit the notion, that someone actually IS or ARE representatives of the heavenly hosts. Obviously the universe is teeming with life that much more advanced spiritually, and technologically… who are visiting earth, and are easily seen in our day and night skies. Using logic, doesn’t it make sense, that if you can claim that Ashtar and Sananda are fake, then doesn’t that imply that you know who IS not fake?  But no one DARES TO OFFER NAMES AND REASONABLE RESEARCH. 100% of the time, I have yet to hear of someone who claims Ashtar and Sananda are fake, to actually provide the names of those galactic and universal leaders who are the real deal.  Not one person delivers the goods with any sort of commitment to their own words… EVER!

I’ve kept an open mind on this matter… just to be fair to others and myself, to ask for names and some research, to verify who actually IS ore ARE in charge… but no one ever comes up with those names and research… EVER!

So the conclusion I am sharing yet again, is that Sananda actually IS the Supreme Commander, and Ashtar is under his command, as a galactic commander… and these facts, actually cannot be discredited because it is true… and the truth stands.  This does not mean that all messages that claim to be from Ashtar and/or Sananda, are true, because of course, many messages have been falsified, or maybe tainted from the channels which they come through… but that doesn’t mean Ashtar and Sananda don’t exist, or that they can be discredited… look at it this way, what if someone wrote something untrue with YOUR name on it… does it discredit YOU? Of course not.

Furthermore, Sananda and Ashtar come with a rather large command, of millions upon millions of ships and beings with those ships… as well as millions of beings from the spirit realm.  All these beings have planted ideas within our earth consciousness grid, that allow for humanity to tap into ‘good ideas’, solutions, higher vibratory thoughts, DNA activations, our own species’ evolution, and love itself…. THESE THOUGHTFORMS AND ENERGIES PRE-EXISTED BEFORE HUMANS TAPPED INTO THEM. Can we not ACKNOWLEDGE AND GIVE THOSE BEINGS CREDIT FOR THEIR CONTRIBUTIONS THAT HAVE IMPROVED OUR LIVES? Is it not arrogant for humans to pretend the rest of the universe doesn’t exist, or is even worthy of our acknowledgement of them? Creator answered all of  humanity’s prayers and sent beings to assist earth, but if we are unwilling to acknowledge them, and keep pretending they don’t exist, how is that helping? How is that intelligent? How is that wise?  How is that the solution? How is that truth?  How is that love?

So I urge you… dear earthlings, to give Sananda, and Ashtar, and the millions upon millions of beings,  a chance… GIVE THE UNIVERSE A CHANCE… GIVE THE MULTIVERSE A CHANCE… GIVE LOVE A CHANCE… GIVE YOURSELF A CHANCE.  Be willing to perceive and acknowledge advanced lifeforms.. be open to seeing their presence in the sky… be open to Oneness with all creatures, including those who the Creator of everything, sent forth on His behalf.


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  1. Some beings are contacting me in my sleep will they clean up the radiation in the ocean are they going to stop Trump From starting a war?

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