In 2016, All Major Causes Of Human Misery Will End, Says Great Historical Figure

In 2016, All Major Causes Of Human Misery Will End, Says Great Historical Figure

1.  In 2016, all major causes of human misery will end, according to Jesus via John Smallman; a highly respected channel of two brothers, who have been sharing truth with humanity.

In 2016 all the major causes of human misery will end.

January 10, 2016 by John Smallman

Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday January 10th
The New Year of 2016 has started well. Much of importance is happening in preparation for the events ahead, which will unfold quite dramatically and spontaneously as the Love that so many are now holding and extending to all of humanity brings about the enormous changes necessary for the endemic suffering and poverty of the vast majority on earth to be fully relieved. In 2016 all the major causes of human misery will end. The New Golden Age for humanity has arrived and the first signs, like the first green shoots signaling the arrival of spring after a harsh winter, are about to appear.Do not allow the negative energies that arise when you see and hear news of intense suffering to drain and exhaust you as you offer love and compassion to those so effected. This occurs whenever you choose to enter into their pain. Why would you choose to enter into another’s pain? Perhaps because you feel somewhat responsible for it? Every human on Earth is following a path chosen with great wisdom and foresight before incarnating. Every single human is precisely where they intended to be as a result of pre-natal choices.

2.  Why are channeled messages from a trusted source, an accurate source of news?

Channeled messages from a trusted source may be an accurate source of news… however, this does not mean that you find a trusted source, and believe everything that they say…. it means, that they can provide you with opportunities of truth, that you then, have to decide by going within your heart of knowing, if it is true or not.

3.   Why should I believe this message, if no one else is saying it… the headlines look fairly bleak and everything looks hopeless.

The key here is that you need to go beyond the physical (“things LOOK hopeless”)…. and to “get spiritual”… this way you are able to learn like myself, what is going on, BEFORE, it happens. If you need to see something with your eyes, you will only believe things, AFTER they happen, and you would not be a good source of “beforeitsnews”.

4.  Does “Jesus” exist?

Not only does “Jesus” exist, but once again, to know the true story of Jesus, you need to go within your heart, so that you are open to truths, that have never been uttered by a priest or pope before, about our beautiful brother, Sananda.

Not only does Sananda exist, but he is a highly trusted source of truth in our Universe… is that not good enough for earthlings? Why not? If not, that would be because you choose to NOT be a good source of news, if you are NOT spiritual.

5.  Why do the galactics tell us things that ‘never happen’?

This is a false belief… things happen in the spiritual world all the time (the source of all physical experiences)…. remember earthings, physicality is not the source of physical experiences…. spirituality is the source of physical experiences… this is why those who are spiritual, are great sources of truth…. while those who say things ‘never happen’, are waiting for the physical effect, to prove to themselves that something has happened.

6.  I can only see ‘war’ from here…. am I wrong?

Yeah! If you want to know what is going on, develop your spiritual relationship with Creator and go within your heart into the fullest presence, connecting heart and head…. at this point, you are closest to truth.

7.  I am bitchy and jaded because I know how horrible earth is… and you are full of shit…. please comment.

Look at it this way, if you are connected to your soul, your soul is never bitchy and jaded.  You can know how horrible earth can be, but if you do not tune in to Creator and your own soul and heart, then you are misguided and living lies, to soothe your ego…. and probably have a need to use force, to ‘prove’ to other that you are superior or inferior.

8.  Are channeled messages, ‘demonic’?

Yes channeled messages can be ‘demonic’… so too can humans… like for example:   if you avoid helpful channeled messages from historical beings like Jesus, there is a pretty good chance, you are living mostly in the physical, and go from one dark experience to the next, NEVER KNOWING THE SPIRITUAL CAUSE OF THE PHYSICAL EFFECT, in a false paradigm of ‘superiority’, or ‘inferiority’… and to you I say, “may you be blessed with Creator Light”.

So look forward to a year of miracles… since the spiritual messages are strongly suggesting, this is the year, of many big changes…  do you look forward to 2016 being a year where major causes of misery will end?  I do, that’s why I’m writing these words, before breakfast… because I believe it, before I see it, because my heart is open to getting continually updated.


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